tagIncest/TabooFor Daddy with Love

For Daddy with Love


If you are reading this expecting a conventional incest story you will be disappointed. If you are hoping for a long bout of sex, same again. This perhaps over long story is about how one man comes to review the relationship he has with his daughter and the questions her actions create within him. So it is a relationship story with some sex.

For those of you with the patience to read this piece I hope you enjoy reading the second story about Harvey, the seaside artist and his continuing attempts to rebuild his sex life. I welcome comment, but please be open and don't hide behind anonymous.

Harvey had been surprised when his daughter telephoned on the Thursday night to stay for the weekend.

'The double bed is ready for you and Philip, I'll collect you at the usual time 6.30.'

'Dad, can I come in the morning, Phil is working and won't be down till Saturday? We can have dressed Crab for lunch in that nice pub just down from the station. My train should arrive around 11.00, time to quickly drop off my things and then the PUB!'

'Well this is a pleasant surprise, I can organise a Chilli for supper.'

'Can we talk about that over lunch? I have something I want to run by you first.'

'Can't we talk now?'

'No dad. Tomorrow in the pub. It is nothing to worry about, I just want to talk face to face.'

The worst thing anyone can say to you is not to worry, especially when you are a father. Harvey went through a whole series of scenarios, from money problems to pregnancy. Hayley was a sensible girl, but even sensible girls can slip in a long term relationship. Harvey sat with a coffee, then a Brandy going through the full gamut of possibilities. He obviously could not resolve it that night. It did not sound like she was upset or ill. So it could not be that bad. Maybe there was something wrong with her mother, Harvey's former wife. He still loved her and had concern for her, even though she did leave him. It doesn't stop you having concerns for the mother of your two beautiful children.

Harvey was awake early. The brandy had not been a good sedative, his system needed delicate treatment, so he sat with a pot of tea, looking from his artist studio in the loft of his house out across the bay. Over the years many had derided the English coast but it was here that Harvey felt at home, here he drew the inspiration for his work. On a summer day like this there was nowhere in the world anyone could wish to be. He looked at the canvas that was his work in progress. He considered putting in a couple of hours, then decided against it. He did not want to be late for Hayley. He sat for another hour, the tea having the desired calming effect on the hammer inside of his head. He made toast, and more tea, then walked around the house making sure everything was ready for the arrival of his daughter.

Harvey was relieved to be greeted by the happy smiling face of his daughter as she ran from the ticket gate to meet him. It was hard to believe this beautiful young woman of 23 was his little girl. Dressed in jeans, pink vee neck tee shirt, with a little denim jacket looped into the handle of her carry all. Her bare arms were tanned with little wisps of blond hair. Her hazel eyes and dark hair reminded Harvey so much of his former wife at that age. The young woman kissed her father lightly on the lips and looped her arm into his resisting his invitation to carry her bag.

'It's okay Dad I am a big girl now.'

'So I noticed and half the men on this platform too.'

Hayley had an ample 36C Bosom, which filled her low vee coat top, made more revealing by the platform bra, which shaped her cleavage into a tantalising deep valley.

'It saves buying a rail ticket, and it does guarantee us a good service at the pub. That young South African couldn't keep his eyes off my tits last time we were there.'

'Hayley I do wish.....'

'Don't, Dad! Anyone told you, you look terrible this morning?'

'No they haven't. and I rather hoped you would not point it out either. I didn't sleep too well last night. A certain young lady was rather vague about her reasoning behind this father and daughter get together.'

Hayley leant her head against her father's shoulder.

'Dad you can be such a silly old thing some time. I just have something I want to run past you. That is all. Don't worry, I am not pregnant, I am not getting married, and Phil and I are very happy.'

'How's your mother?'

Harvey said placing Hayley's weekend bag into the boot of his car.

'Fine. Just fine, in perfect health, currently enjoying a few days on the Amalfi coast.'

'I'm jealous.'

'Don't be here is much better and you have me for company. What more could a father ask for?'

'Nothing.' Conceded Harvey. 'Nothing at all.'

