tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersFooled by the Wrapping

Fooled by the Wrapping


It has been about 8 months now since my husband left me. No big blowup, or much arguing. He admitted he had been having an affair his third. I admitted that I had spent an evening with a young man. He had a long talk, and agreed to move out, we could live our separate lives. I kept the house, he agreed to a generous settlement, so after 21 years of marriage, here I am single again. But I sure haven't been sitting home becoming a virgin again. I have enjoyed several brief flings, but nothing serious and nothing beyond a couple of weeks. I enjoy seeking out the comfort of younger gentlemen for sex, and by no means do I stray from being a perfect lady, except in bed. In bed, anything goes, and mean everything. I have one young friend that enjoys coming over and being tied up, as I tickle and tease him for hours on end. When I finally let him cum, he explodes with an orgasm that is a sight to see. I have another young man that thoroughly admires my strap on, and I have spent many hours playing with and fucking his ass. And there is still my son's friend Randy, and he comes over and we just fuck each other silly.

I am now 40 years old, with red hair down to the middle of my back. I spend hours each week at the gym, have retained a 26 inch waist, and work hard to keep myself in good looks, health and shape.

Recently, I have been noticing a very pretty a lady at my gym. She is about 5' 6", with raven hair down over her shoulders and usually wears her hair in a ponytail. She has perfect mid sized breasts, a tiny, tiny waist, and as ass and legs to die for. She also has the most perfect dark skin I have ever seen. Her complexion is flawless, her skin the color of deep chocolate. She is well manicured and pedicured with perfect bright red nails, with lipstick to match. She certainly destroyed the old axiom that black women don't mix with red lipstick.

Through a couple of very casual conversations, I learned her name was Claire, that she had been happily married for several years, was 32 years old with no kids, and was a health fanatic, a vegetarian and like me, spent several hours a week with a personal trainer.

One recent afternoon, I had stopped at a coffee shop, drinking coffee and after finishing a muffin, I lit up a cigarette and was sitting back to enjoy my smoke. I was debating what to do this evening as the nights had been cool , and I was tired of being cooped up and was debating in my mind what I wanted to do. As I was smoking and gazing, Clair walked up behind me asked if she could join me. I said yes, to be polite, but I figured my smoking would be a major problem as she seemed so health conscience.

I have never dreamed of having a lesbian relationship, as I love men and cocks. Often when fucking or sucking a nice dick, I think of how neat it would be if I had three clits and pussies. I have tried group sex a couple of times, but when I get into it, I like to have some control, and get very greedy. I want it all, and sharing is not for me. A woman has never been involved, although lately I have been wondering...

So Claire goes in, orders a coffee, come back out, sat down opposite me, reached into her purse, pulled out a Salem 100, and asked me for a light. I was floored. Like me she spends hours each week, eats a very healthy diet, yet still loves her nicotine. After she inhaled, I noticed the bright red lipstick on the filter. I love the look of lipstick on a cigarette, or on my man's dick and balls. There is just something about red lipstick that makes my hearts beat.

Clair started to talk some more about her husband, what a perfect mate he was and how happy she was. She told me of their plans for the evening, as she had made reservations and a local swanky bistro, as she loved getting glammed up and then going dancing and a nice night on the town. Being as I had only seen her in gym wear, and now jeans and a tshirt, my mind wondered what she would look like all dolled up. We st there for another 20 minutes or so, both enjoying another cigarette. We parted and said we would meet at the gym tomorrow and compare notes on our respective evenings.

I ran a couple or errands and was on my home, still debating what to do with my evening. I decided when I got home, I would call one of my young studs, and have a night of just pure, unadulterated sex. As I thought about this, I started to get very horny, and I knew I would have to take a long shower when I got home. As I was pulling into my driveway, my phone rang. It was Claire. She explained that her husband had been suddenly been called out of town on business and asked if I would like to join her for dinner. She said she had few friends and just wanted some company for the evening. I had myself pretty worked up on the ride home, but perhaps a nice quiet dinner would be nice, so I told Claire sure. We agreed to meet at the eatery at 8pm.

