Five Hours


A cool draft blew back Leslie's black, shoulder length hair as she walked down the dark tunnel. She pointed her flashlight ahead, anxiety furrowing her brow. She had been wandering through a labyrinth maze of tunnels and abandoned subway stations for the past couple of days, lost and disoriented, and was hoping she could find her way back to the surface. The draft was an optimistic sign that she was getting close, that perhaps it was coming from an opening from above.

She was a tall Asian woman with a thick, muscular build, walking naked and barefoot through darkness. She had large, swinging breasts with big black nipples, and her skin complexion was a light brown. A backpack was snugly strapped to her wide back.

Trash and debris littered the train track, and occasionally she'd stumble across a human skull or bones. Minutes later, she frowned as the draft ceased and the air was warm once more. She ran into another three way fork on the trail and ascended a metal ladder to the level above.

She approached a series of subway trains parked at a platform, seeing that the lights were on inside and that there were people aboard. As she got closer to the station she saw that it was packed with humans and alien creatures, all naked like her. Some were sitting at tables eating and chatting, some selling artwork and jewelry at stands, and others prepared food. No one seemed to notice her.

She sniffed the air, detecting the mouth-watering aroma of barbequed meat. Her stomach growled as she approached a young, skinny woman at a booth. She had long blonde hair and small, pale breasts.

She smiled at Leslie. "Hello, stranger. How can I help you?"

"Where am I? What's the name of this place?" Leslie asked curiously.

"You're in our communal home, which doesn't really have a name," she said with a chuckle. "We're a small community comprised of families, friends, and newcomers like yourself who choose to live underground. And we simply love it here."

"How long have you been living below the earth?"

The woman thought for a moment. "Ohh, for about ten years."

"Have you been back to the surface since?"

"Occasionally. But I much prefer it down here. We don't have to deal with the horrible pollution and overpopulation above, as well as the rampant crime and violence." She smiled. "I'm safe and happy here with my family."

Leslie felt a burning excitement inside her suddenly, returning the grin. "I'm trying to get back to the top. Can you give me directions?"

"Sure. Would you like some food before you go?"

"Absolutely," she replied, feeling her stomach growl again.

"My name's Anne, by the way," the woman said, handing her a plate with a hot dog and two chicken wings on it.

"I'm Leslie. Thanks," she said, shaking her hand.

A young blonde man approached Anne from behind, and Leslie noticed their resemblance immediately. He also had a pale complexion and a thin frame.

"This is my brother, Casey," Anne said. "This is Leslie."

Casey smiled pleasantly. "Nice meeting you," he said, shaking her hand firmly.


"Leslie's trying to get back to the surface."

He frowned. "Yuck. Why do you want to go back? There's nothing but crime and population overload up there."

"I just like it there. I like being able to see the sun, seeing the rain, seeing beautiful sunsets."

He nodded. "I agree with you there. I do miss that. Where are you from?"

"A city called New Oakland."

Casey and Anne looked at one another, shaking their heads. "Never heard of it," he answered.

After wolfing down her food, Leslie washed it down with a nice, cold glass of water.

"Yum, that was delicious," she said.

"Anne's a great cook," Casey said. "She'd join us but she has to work."

Sitting with them at a table was Casey's friend, Kazur. He was a short, slender creature with green skin, a bald head, and long, pointy ears. For such a tiny guy, she noticed he had a huge dick! And not just one, but three of them! Her jaw dropped open when she first saw them. The sack that held his balls was big and droopy. She figured it had to be large since there were three of them!

As she leaned back in her chair, she saw that Kazur had his legs spread wide open. She tried not to stare at his three big penises but couldn't help it. She was human, after all, and was just in awe of them. Not to mention a little curious as to how they performed.

Kazur saw how she stole occasional looks at his cocks, and smiled mischievously at her, revealing long, sharp fangs. She winced at his fangs, but returned a naughty grin just the same.

"So, what's out there?" Kazur asked.

"Nothing but a maze of tunnels, deserted subway stations, homeless transients, and young, wild gangs. Some of them live in the stations."

"How did you survive?" Casey asked.

