tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFive Ring Circus

Five Ring Circus


Warning: This story contains explicit non-consensual sex scenes between transsexuals and men. If this sort of content offends you please do not read it.


The country was one of the many critically poor Asian countries that welcome foreigners with a lot more than open arms. In the rural fields they grew the usual subsistence tropical crops of rice, exotic fruit and palm trees. These fields were dotted with small dark skinned men in wide brimmed hats working slowly but methodically under the harsh and baking sun. Education was not a right there, it was a rare privilege given just to the children from rich families and to the very bright who were fortunate enough to find a sponsor. The cities attracted the tourists, and the tourists attracted the children of the poor farming families. These uneducated and inexperienced youngsters flocked to the cities with dreams of wealth, and with grand plans that consisted mostly of working hard, doing well and sending money back to their impoverished parents. The physically attractive ones usually ended up in the bars renting their bodies to the ugly but rich foreigners for a half hour, and hour or a night. The unattractive ones were preyed upon by the unscrupulous city businessmen who hired them into sweat shops as virtual slave labour. Nobody did anything about it, because that was just the way it was.

The city was vibrant and exciting at night. The noisy sweat soaked streets were lit by garish neon signs, the rhythmic thumping of the dance music and the refreshing spray of a mist of water enticed the unsteady half-drunk tourists into the cool air conditioned bars where the scantily clad girls plied their trade. The smell of the streets mingled the mouth-watering odour of the freshly cooked food in the kerbside stalls and the rancid reek of decaying rubbish. Any foreign men walking past were constantly beckoned from the cool doorways, 'Massage mister?' the strident exotic voices cried enticingly over the din of the cars, the motorbikes, the spruiking stall holders and the general hubbub of the streets.

Genuine massages were very rare, these girls only wanted to massage the money out of the men's wallets using whatever method they had to employ. Sex in this city was a not for pleasure, it was a very busy and lucrative business. Half obscured shapes waited in the darker shadows, calling with rougher voices and more desperation. These were the less attractive working girls, the old, the ugly, the diseased and the scarred. In certain areas young men were available for those who preferred that sort of company and somewhere in between were the lady boys, the mostly female looking sex workers who usually had fake breasts and a penis tucked up out of sight. Many a time an unwary tourist didn't manage to pick the difference and got quite a surprise when they went to his room. Even at night he streets of the city were safe enough if the tourist stayed in the bright lights, with the biggest risks being a stolen wallet, a working girl absconding before completing her side of the bargain ('I must ring my sister, I will come straight back...' was one of the usual tricks used) or a Policeman who was short on cash and who saw an opportunity when an unsuspecting tourist dropped his cigarette butt or drink bottle amongst the piles of rubbish in the street. Nobody did anything about it, because that was just the way it was.

There were two normal types of tourist in this, the sleaziest part of town. There was the lone male, usually middle aged and less than handsome, and often either married or newly divorced. He was there for the ego boost of being the one the pretty girls all wanted, and he often spent a lot of time drinking, and buying 'lady drinks' (usually extremely expensive coloured water) before finally choosing a girl to leave with. Despite the optimistic name for the drinks he wasn't really interested in a lady, he just wanted a whore. Often he drank so heavily that when he did eventually choose he couldn't perform anyway.

Some of these lone men were specifically searching for the boys or the lady boys. These men were bored with plain 'vanilla' sex and wanted something new, something different. The exciting, exotic and anonymously remote location combined with the copious quantities of alcohol tended to relax their deep seated inhibitions, and allowed them to explore their curiosity. Most of the first type of tourists regretted every morning what they still continued to do that and every night.

The second type of tourists travelled in packs. Usually much younger these men were often more interested in just 'having a good time'. A good time mostly consisted of copious quantities of alcohol (again) and something interesting to watch, usually a show of some sort involving nudity and preferably vaginal gymnastics as well. The second type of tourist was more rowdy, more aggressive and tended to spend less. Both types of tourist generally didn't care about the local people's customs or the laws of the country, and almost always treated everyone badly. Nobody did anything about it, because that was just the way it was.