About 6:45 pm, I hop in the shower, and as the shower head rinses me off, I begin to feel very horny. I take the shower head, put it on pulsate, and aim it at my pussy. I then proceed to stick one, then two fingers in my snatch. With the other hand, a grab a vibrator I keep in the shower for just this purpose, turn the vibe on high and begin playing with my ass. In a minute, I am in orgasmic bliss, and as I close my eyes, all I see is Claire, and she is cooing :"Go, baby, go." I had a gut-wrenching orgasm like I have rarely had before. All orgasms are good, but this one struck as feeling a little odd, as I had never thought of pleasing or having a woman please me. But it was awesome.

After my shower and solo play session, I dry off and slip into my thong, sit down at my makeup table, light a cigarette and start the process. I nice base, with just a little rouge, some mascara and eyeliner. I slip into a lacy black bra. I am a D cup but always wear a full size smaller, so I can leave plenty of cleavage, but still leave something to the imagination. A pair of black thigh highs, and I decide on a black just above the knee skirt, and a red button up blouse, with the two top buttons undone. Red lip gloss, 4" patents black stilettos, and I grab a sweater , hop in my car and I am off.

I have decided I am going to seduce Claire, but am wrestling with the idea of how ideal she says her marriage is. I decide to just play it by ear and see where it goes. Claire is waiting for me at a table in the corner. She is having a glass of wine and the first thing I notice is the lipstick on the glass. She jumps up and gives me a peck on the cheek, holds my hands, looks at me in a knowing way, and know its on. We quickly check out the menu and both order seafood salads. While we are waiting, Claire notices that there is an empty table on the patio and as she laughs and gives me a look asks our waitperson if we can havew that table. We are quickly moved to the table outside. We both light up a cigarette and soon our salads arrive and we continue to chit chat about this and that. Soon we are done with our salads, and as we sit back and relax, both passing on dessert. She asks our waiter for the check, pays with her credit card and we are soon standing in front of the bistro. Claire whips out a cigarette, and we light up. As we stand there smoking, I ask Claire if she would like to come over to my house for a drink.

She follows me on the three minute drive to my house. As soon as we are inside the door, she turns me around and starts passionately kissing me, slipping her tongue into my mouth and begins to unbutton my blouse. I respond by returning the kiss and playing with her great ass. As our embrace continues, I am aroused by Claire's passion, and I am getting very hot. We break away from our embrace and I suggest we head upstairs to the bedroom. We both light a cigarette and head seductively up the stairs. I excuse myself to use the bathroom, and when I emerge, Claire is standing on the other side of the room, clad in only panties and stilettos with her back to me. I walk up behind her put my arms around her waist. She seems a bit hesitant and walks away towards the fireplace. Claire then turns around, and drops her panties, I am confronted with the biggest cock I have ever seen. It is about nine inches long and its not even fully erect. Oh fuck, this is too good to be true as I drop to my knees and begin to lick this magnificent cock. I am beside myself in bliss I continue to lick up and down washing her dick and balls is saliva..

I slowly wrap my lips around the head of her cock, and begin trying to put my tongue in her peehole. Claire begins moaning, and encouraging. As I reach for my cigarette in the large throw in ashtray, Clair said she needed o get off her feet or she was going to fall down. She quickly lies on her back on the bed, and after I inhale, I put my mouth back over her cock, exhaling and begin earnestly to work her pole over, jacking at the bottom with my hand, with my lips going up and down in unison. She begins to writhe and moan and I know she is close. I take another pu off the cig as I keep vigorously jacking her cock. As I start to go back down on her, I see that she is going to come. I wrap my smoke filled mouth around the head of her cock, exhaling, licking and swallowing all at the same time. Claire is screaming her joy as I continue to suck every drop of sperm from her cock and balls. I swallow and swallow, not missing a drop as I take every bit of Claire's cum. I laid there, still in bra and panties, amazed at how I had just attacked her cock and balls and remembering the moment I saw her erect cock and did not question, just reacted

