tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFoolishness & Humiliation

Foolishness & Humiliation


This all began because I was an idiot. I was a person who couldn’t let a dare go by without at least attempting to do it. I wasn’t wild or anything, just slightly crazy, and willing to step outside the norms of society. The more off center and daring, the more I wanted to do the dare.

At times in the past I had let my friends convince me to do things, that on reflection, if I had thought at all, I would have never done. Once, driving down the highway to a concert, they convinced me to remove my clothes and flash my boobs and butt to passing truckers. I could have just pulled up my top and tugged my jeans down to do it, but they dared me to go naked. I’ve already told you I was an idiot at times. Well, when I did this, I proved that I was.

My friends were pretty bad to me, since when I removed something, they made sure it got handed to one of the girls in the front seat. Since I was in the back, I ended up without my clothes until they were ready to give them back to me. I really didn’t think about it, I got dared and just did it. I didn’t realize how much of me would show when I backed my ass up to the car window. After they had watched me do this several times, one of my friends had me get on my hands and knees and used a cosmetic mirror to show me what the truckers could see. I turned bright red when I saw that not only did my ass show, but my pussy lips too.

This was when they started calling me slut when we were together. After I got over my embarrassment, I realized that I was sort of excited to do that, show my ass and pussy out the window. I was the only one who did this. Because I did, I was the one who received the dares in the future. I wonder why? The feeling of being naked in that car and letting strangers see my body was exciting and embarrassing both. The feeling of being naked and my friends having all my clothes was exhilarating and exciting. Knowing that I wasn’t going to be able to dress until they let me was scary and exciting. And, it wasn’t bad in my mind because no one who saw me knew who I was. It was just a pair of tits and an ass.

I was excited enough that when they dared me to continue, I did. I must have done it five more times before I begged them to give me back my clothes. They teased me until I almost started to think they weren’t going to let me get dressed and I almost started to cry. Finally they gave them back to me, one piece at a time, my shoes and socks first.

Another time, while we were all in swimming class in the evening, they dared me to remove my swimsuit and stay in the pool until everyone had left. Then I was to get out of the pool, make my way to the locker room, dress and leave. This time they pulled a rather bad joke on me.

I was in the pool, excited and scared. One of my friends stayed with me until everyone had left. Then I struggled out of my suit, handed it to her and watched her slip out of the pool and into the locker room. I was buck naked and all alone. I was very nervous even though I was excited. I watched her leave with my suit, thinking that I would be able to get a towel to cover up when I got out. I had forgotten about the janitors.

Just as I was about to get out of the pool, my mind racing with fears of being caught naked; the two janitors came in. I slipped back down, hiding by the edge of the pool. They turned the lights off over the pool, plunging at least that part of the cavernous room into darkness, but left the other lights on as they went about their duties. I found out later that their duties were mostly to pick up towels and any other mess. I was shaking in the water, no way to cover myself as I listened to them clump around and talking.

Yes, I was scared to death about being found. I was in the deep end of the pool, hanging onto the gutter lip, shaking. Every sound those two janitors made almost made me jump or splash. I was so afraid that I was going to make a noise that they would investigate and find me naked. There was two times that I had to go under water when they came to the shallow end of the pool to pick up towels. The worst part of the entire time was that the pool had lights shining up from the bottom that didn’t turn off when the lights over the pool did. I could look down and easily see that I was naked. The first time one of the janitors went to the shallow end I almost peed; I was so scared he would see me.

Finally they left, without seeing me and I hung at the side of the pool for a while, waiting to make sure they weren’t coming back. I got my nerve up and pulled myself up and out of the pool. I stood, naked, for a few moments, listening and looking about until I felt sure I was alone. Even in a dark, silent room, you can hear and see things that aren’t there. My heart was beating so fast it was unbelievable. I was starting to get cold before I could make myself move towards the door to the locker rooms.

