tagIncest/TabooFlo: My Step-Son's Got a Gift

Flo: My Step-Son's Got a Gift


Miles couldn't remember his mother. She had died in a aeroplane hijacking when he was young. They were going to visit his Dad, who had been living overseas while his business interests demanded it.

His father had remarried, and more than once. A procession of step-mothers came and went, some dancing around him, some trying to befriend him, but mostly they singled him out as their main rival. Not for his father's affections, but for his money. Money grabbing sluts.

He was left to his own devices more often than not. But if 'step-mommy' was at home, she'd probably try to stake a claim. Some of them would find any excuse to punish him, stopping his allowance, grounding him, some even hit him.

It drove him crazy sometimes, especially when his Dad took their side. Asshole.

Luckily, his Uncle Max was there to take him in, whenever it got too much, when the bitches pushed him too far. Miles learned to hold his temper from him, something that had probably saved him a lot of trouble. He also learned a lot about real world values, like the value of a sense of humour.

Uncle Max was at home most of the time. He was a writer. His place was small, but well looked after. He scraped a living out by doing odd jobs, occasionally flipping burgers. He wasn't doing so well until the movie folks came calling.

The first book they made a movie of was "Trail of Thorns". It was a box office hit. Broke some crazy record, highest gross on a budget, something like that. On the back of its success, they made two more. Suddenly Uncle Max was in demand, his books were flying off the shelves, and the money was piling in. Pretty soon, he had made enough money for whole family, and then some.

He didn't need much money, though. He was happy to share. He'd already given Miles more dough than he could ever need. Miles could happily to live on the interest.

Uncle Max never really cared about getting rich, he was more interested in writing. His money set him free from working for cash, but it didn't mean he was going to join the country club. He was his own man.

That was how Miles wanted to be.

His Dad had other plans.

Miles was next in line to take over the company. It seemed as though he was obsessed with making Miles work. He had to learn how to run a business, how to make money, how to earn his lot. But why would Miles need to earn his lot when, thanks to Uncle Max, he already had his fucking lot!

Today his asshole father had him looking at shares or some crap.

"See if you can figure out what's going to go up in price over the next 28 days." Seriously, why would Miles need to know that? If he needed to, he'd just hire a guy with qualifications and shit. Dumb fuck.

It wasn't like his Dad was ever around to find out if he had done a decent job or whatever. His work came first.

Before Uncle Max had struck lucky, Miles' Dad had been the rich one. And he had worked hard to get where he was. His businesses made a lot of money, his clients paid premium rates for his work. His reputation preceeded him. He was committed, dedicated. Which meant absent, as far as Miles was concerned.

Pissed off, Miles went for a shower, hoping that the latest in the step-mom parade had at least had the decency to clean up after herself. Some of these bitches would leave used razors, sanitary towels and other shit lying around.

Fortunately, the bathroom was clean. It was like she hadn't been here. Thanks, Mom, he though, sarcastically. He stripped and stepped into the glass walled shower cubicle, turning it on so that the cold blast soaked him, cooling his anger. He let the warming water cascade over his thin frame.

Flo met Terry at a company dinner. He was confident, witty, and good looking. She thought that he was a real gentleman. They talked about the company, what was wrong with the way they operated. He made her feel like her thoughts counted, and as the night went on she felt more and more confident.

By the end of the night he had persuaded her that if she could talk like that to the company's CEO, he would listen. He assured her that the guy was approachable, saying that he 'would know'. She had a great time at the dinner, and he called a cab home for her.

She took his advice, and the next day she went to talk to the CEO. She was amazed to find that it was Terry, the man who had made her feel so good at the dinner, who was sitting at the CEO's desk!

He'd given her an on the spot promotion. She was his new head of domestic operations. She had joked that it sounded like a fancy way of saying wife. Two months later she was that too. Wife number eight, she had soon found out. She didn't mind, though. He was a good man.

Not long after their wedding, he had call to go overseas. Since she was head of domestic operations, she stayed in the country. She moved, at least temporarily, in to his house. Here, there was a conference room with video conferencing, so they could discuss business nightly.

She had never been in such a big old house! She wondered if it had any secret passages, any spy holes, any history! Her curiosity got the better of her, and she decided to explore. The threw on her Chinese silk dressing gown, a wedding gift from Terry's brother, and went for it.

