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"Bad news honey. I really wanted to go to the party, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen." I reported to her over the phone as I walked towards long-term parking. I had just flown back in on the eight o'clock flight and looked forward to getting home. I was returning from a week of meetings on the merger the company I work for had been working on the past few months. It was a hectic time at the office, so time with my wife Faith was at a premium. Tonight, we were supposed to go to a party one of our neighbors was having.

"Damn it Tim. The party's already started. I finally convinced Ruth to get out of the house. She's been moping around and needed this tonight. It's three weeks since...you know." Faith tersely replied.

My wife Faith had been "entertaining" her sister Ruth. We called it that despite all concerned recognizing it for what it was. Ruth left her idiot husband. Three weeks prior, Ruth called Faith bawling her eyes out because of her soon-to-be ex-husband's latest indiscretion. Ruth had married young, straight out of college. Her husband just never grew out of frat boy mode. So, after four years, Ruth garnered enough courage to call it quits. Faith didn't want to leave her alone on a Friday night while we went to a neighborhood party.

Ruth's staying was not a problem. In fact, I was ecstatic. The thought of my hot sister-in-law prancing around the house was an inviting thought. Well, "prancing" was hardly the best way to describe it. She really just walked around depressed all the time. My wife's mission in life was pulling her out of her funk.

"You think I don't want to be there? Look, I'm heading to the office now. Richards is waiting for me. I'll talk to him. But no promises." I said.

"Do your best baby." She then lowered her voice. "I miss you; if you know what I mean."

She didn't have to explain it to me. Faith and I had a healthy sex life. I was lucky that she enjoyed sex as much as I did. I smiled and replied, "Yeah, I know what you mean." I looked forward to making love to—no—fucking my wife. Attending a party meant that she'd drink, which would certainly spice things up. A couple of drinks and my relatively modest acting wife was willing to drop some of her puritanical catholic inhibitions.

"You know I'll do my best. If I'm not home by nine-thirty, go to the party without me and I'll meet you guys there." I said, dreading the talk with my boss. Franklin Richards got to the top on the backs of a lot of us. I could have tried some actual optimism, but I was only trying to fool my wife. I would be writing a report for key shareholders until the wee hours of the morning. On a Friday. Damn, Richards was a dick.

Images of me walking into the party with Faith and her sister Ruth on my arms danced through my head as I drove to the office. Man, it would have been nice. My wife is hot—a spitting image of her baby sister, only four years older. She wasn't one of those skinny barebones women. She had curves and wore them well. Her 5'4", 140 pound frame turned more than its share of heads. She was a real woman. I would give it the old college try, but I was sure my daydream of going to the party with my wife and her equally beautiful sister was just that: a daydream.

My boss confirmed that he was a dick. I made it to the office at nine and before I could even explain my desire to go home, he explained that a few major shareholders wanted reports on the results of my meeting by tomorrow morning. He then had me give him a detailed account of the week's occurrences, as if I hadn't emailed him twice a day. When I was done, he closed his notebook and walked out of the office before I could say a word. Man. I would have to work literally all night. I looked at my watch. Nine o'clock had already turned to ten-thirty. I had to break the news to Faith. With me not at the party, I'm sure she had already figured it out.

"Hey baby, I..." I began on the phone as I reacquainted myself to my desk and booted my laptop to start working.

"Yeah Tim. Hey, you can go to the party, but we're not going to be there. It looks like Ruth got lucky all on her own. She's with this pretty hot guy. A friend of one of our neighbors. He and his friend want to take her away from the party. Go to a club. I don't want her to go alone." She seemed happy, but her last statement came out more as a question. She was asking to go out with them. My angels told me it was to watch her sister. My devils made me nervous.

I trust my wife. I know that she can be flirtatious, but it all seems innocent and we get a good laugh out of it. The difference is I'm usually there. I was apprehensive, but I didn't want to appear like a jealous ass. "I take it you want to be there for her. Go. Have a good time. I'm going to be here all night anyway." I said, swatting away the butterflies in my stomach.

"Oh really sweetie? That sucks. But thank you for being so understanding. I'm so lucky to have you. Ruth looks so happy right now." she said.

