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Five Second Window


Hey Fuckers!

This was going to be part of "What do Married Women Really Think" story. But it made sense for the April Fools Contest.

No talking dicks and humor in this one!



Friday night 10 PM

I can see my wife on the other side of the bar with her best friend. Both were wearing very lovely cocktail dresses with high heels. Having a good time honey?

It was time to make a decision. Confront or observe. If I confront, I may never know what was going on. They'll come up with a story.

I need funds for the backup plan. There is no fucking way she is going to have a good time tonight!

I headed to the bar ATM and withdrew $300. Now I just needed to find some helpers. There were two guys beside me at the bar. They seemed like it would be worth a shot to ask them.

How the fuck did I end up like this? Three hours ago I was going to enjoy a nice solo hubby night. Bad for you food and a action movie. Now I'm a soon to be divorced statistic.

Friday night 7 PM

"What are you and Alexa doing tonight?"

"Probably dinner and then see a movie. Shit! I gotta get ready baby."

After Brandi headed up stairs, I heard a crack outside. It sounded like a tree branch breaking. It was real windy tonight, so it was common to lose a branch or two from our old tree. I looked outside and could see one on the ground. I also noticed Brandi's dome light was on.

I grabbed my keys and went to the driveway. Once I got in her CRV, I noticed a few boxes on the passenger seat. I picked one up and opened the top, since it wasn't sealed. More fucking face cream! In the second box was a silky red dress. The third box had a another dress in it. She was always buying stuff and forgeting to return it. I turned off the dome light and headed back into the house.

I sat down in the living room and was surfing through the new movies that were out on Prime. I decided on The Justice League and some chinese food. Brandi would usually suffer and watch it with me. But I'll do her the solid and watch Wonder Woman's boobs on my own. She doesn't really get into this type of movie anyway.

I changed the station to put Pickers on and started checking on my fantasy basketball team lineup for the night. I needed to scout for free agents. My center needed to go! I got lost doing that for awhile. Crap, I need to order the food and figure out what to drink.

I walked toward the kitchen to look and heard Brandi coming down the stairs. She was a sight. At first I thought it was comical. But then? My mind connected the dots so quickly, I was stunned with the results.

My wife was in jeans and nice top. I probably would have never noticed, except she was coming down the stairs like she had downhill skis on. Holding on to the rail with one hand and her handbag dangling on the other arm. She arrived at the bottom exasperated.

"See you later baby. I gotta run!"

I just nodded. She headed out looking at me with a questioning look. I closed the door on her. Nope, no customary smootch tonight.

I grabbed my keys and wallet. Once I was sure she wasn't coming back in, I went out the back door and watched her get ready to pull out of the driveway. My truck was on the side of the house facing the street. I jumped in my truck without her noticing and started it up. I eased the truck out so I could see around the side of the house. She was about 4 houses away now, so I pulled out without my lights on. When I was a block away from home, I flipped my lights on.

It looked like she was driving to Alexa's condo. We arrived there at around 8:15. I parked three houses back and just sat tight. Brandi got out with her purse and then went to the passenger side and grabbed a box. Probably not the fucking face cream. I snapped some photos. At this distance, they probably will be shit. Why did I need photos anyway? I'm seeing it with my own fucking eyes.

I sat there for 45 minutes waiting. My stomach in knots, praying I was wrong. I started to think about the last dinner and movie they went out on. Brandi came home drunk and horny that night. This is not looking good. Fucking Alexa. I thought she was my friend too! Hell. Just last month I gave her a ride and picked her up for that out patient procedure.

It all came together in that brief moment with Brandi coming down the stairs.

Girls night.

Her being distracted all week.

Her excitement tonight.

The broken branch.

The dome light.

The packages.

The red dress.

The high heels.

She never wears high heels with jeans. Never. And these were her favorite high heels! It was a five second window of chance.

They both came out of the condo in dresses. I hated being right. She is a crafty bitch, hiding the dress in the car. I took some pictures as they got into Brandi's CRV.

They headed downtown and it took another 20 minutes to arrive at a parking garage. I let them go in and I double parked on the street. I turned my hazards on and doused the headlights. About 5 minutes later, they exited the garage and started heading away from me. That was lucky. I let them get a nice lead and eased up behind them in the truck.

It was already 9:30 PM. They missed the last movie. Fucking cunts!

