tagGroup SexFive Nights Ch. 03

Five Nights Ch. 03


AUTHOR'S NOTE: There isn't really much sex in this one, it's just the four of them getting used to the idea, and then getting started. So I tried to put all of it into this one chapter. They talk lot. (I like dialogue: I think it defines the characters.) Thanks to everyone who followed this through the first two chapters. I promise the chapters after this are more like chapter two


I took a shower and snuck back into the room, careful not to wake Sue, and got dressed. The house was quiet as I made my way to the kitchen, following my nose to the pot of coffee. I poured a cup and looked for who else was awake, wondering what I would say to whoever it was. All the rooms had been cleaned from the night before. When I got to the den I still had found no one, but stepping to the sliding door I saw Marybeth outside on a lounge chair, drinking coffee in the sun. I hesitated, remembering her sucking my dick, and her explosive orgasm as I licked her pussy. She had really led us to something new and exciting last night. I knew how I would vote this morning! I wasn't sure what I was going to say, but I knew I wanted to find out if I was the only one who would vote yes. I opened the door and stepped out.

Her head turned at the sound and she smiled when she saw me, but shyly I thought, and then she turned back to the sun, sipping her coffee.

"Good morning," I said, stepping up to an adjacent lounge. "Great coffee, thanks. Have you been up long?" I should have known, she was always an early riser, and was usually the first up when we stayed over. I sat sideways, facing her. She rested her cup in her lap and turned to me.

"Good morning. Sleep OK?" Innocent enough. I nodded. "I was up early, you know, straightening up." She grinned. "My control issues."

"Same as always. You really should let us help sometimes."

"You guys are great guestS; you know we love having you here." She sipped her coffee. I sipped mine.

"We love coming here," I started, then paused. "Listen," I began, "last night I-"

"If you're upset, I'm sorry, and it doesn't have to-"

"No, listen, it's okay, I'm not upset. I just wanted to say that whatever happens, I had fun, and I hope you did-"

"You know I did-"

"And that when we vote later-"

"So, you remember we're voting," she grinned, "I thought you might have been too drunk to remember."

"Surprisingly not too hung over," I smiled. "And I'll be voting yes. Regardless of what anyone else says."

She was silent, raised her coffee mug to mine and clinked a toast. She drained hers and put the mug down. "Good. Good to know." She sat up, turned and sat sideways, facing me. Our knees were almost touching. "It's important that there's no jealousy, no bitterness or hostility. No shame. No embarrassment." She looked at me, expectantly, then stood. "I'm getting a refill, you ready?" I started to rise, but she waved me back, took my cup and went inside. I sat back on my lounge chair, facing into the sun until she returned. Again she stopped me from getting up, handed me my coffee, and lay back down on her lounge. We sipped in silence.

"I liked sucking your dick," she said. I nearly spit my coffee across the patio, but regained my composure quickly, laughing a little. I looked at her and she was grinning, amused at my reaction. "It's important that we talk, not just vote. Since we're sober now." She leaned up on an elbow. "There's not just sex at stake, remember. There are marriages and friendships. We need to be able to talk to each other, and not have to hint and hide and imagine what each other are thinking. 'kay?"

I was astounded at how easily she had relaxed me and set the casual accepting tone. "Yeah, Marybeth," I nodded. "Yeah. Allright. Thanks." I felt at ease with her then, as a friend, as we had always been. "And thanks for being the mature one last night." I grinned.

"The sober one, you mean."

"Yeah," I laughed, "that too." She smiled with me. Then raised an eyebrow.

"Anything else?" she asked. And I figured it out.

"And thanks for letting me lick your pussy! It was great!"

"You are very welcome," she said, and sat back. I lay back and we enjoyed the sun, and the coffee and the quiet. Then quietly, she added, "Sorry about the squirting, I hope I didn't scare you."

"Don't be," I replied, relaxed. "It was way hot." I sipped. Then under my breath, just loud enough for her to hear, I added, "Nasty-ass slut."

"Fucking right," she replied, "pussy hound." We both chuckled, and a comfortable silence ensued. We drank coffee lazily, and allowed the sun to warm us. After a while she spoke again.

"What about Sue?" she asked

"Still sleeping."

"I know, dummy, not where is she. What did you think of her?" She turned to me. "Of seeing her."

I turned to her, grinning, "All of a sudden look who can't speak plainly. Are you asking how I felt watching my wife suck your husband's cock?" She blushed a little, laughing lightly. "Or how great it was watching her cum when Mike was going down on her?" I got a little rise out of surprising her, and laughed with her. I added, "Did I see Mike licking her ass?"