"Go! Have fun. Hey, wait. What club are you going to and what time should I expect you home so I can tell the cops when they find your bodies," I joked morbidly.

"Ha ha!" she responded sarcastically. "I'm not really sure, but we should be home around two. I guess that hardly matters to you though. You'll be home tomorrow morning then?" she asked.

"Yeah, should be. I'm going to pound away, but I have to reorganize my notes, put it all in a memo, create a powerpoint presentation, blah, blah, blah. You know the drill." I said. "I'll try to be home by sunrise. I need the rest." I admitted. Man, I didn't want to hang up. Her voice sounded so inviting. "So, is this guy nice? What's he like?" I asked curiously.

"Ruth really likes him. God knows the girl's self-esteem needs the attention." Faith said.

"No, no, no. His wingman. His buddy. The one who's going to be hitting on my wife all night." I half-joked.

"What? You're nuts." she laughed at my suggestion of possible funny business going on. When things got really hot and heavy between us, we'd dirty talk about my wife being with other men. Faith was apparently not in that mood. "I'm going to keep this guy company while his friend tries to fuck my sister. Let's be real. The girl needs it." she said, more directly than I expected. "Anyway, I'm getting laid tomorrow morning. By you. You're getting a big, wet reward for this." She was cute when she wanted something.

I acquiesced. "Alright. Just keep me updated and call me if you need me. Seriously. I love you."

She answered, "I love you too." She hung up right afterward.

Despite worrying about Faith and Ruth and being more than a little jealous at the fun I knew they were having, I knew I had to get after my work or meeting my "home by sunrise" promise would turn into a lie.

Five minutes into my work, my boss walked back into my office. "Timmy. It's almost eleven on a Friday. Do this on Monday." He smiled.

"Frank. You fucking with me?" I said a bit dumbfounded.

"You look tired. You've been gone all week. After you briefed me, I called the interested shareholders. I gave them a quick update. Told them they'd have to wait until close of business Monday for your detailed report. What am I? A dick?" he asked.

I stifled a disrespectful response. "No, uh, wow. This is great! Thank you."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Get out of here before I change my mind." he said.

I walked out towards my car in a daze as the adrenaline I had summoned for my full-night's work quickly wore off. I was, all-of-a-sudden, beat. I couldn't wait to get home and sleep. A part of me wanted to call and try to catch Faith and Ruth, but I knew I'd only slow them down. Plus, Faith seemed like she was pretty happy. She'd be even happier and surprised to find me at home. I decided to keep my coming home to myself.

It took me thirty minutes to get home, but I was so tired it felt like forever. All I wanted to do was sleep. I parked next to my wife's car in the garage. I was glad to see they took Ruth's car. Faith wouldn't know I was home until she crawled into bed. I took a shower, crawled into bed, and was asleep in a matter of seconds.

I was awoken by Ruth's familiar cackle laugh coming from the living room. I took a deep breath and looked at the digital clock beside the bed. 1:30. Apparently, the night ended early, but at least Ruth sounded happy. I sat up and decided to go out and hear about their fun. Then, I heard the muffled sounds of a man's voice. And then another. What the fuck?

Our bedroom door, when opened, provided a pretty good view of the living room and the couch that faced the television. It was about fifteen feet from the door. I could see everything...if the door wasn't shut. Damn it.

I tried to hold my breath to listen. I was pretty damned pissed at the prospect of strange men in my house at 1:30 in the morning. Even so, I didn't want to embarrass myself by barging out and being an ass. Plus, I was now curious as to what was going on. I got up and stepped into the closet, the door to which stood opposite the closed door to the bedroom. I left the closet door cracked and slid backwards into the dark.

I was shocked when Faith quickly came through the door. She walked past the bed into the bathroom. I squinted to see in the dim light. Through the crack of the bathroom door, I watched her lift up her short skirt, part of a smoking hot outfit that she had worn in my absence. She pulled down her panties and took a long piss. Her next move was intriguing and a little disconcerting. She kicked her panties off and hung them over the towel rack in front of her. Next, she shimmied out of her skirt leaving her naked from the waist down. Finally, she removed her blouse top and her bra. "What the fuck is she doing?" I thought to myself, watching her standing momentarily naked in the bathroom.