I stood up, taking another puff on my cigarette and Claire lit up one of hers. I headed to the bathroom and touched up my makeup and liberally reapplied my cherry red lipstick and returned to the bedroom. Claire was laying on her back, smoking and her cock showed no signs of life. I seductively undid and discarded my bra, slipped out of my panties as Claire stubbed out her smoke. I laid down on the bed next to her and began slowly nuzzling her neck, whispering in her ear about all of the nasty things about to transpire. I slipped my hand down to her crotch and trapped her cock on her thigh, and amazingly her cock responds, as I roll over on top of her and began rubbing my pussy on her thigh just above her cock. I rise up to begin to fuck Claire magnificent cock, and slowly begin to skewer my dripping pussy on her dick. Soon I have engulfed all of her love stick. As I hold still to adjust to the size of her cock, she reaches around and finds my clit. Soon, I am beginning to ride up and down on her cock slowing ever so slightly when I I have only the head in my pussy, teasing, and again slowing down when she is all the way inside of me so she can play with my clit. I feel the release of my juices just before I lose myself in my orgasm.

I lay there, on top of her, her cock still hard and buried deep inside of me. She slowly begin to roll over on her side, and we lay there for a moment with her cock still buried in me. Then she quickly pulls her cock out, slides down and begins licking my tits and then slowly licking her way down my abdomen. Again she stops for a slight moment, moves further down, and resumes by licking the inside of my thighs as she insert one the two fingers in my sopping wet pussy. As she works her way up my thighs, she continues to finger fuck me and her other hand alternates between squeezing and pinching both of my rock hard nipples. And then removes her finger from my pussy and gins trying to suck all of my juices out. When her tongue is pleasing my pussy, she uses her hand to rub my clit. After a few moments she stops playing with clit, and then moves up and begins licking me from asshole to clit. The fourth time she reaches my clit, I get that feeling from deep inside, as I am screaming and have another gut wrenching orgasm.

I ask Claire for a break, as my heart is racing, and although I never want to stop, I am afraid I will swoon, faint or pass out if I can't catch my breath. We both reach for our cigarettes and light up. While laying there, I continue to tease her cock with my fingernails and after a couple of minutes, I ask Claire to resume. She begins to kiss me passionately, playing with my tits. My nipples are so hard, I think my breasts may pop. Claire pulls back, I grab her huge tool and guide it toward my steaming cunt. With one thrust, she is buried to the hilt. She rises up a bit, all the while mercilessly playing with my breasts and nipples. She then pulls back, until just the head of her dick is in me and then slams her cock deep inside of me.

Claire pounds me, fucking me as I try to thrust up to meet her probes. Again and again she slams into me. My cunt is soaked, as I can't stop cumming. We are panting, neither one of us wanting to stop. Finally, Claire pulls all the way out. I tell (beg?) her that I need her dick in my ass. She reaches into the nightstand, grabs the lube, rubs some oil on her cock, a big dab around my brown hole, as I put the pillow under me, she guides her pole to the entrance of my ass. She slowly puts the head into my tight ass, and slowly inches her cock into my asshole. When she is all the way in, she gives me a moment to adjust, and then she begins to slowly fucking me.. She uses a finger to rub my clits as she picks up the pace and before long she is fucking me long and hard, and I again I feel like jelly, bucking against her thrusts. My orgasms continue, as soon as one ends, another starts. She slows down for a minute and she pulls out from inside of me rolls me over and begins to stroke herself over my tits. Soon Claire begins to shoot rope after rope of hot semen all over my tits and chest. She then rolls over, as we both lay there, spent and exhausted for the moment, both of just laying there, enjoying the bliss.

After a few moments, I reach over and grab both of us a cigarette. After lighting up, I smoke with one hand and tease Claire's cock with my fingernails. Claire groans as she exhales. I rub my hand over my chest, scooping as much sperm as I can, and lick my hand clean. Soon we both sit up and move over to my makeup table and touch up our make up, with of course special attention with ours lipsticks I look at the clock, and I ask Claire when she has to leave. Her reply: "Only when I'm asked to leave." That may be a while as we stand up and head back to the bed...

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by Anonymous

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by KarenCDFL12/13/17

Decent story

I liked the story.. I can understand the smoking fetish which I happen to like but a bit to much.

My only major issue was the story just seemed to be rushed.

Please slow down and develop your charactersmore...

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