"Yeah, he likes that. And for the record, it feels great. He's very talented." She paused, then, "So," she said, looking into her coffee mug, "I guess you're all right with it."

"Just 'all right' seems weak," I proposed. "It was exciting. I really enjoyed it." I turned to her, got serious. "I think it's like you said last night; seeing her excited was the most exciting. It really touches me; it's hard to explain."

"I know, I feel the same watching Mike. There is something about seeing the person you love enjoy themselves. It's what makes you want to pleasure them," she drifted off.

A sound behind us made us start, as Mike said "Good morning," and stepped out of the house.

"Hi, baby," Marybeth said as he stepped to her and kissed her. He stood back up and motioned his coffee to me.

"Morning," I waved. There was silence for a few seconds, and just before it became awkward, Mike and Marybeth both spoke at once.

"Are you two-"

"We're fine," she stopped; then when Mike stopped, she continued. "Jason and I were just talking about you. And Sue."

Mike looked at me and asked, "You're all right?"

"Better than all right, man."

"Me, too," he replied. Marybeth pulled her knees up to make room and Mike sat at the bottom of Marybeth's lounge. "I think I heard Sue in the shower." I watched him sip his coffee. It was a little weird, hearing him say my wife's name, after seeing him with his face buried in Sue's pussy, and Sue's tiny mouth struggling to get around his cock. I mentioned this. "Not weird in a bad way. Just new? Unusual?" Everyone agreed. No one felt jealousy, or anger, or fear.

"Hey, Jason," Mike said. I looked up at him. He broke into a full grin and said, "Marybeth can suck some dick, huh?"

"Dude, and that shaved pussy! Oh sorry, Marybeth, I didn't mean to talk about you like you weren't here." She grinned and forgave me. "That was fucking hot, though. I've never done that before."

"Mike likes it, too," she said. "And frankly, I like it. Feels great, looks good. Sue never shaves?"

"Nope, she keeps it trimmed nice, but never shaved. I'd love for her to try it."

"Maybe I'll talk to her. Y'know, girl talk."

"So it sounds like we're all in for the fantasy vacation," Mike cut in.

"Not so fast, hot shot. This is just chit chat. I've been awake for a while, and thinking about it, and making some plans. We'll have the formal vote when we're all together, and besides, we haven't heard from Sue yet."

At that moment we heard the patio door open and Sue came out. "Haven't heard what?" she asked. Moment of truth, I thought. Does it stop here? We watched her walk to us, holding a coffee cup. "I made another pot, if anyone wants another," she announced. We were all silent as she came to me, leaned down and kissed me. "Good morning, dear," she said, loud enough for everyone to hear. She kept her face close to mine, and added, "I was so hot watching you lick Marybeth's pussy last night. I hope you enjoyed watching me suck Mike's cock!" And she kissed me again, added a little tongue this time. She put her coffee mug down, and straightened, and walked to Mike. She kissed him lightly, announced, "Thanks for letting me blow you. I like your cock." And then she slipped him a little tongue as well, and before she stood, added, "and I hope you enjoyed my pussy. Oh, and my ass!" And then she turned to Marybeth, put her arms around her, and said, "And you! This," she kissed her cheek, "is for sucking Jason's dick, and this," she kissed the other cheek, "is for cumming on his face!" We all laughed. "And this is for you," she added, and pressed her lips to Marybeth's, softly, delicately, and Marybeth's hands came up to Sue's shoulders, then her neck, and her face. I watched my wife tongue kiss another woman, astounded, and incredibly turned on. They separated after a few minutes, both looking a little flushed, their faces only inches apart as Sue spoke. "That's for being a great friend, and a wonderful person, and a very, very sexy woman." They kissed again, just lips, and she came and sat next to me. She picked up her coffee and joked, "So, what were you guys talking about?"

We all laughed again, and Marybeth told us all to go inside for breakfast, so we could talk; she had some things to say. As we settled into the kitchen we caught Sue up on how everyone was excited about last night. Marybeth had muffins and bagels; she told us she'd been up early, had eaten breakfast already, and had done some thinking about this in the event that we were all for going forward. As we ate, she talked.