They went into a bar a few buildings away from the garage. I circled back and went into the same garage. I found a space on the level above where the CRV was and parked. I walked down a level and unlocked her car. Searching the car turned up nothing out of the ordinary except me smelling a lot of perfume. She wasn't wearing perfume when she left. Wait! Her wedding band was in the coin holder. Fucking bitch! I snagged it.

I popped the hood and got out to disconnect a couple of wires so the car wouldn't start. I left the car unlocked and headed for the bar.

Let her think someone stole the ring.

As I entered the bar, I moved as quickly as I could to a corner where I could adjust to my surroundings. My heart was beating so fast from the adrenaline. There! In a booth near the back. I saw the flash of Brandi's red dress.

The place was pretty busy already. In an hour I'm sure it would be packed. I went to the bar where I could blend in.

Friday night 10:05 PM

"Hey man. You gotta a coin I can flip?"

"Sure. Here you go brother."


"What are you flipping for?"

"Heads, I go over an bust up my wife's night. She was supposed to be at the movies in some jeans. There might be a little bit of a problem. A couple of guys will probably show up. I think I'm up for it."

"Tails, I watch and ruin her night another way. I should be able to get the truth this way. The girls will lie their ass off if I confront them now."

"Shit. You're in a tough spot brother. I have to say, I like option one. We'd get your back. My name is Norberto. This is my buddy Cameron."

Norberto was like a smaller version of The Rock. My height, but muscular.

"Hey fellas. I'm Jeff."

I got the coin ready.

"Here we go."

I flip the coin and it came up tails.

"You guys want make $100 each?"

Norberto spoke for both of them.

"This is sure turning into an interesting night. No offense. What do we need to do?"

"Whoever wants to go first, Norberto? You'll rattle her cage. You head over there and say something like, I know you from somewhere? Yeah. I work with Jeff, your husband, right? She is going freak out. Maybe look at her disapprovingly. I'm sorry. I didn't know you guys weren't together. No wedding ring and dressed like a hooker. Then appear to be texting as you walk away to the bathroom."

"That's it?"

"Yep. I wish we could record it?"

"Cam can do that."

Cam nodded.

"Sure man."

"Alright. Then we wait 5-10 minutes. Cam approaches and just sits down with them at the booth. You say, I've never done this before. How much for both of you for 2 hours? They will get upset once it hits them. You can roll with it and improvise. Hey ladies, just straight sex, no anal. I do need to get some condoms. Work in the word prostitute some where. Make a big scene."

"Your a clever guy Jeff. This will definitely dampen the festivities."

The guys did great. After I checked out the videos they sent me, I gave them the money. I looked back over at the girls. There was a pretty animated conversation going down between them. Looks like they were finishing their drinks. It was almost 11 PM now and they were getting ready to leave.

"Hey brother. Two guys just came in."

I looked them over. They were making a bee line for the girls.

"Norberto. I hate to ask. Can you make sure the girls get out alone?"

"No problem. My specialty. Let's go Cam."

Norberto approached the guys and whatever he said dissuaded them from talking to the girls. Brandi was even more upset when she saw their dates were having a conversation with my work mate Norberto. Alexa just shrugged her shoulders to one of the guys on the way out.

Fuck! Divorce was pretty certain. But could I stay with her while I lined up a place to live and gathered more information. Do I want to know? We have been together for 5 years. I thought I knew her. I thought I knew Alexa.

I could probably go right at Alexa. Face to face. I'm pretty sure I could get her to flip on Brandi. But then she would tell Brandi as soon as I left. Do I fucking care at this point?

Since we were renting, I could make a quick exit. I should fucking take all the house money and disappear. I'm only 30. I can bounce back.

Norberto and Cam came back to their stools.

"All set. They understand what's expected."

"Thanks guys. I got to get going."

"Take it easy brother."

I checked on Brandi's location with my phone. Looks like she was two blocks away. I better head home. After I got home, I took a couple of benedryl to help me sleep. Then I silenced my phone and hid it.

I woke up around 8 AM. I was pretty groggy. I slipped out of the bedroom with some clothes and showered in the other bathroom. At least it's Saturday.

Once I was ready to leave, I grabbed my phone and her phone out of her purse. I turned off the location devices and the find option. I wrote a note that said I was going golfing with a buddy from work and that I would be back in the afternoon.

I ended up at Starbucks to have some coffee and breakfast. I started going through her phone. I really didn't find anything except the recent text messages between her and Alexa. It seems Alexa was using her as a wing woman to meet up with a couple of guys.

"This feels so naughty."