Harvey drove back to his home, still gently questioning about this unexpected desire to meet and chat. Hayley dodged his questioning, running up to her room, she changed from her jeans into a pair of yellow shorts, open toed sandals, and a yellow and white halter top, with integral bra cups. Her flat tanned midriff caused a few turned heads as she and her father walked along the promenade to Victorian fronted public house. Hayley chose the outside table and whilst Harvey sheltered under the shade of the sun umbrella Hayley sat back sunglasses perched on her head soaking up the warmth of the day.

'Got to work on my tan don't want too many pale patches.'

'You know it is unhealthy, skin cancer is the fastest growing disease in the young.'

'Only if you over do it, go mad like that couple earlier walking around pink and blistered. When did you get so old? You know I defended you the other day with mum she said you were boring and old. I said no.'

'Good for you.' Said Harvey lifting his beer glass.

'I may change my opinion. Come on dad finish that one up and I will buy you another.'

Harvey looked at the pint glass in his hand with a third of its contents remaining. Hayley had finished hers.

'Where did you put that? He said in light accusatory tone.

'Into my tits Dad. That's why all the men love them, because they are big and wobbly and when you suck them they taste of beer.'

'Hayley really.' Harvey did find himself colouring when his daughter lifted her bosom within her top and shook it with her hands. 'No one would know you were the step daughter of a government spokesperson..'

'And the daughter of a very old prudish artist. Are you finishing that off or are you leaving me to drink alone?'

'I am drinking, but could we slow down on the second one.'

'Done deal dad, I just need you a little mellow for our talk.'


Hayley rapidly disappeared into the dark interior of the pub the sway of her hips attracting at least ten pairs of male eyes. Her shorts were so tight into her ass, Harvey was concerned if she was wearing any panties underneath. Whilst Hayley was buying the drinks their order of dressed Crab arrived. Harvey by now hungry began to pick at the salad, before his daughter returned.

Hayley placed the full pint of beer in front of him, drinking the head from her own pint leaving a little white moustache on her top lip.

'Hayley you need to shave.'

She looked down to the front of her legs then to the crotch of her shorts

'I meant your lip. You have a beer moustache on your top lip.'

Hayley sat her legs slightly apart, the shorts cutting tight into her pussy, and ran her tongue over her top lip.

'Dad you need a girlfriend..'

'What brought this on?'

'Mum. Well mum and I were talking, it has been awhile since you divorced and really you are getting a bit settled in your ways. I mean, I love you and your eccentricities and your concerns for me. But well you are starting to think old. I know I don't help sometimes. I am probably an embarrassment to you, but mum and I agree we need to find you a girlfriend. Not a wife or anything, but what is known as fuck buddy.'

'You mean a lover?' Harvey stopped chewing his salad and sat forward squinting in the bright sun light.

'Yes I suppose so. A lover, a woman, someone to loosen you up take out the tension.'

'Tension? What tension? Am I not relaxed. Do I not appear relaxed?'

'Calm down dad. Have a drink of your beer. This is not coming out right. Sure your cool, you are a great dad. A good artist. A nice man. But I, we, that is think it is time you had some female company again. It is not healthy for a man of your age, you are 47, it is too early to start shrivelling up.'

Harvey drank heavily from his pint glass. What was his daughter saying, why had she and his ex – wife been talking about his sex life. It had not been great, well almost non existent since the divorce, mainly because he did not want commitment. Most women were looking for a relationship. Only Rita at the café had understood that, but she had only been with him once. It looked like there was not to be a second time either. He had visited often and she had been friendly, chatty, but sex had not been part of her menu. However he was not ready to discuss this with his daughter, his child.

Hayley looked down at her plate and gathered up a small piece of crab and took it into her mouth. The meat was sweet, fresh and juicy, with a slight salty edge. She reached out her hand to her father.

'Don't be mad at me dad. I don't want to upset you. In fact I have, well mum and I had an idea to help you. Look I know I have not been fair to you with my visits. I did not appreciate how unfair till mum played me back a recording. An audio recording she made from the hall, when I stopped over one night with Phil. You know how mum is sometimes she can be real subtle with her comments, well she played me the tape and then handed me a box inside of it was a gag. Phil loved it, I was redder than a lobster in the pot. But hell it does make for great sex.