"By being street smart, and by using a combination of martial arts and wrestling. Some of them were intimidated by a big woman and stayed away," she said proudly.

"Yes, I can see why," Kazur replied, eyeing her from head to toe. "Have you ever lost a fight?"

"Not that I can remember."

"Boy, I'd hate to be pinned down by you," he said slyly.

"Wanna arm wrestle?" she asked, shooting him another flirtatious grin.

She and Casey followed Kazur to his small, quiet room which was quite a distance from the main part of the station. His room looked like it had been constructed recently, judging by the smell of fresh paint and plaster on the walls. It did not look like it was part of the original structure of the subway station.

After closing the door, Kazur smiled lecherously at her again. She noticed that his three long dicks were hard and sticking up. So was Casey's, which was thick and pink.

She took off her backpack and threw it on the ground, and then approached them and started stroking their dicks feverishly. With her right hand, she stroked and fondled Kazur's three cocks, and with her left hand she caressed Casey's.

"Not enough hands," she said, chuckling.

"Don't worry, we're patient," Kazur replied, beaming widely. He closed his eyes and moaned as she knelt down and sucked each of his dicks. He was sitting down on his bed, running his long green fingers through her dark, shoulder length hair.

"My God, they're so wonderful," she said, taking a break to stare at his dicks in admiration. Then she went down on him again and the moaning resumed. At first, she didn't think his giant dicks could fit in her mouth but they did.

Casey rubbed his cock against her big brown ass, and finally slid it smoothly into her anus. As he began pumping, he grabbed her large breasts and fondled them. Leslie licked and sucked Kazur's large sack that held his balls, and even tried to shove the whole thing into her mouth but it couldn't quite fit.

"My turn," Kazur said to Casey greedily, and Casey stepped aside.

Leslie and Kazur got on the bed and did it doggie-style for a while, with one of his enormous dicks inside her large pussy while the second one was in her anus, and the third one rubbing hard against her butt cheeks. They were both on their knees. She moaned loudly and deeply, occasionally howling like a wild animal. Since he was so small and short, he rode on her back at times, even standing on it, slapping her ass.

He grabbed her big tits and big black nipples from behind, stroking them. As he pumped her harder and faster, her moans became deafening but he knew his neighbors didn't mind. Besides, most of them were back at the platform. She felt like her brains were going to ooze out of her ears. God, that feels sooooooo good!!! she thought.

He buried his bald green face into her sweaty black hair, biting her back gently with his fangs from time to time.

Even though she was really enjoying it, she was curious why he hadn't achieved orgasm yet. It had been well over forty five minutes already.

She turned her head backwards, and asked, "Hey, you gonna cum or what?"

He grinned devilishly. "Oh, I forgot to mention my erections last for five hours."

Her jaw dropped wide open, and her eyes started to bulge out of her sockets.

Amazingly, she survived that night of lovemaking. And with both guys. As much as she loved sex, she didn't think she could, but she did. She wound up sleeping over in Kazur's bed. When she woke up, she leaned up on one elbow, looking at Kazur snoring peacefully next to her. Casey was gone, probably back at his family's room.

She lied down again and stared up at the ceiling, sighing. She winced when she tried to move. Her vagina and anus were still sore, not to mention her back with its numerous teeth marks. After resting for a little while, she limped out of bed and made her way to the communal bathhouse where she relieved herself before taking a long, warm shower. When she was done, she returned to Kazur's room and climbed back into bed next to his still sleeping form.

Moments later, he awakened, yawning and stretching. When he saw that she was awake, he sat up and asked, "Are you okay?"

"Yes, I am." She lay there, smiling a little in reflection. "That was fun, Kazur. A bit painful at times, but fun."

"Ready for round two?"

"Give me a few more hours."

Kazur showed her around the station again, introducing her to various friends and family members. As she went through the motions, smiling pleasantly, she thought about how she should prepare for her trip soon. When they got back to his room, she would begin packing. She had already gathered some necessary items such as dried food and water from Anne.

Kazur had a large social network, and she lost track of how many hands she shook. When they finally broke away, they walked quietly down one of the station tunnels back to his room.

"Want to do another threesome?" he asked.