For starters, a huge staircase stood at the front door, splitting into two directions. She had also found two studies joined together a library, and even a ballroom with balconies on the upper floor. There was so much to explore! She just kept on opening doors.

Miles stepped out of the shower, towel drying his dark hair. He looked at the steamed reflection of his wiry frame in the mirrors that covered one wall. He was pleased with what he saw.

Without warning, the bathroom door burst open. Miles spun around to the noise. A lady was walking into the bathroom where he stood. She hadn't noticed him yet. She was smallish, wrapped in a silk dressing gown. Her silhouette was disguised by its loose fit, but he could see that her plump breasts were pushing it out from her body. She looked good and he wondered if she was naked underneath.

Then she spotted him.

She raised a hand to her face, a frightened squeal escaping her full, red lips. Her eyes bulged when she saw that he was naked. She backed away, apologizing.

"Sorry, I, umm, sorry, umm you,"

"Don't sweat it, lady. Just let me get dressed, I'll be right out." He wasn't at all phased. She was either the new cleaner or the new step-mom. Either way, it didn't matter.

"Umm, ok, sorry" said Flo, eyes drifting to the huge thing dangling between the young man's legs. No way was her new husband that big. She turned and quickly strode out, before he noticed her staring.

The shock had quelled her lust for exploration, at least for now. She decided that she could explore more later and went to the conference room to call her new husband.

Dressed, Miles stepped out of the bathroom expecting to meet the woman who had strode in on him. She was nowhere to be seen.

Whatever, he thought. He headed to the kitchen for breakfast.

It wasn't long before he was sitting at the kitchen table, a bowl of cereal and his laptop in front of him. He was diligently looking at the share price for his Dads company. It had gone up due to certain overseas acquisitions. He wasn't all that interested, but he supposed if he was going to learn anything, best to start from what he already knew.

Flo left the conference room feeling horny and flushed. She had gone in wearing her dressing gown, thinking that it would be her husband on the other end.

There was a board meeting.

Although the camera only shot her head and shoulders, she had felt exposed. She had wondered if any of them could tell that she was wearing only a silk dressing gown. She had wondered how they would react if she exposed herself to them. She had wondered if any of them packed as much heat as the young man she had seen in the bathroom.

Her hand had slipped between her legs and she had felt the moisture in her loins. Watching the screen, watching her husband's eyes and the eyes of the other board members, all those eyes on her, she had ran her finger over her hot labia. Answering the board's questions about domestic operations, she had spread apart her labia and dragged a finger over her wet, swollen clitoris.

As she had inserted a finger into her hungry pussy, she had tried to imagine her husband's body, pressing into hers. Instead, the cock she had seen briefly just minutes before had filled her mind. In her mind, it had filled her body. Filled her belly with its hot, fertile gift.

She wondered if any of them had noticed as she had brought herself to a silent orgasm.

Miles was bored. He had taken the laptop to his bedroom, still trying to look at the stock trends. He was trying to see if he could learn anything else, but his heart wasn't in it, and his head wasn't either. Nothing else to do, he started watching some Internet porn.

The girl was a blond, busty nurse in a tight uniform. He didn't care what the story was, though, so he skipped to the part where she was sucking the patient's hairy balls while the doctor pounded her ass with his black dick.

He had his own cock in his hand, and he thought how it was bigger than the two on screen. Bigger than any of the ones in the pornos he had watched.

Whatever, he just wanted to get off. He slid his hand along its length while the patient shot his first rope over busty nurse's lips. She immediately swallowed the whole cock down her throat and kept it there while the rest of the load shot down her throat. Fuck!

Horny and agitated, Flo couldn't stay still. The bathroom incident still firmly in her mind, she nevertheless decided to take a chance and go exploring again.

The board were generally pleased with her. She smiled, they hadn't noticed her orgasm, or at least they hadn't made it obvious if they had. Her heart was still bearing pretty fast, adrenaline rushing with the risk she had taken.

She threw open a door, another study, thick with dust. No one had been in here for a while, there were bound to be secrets. She would remember this one, could be interesting. Not today, though. Not in her dressing gown.

The next door she opened was a closet. This wasn't going well. Door number three. She took a deep breath.


