tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFootball Club Follies

Football Club Follies


Ann was probably the quietest of all of the wives of the members of the football club. She tended to be quiet all of her life and saw no reason to change at the club. Her husband Greg was a very rowdy man and was always making a lot of noise which Ann didn't like very much. She was very loyal to her husband and would do anything for him but she hated these football club parties because everyone tended to become drunk and obnoxious and this made it very unpleasant for her. She only went because it was Greg's wish that she did. She liked all of the other wives and had a great relationship with them all. Most couldn't understand why she stayed with Greg.

The only louder man at the club was Roy. He was just as unpleasant as he was noisy. He treated his wife, Sue, like shit but she just seemed to put up with it all. As was usual at these parties, the men kept to themselves telling their own bragging stories of their conquests while the women kept in a group too. Ann was joining in with their conversations when Roy called Sue over to the group of men. Ann watched, along with the other wives, as Sue wandered over to Roy. She had a sandwich in one hand and a glass of wine in the other. Because of the weather most of us wives were wearing similar clothes consisting of boob tubes and short skirts. The evening was quite warm and no one was wearing coats.

When Sue reached the men Roy told her in a loud voice that she had the best tits in the room! Sue blushed but stood her ground while the men yelled at Roy telling him they didn't believe him. His next action shocked all of us women. He reached over to Sue and grabbed the top of her boob tube and pulled it down to her waist. None of us wives wore bras because we reckoned we got enough support from the boob tubes. Sue looked wonderful standing there with her lovely breasts exposed to the men. She didn't cover them up or move away because she knew Roy wouldn't like it. Roy, in his immature way, reached over and felt up her breasts and played with her nipples. Sue was very embarrassed but just stood there just the same. She told us after that she had reasoned it was Roy who was more upset because she hadn't kicked up a fuss and run screaming from the group. He then would have been able to take it out on her when they got home. Sue was far from stupid!

Ann felt sorry for Sue but she admired her courage, especially because Sue hadn't covered her breasts at all and had returned to the women's group still naked to the waist. Roy thought it was a huge joke and some of the men agreed with him but the more sensible men thought he was an idiot for exposing his wife to the men.

Later in the evening when the men had drunk a lot more beer and were very merry, Ann decided it was about time for Greg and herself to go home. She went over to the men's group and spoke to Greg. He reacted angrily and told her to piss off. She started to return to the women when he called her back. He called her a stupid slut because she always nagged him and told her he would teach her a lesson. With that he reached over and grabbed her boob tube and pulled it down to her waist, just like Sue. Having seen how Sue reacted she just stood there with her lovely breasts exposed with all of the men looking at them. Some of the wives could see there could be trouble so they gathered up their husbands and found a way to leave the club.

Roy had told Sue she should stay like she was until they got home. She was quite upset but didn't show it very much. Roy then asked Greg and Ann to accompany them to their home for a drink before bed. Roy of course agreed and also told Ann she had to stay with her boobs hanging out until they got home. The other men still there thought that was a huge joke and laughed and encouraged the two idiots to carry on. There were still 8 men left in the club beside the two couples - all the rest of the men and women had left - so Roy, ever the idiot, invited the remaining 8 men to come home with them to his place. Both Sue and Ann could see trouble and tried their best to stop the next party but to no avail as Greg and Roy had made up their minds.

The two couples traveled in Roy's car and the girls were made to walk out to the car with their breasts exposed. Once in the car the two women tried their best to talk the men out of having the rest of the men at their home but they wouldn't listen. Once they arrived at Roy's home the girls were made to walk into the houses in front of the men, who had arrived before them, with their breasts still exposed. There was quite a crowd in the home and soon drinks were flowing fast. The men were becoming drunker and rowdier as the evening progressed. The two wives, the only two women present, were made to serve the drinks and nibbles still with their breasts exposed. The women were subjected to constant groping and feeling of their breasts and although they tried to prevent it they were not successful. It was well after midnight and the party was in full swing when Roy yelled out that everyone should be quiet as he wanted to make an announcement.

Once he had everyone's attention he called his wife Sue over to him and held her tightly around her waist. He they started to play with her breasts and nipples with his free hand and she couldn't break away. He squeezed her breasts and she cried out several times. Ann was becoming very alarmed at this change of events and edged towards the door thinking she would try to make a run for it and head for home. Greg saw her near the door and rushed over and grabbed her. He pulled her over to where Roy was still abusing Sue's breasts. Idiot that he was he began doing the same thing to Ann's breasts and nipples and try as she might she couldn't get away.