It was then I realised why you always went out for early morning works whenever I stopped over with Phil. I mean, I have been so selfish. I knew we were using your place for a chance to getaway, but my noises must have driven you mad.'

It was Harvey's turn to colour up now. He didn't know what to say. He couldn't tell her how aroused he had been hearing his daughter being fucked. He didn't imagine it as his little girl being being screwed, in his head it was someone else some other woman, moaning and wailing like that. His daughter and those noises just never seemed to go together, but yes it had been hard, much harder than Hayley could imagine.

Hayleys, tanned fingers squeezed his the back of his hand. She rested her head upon his shoulder, and lightly pecked his cheek.

'Sorry I didn't want to embarrass you. I hope my idea will make it up to you. Eat some of the crab it is delicious.'

The crab was perfect. It made a good talking point to change the subject to move away from Harvey's embarrassment and come to terms with the fact his daughter had grown up, was a woman, who could talk about her dad as a man any man she had known not just as her father. The crab brought back memories of family holidays, sitting on a shore front as a group enjoying the sun like now. The talked about its taste, its succulent sweet soft meat and the slight salty edge.

'What does it remind you of dad?'

'Like I said Hayley good times, with you and your mum.'

'Anything particular about mum, she said you use to have this little fetish with mayonnaise.'

'Hayley is there nothing about me your mum has not discussed? Did she also tell you I was a lousy lover, which is why she had so many affairs and why it is totally ludicrous that I will find a lover or a fuck buddy as you call it?'

Hayley sat upright in her chair, looking straight into the watery eyes of her father.

'No Dad. She did not say you were a lousy lover. She said you were never a lousy lover. She said you were kind, considerate, sweet, and she loved it when you used to lick mayo off of her pussy. She also said it was the most adventurous thing you ever did. Mum did not stop loving you, you just got too safe. Mum wanted a little excitement, a little danger, to be closer to the edge. All the men she slept with, were ambitious, powerful, selfish even, they took her, they used her, and she used them Dad. She was always happy with you until Peter, because he could use her, make use of her, and still love her. She said this self doubt, this lack of confidence was ever all that was wrong. She did say you were boring, but I think you are not.'

Harvey was shocked by how much his former wife and daughter had talked about. He was also surprised to learn his own personal doubts about his sexual performance were not necessarily true but events did not match the facts. Rita his most recent lover had appeared to enjoy Harvey's attentions on the day, but she had steadfastly refused to repeat the meeting. He was angry with Hayley and his wife but could not ignore the truth he was desparately in need of a good fuck.

Hayley despite her father's outburst kept calm she ignored the over the shoulder looks from other drinkers. The South African from the bar came and cleared the empty plates from the table. He hovered around looking at Hayley's cleavage, the tanned edge of her breasts, so near to revealing the edge of her plainly pert nipple. Hayley shifted in her seat so he had a clearer view of her legs, her slightly domed belly, and the raised mound of her mons, shaping the front of her shorts. He came close to her face so she could see the outline of his stiff cock at the front of his trousers.

'Seems like you have an admirer. Do you want to stay? I can make my own way home.' Harvey, had his arms down by his side it was the furthest he and his daughter had been apart since she arrived. She felt the deepening chill between them, it was not why had taken the time off.

'No Dad. Forget about him, I am just enjoying the tease. I came to see you. To help you. I have a date for you, tonight. If you are cool with it. Her name is Claire, she really likes what I have told her about you, and she likes your pictures.'

Harvey sat still confused, still hurt, a little nervous now too. Who was this woman? Harvey had been quite content to sit and spend some quality time with his daughter, now a blind date. What was Hayley going to do while he was out on a date? The bar man.? Hayley's shift in position, where she leant forward and cuddled herself into her father's at first reluctant shoulder, closed the door for the bar man. Who sauntered off towards a pair of teen age girls giggling into their glasses of cider.

What was it about daughters that meant they could always soften a father's anger?

'I don't know Hayley. As we are having an open day on my private life, the last time I met someone who supposedly loved my art, she spent the time we were in bed giving a dissitation on the works of the pre-raphaelites. She wouldn't even suck my cock so I could shut her up for five minutes. This could be a disaster darling. It was sweet of you...'

'Dad you won't know till you try, besides I have brought my gag with me if she gets too boring.'

