tagBDSMFlight to Submission Ch. 08

Flight to Submission Ch. 08


Stephanie let her mind drift as the car whisked her smoothly home. So much had happened today and she was struggling to assimilate it all. By far the most powerful impression had been left by Alexandra and the words she had spoken. Stephanie was still finding it difficult to reconcile the confident, self-assured woman who had sat in front of her, with her image of a submissive! However, she could not doubt the sincerity of her words. Alexandra's eyes had conveyed her sincerity and strong belief in what she was saying!

Stephanie was also still trying to come to terms with the fact that she had chosen the instruments of her punishment! If someone had told her just a few days ago that she would walk into a sex shop (even if it was a high class boutique) and purchase a range of whips and assorted spanking items, she would have called them crazy!

Before she knew it, the car had pulled up outside her home and the chauffeur was opening the door for her. He handed her out of the car and then walked back to the boot, where he removed the box from Coco de Mer. Stephanie blushed as she recalled the items that were in that box!

She grabbed her keys from her bag and opened the front door, leading the way up the three flights of stairs to her apartment. As she opened the door, she turned to smile at the chauffeur, thanking him for his time and patience. He tipped his hat to her and assured her it had been a pleasure. He handed her the box and retraced his steps back down to the car.

Stephanie closed the door behind her and leaned against it for a moment, collecting her thoughts. Then her phone buzzed.

"You have 2 minutes to strip naked," the message read.

With a start, Stephanie recalled her Master's earlier instructions that she be naked in her apartment at all times and that there was CCTV in the apartment. He had obviously known the moment she stepped inside her front door!

She hurried to the bedroom and stripped off her clothes. To be honest, it felt good to be out of the high heeled shoes. Shopping always made her feet ache!

The phone buzzed again.

"You may run yourself a hot bath and relax for 45 minutes, after which you will put on the black and purple corset and the breast and clit suction cups," was the message.

Stephanie shivered a little, wondering how those items would feel. However, she knew she had no choice but to obey!

She padded into the bathroom and started running the water, adding a generous amount of the bath oil. As she waited for the bath to fill, she examined herself in the mirror. The welts from her punishment session had now faded to a pale red. She ran her hands lightly over her body, tracing the contours of her breasts and stroking her fingers over her mound. She noticed that her nipples started to harden in reaction and was surprised at the speed of their response!

On the CCTV, David watched as Stephanie repeated the exercise he had given her yesterday, lightly exploring her body with her fingers. He was impressed. She had taken the initiative and was doing something that only yesterday would have been outside her comfort zone!

The changing sound of the water recalled Stephanie to her surroundings and she hurried back to find the bath full of water and soft, rich bubbles. She tested the water with her elbow & winced slightly. The water was very hot, but she decided that if she entered slowly enough, it would be bearable. Inch by inch she slipped into the bath until at last she was fully immersed, with the steaming water lapping around her collar bone. She allowed her head to fall back onto the edge of the bath, closed her eyes and let the heat soothe and relax her. Time seemed suspended as she let her mind go blank.

45 minutes passed before Stephanie was roused from her lassitude by her phone buzzing. Reluctantly she dragged herself up and stepped out of the bath, wrapping a soft, fluffy towel around her body as she did so. She dried herself off and made her way into the bedroom. She removed the corset from the drawer and also the pumps. She frowned slightly as she realised how hard it would be to put the corset on whilst her skin was still hot from the bath. Moving back into the bathroom, she found a bottle of talcum powder in the bathroom cabinet and dusted her body with it. The result was that her skin felt silky soft and smooth. She moved back to her bedroom and wrapped the corset around her. Moving slowly but determinedly, she closed each clasp until her body tightly encased. Again, she felt the constriction of her breathing, the need to take shallow breaths.

She realised that when it came to attaching the vacuum tube to her clit, she was going to have to do it by touch alone. There was no give in the corset whatsoever, which meant she would not be able to bend her body enough to see what she was doing!

She decided to attach the breast cups first and reached for the first one. She found that in order for the cup to sit properly, she had to lift her breast until there was a sufficient gap between its base and the corset for the rim of the cup to sit. She repeated the process with the other breast. Both were now encased in clear, plastic domes. Next she reached for the vacuum tube for her clit. She very soon realised that she was not going to be to accomplish anything in a sitting position, so she lay on her back on the bed, drew her legs up until her knees were in the air and spread them. She slipped her fingers between her folds and slid them towards her mound until they located her small nub. She worked her fingers until she could feel it swell and then with the other, slipped the glass over & secured it. She connected the hoses to the pump and switched on both dials. Her breasts and clit were immediately surrounded by vacuum, making Stephanie moan at the unaccustomed sensations. Within a very short space of time, her breasts and clit were throbbing. All of a sudden there was a slackening of pressure before once again the air was drawn out.

Her phone buzzed.

"Continue this exercise for 30 minutes," the message read. "The pump has been pre-set."

Stephanie lay back down on the bed squirming from time to time as the pump stimulated her breasts and clit. After 30 minutes, she switched of the pump and removed the cups and tube. As she removed the tube, her fingers accidently brushed against her clit and she moaned at the intense sensations that shot through her body from the hypersensitive nub.