"Uhh, not today," she replied, looking at the ground.

When they arrived at his room, she started feeling horny again. He saw that her big nipples were stiff and erect, and that her huge pussy was wet. She grabbed his dicks and stroked them passionately. "A twosome sounds totally fine, however," she said, grinning lustfully.

She stood towering over him, feeling like a giant. He stood on his toes to try to kiss her but he couldn't reach her lips, so she picked him up like a baby and held him in her arms. They French kissed for a while before he sucked her big black nipples and licked her breasts. She stared wide-eyed at his long tongue. Periodically, he'd bite them and she would close her eyes and moan.

"God, the things you can do to a woman," she whispered sexily into his pointy ear. "You're amazing."

He made her sit down on the bed with her thick, muscular legs spread wide open while he got on his knees and began fingering her pussy that was covered by a large mass of dark hair.

"Fuck me," she said passionately. "Fuck me, Kazur, fuck me!"

He then licked her clitoris with that long tongue and she said, "Eat my pussy, sweetie."

"Now, my favorite part," he said, rubbing his hands together with a naughty grin on his face. "Front or back, Leslie?"

"How about the front this time?"


She lied down on his bed, spreading her legs open again, while he inserted penis number one into her moist vagina, penis number two into her anus, and penis number three rubbed against the crack of her ass.

"Don't fart now," he said, chuckling, and began pumping. He resumed sucking her nipples.

"What a beautiful position," she said softly, then began moaning deeply and loudly when he went faster and harder.

He thought the roof would cave in from her deafening moans.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" she screamed.

That turned him on even more and he pumped harder, grinning enthusiastically.

"Enjoy the next five hours, Les," he said, kissing her.

She growled like a wild animal, clutching his ass, digging her nails into them. Then the deep, loud moans returned. "Fuck me, fuck me, Kazur," she said. "Fuck my brains out my ears."

When he finally climaxed hours later, he pulled each of his giant dicks out of her and sprayed cum all over her beautiful brown body.

When the last of his semen shot out, he sighed in exhaustion and collapsed in her arms.

After she finished packing her backpack, she zipped it up and slung it across her shoulders. She looked at Kazur, who was sitting on a wooden chair near her.

"So you're sure about this?" she asked.

He nodded. "Yes."

"This is what you want to do?"

"Yes. I've already told my family and friends. They understand. Besides, I've lived here a long time and think it's about time I moved on and learned to be more independent. I'm curious to find out what lies above."

She nodded.

"And I want to be with you," he said softly, looking into her big brown eyes.

She squatted next to him, taking his hand into her own, squeezing it gently. "I want to be with you, too."

They bid farewell to Anne, Casey, Kazur's family and friends, and left the warm, safe shelter of the subway station. She turned on her flashlight and they walked down a dark tunnel.

"When was the last time you left your community?" she asked.

"I can't remember," he replied, kicking a stone aside with his big green foot. "My siblings and I used to venture out and play around in the tunnels, and my parents always warned us not to 'cause it was dangerous outside. I used to go with my father to get supplies from the surface but we stopped when the crime escalated."

"You resemble your father and siblings a lot," she said, remembering that his father had three penises as well, and that his sister had three vaginas.

"Yes, I've been told that."

Moments later, she felt the cool draft again. It was coming from the ominous darkness ahead, and it blew her hair back. "That's it, Kazur, that's the way out," she said excitedly.

They walked faster, passing a few human skulls on the tracks. The draft grew stronger as they progressed forward. Suddenly, she saw lights as they approached another station. Gathered around a campfire were a group of young men and creatures, all naked except for a few humans who wore Viking-style helmets and capes. The creatures resembled wolves, yet walked on two legs. More of the gang were congregated on both platforms.

The men and wolves looked at them with murderous eyes, swinging chains and wielding swords. They formed a tight line across the tracks, preventing them from going further.

One of the humans, a stocky man wearing a Viking helmet, gave her a hostile stare. "Go back to where you came from," he said. "You don't belong here."

"We come in peace," Leslie said, still feeling the draft. "We're merely passing through."

"I said go back," the man said firmly. "You're not welcome here."

She held her ground, staring back at him. "Let us pass and you won't ever see us again."


