tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersFMDM Inc - Jerry's Story

FMDM Inc - Jerry's Story


"I just want him to get what he needs without destroying my family or our marriage," said Mrs. Farrett quietly. She was sitting in a corporate office speaking to Amber Giles, a woman half her age and twice her breast size. Approaching this mysterious FMDM, Inc. had been her last resort to saving her marriage.

"I understand, Mrs. Farrett," said the FMDM representative with warm sincerity. Amber knew that her beauty could often set off defensive reactions in the women they consulted with, but she tried to get past that quickly. "Our therapies are designed to meet the needs that a client has which can't be fulfilled in other ways. If we can meet your husband's needs, you should find him to be much happier, more attentive to you and your children, performing better at work, and with increased energy. Your intimate times should return to your intimacy and not his distractions."

Mrs. Farrett nodded, hoping what this woman said was true and that it all wasn't some big ruse covering an escort or call-girl agency.

"There will be some requirements that you might find difficult at first. He may be required to do some things at first while he is at home, though never in front of you or your children. There will be some nights that he will need to stay in our facilities as part of his therapy. This might be often to begin with but should lessen over time. If he is successful, he might be staying overnight once or twice a month."

There were lines of worry in her client's face, so Amber continued. "For clients who are motivated and their families who are understanding, we have a very high success rate. You shouldn't worry. You're doing the right thing."

"Well, how does it work.. if I decide to go ahead?"

"For the initial fee, we will set up ten exploratory sessions. Each will be done with light hypnosis and should be very relaxing for your husband. He'll remember having a nice talk, but not revealing any secrets to us. After the exporatory sessions, we'll know if we can help him or not."

"How soon can you start?"


Jerry liked Dr. Halliday. Not only was the woman beautiful but their appointments always left him feeling great. He had more energy and Susan had been pleased at his fervor in the bedroom. They'd only met a couple times, but he was ready to sign up for life.

Sheila greeted him in the reception area and Jerry smiled. FMDM, Inc. certainly knew how to hire the pretty ones. She was dressed in a deep red satin sheath dress that fitted her curves and cut low enough to display her cleavage. She was always wearing high heels and stockings.

As he waited, he looked at the art in the room. They were just abstract pieces but he enjoyed imagining what they could be. One in particular looked like a garter stretched taut over a sexy curved ass. His cock began to get hard at that thought so he looked away and tried to wait patiently.

"Good afternoon, Jerry," said Dr. Halliday as she stepped out of her office. He stood and shook her hand. She didn't disappoint, wearing a silk shell under her jacket and a short skirt. They retreated to the therapy room.

Inside, it was warm and dark. The client couch was rich leather and very comfortable. Jerry felt like he could easily fall asleep on it but it hadn't happened yet. With a woman as smart and sexy as Dr. Halliday, it was easy to stay awake.

Their conversation began easily, talking about how he'd felt the week since their last session. He told her how good he felt and even admitted to his success with Susan.

"She'd always pushed me to be more... of a man in bed and it's coming easy for me," he grinned. "I had her bent over a chair and came from behind until she screamed and orgasmed." As soon as he said it, he blushed embarassed.

"Don't worry, Jerry. Remember, you're... safe... here."

With the three words, Dr. Halliday was able to return Jerry to the trance she'd established in their earlier sessions. She was now confident that she could do some real exploring without him remembering anything afterward.

"So, Jerry, did you enjoy being powerful and rough with your wife? As much as she did?"

"Yes, and no." Dr. Halliday waited. "It was erotic and she loved it. She was egging me on the whole time and I swear my cock never felt bigger or harder. It felt great when I came. But I also wanted to switch places. I wanted to be the beautiful woman, tits swinging, and have her fucking me silly."

"I understand, Jerry. It's perfectly all right to want that sometimes."

"It is?"

"Certainly. Society doesn't like to talk about it, but men and women are complex creatures. We all have a wide variety of desires. Wanting to be one way sexually at one time and the opposite at another is much more normal than having only one way to be aroused."

"Hmmmm," mused Jerry as he let it sink in.

"So, tell me more about these desires you have. You said you wanted your wife to make love to you, as if she had a penis? Not a man to penetrate you?"

Jerry seemed to struggle with this. "Yes... I guess I sort of wish she could have a real penis sometimes so I could suck her cock and she'd feel the pleasure. I could suck it and be made to swallow her cum. To feel her hot cock in my ass and feel it pulse as she comes."

"I see. So are you naked in these scenarios?"

"No, I'm feminized. I really want her to make me her sissy slut. I want her to make me strip naked and put on her panties. Then high heels, stockings, corset, dress, makeup."

"It sounds like you know what you like. Have you dressed up on your own before?"

"Yes, many times, but always alone. It is very erotic, but lonely."

"Do you want to be a woman all the time?"

"No, nothing like that, just for, you know, play time."

"So if she told you to strip and then dressed you up in her sexiest underwear, that would be a great experience for you?"

"Oh yes, it would be fantastic!"

"Would you do anything she asked you to do?"


"Completely submissive?"

A slight pause, then "Yes, I would submit to her to be feminized."

"Would you submit to a man?"

A longer pause. Jerry seemed to be thinking. "If she told me to suck a man's cock, I would."

Dr. Halliday made some additional notes in her book.