Roy then undid Sue's short skirt while he was still holding her and let it slip down to her feet. She was left standing in only her shoes and a very, very small pair of thong panties which did nothing to hide her pubic hair which was in abundance along the edges of her panties. Now Sue was terribly embarrassed and tried to get away but her drunken husband held her fast. He then invited one of the men to take her panties off. Sue yelled and screamed but Roy held her fast and the man took her panties right off her body. Now, apart from her shoes, she was completely naked in front of all these men. Ann tried her level best to escape Greg's clutches but in her mind she knew she would be subjected to the same treatment. Her short skirt dropped to the floor and another of the men was called on to take her panties off. Now both of the girls were naked. The two husbands were quite drunk at this stage and were trying to impress all of the men watching the show.

Roy then told the men they could come forward and feel how lovely and soft his wife was. The men came forward eagerly and began playing with Sue's body. She was repulsed by all of this but couldn't escape the fingers which were all over her lovely body. Greg, of course, wasn't to be outdone but his friend so he too invited the men over to play with Ann's body. Whereas Sue was doing her best to stop the men touching her, Ann was resigned to the fact there wasn't anything she could do about it and so just stood there and let the men handle her. They had fingers in her cunt and played with her clit as well as poking their dampened fingers into her arsehole. Ann tried not to be aroused by what was happening to her but she couldn't help but be excited by all the attention.

Sue was now quite frantic and began screaming at Roy and, because she was kicking some of the men in her struggle, he hauled his hand back and then slapped her very hard across the face. This sobered Sue instantly and she just stood there with a shocked look on her face. The moment she had been slapped the men stopped playing with her body and she just stood there shaking.

Greg then said to Ann, "You can see what will happen to you if you don't behave yourself!" Ann shuddered at his words but said nothing.

Roy then handed his naked wife over to Greg and said, in a very drunken voice, "Pal, I want you to fuck my wife. She is a slut and deserves to be fucked right now. I want you to be the one to do it!" Greg looked at Sue who was crying loudly and then back at Roy. Roy told him to get on with it and so Greg handed his wife over to the men who had been playing with her and told them to hold her tight. He then moved over to Sue and took her in his arms. He tried to kiss her but she was crying too much. Roy then came over to Sue and slapped her across the face again and she stopped crying instantly. Between Roy and Greg they pulled Sue over to the couch and laid her down on her back. Greg could only look at her lovely damp cunt through the thick patch of pubic hair. A couple of the men pulled Sue's legs apart and Greg continued to look at her cunt. Roy then told him to get on with it and so Greg slipped all of his clothes off and with his huge erection sticking out in front of him, he moved over to Sue, climbed on her body and guided his hard, long cock into her cunt! Sue was so wet from all of the handling he had no difficulty slipping right in as far as he could go. He began fucking her straight away and pumped his cock into her cunt at a very rapid rate. Although Sue had started screaming again she did at least put her arms around his neck and pull him to her. His orgasm was coming too fast for his liking but he just wanted to fuck Sue so he came in her cunt with a great flood as he emptied his balls in her.

Naturally Greg had been completely engrossed in what he was doing and it wasn't until he had pulled out of Sue that he looked around and saw Roy just pushing his even longer cock into Ann's cunt. Ann wasn't making any noise - she was just lying on the floor allowing herself to be fucked without taking any notice of what was happening to her body. Suddenly Greg wasn't too happy about his wife being fucked and especially by Roy because he didn't particularly like him. It was, of course, too late to stop him so he just watched as his lovely wife laid there with Roy pounding his cock in her cunt.

By this time the party had deteriorated into an orgy. The other men were taking turns at fucking Sue and also stuffing their cocks in her mouth and cumming there as well as in her cunt. Greg felt sick and rushed from the room and threw up in the bathroom. He was violently ill partially because of the drink he had taken but also because of shock when watching his wife being fucked by another man. He knew she had never played around with anyone else and now he had made her available to the other men.

When he had recovered sufficiently he staggered back into the room only to see his wife being fucked by the last of the men as another was cumming in her mouth. Some of the men were having seconds with Sue and she was by this time practically exhausted and was just lying there just like Ann, allowing anyone to fuck her!