She answered my question by pulling on a silk pair of pajama pants that she usually kept hanging on a hook in our cluttered bathroom. Next, she pulled on a ratty t-shirt that used to be mine. It read "Red Raiders Lift-a-Thon". Man, she was wearing my old high school t-shirt she loved to wear to bed because it was big and baggy. It was sheer in areas due to its age. What I like most about it is it allowed me easy access to her large breasts. Now, that fact just bugged me. She looked at herself in the mirror and primped her hair for a second before turning and walking back out of the bedroom. I pondered revealing myself and asking her what was going on with the guys in my living room. Something caused me to stop. Curiosity? Maybe. I still don't know.

Faith blocked my view for a second as she walked out. She pulled the door closed behind her. I'm sure she thought she had shut it securely. I quietly praised the door I usually cursed for being so unreliable. The bolt clicked indicating it was closed, putting me in relative darkness for a second. And then, as I expected, it clicked again as the door began to slowly expose the scene occurring in my living room. From my vantage point, I had a perfect view of the couch and the love seat that was to its side. The group was moving to their seats. Ruth with her new beau moved to the love seat where they cuddled up. The other guy, who I had already categorized as a douche, sat closest to me on the couch, leaving a cushion between himself and Faith who had her feet tucked in under her. The light had been dimmed and the reflection coming from the television was shining on their faces.

I began to size up these guys. The guy who Ruth seemed linked up with was huge. He was at least 6'3" and obviously spent some time at the gym. The other guy was shorter, but solid looking. He wasn't exactly ripped to the bone, but he was hardly a fat guy. He was about 5'10" and probably around 190. Both looked about Ruth's age. "I could take him," I reassured myself knowing that a fight would more than likely end up with me on my back. The guy was stout.

It was all of two minutes before I saw the behemoth guy sitting with my sister-in-law to run his hands up her stylish shirt. Ruth obviously didn't mind the attention. She was busy rubbing her hand on the crotch of his jeans. After two more minutes, Ruth stood up with the guy's hand in hers. "Hey, I'm going to show Nathan my room," she said and quickly pulled him out of my field of view. Faith nonchalantly said okay, but the last thing I saw really caused me a little rage. Nathan gave his friend a point and a wink. At the end of his gesture, he slid his glare from his friend to my wife. There was no doubt he was encouraging to his buddy to "tap that ass" or "get all up in that"...whatever phrases younger guys use to say "you need to fuck her" without saying it.

My heart was beating a million miles an hour now. Yeah, I was a little pissed. At the same time, I was intrigued. Faith loves sex, but she was hardly a nympho. She liked to drink, but never got out of control with other men. She flirted all the time, but never cheated. "She's helping out her sister. No big deal," I said attempting to calm my nerves.

There was a silence between the two until the guy broke it. "Your sister and Nathan really seem to like each other." he said.

"Yeah. Ruth needs the fun. Oh man, that sounds weird. Forget I said that." Faith said.

The guy laughed. "No. It's alright. She said as much at the club. Divorce and all."

"I just want her to have fun. She a great girl. She just needs to believe it. DAMN! I'm going to shut up now before you think she's broken." Faith said. I was surprised at how conversationally clumsy she was being. Maybe she was nervous at her situation.

"Faith, it's all good. You did your job. Perfect, uh, wingman. So to speak." he said. They both laughed at his characterization.

"Yeah, well, you too." she said through a smile.

"Hey, do you think I can get another beer?" el douchebaggo asked.

"Yeah, no problem." Faith got up and walked toward the kitchen. The guy waited a second and then followed her.

The entrance to our kitchen gave me a view of the fridge and half the counter adjacent to it. Other than that, I couldn't see anything else. At that distance, I certainly couldn't hear the conversation. I leaned forward so I could see better past the couch. I was happy to at least see what was going on.

Faith bent over to grab a couple of beers from the produce drawer at the bottom of the fridge. She gave the guy a great view of her ass pressing against her silk pajama bottoms. The t-shirt hung low, but I couldn't see into the gap her position allowed to view her free hanging breasts. By the time the guy got to the entrance of the kitchen, Faith had stood up and moved deeper into the kitchen, out of my view. The guy turned and leaned against the fridge while talking to her.