"If you wear that dress, he is going to be grinding against you on the dance floor!"

"I might have to help him relieve the pressure. But I would need to be really drunk!"

"Are you sure about this Brand?"

I called Brandi Brand. Alexa picked up on it and uses it to. Didn't care for it too much now. No messages after that. They probably talked.

God. I didn't think I could hurt more, but I was wrong. The texts did push me in a direction.

I knew what my next move was. I went to my car and headed out.

Alexa opened the door. She was wearing just a robe.

"Jeff. What are you doing here?"

"Well. I need to find out what happened last night and where Brandi's car is."

Be cool. Got to get inside.

"Oh. That's right. Come on in."

"Rough night?"

"Kinda. Have a seat. You want any coffee?"

"No thanks."

She came back from the kitchen with a cup.

I was distracted by her legs and glimpse of her thighs. Only for a second.

"Alexa. Brandi is a fucking mess. She told me last night all the shit she's been up to. She blames most of it on you. The double dates you talked her in to. She came clean about it and some other things. So, I need you to give me your version before I start beating both your asses."


"I'm not saying it again! Start fucking talking!"

"I didn't make Brandi do anything!"

"So how did this shit all start then. Alexa, I thought I was your friend? How many times have I helped you out with moving or giving you a ride to airport? Just a month ago I took you to your fucking procedure and brought you home. What the fuck!"

I was screaming at her.

"Umm. Oh god. I'm so sorry Jeff."

The water works started big time.

"Sorry doesn't keep me fucking married!"

"I asked her to go with me when I met up with a guy. I just wanted to have her there in case he was a dick. I never thought she was going to keep doing it."

"How many double dates did you and Brandi go out on?"

"Umm, only three times. Last night was the third."

"Same guys each time?"


"The second time, what happened? You got Brandi drunk and pushed her into fucking his buddy.'

"No! We went out and Brandi got a little drunk. She made out with him at my place. Then she stopped him and said she had to go. I didn't push her into anything."

"Was Brandi going to fuck him last night?"

"Jeff? Don't ask me that."

She started crying hard.


"Oh god. I'm not sure. The night went to hell. But she was really excited before."

"Anything else? You know she told me you cheated on Jack and that you dumped him for that other guy. Yeah, I know. She wasn't supposed to tell me. She told me a lot last night. Paints a picture that your a bad friend and a nasty cunt! No wonder your single."

She winced while she clearing her eyes from the tears.

"Jeff. I can't think of anything else. Oh, she had a crush on some guy at work, but she never did anything. She never slept with anyone!"

"Don't call Brandi. If I find out your lying. I'll come after you. First I'll talk to Jack. Your still on good terms with him? Then I'll out your exploits to everyone. Including your parents. You do anything to piss me off, I'll be bringing a shit storm down on you."

I walked out while she slumped to the floor balling. Fucking bitch. Time to end this.

I headed home.

My phone vibrated. Wait a minute, it's not my phone. I pulled out Brandi's phone and saw the message.

"I'm sorry Brand. Jeff just left here!"

That will cost you Alexa.

I walked in the door and Brandi was at the breakfast counter drinking coffee.

"Hi honey. I thought you were golfing? Hey, have you seen my phone?"

I walked to the other side and faced her.

"Nope. I just spent the morning at Alexa's condo."


"I went over there to find out what happened last night and where your car was."

"Oh. It wouldn't start so we had to take a cab."

"That sucks. What movie did you guys see?"

"uhh, Every Day. A chick flick."

"Nice. You shouldn't have worn those heels last night. That gave everything away. You have two hours to get your shit together and get out of the house."

"Jeff? What are you talking about?"

"Your date last night bitch! Seems Alexa had a conscience and told me all about your double dates. Not to mention some other tidbits. Before we got married and some crushes you had on other men."

She went into shock. Tears started pouring from her eyes. Then she just starting spilling. After 15 minutes she was spent and a sobbing mess. No new revelations. I guess that's something.

"Two hours. Or I call your parents. We'll talk in one week at Alexa's. Saturday at noon. Both of you have to be there, otherwise I'm gone. Then I proceed with all the bad thoughts I have running in my head. I don't want to hear from you during the week at all."

I headed for the door.

"Two fucking hours cunt!"

"Jeff. I'm sorry. Please don't leave!"

She was on the floor now. I left.

During that week I did protect myself financially. Moved most of the house money to a new account at BOA. Stopped my direct deposit and removed her from being able to access or discuss my accounts.