The group of five men stood out from a distance. Their immaculate dress uniforms were designed to do that anyway, but these men turned the uniform into something else. Something ominous. Even when drunk these men carried themselves with an air of athletic confidence that was bordering on menace. People got out of their way as they approached and the seething masses of humanity who were crowded onto the footpaths parted in front of them as if by magic. The men were large too. Large in height, large in bulk and exceptionally large in presence. They proudly wore the badges that labelled them the elite of their service, the crème de la crème. But superior combat training does not always instil common sense, and these men were half drunk, frustrated and angry. It was their last night in town and they were bored with it. They were bored with the nightclubs, bored with the strip joints, bored with the sex shows and bored with the fawning local population who seemed to be endlessly focussed on their now severely depleted wallets. They wanted a fight and a last roll with a whore before returning to duty, but neither seemed to be likely. The local people would not stand up to them in a fight and the pretty girls disappeared as soon as they realised there was no money left to be had, and all they were going to get was roughly felt up in public. Nobody did anything about it, because that was just the way it was.

Most foreign people kept away from the dark alleys, they had a dangerous reputation. But the five men were sick of the constant crowds and totally unafraid, so they stalked through the back streets, laughing derisively as shadows approached and then shrunk away rapidly.

"Useless fucking country," one shouted at a departing figure, "and useless fucking people too."

"Yeah," another agreed, "just a bunch of little brown chicken shit losers."

It was bad luck for the girl on the doorstep of her own run down home that she had chosen that moment to take a break from her school books and step outside where there was a slight breeze, but she saw the men coming, shrieked loudly and ran. Without thinking the men responded and took off in pursuit. The chase was swift and brief. The girl stumbled and fell, and the five men pounced on her.

Even then things didn't have to turn out badly.

"What should we do with this one?" one man asked as they held the tiny squirming body.

"Spank her and send her home?" another laughed, keeping a hand firmly over her mouth to stop her from screaming. Most of them laughed with him, but one man's hand had strayed as he held her, and he had found an area that was warm, soft and inviting.

"I've got a better idea," he said quietly, and the others turned to listen.

The men instinctively chose a good defensive position when they dragged the girl away. They found a short, dark alley with just the one way in. They had two men on guard, two men to restrain the girl and keep her from making noise while the first one, the one whose idea it had been, raped her. Then they swapped and another man took his turn. Then another. They knew that nobody would do anything about it, because that was just the way it was.

But even the meek have unlikely heroes.

There were still a few local people going about their business who walked past the end of the alley, so the small group of working girls in short dresses who were heralded from afar by the clicking of high heels on the paving did not worry the two men standing in the shadows. They eyed the approaching girls with only partial interest, each idly selecting in his mind the one that they would most like to fuck, choosing from vaguely distinguished figures, hairstyles and the way they walked. Neither of them sensed any danger, so when the Tasers hit them they collapsed in surprise without any resistance. One of the men holding the victim saw the movement and whispered the alarm to the others, but as they turned five more girls with Tasers were standing between them and the exit. It was over in moments, and one of the rescuers went to comfort the whimpering, sobbing victim.

"It is all over now," she whispered gently in their own language as she helped the girl to try to fix her ripped dress, "at least it is for you."

Within moments the five large men were securely trussed with cable ties, gagged and hooded. A small crowd had gathered at the end of the alley, but it was made up entirely of working girls, and they shielded the weakly struggling forms in the alley from the view of any other passers-by. A small bottle and a cloth soon arrived, and this put a halt to any struggles. About ten minutes later a small van stopped across the entrance to the alley. It progressively got lower and lower to the ground as the gang of girls struggled to manoeuvre the not inconsiderable dead weight of the unconscious men in through a side door. The van poured blue smoke into the night as it struggled to pull away, and the smell of burning clutch and burning oil lingered as the crowd dispersed as quickly as it had appeared. The five men had been overpowered and abducted. Nobody did anything about it, because that was just the way it was.