I cautiously opened the door a crack, making sure it was dark and quiet. I stood there for what seemed an eternity, listening. Then I slowly crept into the locker room and hunted until I found a towel that I could dry myself with. I went to my locker and found the joke my friends had played on me. My clothes were gone! The little shits had taken all my clothes with them, including my shoes. I went back and found the towels and wrapped one around myself, after I had gotten over the shock. It wasn’t a very big towel, none of them were. Now I had to get out of the building with nothing to wear but that towel and hope that they were waiting for me with my clothes.

I opened the exit door and peeked out. No one was about and as fast as I could I headed to the outside door. I opened it quietly and slipped out, closing it as quietly as I could. Then I darted through the puddle of light that was at the entrance. When I had reached the shadows, I crouched down and looked and sure enough, they were waiting for me in the parking lot. I hurried over to the car and tried to open the door, but they had locked it. I stood there, cursing them under my breath as I watched them laughing at me. I had to look a sight, wet hair, wearing a tiny towel. They let me stand outside the car for a while. Then one opened a window.

“Drop the towel and we’ll let you in the car.”

Cursing them again, I let the towel fall to the ground and stood naked. They let me stand there for a few seconds, which seemed like years to me and then the door opened and I jumped in.

“Give me my clothes.”

“In a few minutes.”

“Give me my clothes now!”

“Can’t, they’re in the trunk.”

I started to cry and they laughed at me as they drove me through town, still naked, in the back seat. When they got close to my apartment, they parked in a dark spot and then one got out and unlocked the trunk for me. They made me get out and get my clothes. As I was starting to go back to the car to get dressed, the girl who had opened the trunk for me, dashed back, got in the car and they drove off, leaving me holding my clothes in my arms, still buck naked, on a city street. I hurried off to the side and pulled on my top and pants, slipped my shoes on and ran to my apartment. I was pretty pissed off, but after a few days it started to become funny in reflection. My attitude towards being naked helped me to get over my anger and to keep doing things I probably shouldn’t have done.

There were other dares but those two are very vivid in my mind still today. Which brings me up to the situation that I am currently stuck with.

One night two of my school friends, ones who had been with me on several of the idiotic dares I had done, were over. They talked with me about work and stuff and asked a lot of questions about my office. I was open and told them how it was laid out and my boss Marianne’s office.

I really wasn’t thinking about anything, we were just talking. Then they started talking about old times and the dares I had done. We laughed about them, even me, because time heals all wounds. Then they asked me if I had done anything lately and of course I told them no. It was true by the way. With a smirk, one of them asked me if I missed doing dares. I told them no, but the expression on my face gave me away. For some reason, I had, but only now that it had been brought up to me. We talked a bit more and one of them asked me if I would do another dare. I told them it depended on what it was. They thought about for a while and finally came up with something.

I was dared to go back to work, get naked and take pictures of me naked in the office. This could be after hours, but I had to take pictures that showed where I was. One of them had a digital camera and tripod that I could use.

I was older and wasn’t sure that I wanted to do this once more. That little devil that I have inside my head however, was telling me that this dare wouldn’t be too bad at all. Finally I agreed to do it. The pictures would be the proof that I had done it. Little did I know what would happen when I did this dare.

We picked a night and they brought me the camera and tripod. I had some ideas and had already been planning what to do. I do think from time to time, just not about the most important things.

I set off about 8PM with the camera and tripod. When I got to work and parked, I took a picture of my car in the parking ramp. Then a picture of the entrance door to the building. I took one of the doors to the entire office, showing the logo of the company. Then I took one of my desk and then one of me sitting at my desk. Next I took one of me sitting with my underpants lying on top of my desk in front of me. Then I took one of the door to my bosses office with her nameplate showing. Then I opened the door and took one of her desk with it still showing the nameplate with her name. I was getting more and more excited as I went along. I was thinking that this was easy. I stripped off my top and bra and took another of me sitting at my desk with my boobs showing. I was really having fun with this dare.

Finally I went into Marianne’s office, set up the tripod and camera, and peeling off my skirt and underpants. Wanting to be as daring as possible. I walked back out to my desk naked and folded my clothes up and put them on top of my desk. I wanted to look sexy so I was now wearing only thigh high stockings and a pair of heels. I took several of me sitting at Marianne’s desk. One was sideways, looking at her computer as though I was working; another was facing the camera with my boobs showing. You could tell I was naked from the waist up. I could tell this was turning me on, since I could feel how moist my pussy was becoming.