"We're trying to follow the draft back to the surface. This is the only way."


She sighed and said, "Very well then," and then jumped up into the air and kicked the man hard in the face. He fell to the ground, then got back up with a long sword in his hand.

"Kill them!" he ordered.

She flew into the air again and kicked the leader and some of his henchmen in the face. A wolf creature growled and swung a chain at her but she ducked and it landed on another wolf, causing it to wince in pain. She gave a monster chop across the other creature's head with her hand and it crashed to the ground. The Viking leader kept swinging his sword at her but missed numerous times, causing him to yell in frustration. He then tried stabbing her with the weapon but she leaped backwards. She finally grabbed his arms and knocked the sword out of his hand. Before he could strike her, she viciously jabbed her fingers into his eyeballs and he screamed in agony, collapsing on the concrete.

She grabbed his sword and began slicing and dicing his henchmen. She saw Kazur leap on the back of a wolf and rip out huge chunks of its flesh with his fangs. He then pounced on a man's back and did the same thing.

She shrugged off her backpack to give herself more flexibility. Another human wearing a Viking helmet charged at her with a war cry, bringing her thick, muscular frame crashing to the ground. He had his big, scarred hands around her neck and tried to strangle her. But before he could apply more pressure, she swung her legs high up in the air and grabbed his head in a tight vise with her huge, brawny calves. He started choking when she squeezed harder, seeing his face turn as red as a tomato. With one swift stroke, she broke his neck with a crunch.

She got back up and looked around the bloody station with its decapitated heads, limbs, and chunks of flesh scattered everywhere. She and Kazur had slaughtered most of the gang. The remainder was clustered together on the tracks, looking at them menacingly.

"C'mon, you cowards!" she said, gesturing them to come forward with her hand.

A wolf creature snarled at her viciously and lunged at her, locking his hairy arms around her in a tight bear hug. His sharp claws dug deep into her wide back and she cried in pain. She thrashed wildly but his grip remained tight, and escape seemed impossible. When he pierced her big brown butt cheeks with his claws, drawing blood, his buddies hooted and howled wildly. Kazur tried to rush to her aid, but another wolf had his arm around his neck securely, and he could only watch helplessly.

As the wolf creature prepared to crush her bones in the bear hug embrace, she got a second wind and grabbed his big dick and squeezed it with all her might until he screamed. He released his grip on her, and she kicked him hard in the nuts, causing him to collapse on the tracks. She kept stomping on his furry face with her big foot until it was a bloody pulp.

As she approached the rest of the gang, they backed away fearfully and let her pass. Kazur had been freed, and was at her side once more. They grabbed their backpacks and kept walking ahead towards the cool draft.

After he bandaged up her wounds, they continued their trek into the darkness. Fifteen minutes later, she pointed her flashlight beam at a metal ladder. He nodded, and they went up with her leading the way. The ascent to the surface seemed to take forever. Above her, the ladder appeared to stretch endlessly into the pitch blackness of space. She stopped and looked at Kazur below her.

"How you holding up?" she asked, catching her breath.

"I'm okay," he replied, looking at the engulfing darkness below. "Gee, it would be like falling into a pool of black ink."

"Yeah," she said, wiping the sweat off her brow and face with her hand. Her flashlight was tied securely to her backpack, its reassuring cone of light pointing up. She could imagine the flashlight dropping into the darkness but tried hard not to think about it.

She looked up hesitantly, feeling the draft blowing down at her. It grew stronger as they continued climbing. She forgot how much time had passed before she finally saw beams of white light filtering through openings in a manhole.

The manhole plate was hard to budge at first as if it hadn't been opened in a long time, but she pushed up with all her strength and it gave way. They climbed through the opening with relief, breathing the crisp, cool air excitedly.

She smiled when she saw the sun shining brightly above them, pointing at it. Kazur nodded. The skies were clear and blue. They were standing in a deserted street with abandoned, dilapidated buildings nearby. Rubble and trash was scattered everywhere.

"We made it," she said happily.

"Yes, we did," he replied, taking her hand and squeezing it gently. "Now, how about finding a private place where we can spend five hours?"

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