Rob was the last of the men to regain consciousness, and like the others he was initially dazed and disoriented. His head was pounding and his mouth was dry enough for his tongue to swell. He realised he was naked and lay face down across a sturdy bench that only supported his stomach. His wrists and ankles were secured to rings in the floor; a wide strap held his torso firmly to the bench and a gag prevented him from talking. He turned his throbbing head and saw the other men were all secured in the same way and they were arranged in a circle facing in toward each other. Rob tested the restraints that held him, and found no give at all. He was trapped. The room they were in was easily large enough to fit them all in, with plenty of space to spare, and it was lit by four single globes dangling in stained cloth shades that cast strangely shaped shadows across the captive men. The floor was vibrating from a relentless techno beat that sounded like it was coming from the next room. He could faintly hear voices behind the music, and it sounded like there was a party going on. Finally he remembered the events that had gone before, and he wondered how long ago that was, because he had obviously been drugged and didn't know how long he had been out.

Suddenly Rob felt the fear that he now recognised in the eyes of the others, and this was an emotion that none of them was familiar with. He knew that there would be people out looking for them eventually, but that might take some time. First they would be listed as AWOL, and the normal searches of the bars and massage parlours would start. It would be quite a few days before anyone was actually worried for their safety. He felt the pain in his muscles where his whole body had clenched. Rob had never been hit with a Taser before, and he couldn't believe how debilitating it had been, he had totally and instantly lost control of any deliberate movement, and had been rendered completely helpless. Despite his extensive training in unarmed combat he had been easily beaten by an untrained skinny whore who was probably only about a quarter of his weight. Now he couldn't do anything about it, and that was just the way it was.

Rob waited for what felt like a long time wondering what was going to happen to them, but eventually a tall woman walked into the room and stood in the middle of the circle. She was more than just attractive, she was truly beautiful. Her long straight jet black hair was parted in the middle, and it fell halfway down her back. Her face was exquisite; her almond shaped black eyes smouldering over finely chiselled cheek bones. She wore a top hat, a set of sparkling red tails, red stilettos and a small red pair of bikini bottoms. The tails were loose enough for occasional glimpses of her pert breasts as she moved. They were perfect. She carried a long whip, and Rob shivered again in fear. It looked like their punishment was going to be meted out without any legal recourse.

"You," the woman cried, shouting to be heard over the music, "all been bad." She turned a full circle staring at all of them.

"Very bad." Again she turned around, and Rob was distracted by an enticing flash of breast.

"What you do is not law in you country, and is not law here too, but if police get you then just buy way out." She turned around yet again.

"All you had now belong to girl you rape. You wallet, little as money was, you watch, you jewel, you uniform, all of you thing. Think what some people pay just for uniform." She stared at each one as they took stock of what they had lost. Rob had been wearing the watch that his late father had left him in his will, and he knew he would never be able to explain to his mother how he had lost it. And how could he explain the loss of his service tags and uniform?

"Now you hope there is way to get out of this with no trouble," she said, and then smiled menacingly, "well there not. You is wild animal, but you is caught and take to my circus. I am ringmaster, and tonight I going to teach you some very good trick... Girl?" she called, and four more beautiful women entered the room, all dressed the same as the first, but with different coloured costumes. A girl in blue came and stood beside Rob.

"What you have to say for you?" The red girl shouted, and then pointed at the green girl, who was standing next to Carl. She removed his gag.

"Help," Carl cried in a raspy voice, "we are being held against our wills." Surprisingly the girls didn't try to replace the gag, and let Carl call out for help for some time. When his voice finally gave out the gag was replaced.

"We in private room of a very special sex club," the red girl explained, "call for help, cry in pain are always. You not heard from music anyway." She pointed at the yellow girl next to Rudy, and his gag was removed.

"I didn't rape her," he said quickly, "I was at the far end of the alley." Rob shook his head slowly, he too had not actually raped the girl, but he had expected them all to be strong enough to stick together.