Greg was instantly sobered and rushed over to Ann. She was crying softly and looked a complete mess. She had cum on her mouth and chin and also on her lovely breasts. Her pubic hair was mattered with sweat and cum and she didn't look very lovely at all. He pushed the last of the men away and hauled her up off the floor. She could hardly stand and he held on to her naked body feeling her slippery body from all the sweat and cum and was slowly realizing what he had done to his wife.

Greg tried to find Ann's clothes but all he could find was her skirt. He looked around for her boob tube but it was nowhere to be seen and of course her panties had probably been taken as a souvenir by one of the men. Being a warm evening he took off his shirt and handed it to Ann. She acted as if she was in a trance and just pulled it over her shoulders not even bothering to put her arms in the sleeves. The front was wide open as they walked out of the house but she didn't care even a little bit. The last scene they saw as the left the room was all of the men still sober enough to do anything again taking turns with Sue! They couldn't see Roy but guessed he might have passed out.

They had 2 miles to walk home and it was very late and Ann was exhausted. Ann staggered quite a bit and Greg was hanging on to her to make sure she didn't fall. The walk seemed to take forever and they were both becoming weaker. Ann could feel the cum from her cunt running down her legs to her ankles but she didn't care anymore. They didn't speak at all during the very slow walk home. Greg was scared a policeman might come along but they didn't see anyone.

Once they were home Greg wanted Ann to have a shower but she refused. All she wanted to do was sleep. She crawled naked into the bed, still wet and sloppy from all the cum but she didn't care. She thought in her befuddled mind that the cum should have all dried up on the walk home but it hadn't for some reason but she couldn't have cared less.

Greg climbed into bed with her and tried to take her into his arms but suddenly he was repulsed by her slimy body. What had he done to his loving wife? How could he have possibly done this to her? It took him a long time to get to sleep although Ann had dropped off almost as soon as her head hit the pillow.

Greg was the first to wake in the morning but it was quite late when he did. He climbed out of bed and looked down at the cum stained body of his wife. She was still asleep but the dried cum had made lots of whitish patches on her body and her pubic hair was stiff and straggly from the dried cum. He slipped on a pair of shorts and walked around the house and then around the garden wondering how he could repair the damage he had done. When he returned to the kitchen about an hour later he was surprised to see Ann cooking breakfast. She was still naked and he was aghast at the look of her body. She had bruises all over her breasts, her nipples were very red and one had been bleeding slightly. She had lovebites over much of the rest of her body where the men had used her the night before. She greeted him with a quiet hello and told him his breakfast was ready. He didn't feel at all like eating but he tried to because at least she had cooked it for him. She didn't say a word about the previous night but continued to walk around the house for the rest of the morning still naked and with her body unwashed. Every time he looked at her he felt terrible but he just didn't know what to do about it. He just couldn't say anything. He was certainly sorry but couldn't express himself.

Eventually Ann started to return to her old self. She had recovered from her bruises and bites and had begun to chat with Greg as if nothing had happened to her but there was no sex. This went on for almost three weeks before Greg came into the bathroom and saw Ann inserting a tampon into her cunt. She was never shy about this and had done it lots of times before with Greg watching. Once the tampon was completely inserted, Ann turned to Greg and said, "Well you bastard. The game is now over. As you will have realized I have just begun my period. At last I now know I am not pregnant by either you or those other mindless bastards you call your friends. I am now getting dressed and I am going to see my lawyer this morning and I will file for divorce. I have been in contact with Sue and she will give all the supporting evidence I need for the divorce - from now on you will be able to go fuck yourself or anyone else you like but never me again!"

When she was dressed she rang Sue and told her she would be there in 30 minutes and would pick her up then. Sue was ready and waiting and they drove into the city to meet with their lawyer. The lawyer was really excited because he had two divorce cases to handle and this was going to be very easy.

Ann and Sue took two separate apartments not to far from each other and set about living their own single lives again. They kept in touch and remained good friends. They had no reason to hear anything more from their respective husbands but the grapevine worked very well and they learned, after the divorces had gone through and were final, that the two men were suffering very badly. They had both lost their jobs through drunkenness and were in very bad shape. When the girls met occasionally for coffee they chatted about everything but their previous husbands or the events which led to the divorce. They were now very happy single ladies and each was doing a steady bit of dating and both were very hopeful of happy outcomes.

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