The black doctor was blowing his load over the nurse's sweet ass, and Miles wasn't done. He set up another video, cock in hand, and skipped to the good part.

Flo's jaw dropped. The door opened onto a large bedroom, tv on one wall, plump sofa against the other.

That wasn't what had her attention, however. On the far side of the room, lying in a huge bed, was the same guy from the bathroom. He was sprawled across the bed, facing his laptop, working his hand along the shaft of his exposed cock.

And what a cock! It was bigger that the guy in the porno! She stood there, slack jawed, silently staring. She was getting hornier by the stroke. They were long strokes! Whoa!

Without knowing, she moved closer. She was in the room, hungry, wanton, entranced.

The hand on this magnificent tool suddenly moved up a gear, taking on a frantic pace. Flo realized what this meant, realized that she was too late to contribute, and realized where she was, all in one breath. She moved back towards the door, hoping not to be seen. Meanwhile, that huge tube of cock meat started to pulse wildly. Flo gawked, mesmerised as this mighty weapon delivered its payload.

A thick, creamy rope shot from the purple, throbbing tip, arching upwards, fast and heavy, until it reached the very ceiling of the room.

A second thick cum rope joined it, dangling slightly like a sticky cobweb. The third wasn't quite as powerful. It apexed just below the others, flying out in her direction.

Flo found herself hoping for it to reach her. She was so drawn by it that she even reached out her hands. Disappointingly, it spattered to the floor a few feet away from her.

More thick ropes of fertile sperm erupted from the geysering cum cannon, and it wasn't done yet!

Flo, however, had a moment of clarity. She turned and fled the young man and his hypnotic hosepipe, praying that he hadn't spotted her. She ran from the door, not wanting to explore anymore. She had to get away before she was completely overcome.

Miles came watching some slut sucking her boss off under the desk while he chatted with her husband. When the boss said,

"I wasn't sure she'd be able to take it, but even though she gets load after load, she just keeps cumming!" it was just too much for him. Cheating sluts were always his favourites.

He thought he heard something behind him, but his attention was focussed on the porn, and right then his cock was pumping out thick ropes of cum.

He had noticed that guys in pornos didn't cum like him, and he wasn't the only one. He used to fall asleep after a hard cum, and the house maid had had to clean it up more than once.

She always assumed that he had cum a bunch of times, and was really pissed off about it. He was a teenager, though, so she didn't tell his father.

She was especially angry when she had to clean it off of the ceiling. She interrogated him as to how it had got up there. He told her, but she didn't believe him. He had learned to clean up after himself.

Flo had run to the bedroom she was to share with her new husband. She had gone straight into the en suite bathroom and was washing her face, desperate to clean the image of the young man's rigid ramrod, fountaining its thick, creamy deposit.

She washed again and again, but every time she closed her eyes, the cock was there before her. Once more, she gave in to the deep hunger the image created in her, and started to touch herself.

She threw her robe to the floor and stepped into the shower. Her hand clasped aorund the shower head, she started spraying herself. To her, each warm blast from it was erupting from the volcano of cock flesh she had witnessed.

Her free hand was massaging the warm liquid into her breasts, legs, face, pussy.

As her fingers reached her womanhood, her engorged clitoris responded immediately. Her legs began to quake and her muscles tightened. Although she fought to stay quiet, her body betrayed her, and she hollered as orgasm racked her body for the second time this morning. Both times the same cock had brought her off, both times, the sight of it alone was enough.

Having a big house meant that they would generally never meet during the day. It was easy to avoid one another, and that they did, until they both got hungry. Ravenous, in fact, both having heavily orgasmed earlier that day. At last, they converged on the kitchen.

"Oh, hey!" Miles exclaimed, "you're the lady from the bathroom! Umm, new maid or new wife?" He asked, nonchalantly.

"What?" She choked, "what kind of question is that?"

"Sorry, I, well, it came out wrong." Miles apologized. "I mean, well, they're the only two kinds of woman who would be here. I guess since when we, uh, met earlier, you were wearing a dressing gown, you're not a new maid."

"No, I'm not. I'm the new Mrs. Terry Coxen." Flo puffed up her chest, a gesture not lost on Miles. It was a nice chest, already well puffed. "Who, then, are you?" She asked, indignant.