Her phone buzzed once again.

"Remove the breast cups and replace with the nipple tubes," it read. "Get the clit clip and secure it around your clitoris and then attach the nipple tubes and switch on the pump again. You will continue this exercise for a further 30 minutes," it continued.

Stephanie reached over to her bedside table, opened the drawer and withdrew the clit clip. She groaned as she tried to manoeuvre it around her highly sensitised clit and gasped when it finally settled into place, its tight grip providing constant stimulation. She could feel her pussy, which was already damp from the earlier clit pumping, get even wetter! Trying to ignore the sensations washing through her body, Stephanie attached the nipple tubes with shaking hands and secured them in place before switching on the dial on the pump.

She moaned out loud as the air was sucked out of the tubes, her nipples responding immediately by engorging as blood rushed into them. She lay back on the bed and tried very hard to keep control of herself for the next 30 minutes as the pump mercilessly sucked and released around her nipples. By the end of the allotted time, Stephanie was breathing heavily, her clit and nipples were throbbing and she was hot all over.

She removed the tubes with shaking fingers and lay back on the bed for a while, desperately trying to regain her composure. She was feeling so turned on! Eventually, by concentrating on her breathing, Stephanie managed to reassert enough control over her wilful body to realise that she was hungry. She swung her legs off her bed and moved into the kitchen to find something to eat. With the highly restrictive corset, she didn't feel like eating anything heavy and finally settled on an omelette. She was a good cook and the omelette was light and fluffy, filled with creamy cheese. She washed it down with a glass of cold fruit juice, then placed the empty plate and glass into the sink. By then time she had finished, the clock was reading 8pm and Stephanie realised it was time to get ready the flight tomorrow. She had an early start as the flight left Heathrow at 9:45am and she had to be at the airport 2 hours earlier. That meant rising at 6:30am in order to be on time.

She had moved into the bedroom and was just finishing up packing her carry-on case for the morning when the phone range. She picked it up immediately and without thinking said "Yes Master?"

"Well done, sub," David's voice glowed with approval. "You are learning quickly! Did you enjoy your day?"

"It was a little overwhelming, if I'm honest," Stephanie replied. "Those places the chauffeur took me too were extremely expensive and I'm worried about how much money you are spending on me!"

"Stephanie," David said firmly, "it is not a sub's place to worry about how much their Master spends on them. It is their place to accept obediently and appreciate what is given!"

Stephanie flushed at the gentle rebuke in his voice.

"Yes Master," she said. "Thank you very much for everything. I've never worn such beautiful clothing before and the shoes are incredible!"

"Much better answer, sub," David said with a smile in his voice. "Now have you finished packing?"

"Yes Master, I have," she said.

"I have a short task for you tonight as I know you have an early start," David told her. "You will remember that I told you to watch a DVD last night? Well I want you to watch the next scene before you go to bed. You may play with yourself as you watch but you will not cum. Your orgasms are owned by me, as is your body and I will determine when you are ready to cum for me! Do you understand?" he asked firmly.

"Yes Master," Stephanie replied, wondering how she was going to cope.

Her body was still aroused from the earlier pumping and the clit clip was keeping her clit highly sensitive. She had hoped to be able to give herself some relief tonight but her Master had just banned her from doing so!

"Very well," David said. "I will see you tomorrow. You will wear the white lace half cup bra and matching thong under your uniform"

Stephanie closed up the carry-on bag and laid out her uniform, complete with underwear, ready for the following day. Then she returned to the living room, sat down on the sofa and switched on the TV, pressing play on the DVD player as she did so.

The screen was dark for a moment and then the lights came up. In the centre of the screen, bathed in a spotlight, a woman was bent backwards over a frame. She was naked except for a pair of very high heeled, black shoes. Her ankles had been cuffed to one side of the frame and her arms had been slotted through a narrow gap, with her wrists attached to her ankles. Her long, red hair had been put in a tight braid, the end of which had been tied to a bar under her ass, tilting her head back so she faced the floor. The camera panned around face the woman and Stephanie could see that a large ring gag had been placed in her mouth. Saliva was already starting to leak out of her mouth and run down her face. Stephanie noticed that the frame was raised a good foot off the ground, with the woman's face approximately 3 feet higher again.

The camera returned to the front of what was obviously a stage and switched from close-up to wide-angle. A tall, muscular man walked into the pool of light. His face was masked but the spotlight picked up the brilliant blue of his eyes, which contrasted vividly with his thick, dark, wavy hair. He held a bundle of something in his hands but Stephanie could not see what it was. The woman on stage, however, obviously knew and moaned through her gag.

The man unravelled the items in his hands and one by one, started pinning jet black pegs onto the woman's body. He started at the tops of her breasts, the pegs biting into the fleshy orbs, continuing down her body in a line, taking in her nipples and finally ending with three on each of her pussy lips. Next the man tied what looked to be strong, black twine through the last pegs before running it through each peg in turn, finishing with the ones at the tops of the woman's breasts. He continued to unwind the twine until he reached her hanging head. He shook out the final sections, which fell about 6" below the woman's head. He then drew two further items from his pockets. The woman groaned again as he held them in front of her eyes before tying them to each end of the twine. Stephanie could then see that these were small, but evidently heavy weights! One by one the man fed them into the woman's mouth and then stood back to watch with his arms folded.