"So it seems we are all going to get to experience our threesome fantasies," she began. "First, the second vote. We're all here. Remember, anyone says no, it's no for everyone." We went around the table, which seemed unnecessary, but we indulged her. She'd gotten us this far. Everyone said yes. "OK, so here's what I think. We did some stuff last night that we've never done, and we all had fun, and we all want more. But this isn't going to be a spur of the moment adventure like last night. To get this right for everyone, there'll have to be some conditions, some guidelines. I am proposing that each of us think of a rule for the vacation. We will all vote on each rule. Any one person can vote down a proposal. Any proposal voted down needs to have a replacement, so that each person has a contribution to how it turns out." She looked at us, we all nodded as we ate.

"Good. If you need time to think, or discuss with your partner, take it. But if we do this thing, we don't leave here today with anything unresolved. OK?" More nods; she continued. "In addition, the proposals today are about how we do this, not about what we do. When we are done it will either be all set or we don't do it. But after we leave here, we don't talk about it, not even with each other." She waited. There were no objections. "One week before the vacation will be the last chance for anyone to change their mind. We'll talk on the phone the Friday before. Anyone gets cold feet, or any other reason, speak up and it's all off." Nods all around, and she continued. "We'll be away for seven nights. I say nothing happens the first night, because we'll be settling in. The next four nights we have one threesome per night." She pulled some playing cards from the pocket of her hoodie sweatshirt. "We'll draw for order, highest card goes first night, joining the other couple for a threesome, next highest next, etc.,."

She mixed the cards as she spoke. "There will be a one-drink limit on the threesome nights, so no one lets anyone else down. I propose that the men find a way to get some chemical assistance, so as not to disappoint, especially in the last nights. And meals will be light. Sue and I will coordinate the food." She put the cards in the middle of the table, face down. "There are only four cards, Jack, Queen, King, Ace. Ace is high, and goes first." She turned to Sue. "Ladies first." Sue selected, Marybeth turned to me. I picked one, then Mike, Marybeth took the last one. "OK, let's see 'em." Mike showed the Ace, I had the Queen. Sue had the King, and Marybeth the Jack. "All right, then, it's Mike, Sue, Jason and me. Mike goes to you guys, Sue to us, etc." We had all finished eating as Sue sat back. "Time to vote." We all voted yes, except Mike.

"Yes with a qualifier," Mike said. "Here's my proposal. I like Marybeth's ideas with one exception. These threesome fantasies aren't couples fantasies, they are each of ours, personal fantasies. My threesome fantasy is different from Marybeth's. Each of us has our own fantasy of a threesome. So I propose that each of us get their fantasy, not join the other couple. So, my night, I get Marybeth and Sue, Sue gets Jason and me, like that. And whoever's night it is gets to say what happens. It's their fantasy." He looked around. "Also, since it's that person's fantasy, it's their responsibility to bring whatever they need. Like if I want to see the ladies in lingerie, I have to bring it. Like that."

"OK, then, a vote on Mike's idea?" I thought it was a great idea, and said so. Everyone agreed, including Marybeth. Mike offered to redraw to cards, but no one bothered.

"So Mike's proposal passes, and the rest of mine pass." She turned to us. "You guys have an idea?" I didn't yet, but Sue spoke up.

"Yeah, a few," she leaned forward into the table, rested her arms on it. "First, I propose we change from four consecutive nights to two nights, a break, and the next two." She looked at Marybeth, adding. "I don't know about you, but I'll need a break after two nights. And whoever goes last or first would have to go three consecutive nights. I don't want to be sore for my night, or ruin anyone else's." She raised her eyebrows, looked at us. "Also, a time limit, or a start and end, so there's no conflict. Like, four to midnight."

"Ya-hoo, girl, eight hours?" Marybeth asked.

"I'm just saying. We spend the day doing whatever, relaxing, hanging out. But there is a time when things start. We make dinner early, late afternoon. But this way there's plenty of time to get our fantasy fulfilled, and no one feels pressured." She paused, then added, "and the person who isn't part of that that night has to go out, leave the house."

Seemed reasonable, I thought. I could find something to do for eight hours. I mentioned that it was good idea, because you really don't want to be hearing everything when you're not involved, and everyone agreed.

"And one last thing," Sue added. " Marybeth said no talking after today. I propose no talking about it until all four nights are done. Not even with your spouse. On the last day we can all compare notes, but not before." That seemed a little odd, but harmless. Marybeth called for a vote, and Sue's proposals passed. Marybeth turned to me. I thought for a second.

