tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersFixing The Car Ch. 02

Fixing The Car Ch. 02


As I had mentioned in the first story about my adventures with my friend Ross and his wife Barbara, that the rest of that first story would be continued and so here it is.

After I had cleaned all of the fuck juices from Ross's shrinking cock we all laid back on the bed to rest and I started to think about what we had just done, this was all new to me as I had never had sex with more than one person at a time and had been faithful to my wife.

Here we were dressed in pantyhose and stockings, Ross & Barbara were kissing passionately and all I could think of was I really a "cross-dressing, bi-sexual cock sucker"

Barbara turned to give me a kiss and thanked me for a great orgasm and she looked at me and asked what was wrong, I told her I was feeling guilty about cheating on my wife, Cathy, and was a bit embarrassed about being dressed the way I was. Barbara assured me I looked great and she would love to dress me up in even sexier underwear some other time.

She also told me Cathy didn't have to know if I didn't want her to and she might try and talk her into joining us.

I told Ross & Barbara that Cathy & I sometimes had sex whilst we were both dressed up but I doubted that she would agree to join us.

After a visit to the bathroom to clean up and another couple of beers each we were all feeling relaxed and ready for some more, Barbara apologised to both of us for not having any sexy underwear for us all to wear, only some basic bra & panty sets and pantyhose and she only had 2 pairs of high heels that wouldn't fit either of us. I said I had a modest collection at home that would fit Ross and I was sure Cathy had lots that would fit Barbara.

I hurried home and grabbed my stash of clothes from the back of the wardrobe and then opened Cathy's lingerie draw and selected a beautiful cream bra and suspender set along with matching stockings.

I raced back to their house with my bag of goodies and they were both surprised with the assortment of things I had.

Barbara was delighted with Cathy's clothes and quickly put them on along with a pair of high heels, both Ross and I were engrossed watching her parade in front of the wardrobe mirror, Barbara turned to us and said " well lets see what we have in that bag for you two horny bitches".

I had black, white & tan pantyhose, bras, suspenders, assorted stockings, 2 pair of high heels, a black bustier, some lube and a 6 inch strap on dildo.

Cathy had used the dildo on me a couple of times and Barbara squealed with delight when she saw it and promised to put it to good use later.

I selected the bustier, black pumps and some black stay up stockings with a 4 inch lace top. Ross took some tan pantyhose, the other pair of high heels and a white bra. "I guess he was still a bit apprehensive when choosing an outfit"

Ross teetered on the heels and almost fell a few times and decided it was safer to sit on the bed; I on the other hand had no problems as I had lots of practise strutting around my bedroom.

Barbara was running her hands all over my legs and torso whilst kissing me and pushed me on the bed and said she couldn't wait to suck my slutty cock and pounced on me in a sixty nine position, as she engulfed my hot rod, I started licking, sucking and nibbling her clit and pussy lips.

She smelt and tasted great and we were both really getting into it, Barbara was alternating between licking my balls and deep throating my cock all the while she was rubbing my back and legs, slipping her hands between my stocking tops and my thighs and I was burying my face in her sweet pussy.

Ross was getting hot watching us and started to kiss and caress Barbara's butt, he spread her ass cheeks and started to lick her ass hole and tongue fuck her hole. Barbara was starting to go wild and I thought she would bite my cock right off when Ross started fingering her ass, Barbara bucked back against his finger and he slipped another one in and picked up the tempo.

I slipped out from under Barbara when Ross grabbed the lube and greased up her hole, I grabbed Ross's cock and went down on him giving him a good tongue lashing and when his cock felt like it was going to explode I pulled it out of my mouth and guided it towards Barbara's puckering brown hole.

Barbara was moaning softly as Ross's prick slowly inched its way into her bowels, he gently pushed into her until he was in to the hilt and then slowly began fucking her, Barbara's moaning increased and I moved up and began kissing her passionately, as Ross continued she said how good the cock felt up her arse and how horny she felt. ( I later found out this was the first time for her ) Ross picked Barbara up and rolled her over and laid on his back on the bed, his cock still firmly planted up Barbara's ass hole, I moved down and licked her clit a few times whilst caressing their hose covered legs and Barbara yelled for me to fuck her cunt, I plunged in and after a few strokes we found our rhythm, it was a great sensation being enveloped by Barbara's pussy and feeling Ross's prick sliding in and out next to mine. Ross must have been feeling the same as me as he blew his load inside her ass and after a few more strokes I pulled out and deposited my load all over her pussy and pubic hair.

Ross hopped into the shower to clean up and Barbara and I cuddled, running our hands over each others silky clad bodies, I slipped down and began licking my cum from her pussy, flicking her clit and rubbing my fingers around her ass hole, Barbara pulled me up to her and tongue kissed me sharing my sperm and her juices. After a while Barbara asked me if I had ever been fucked up the arse and if Cathy had really used the dildo on me, I told her Cathy had and I loved it, but I had never been fucked with a real dick.

When Ross had finished in the shower, Barbara then took her turn in there and Ross lay on the bed next to me and started putting on some different stockings and he said he had overheard us talking as he was getting dried, and he would love to take my anal cherry, I eagerly agreed and he started kissing me and moving down my body and took my cock in his mouth and began working on bringing me to the boil.

When my cock was as hard as it had ever been he rolled me over, slapped my ass and said "get ready Bitch here it comes". He lubed my hole with his fingers and began stretching it out, it felt great and then I felt his hot cock head pushing past my sphincter and his dick slowly sliding up my shit chute, I was used to a cool plastic dildo and the heat from his prick was unbelievable, I felt like I was on fire but I still didn't want him to pull it out either.

Ross was gently fucking me when Barbara came out of the bathroom and said " I leave for a few minutes and you pair of cock sucking sluts can't keep your dicks out of each other"

I was laying on my back with my ass full of dick and my high heels up in the air feeling great, when Barbara started licking my ankles and calf's, wetting my stockings with her saliva, she sucked the heal of my shoe like it was a dick and then took it off and started licking my toes and caressing my legs, moving up my thigh until she got to my stocking tops and then moved down to my cock and took my shrunken dick into her mouth and revived it to its full length, all the while Ross was ploughing my ass with his hot cock, shortly after he pulled out and deposited a load of sticky come all over my balls and cock, which Barbara quickly cleaned up.

I laid on the bed spent with my ass hole burning from a great fuck, when Barbara said "get ready its my turn Bitch", I looked over and there she was with the strap on dildo around her waist moving towards my ass.

Ross said 'well I guess its my turn to suck you off while she fucks your ass"

I don't know how I ever walked out to my car later that day but I sure was one satisfied cock slut.

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