The two were obviously having an interesting conversation. The guy laughed and was giving Faith his best James Dean pose. After about five minutes, the guy turned around and grabbed a couple of more beers from the refrigerator. Faith slid by him as she moved back towards the living room and did something that made me want to crawl out of my skin. She playfully smacked his ass as she sauntered out to the living room.

She smiled and said, "That's for the spanking I got tonight on the dance floor."

"Hey I can't help it. My partner was hot and being more than a little naughty." he responded.

"That's the only way I know how to dance." she said.

"What? Like a freak?" he playfully teased.

"I can't believe you went there. All's fair on the dance floor." She laughed as she spoke.

"Well, when you began your dirty dancing routine...let me just say: 'freak' is a compliment." he said.

The two of them were both holding beers and standing behind the back of the couch. I was uncomfortable, but this was bearable. I'd seen Faith dancing at clubs before. She can really groove and since I hardly ever dance, I've had the pleasure of watching her rub against strangers and occasionally our friends. We've always just laughed about it and used it as sexual spark between us. Of course, she'd never come home with one after our club visits.

My wick was about to burn out, but now, I was too far into this investigation. I actually wanted to see how far this would go. Besides, I could hardly run out of the bedroom with the hard on I was now sporting. The image of my wife dancing sensually with this goon was making me frustratingly horny. Plus, I had a feeling that Faith was just being polite as this guy's friend was, no doubt, railing my sister-in-law elsewhere in the house.

The guy continued his prospecting. "Damn, I wish you were wearing that earlier."

"What? This? This is what I wear to bed." she answered.

"Well, almost." the guy egged.

"What does that mean?" Faith asked.

"You know you take off those pants before getting into bed. You wear underwear?" he asked, I felt, inappropriately. Apparently Faith thought it was cute.

"Now who's being naughty? That's nobody's business but my husband's." Damn right! Man, I was proud of her response. He wasn't done though.

"Well, I was just wondering. Seeing your thong poking out from above your skirt on the dance floor puts your underwear high on my mind. Just wondering when they come off." he said slyly.

"Well I hate to burst your bubble Jason, but they're not coming off tonight." Slam. I was never more in love with my wife than at that moment. "Sorry to come off like a bitch, but I'm a happily married woman whose husband is due home any minute." There wasn't a terribly huge amount of angst in her voice, but she was putting this chase to an end.

Jason quipped, "Well, then, I'm happy for you. What if he wasn't on his way home tonight though?"

There was a pause. I held my breath as I awaited the answer. Finally, it came. "Let's just say I'm happy that he is," she said.

"What the hell did that mean?" I wondered.

They both moved to the couch and sat in their previous positions opposite each other. The room was still dimly lit, the only light coming from the flickering television screen. They both sat silently for a couple of minutes, nursing their beers.

"So, what did you mean by that?" the guy asked. He asked the question that I wanted to ask. Of course, I would have liked to be the one doing the asking.

"By what?" Faith acted like she didn't know what he was talking about.

"You know." he encouraged.

"Look, I've never cheated on my husband." Faith said. This was good to know information. It's not exactly a conversation most married couples have.

"C'mon. The way you were dancing tonight? I know you've at least come close. You're not one of those women that think that giving a guy a handjob or a blowjob isn't cheating are you?" the guy continued.

Faith responded with silence. The guy had not only touched a nerve with me, but apparently with her too. She took a deep breath and exhaled. "I can't believe I'm telling you this. Alright. My husband and I dated back in college. On his twenty-first birthday, I set up this great big party at my apartment. I went a long way to make this a nice party for him. Well, his frat buddies were there and he got extremely tore up. He passed out about three hours before the party ended. Anyway, I ended up seriously pissed because my apartment was a mess and no one stayed to help clean up. Also, I expected a, how do I put this, a special night."

The guy and I waited for her to continue the story. "Go on," he said.

"Shit. The only reason I'm telling you this is I'll probably never see you again. I've never told anyone this. Not even Ruth." She exhaled heavily again and began telling the rest of the story. "Well, one guy, a guy I went to high school with that lived in the same apartment building was coming home from another party. He saw the door was cracked and came in to make sure everything was okay."

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