I sat for a while thinking of how I could show that I was completely naked. Finally I took several of me leaning back on the front of Marianne’s desk, naked but for my stockings and heels. I wanted to get a few of my ass, so I decided to take some of me leaning on the conference table she had with my ass facing the camera. I had just turned the camera and tripod to face the conference table and was bending over, looking through the viewfinder when….


Someone had just smacked me on my bare ass and I shrieked and must have jumped a foot in the air. When I came down I crouched over and covered my boobs and pussy with my hands and arms and peered back. I gasped. My boss, Marianne was standing behind me looking very stern.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?”

I couldn’t even get a squeak out. I just huddled over and turned sideways to her so she couldn’t see my entire ass. My face was on fire, bright red. I was sucking in air, both from shock and fright and didn’t know what to do.

“What the hell are you doing?”

Finally I could get some words out.

“It’s a dare. I’m doing a dare.”

“Really? Naked in my office and you are doing a dare. I suppose there is some guy around here waiting to screw you.”

“N-n-n-no, god no. I was just dared to come here, get naked and take some pictures to prove I was naked. There isn’t any man here. It’s just me. Oh god, Marianne, I am so sorry. I am so sorry.”

I was babbling and started edging towards the door.

“Where do you think you are going?”

“To get my clothes and leave.”

“I don’t think so.”


“The dare was naked, wasn’t it?”


“Then you haven’t completed it. Get the rest off.”


“You heard me. Get the rest off.”

I stared at Marianne blankly.

“Do it or I will.”

With a little gasping sob I hobbled, still bent over and covering as much of me as I could, to the conference table and sat on one of the chairs facing away from her.

“Turn around and face me.”

I whimpered but did as I was told. I toed off my heels and tried to take off my stockings without showing too much, but it was impossible. All the while Marianne took pictures with that damn camera. When I tugged the last stocking off my foot and let it fall to the floor Marianne looked at me, smirking.

“Let’s see what we can do with you.”

She ordered me to sit on the edge of the conference table and to pull my feet up and place them outside my hips. I shook my head no. Marianne looked at me and said nothing. She slipped the camera into a pocket of her coat and walked to my desk, picked up my clothes and came back in. She then opened a drawer in her desk, put my clothes in it and locked the desk. She looked at me again.

“If you want them back, do as I say.”

I began to cry and with sobs shaking my body I backed up to the conference table, boosted myself up and sat with my legs together.

“I don’t want to do this, please.”

“Shut up. Do as you are told or you will be outside just like you are right now.”

I sniffled and lifted one foot and then the other to the table top. I looked down and could plainly see my pussy. I was so embarrassed. Marianne looked at me and smirked again.

“Hands out to your sides and lean back a little.”

I did as I was told. Marianne smirked again. Then she took several pictures of me naked and spread open.

“OK, now I want you on your hands and knees with your ass facing me, looking over your shoulder so I can see your face.”

I whimpered again but did as she told me. I kept my knees together in rebellion.

“Knees shoulder width apart.”

I hung my head and moved my knees apart slightly.

“Look, do as you are told or I am going to keep your clothes.”

I spread my knees further apart, hanging my head down in humiliation.

“Look at the birdie.”

A choked sob escaped my throat. I lifted my head and peered back over my right shoulder. Marianne took several more pictures. She then led me to my desk, had me sit in my chair and hook my legs over the chair arms. More pictures were taken. She had me kneel on my chair, rest my chest on the back, reach back and pull my ass cheeks open and then look over my shoulder again. She took more pictures. I was totally humiliated.

“What else do you think would be good for proof?”

“I want to go home.”

“It’s a little late for that now, isn’t it?”

Marianne had me sit on my chair again, with my legs draped over the arms. Then she told me to open my pussy for her and she took several shots of me like that. I was sniffling and red-faced. She made me sit like that and went into her office. When she came back she handed me a marker for a white board. I looked at her nervously.

“Put it in.”

I shook my head no.