The nights were hard. I worked out and watched a lot of movies. I binged on Californication. Some of it was hard to watch, but I got hooked on it. In the back of my head, a nasty payback plan developed.

I was still going to call Brandi's parents. Alexa's too. Needs to be some public humility delivered. Damn right!

Saturday High Noon

Brandi opened the door.

"Hi Jeff. Come in."

I went and sat down at the chair in the living room. Alexa was sitting on the couch already.

Brandi sat down beside her.

"Go ahead."

To be honest, I wasn't even listening and I didn't care. She loves me, lets works this out, blah blah blah. Alexa joined in on the, I'm so sorry and lots of crying. I just sat there emotionless.

"Are you done?"

She nodded and they were both dabbing their eyes with tissues.

"I will try to work this out with you on the following conditions."

They both were shocked and starting to smile. Oh girls, wait for it.

"You both, together, are going to give me a weekend of pleasure. I will also be taking both of your asses. You have one week to decide. If its a no? Then divorce. Oh, and here's your phone. I hope it's a yes. I can't wait to sink my cock in Alexa's pussy. To have both of you slobbering all over my cock. That naughty enough for you Brandi?"

I got up and didn't even look at them as I went for the door. I was back home in 30 minutes and sitting at the breakfast bar just zoning.

What the hell do I do if they agree? What if they don't? What was I thinking? Christ!

I ending taking a nap and woke up when it was dark.

My phone vibrated. I had a message.

It was from Brandi.


Fucking really? I texted back without thinking.

"Two weeks from now. Be ready. You guys need prepare your lovely asses. You should warn Alexa about my size."

I chuckled. I was only 7 inches, but my cock was pretty thick. Well, two huge things will be kicked off my bucket list.

I started to worry about this going sideways on me. They could say I raped them. Shit! I got my phone out and sent a message. A few minutes later I got a reply.

"Whatever you need brother. Sounds like an interesting day."

That same night I sent the girls a group text. I decided I would send one every night till the weekend we get together. The first text was to reinforce the ass taking.

"Brandi. I can't wait to fuck your tight little ass. I'm going spread your cheeks wide so I can see it go in and out."

"Alexa. I have always fantasized about sliding my cock between your beautiful breasts. The thought of Brandi seeing you swallowing my load has me so fucking hard."

"Brandi, I'm going to have you stroke me off so I can cum on Alexa's lips."

"Alexa. After I fuck Brandi's pussy. I want you to suck me clean. Brandi has a very tasty pussy."

"Brandi. I want to fuck Alexa from behind and have you kneeling right beside me. You can watch my cock go in her pussy and see my cum seep out after I done.

I was an asshole. I almost said something about getting Alexa pregnant and having two wives. If I went to far they would back out. I really wanted them to go through with it.

Two weeks later.

I sat on the king size bed, thinking about how I was going to handle the weekend. This hotel has nice rooms and I loved the big shower and hot tub.

Is this really going to happen? I'm so ready. I took the pill already so I could fuck for hours. I brought lots of wine and a little weed for the girls. I took those supplements all week. I'm hydrated and have stored up plenty of cum. The camera and guys are in place.

Am I really going to try to work it out after this? Maybe? Maybe while I fuck Alexa behind her back. Get them both pregnant. God, I turned into a mean mother fucker.

Shit. My dick was getting hard already.

I am really amped about fucking Alexa. Brandi is beautiful, but skinny. She has very small breasts. Alexa's are big and juicy, just like her ass. If I can get them drunk and a little high? Will they get crazy and kiss? Maybe suck on each other's nipples. Oh shit, I gotta a steel pipe in my pants now.

I hope they bring lube!

Knock, knock, knock.

The end?

Who is it going to be? Does Jeff go through with it? You decide. This is a stand alone story.

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by Anonymous

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by stillaonewomanm01/13/19

Its not finished

You started out with btb and ending with garbage. Wtf finish it.

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by C_frommn12/30/18


He goes all of the Way. He even props the wife into both of them getting Pregnant by him. Drive the wife up the wall trying to figure out how to get back to Normal.

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by Redo198408/02/18


Holy shit! I think you should write the full skinny dipping story man.
You have the outline done already. No dude ass play on this ride though.
I’ll think about the ending.

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SHOCKER ENDING............

At the door is the two guys he hired at the bar. Turns out they came across the girls at the bar later and saw the texts from him saying he was going to ravage their asses. It turns out these two guysmore...

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by chytown07/12/18


For the read.

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