"Jerry, pretend that I'm your wife. I want you to strip naked for me now." Without a pause, Jerry got up off the couch and started to strip down. Dr. Halliday noted that he was wearing pink satin panties.

"Are those my panties you're wearing?!" demanded the doctor in mock shock. Jerry immediately blushed and his cock began to get hard in the satin.

"Um, Susan, I can explain..."

"I don't want to hear it!" snapped Halliday, putting down her notepad and standing up. "What are you some kind of panty freak?"

"Yes, mistress"

"You're getting a chubby in my panties, Jerry. You like wearing women's panties?"

"Yes, very much so."

Dr. Halliday walked around Jerry and fondled his ass through the satin. He moaned appreciatively.

"Finish stripping but leave my panties on." Jerry obeyed eagerly and was soon standing in just the panties, his cock rock hard and making a tight tent in them. Dr. Halliday fished in her purse and pulled out some lipstick.

"Sissies must look as sexy as they can," she explained calmly and then applied the lipstick to his lips. She fondled his cock through the panties a moment before walking over to her desk. Searching in the drawers she came out with three flexible rubber dildos, each in the exact shape of a real cock but different sizes.

"Sissies love to suck cock, don't they? You are a sissy, aren't you, Jenny?"

He moaned and nodded eagerly, his throat suddenly dry.

"Which cock do you want to suck, Jenny?" she asked, dangling the three in front of his mouth. His eyes darted from one to the next. They settled on the biggest cock there.

Dr. Halliday put the others down and returned to her seat. She shifted her bottom forward to let her legs spread wide. She hiked up her dress to show off her own satin panties and the pressed the dildo to herself at just the right spot. It dangled lewdly in front of her.

"Suck my cock, bitch," she growled and Jerry fell to his knees immediately. He walked forward on them and took the phallus into his mouth easily. She watched as he sucked and licked noisily, getting the dildo slick with his saliva.

"You love sucking my cock, don't you Jenny?" she taunted and he moaned. "Make me cum, Jenny, suck the cum out of my cock!"

Jerry increased his enthusiasm, his eyes closed. Dr. Halliday slipped her hand to the secret reservoir hidden in the 'fake' balls and confirmed how warm it was. Jerry was moaning and whimpering as he worked her cock, his own sliding around in a sea of precum in his panties.

"Take my cum, sissy!" crowed Dr. Halliday as she pressed the reservoir again and again. Jerry's eyes flew open as he felt the cum splash into his mouth but he never hesitated in his sucking. He swallowed eagerly even as Dr. Halliday sent more and more hot cum into his sissy mouth.

Finally she stopped and pushed him back. "Open your mouth!" He did so and it was coated with thick, gooey cum. "Swallow it all, bitch!" He closed his mouth and she watched as he made obvious swallowing motions, again and again until he finally showed her his empty, clean mouth.

"Good girl! You're the best sissy in the world, Jenny. You made me cum so hard, your mouth is a hot little pussy. You look so hot in your sexy panties. Do you want to masturbate for me, sissy?"

Jerry nodded eagerly and she let him lie back on the couch. She carefully took off her own satin panties and handed them to him.

"Masturbate into my panties, Jerry," she cooed and stroked his legs as his hand blurred on his cock. After less than a minute, he groaned loudly and she saw her panties paintd dark with his cum. There was a lot of it and it took awhile before he relaxed completely.

She carefully took her panties from around his cock and let the cum drool back down all over his shaft and head. Letting him watch her closely, she leaned over and sucked on his cock, licking and sucking it clean of his hot cum. He never got hard as her mouth worked on him.

At last, he was clean and she leaned back. She moved over to him and planted a kiss on him, draining all his cum from her mouth to his. Once clean, she sat back and saw the pool of cum in his mouth.

"Swallow the cum, sissy," she said softly and watched as he did. She took back her panties and put them away in her desk along with the dildos. She straightened herself up and told Jerry to get dressed again. His panties would be wet but he wouldn't be wondering why they were full of a load of cum he didn't remember.

Once all was back in order, Dr. Halliday took her seat again.

"Very good, Jerry. You're able to express your real desires and I'm able to feed those desires as you tell me more. Now do you only like satiny panties?"

"Yes, most of all."

"Was it important that you were made to wear my panties?"

"It made it more exciting."

"Did you like swallowing my cum out of my cock."

"Very much."

"What didn't happen that you were hoping for?"

"I want you to dress me up in more lingerie and sexy stuff and then fuck my ass."

"My, we are confident in ourselves, aren't we?" laughed Dr. Halliday. "Did you like being called Jenny?"

"Well, it was nice, but I like being called Lizzy better." Dr. Halliday made a note.

"Is that sort of encounter all you want?"


"Tell me more."

"I want to go shopping for lingerie with a woman and have her make me try things on, make me confess I'm a sissy to the salesgirls. I want to wear tight sexy dresses, high heels, and sexy boots. I want to be embarassed by being paraded as a sissy. I want to pleasure people as a sissy slave."

"People? Men and women, all watching you?"

A pause, then "Yes, very much."

Dr. Halliday made more notes in her book and then slowly brought Jerry out of the trance. "Remember, Jerry, here... you're... safe."

Jerry blinked a couple times.

"Well, our time is up. I think he have some good areas to work on, Jerry," said Dr. Halliday as she stood. He stood as well and shook her hand.

As Jerry left the offices of FMDM, Inc., he wondered why he tasted cum...

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