"All right, I've got one," I announced. "No saying no." Everyone looked at me. "You know, each of us has an idea how their fantasy should go. Mike proposed that if there is something you need, an outfit, or a vibrator, whatever, you have to bring it. It's your fantasy. You get to say what happens. You get to have your threesome, your way. So I propose that there is no saying no. Within limits, of course. No inflicting harm, unless you want it done to you. Like if I want to be spanked, for instance. But nothing extreme, nothing that leaves marks. Nothing that would affect someone else's night. But other than that, on your night, you are in charge, and there's no saying no."

"That's a little risky, Jason." Marybeth commented. But she was grinning. I grinned back at her.

"True, but we all share the same risk. And if you want to have your fantasy, you don't want to hear 'no' from your partners. And you can't deny someone else getting theirs." I looked at them all. "There is nothing less arousing than hearing 'I don't like that' or 'I don't do that'. Look, none of us are wierdos or freaks." I added, in an exaggerated voice, "that we KNOW of," and they laughed. "We just might have some things we want to do. Maybe something you can only do with a third person. I'm just saying that if each of us wants to have OUR OWN fantasy, then we should all agree not to deny anyone else."

I guess I made it sound reasonable, and I really just wanted to make sure no one was disappointed. Or that I wasn't. Everyone agreed. We spent the next hour or so talking about other logistics, and later, Sue and I packed up our stuff and headed home. On the way home we talked, nothing of consequence. In my mind all I could see was her cumming as Mike licked her, of her looking at me as she sucked his cock, the look of delight on her face. And of course, her with a load of cum on her face in front of Mike and Marybeth. After a pause in the conversation, I mentioned how sexy she was. Then I tried to tell her how hot it was when she sucked Mike's cock, but she stopped me.

"Hey, we said no talking about it," she grinned. "It was only a fucking hour ago!"

"Shit, this is going to be harder than I thought!" I laughed. "How will I last four weeks?"

"Well, you can think about it, you just can't talk about it. So just keep it in your head."

"The big one or the little one?"

"May as well use both, Jason," she chided, "you're probably going to need them!"

We were mostly silent the rest of the ride home, each lost in own thought. But I think she squirmed in her seat a few times during the ride.


True to our word, we didn't talk about the upcoming events for the next four weeks. The only near-violation I committed was taking a text message from Mike saying that he had secured some Cialis for the trip. And Sue and Marybeth had two meal-planning discussions. Other than that, it's as if there were nothing different in our lives, not even in our sex lives. We had the same amount, but while it was sometimes a little hotter, more urgent, nothing was said during bouts of passion. It didn't stop me from thinking, though, and frequently a mental image from my fevered imagination would break through. Flashing images and events: Mike on top of Sue, fucking her, I imagined Marybeth sitting on her face; Sue looking me in the eye, saying, "I'm licking her pussy"; as she sucked my dick, Mike fucking her from behind; as I licked her pussy, she sucked Mike's dick, or Marybeth's pussy. Or Mike licked her ass. Or fucked her.

About a week out from the vacation Sue announced she was having her period, so we didn't have sex for the week before. About halfway through that week I realized that the next time I had sex it would be with a threesome. Then I remembered that since I was "out" the first night, the next cock to fuck Sue would likely be Mike's. I was a little conflicted about that, so I tried not to think too much on it.

Finally the weeks ended, and on Thursday after work Sue and I packed for the vacation. As usual there were some new clothes that we had shopped for together for the vacation. And packing was fairly easy, as we were going to the shore, so it was shorts and bathing suits days, and casual pants and shirts at night. As we packed we chatted about the weather and the beach and the house and the area, careful to avoid the activities that would fill most of our evenings there.

It wasn't until we put our bags at the front door for the morning that we silently acknowledged what we both knew. Sue had put down her big bag and her shoe and toiletries bag, and she was putting down a third bag I hadn't seen her pack. Since we travelled frequently, and we'd packed together, I knew what her luggage was. So her mystery bag was what she was bringing for her threesome week. I had a similar third bag in my hand, and she looked at it as she put hers down, blushing, and smiling, and I felt myself flush. What the fuck does she have in there, I wondered. I knew what was in mine – everything I could think I might need to fulfill my MFF threesome fantasy. We looked at each other, sworn not to talk about it, and each wondering what the other had in store. Since we'd never really discussed the threesome fantasies before Marybeth brought it out of us, neither knew the others particulars. Soon we'd find out. It was late, and we were tired, and she hadn't given the "all clear" yet, so we went to sleep, but I was hard when my eyes closed.

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