Miles laughed. "Dad didn't tell you? I guess not, I'm usually the last thing on his mind. I suppose I'd be your new step son." He grinned at her, not a whiff of happiness behind it. "Listen, I don't want to get off on the wrong foot, but I've seen women come and go. We don't need to bond, I can look after myself. And you can't order me about. I'll stay out of your way, you stay out of mine. Deal?"

"Aw, crap." Flo snapped. She covered her mouth, realizing that she had let that one slip out. She couldn't help it, she knew now that had cum twice picturing her step son's huge tool.

"Look, I'm not gonna stop you and the old man doing," his face screwed up at the thought, "whatever. I don't even care about his money. I've -"

"Shit, no, I didn't," Flo interrupted, backpedalling. "I meant, crap I just alienated the only REAL person in the house. Can we start again?"

"Look, we don't have to. I told you, I look after myself." Mile shrugged.

"Well, ok, but at least let's be civil. You want eggs?"

"Sure, I don't see why not. I don't hate you, but you know, there's been a lot of step moms. And not all good."

"Sure, yeah. Screw this mom shit. Makes me feel old anyway. Over easy?"


Flo handed Miles a plate full of eggs. Miles opened his laptop while he ate. He looked over the top of it, a perfect view of her tight ass as she cooked some more eggs for herself. He had to admit, his Dad had good taste.

"My names Miles, by the way," he slurred through a mouthful of egg.

"Florence, but everyone calls me Flo." As she tipped her eggs onto her plate, Miles had another chance to admire those big, round breasts before she say down. Her tits were bigger looking that the cheating slut who had finally made him cum earlier.

Flo looked at the laptop, wondering whether there was any porn on there right now.

"What you doing there? Web games?" She asked innocently, while looking for any hint of embarrassment. He gave a sigh.

"Dad wants me to learn about stocks. He's an asshole, sorry to say. Uncle Max already gave me a couple million. I don't have to work."

Flo was shocked at his attitude. She wanted to slap him and shout,

"You spoiled little fuck, my brother was laying bricks when he was your age!" But this whole conversation was about diplomacy. What she actually said was,

"Sure, but won't you get bored?" The spoiled fuck shrugged. She smiled, seeing an opportunity. "Listen, I know a few things about stocks, maybe I can give you a few tips."

"Like what?" Miles asked suspiciously.

"Well, are you a bull or a bear?"

"Umm, a bull?" He said hesitantly. Flo smiled, no kidding, she thought. She got up and walked around to sit next to Miles, slightly disappointed not to see any trace of porn on his computer.

She started to explain the concepts to him, her eyes holding his, her hand occasionally touching his arms, shoulders, legs. Her mind was constantly flashing images of what lay between those legs.

They talked for some time, her lessons sinking in to some extent. She was trying hard not to show her arousal, but she knew that her nipples would be visible through this top.

Miles was listening intently. The fact that Flo was such a beautiful lady helped him remain attentive. He noticed her nipples sticking out and started to picture what those underlying assets would look like uncovered. He was getting turned on, and he was sure she would spot the bulge in his pants sooner or later.

She soon did, and suddenly it didn't matter who was attached to that cock, she would have it in her. Soon.

"A good growth rate is what you're looking for, but that doesn't always lead to a long term investment," she said, tying her lesson together. Her hand reached over to his leg, where she "accidentally" touched the bulge in his pants.

"Thanks, Flo. We should do that again. It really helped!" He quickly snapped his laptop shut and grabbed it.

"Sure, anytime." She replied, as both of the stood up. She rubbed her leg against him, feeling his hardness. She knew where he'd be going.

"Sorry," she said, sitting back down and licking her lips. She was sure he hadn't missed the gesture.

"No problem, my fault," he shouted, almost running out of the room. She gave him 5 mins, then followed.

Quietly, she slipped the door open, finding him, as she expected, huge cock in hand, porn on his laptop. She sneaked in, closing the distance soundlessly.

She looked at the laptop, a second's doubt crossing her mind as she saw two guys sitting at a desk. When the camera angle changed to show what was going on under the table, she understood. The girl was slowly wanking the black guy off. He had a big cock, but not like Miles.

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