“Put it in you little slut.”

With tears running down my face I lowered the marker to my pussy and slowly inserted it inside me. Marianne smirked at me as she took several shots of me with the marker penetrating my pussy. She made me push it in and out of my pussy a few times and I was humiliated at how easily it went in and out. I was pretty aroused even with being so embarrassed and humiliated.

“Come with me.”

I was past arguing and resisting. I stood quietly and followed Marianne to the front door of the office.

“Please no, Marianne, don’t make me.”

She just smirked at me, opened the door and motioned me outside. She had me stand by the corporate nameplate and took a few pictures of me standing next to it naked as the day I was born. Then it was off to the elevators and she took several of me in front of the elevator doors, some standing and some bent over, showing my ass and pussy. Then she led me back inside and had me sit at her conference table.

“You’ll enjoy the next part.”

I just shivered and kept my eyes on the floor. Before long I heard noises in the office and tried to huddle into a ball. I was scared and excited both. I was all right until her door opened and one of the night janitors came in. He stopped dead and stared at me. He was middle aged, dumpy with a potbelly. He was Hispanic, with a thin mustache and dark skin. His eyes were all over me; all over my naked exposed body.

“Ass at the edge of the chair and legs over the arms.”


“Do it now!”

With tears streaming down my cheeks I slid forward and lifted my legs. Then I spread them and let them hang over the chair arms. Marianne smirked as she watched me open myself up for this man. She told him to get the others and he grinned and left hurriedly.

“Marianne, please let me stop this and get dressed.”

“Not yet, slut.”

I sat ashamed and humiliated. The entire janitor crew came through the door and gawked at me. They were all Hispanic and their babbling voices in Spanish echoed through my awareness. Some were younger than I was, some older. Each one stared at me with hungry eyes. I was showing them my tits and pussy, crying and humiliated.

She had each one stand beside me, lift up a tit for the camera and took a picture of each one with me. I felt so ashamed. They didn’t just lift my tit, but took the opportunity to squeeze and tease my nipple, mauling me for their pleasure. I doubt that they could have made it any harder than it was, but they tried. Finally she had all but the first man leave. He was still staring at me hungrily. Marianne whispered to him, making him smile. I felt as though I was in a dream, but soon it was reality. He moved back next to me and I heard his zipper as it went down. I closed my eyes but I knew what he was doing.

“Open your eyes.”

I did, reluctantly. I could see him beside me, his thing dangling out of his pants, his eyes glittering.

“Take it in your hand.”

“Marianne, I don’t..”

“I don’t care what you want. Take it in your hand.”

I shivered and reached out. It felt soft and rubbery at first but my touch made it swell and lengthen. Marianne was taking pictures of me holding his thing. Pictures that saw it grow in size next to my naked body. He got stiff and hard, throbbing in my small hand.

“Masturbate him.”

I whimpered but knew that she had me exactly where she wanted. My hand began to stroke his thing. I could feel him twitch and he moaned softly. She kept taking pictures of me and this man that I did not know, performing obscenely for her and the camera. I wasn’t an innocent. I had seen men before. I had seen them soft and hard. But, I didn’t want to be here doing this to him. Each time I tried to stop stroking him, Marianne told me to keep doing it and I did. I felt how hot he was, felt the twitching in my hand, heard the groans of pleasure as I masturbated him.

When we both realized he was close Marianne spoke to me again.

“Point it at your face and keep going.”

I did as I was told, stroking him, his thing pointed directly at my face. I watched my hand and his thing until he tensed and then I closed my eyes. In a few seconds he grunted and I felt him spurt. Then warm liquid splashed on my cheek, my nose, my lips, and my chin. He gasped and another few spurts of his come landed on my face and down lower on my boobs. I was disgusted and humiliated.

“Wipe him off.”

I used my other hand to wipe up the few droplets of his come, my eyes still closed. I could feel the liquid on my face tricking down then dripping off my chin. He moved away and I opened my eyes. I watched him put his thing away and leave. All the while Marianne took pictures of me and my soiled face. Tears trickled out of my eyes to mix with the come. Marianne smirked at me.

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