"No," the red girl said, "but you was guard so others could, you help to happen, you just as bad too." Rudy opened his mouth and then closed it again, and his gag was put back on. The red girl pointed to the purple girl who was next to Steff. He had been the one who made the first suggestion, and the one who had gone first, and he came out swinging when his gag came off.

"I'm going to tear you limb from limb," he shouted angrily, "I will kill you all and it will take you days to die." The red girl nodded, and Steff's gag was put back on.

"Has always to be one," the red girl said, walking across to him.

"You," she shouted, raising her whip, "in no place to make threat." She slashed the whip across his back viciously, leaving an angry welt. Steff jerked as far as his restraints would allow.

"I not yet choose if any of you live long to get out of this chains, but you no make threats here and live." She whipped him again across the back as his blood began to trickle from the first strike, and then she walked back to the centre.

"Me tell you of rule of ten," she said. "All thing you do will be give back ten time. If I take day to die from you then you take ten day to die from my friend... You," she said pointing at Rob. He felt the gag being removed, and stared up at the red girl.

"We were wrong," he said, hoping that things would go better if he said what they wanted to hear, "and I'm sorry, but I don't think sorry will be enough." The gag was replaced.

"No," the red girl replied simply, obviously unconvinced, "it not." She pointed at Jimmy, and the purple girl moved over to him.

"We are servicemen," he said, "and this will create an international incident. You'd better let us go while you still can." The gag was replaced.

"Not any hope," the red girl said, smiling evilly, "who would believe bad man who rape young girl? And I not start to train you yet." She walked over to Steff, and then stood behind him. The other girls all went behind the men too.

"First," the red girl said, "we teach you what is right." She squatted down behind Steff and Rob jumped as he felt soft lips encircling his cock. He knew that no matter how good this felt to begin with, it was not going to stay nice, and he was very scared. Looking around he saw that all the girls had dropped down behind the men and, judging by the surprised looks on the men's faces, they all had taken a cock into their mouths.

Despite his concern over what would happen next Rob felt himself responding quickly to the blue girl's attentions. She was alternating between sucking his cock right down to the base and nibbling around it, gently sucking and biting as she went. As his cock grew to full size he was amazed that she continued to deep throat him, no woman had ever done that to him before when he was fully excited. Looking around Rob saw that his friends all were getting similar treatment and Steff, who was always an arrogant prick, caught Rob's eye and tried to grin through his gag while raising his eyebrows repeatedly. Rob looked away quickly; he was already in enough trouble because of Steff.

Rob saw Carl's head jerk and saw sudden confusion on Carl's face and then he jumped too as he felt the girl who was sucking his cock rub across his asshole with a finger. The thought revolted him, and he tried to pull away, but the strap around his waist held him tight. The touch was brief, and he tensed up waiting to see if it would be repeated. It was, and this time for longer. He tried to hold his cheeks together, but she still managed to get access. Rob was confused, his hard cock was enjoying the best oral sex he had ever experienced, but the girl kept rubbing his asshole. He tried hard not to like it, but eventually realised it was contributing greatly to his pleasure. It was nice, well more than nice; it was really turning him on.

Rob was trying hard not to let his face show that he was enjoying this. He looked down at the floor to avoid seeing if anyone else was too. From what he had seen so far everything that was being done to him was also being done to the others. The girl was rubbing a wet finger on his asshole now, and just occasionally pushing her finger against the tight ring. Again he tried to clench and stop her, but she seemed to know and press her finger down every time he relaxed even just a little bit.

The music from next door was still thumping, and Rob was happy that was the case as a moan escaped from behind his gag. His cock was as hard as it had ever been, and he knew he would cum soon the way the girl was going. She had finally worked a slick finger into his ass and it felt great, rubbing on sensitive nerves that had never been stimulated like that before. There was no pain, just a little bit of initial discomfort, but soon the pleasure overwhelmed that. Rob briefly looked up, but quickly looked down again when he saw a funny look on Jimmy's face. He was enjoying his treatment too. Rob felt another finger slipping into his ass, and his powerless legs shook with the sweet combination of pleasure and pain.

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