Stephanie had watched with horror, her body flinching in sympathy as each peg had bitten into the woman's skin but her body was experiencing a different reaction. Her nipples were hard and her pussy was starting to get wet. She had a moment of disorientation as she imagined she was the red-headed woman bent backward over that frame and her pussy throbbed in response! Almost of its own volition, one of her hands crept down and started to rub her swollen and highly sensitive clit, whilst the other started playing with each of her nipples in turn, rubbing and pinching them as they grew harder and more erect.

She watched, held spellbound by the tension on the screen as the woman desperately tried to keep the round weights from slipping out of her mouth. Then, on the other side of the screen, a naked man walked into the circle of light, out of sight of the woman as he approached from behind her. He was blond, very muscular and wore a leather and stainless steel chastity device which encircled his waist with a strap running between his legs, to which was attached a stainless steel cage that encircled his balls and semi-erect cock. The device was locked into place with a small but strong looking padlock. As he turned to retrieve something from the shadows, it was apparent from the slight bulge in the harness covering his ass, that a fairly large butt plug was embedded inside him.

When he turned back, Stephanie gasped as she saw what he was holding. It was a Wand similar to the one that had been used on the woman in the scene she had watched the night before. She remembered how difficult it had been for the woman to resist and how strongly she had cum when given permission. As the male sub slowly approached the woman bound to the frame, Stephanie shuddered as she suddenly realised what was going to happen. She did not know, could not know, that the male sub had been deliberately aroused before being locked into the chastity device and then told that he would not be allowed to attain a full erection and cum unless her first made the woman on the frame cum. He was determined to succeed in this and no amount of begging or feeling sorry for the female sub was going to deter him!

Stephanie watched, tensely as he slowly drew closer to the woman's pussy. His bare feet made no sound as he approached and the woman consequently had no idea he was there. Finally he was close enough that his thighs almost touched hers. He slowly moved the Wand forward until it hovered directly above her clit & pussy. Stephanie's own pussy clenched in anticipation of what was about to happen.

The male sub switched on the wand and Stephanie heard the woman wail as she recognised the sound. Her body tensed and then quivered as the male sub pushed the wand in hard against her clit. He kept it there, grinding it against her, then drawing back slightly before grinding it in again. The woman wailed and the camera panned around to get a close up of her face, her eyes begging her Master for mercy. The camera pulled back to wide angle, showing her Master still standing with his arms folded, watching impassively and ignoring his sub's increasingly desperate pleas.

Glued to the scene in front of her, Stephanie's hands were now in constant motion. Her pussy was sopping wet and throbbing, her nipples hard and her clit was so sensitive she could barely stand to touch it! Her breathing, constricted as it was by the corset, was fast and shallow and her skin felt like it was on fire!

On screen, the trembling of the female sub's body was growing stronger and stronger as the Wand continued to assault her pussy. She was moaning constantly. Then the male sub flicked the Wand onto high power and the woman screamed. Her body tensed then bucked as she was driven over the edge, into a powerful orgasm. Then she screamed again as the weights slipped from her mouth and fell towards the floor, ripping the pegs off her body as they dropped. Stephanie couldn't take her eyes off the screen as fluid sprayed from the woman's pussy, drenching the male sub's imprisoned cock. She saw him close his eyes and grimace, obviously turned on by what had just happened but unable to do anything about it! With a start, Stephanie realised that she was right on the edge herself and abruptly pulled her hands away from her body, switching off the DVD and TV as she did so.

Her body screamed out in frustration as she obeyed her Master's orders. Tremors were running through her. Her skin was hot & flushed, her pussy and clit throbbed in parallel, demanding release! Her nipples were hard and it was only by the severe application of willpower that Stephanie kept her hands away from herself. As she rose from the sofa she noticed the juices running down her legs from her pussy and paused in stunned amazement. This had never happened to her before. Usually when she played with herself she never reached climax and was left feeling slightly let down by the whole experience. That was why she never usually bothered. Tonight was completely the opposite. All she wanted to do was grab one of the dildos that her Master had sent to her and pump it into her pussy, hard and fast!

Biting her lip, she moved to the bathroom and splashed cold water on her face. It didn't help much but gave her a little breathing space so that she could turn her mind to calming herself down. Returning to the bedroom, she looked at the clock and saw that time had flown by. If she didn't get to bed soon, she would never get up in time tomorrow!

She sat down on the bed and slowly unfastened the corset, breathing a sigh of relief when its tight constriction finally fell away. Taking a deep breath, she moved her fingers down to her highly sensitised clit and tried to ease the clip off without stimulating herself further. She cried out as the clip came off, desperately trying to fend off the sensations flooding through her.

In desperation, she walked into the shower and turned on the water, feeling it sluice over her body as she stood there trembling. When she had calmed down a little, she dried herself off and walked over to the bed. She slipped between the sheets and closed her eyes. It was a long time before she could get to sleep that night!

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