Hayley looped her arm through her father's elbow and they walked out of the pub back along the shore.

'So where does this Claire live? Where are am I supposed to be meeting her.'

'We are meeting her at the station. She will be here in around two hours time, she is coming straight from work in the city. She is stopping with us for the weekend and I am treating you both to a meal at the Thai restaurant so we can get to know each other'

Harvey stopped in his tracks, his head was spinning again. Suddenly he had another house guest. A woman he did not know, who his daughter had set up on a blind date.

'What do you know about this Claire? Where did you meet her? Is she a friend?' There was a pause. 'Someone your mother knows?'

Hayley walked down to the concrete sea wall and rested her tanned body against the sun heated wall. The heat felt good, and made her feel alive.Harvey looked at her, posing one leg raised pointed towards him, her sunglasses covering her eyes, so much like her mother.

'Too many questions dad. Claire is an acquaintance, we met on the internet, she is 37, divorced, likes travel, the sea, is a PA and divorced. No children. I sent her a picture of you and she said she would like to meet. Your place was not a problem especially when I described the views from your studio. She said she had always wanted to be painted nude, but I said you were not that kind of artist. But you may be willing to try with the right woman.'


'One other thing dad, for this weekend I am not your daughter.'


'Wait and see. Wait and see.'

Harvey shuffled nervously on the station concourse as they waited for the city train to arrive.

'Relax Dad. It will be alright, everything will be alright just you see. Claire is simply gorgeous I think you will find I have a good eye for suitable women for you.'

'She is probably wonderful, but she should know the truth from the beginning that for the best intentions you forgot to mention you are my daughter. I am concerned Hayley, not about Claire but you and I father and daughter. You know, you, Jess and Craig, my three beautiful children mean the world to me. I know I didn't bear you but I have done most other things in your life. I know you cannot see the dangers now, but I don't want us to become strangers, removed from each others lives because of this very sweet but perhaps misguided idea. You will marry, you may have a family, I don't want to be excluded....'

Hayley grabbed her fathers hand and began to jump up and down excitedly, as a tall red head, of 5ft 8inch height, dressed in a navy suit with a bright green blouse, and 4inch patent leather heels, strode up the platform wheeling an overnight case behind her. Claire's hair was short neat almost page boy, with a sweeping curl each side that swept up to her cheek. Like Hayley she had 38C chest which stretched her fitted blouse.

'See I told you Dad, she is perfect, I love you Dad nothing is going to come between us, just stop being a grump and enjoy.'

Harvey did not relax, could not relax, so it was that Hayley and Claire embraced openly on the station concourse whilst Harvey shifted uncomfortably at the edge. The two girls kissed each other on the lips, holding each other close, as the other passengers almost collided with each other watching the two women locked in their passionate encounter. Harvey felt his cock stirring, as he saw Hayley stroking Claire's face her arm sliding slowly down the woman's back over the curve of her buttocks pressed taut against the skirt of her navy suit. If this had been anyone other than his daughter he too would have been openly enjoying the display. Still he felt uncomfortable uncertain of the evening ahead. Harvey followed Hayley's hand as it slid down over Claire's buttock and brushed against her thigh. He followed the line of Claire's leg down below the knee length skirt to the creamy peach pink complexion of her bare legs. He was imagining those legs naked, when his eye was caught by the flash of the red varnish on Claire's finger nails. He saw the hand slide over his daughters yellow shorts squeezing the taut buttocks, he was defensive, jealous and aroused how could he let the night continue. How would he be able to brave out this charade of being his daughter's friend rather than her father. He felt guilty, ashamed, but also very horny.

Hayley broke off the kiss and guided Claire towards Harvey.

'May I introduce our host for the weekend. Harvey. Harvey may I present Claire your aspiring model, and hopefully something else.'

Claire looked at Harvey and took his awkwardness to be a lack of confidence, perhaps he was maybe a little shy. She liked a man who took his time, who needed warming up. She studied his face, he was still handsome, his face was a little lived in and his shoulders a little sloped. But she also noticed his diffidence was more in his face than in his body, what she saw stirring in his trousers, made her think Hayley's description of this mature, shy divorcee, was correct in that he would make an exciting lover.

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