tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor Emily Whenever...

For Emily Whenever...


"For Emily wherever I may find her...." - Paul Simon

My two-year-old granddaughter, Emily, cried for a while, refusing to go to sleep. Finally she wiped her nose on my shirt, rested her head on my shoulder and dozed off in my arms after her "terrible twos" tantrum. Putting up with a cranky baby is just one of the joys of being a solo baby-sitting grandparent. My son and his wife were off celebrating their anniversary. With my wife away at a conference, that left me to tend to the baby alone. Still, I enjoyed my grandfatherly job of spoiling Emily, as well as teaching her a few new things, like how to press gently on the piano keys, or how to catch a ball. I'm sure that she'll need these skills someday.

I waited for a few minutes, to make sure she was completely asleep before I slowly stood, headed for the spare bedroom and set her gently in the old crib. Now that she was asleep I could put on some classic rock and surf the web for a while. I switched on the baby monitor in case she woke up and paused to look at her little form once again before going. Sometimes she was so exasperating when awake, but she looked like a perfect little angel when asleep, especially with her unruly mop of curly reddish-brown hair.

"Princess, you're going to be a real heartbreaker in about 15 years." I softly told her, even though she couldn't hear me while asleep. "Just remember to keep the boys wanting more or they'll take advantage of you. Save that precious jewel of virginity, treasure it..."

"Save it for someone very special. You've always taught me that, Grandpa." The voice that finished my sentence came from behind me. I nearly jumped out of my skin, I thought I was in the house alone except for Emily. I let out a startled oath that thankfully didn't wake the baby and I turned to see a young woman that I didn't recognize, about 17 or 18 years of age. She had the same unruly mop of reddish-brown curls as my granddaughter but barely tamed into a pony tail, the same coral-colored lips and the same gray eyes but hidden behind wire rimmed glasses. She was dressed as a typical student in a tee shirt and jeans.

"Who are you?" I demanded angrily. "How did you get in here?" I glanced around for a makeshift weapon. Even though she didn't seem threatening and was a few inches shorter than me, she looked rather athletic in a compact, curvy sort of way. Cross-country skiing perhaps, or endurance swimming or some other sport where a thin reserve cushion of body fat would be an advantage. It's odd what my mind thinks of when I should be concentrating on defense. Somehow I found myself attracted to her, not that I'd jump into bed with her, but something in the back of my mind was insisting that I could trust this stranger in my house. I pushed the feeling aside and tried to appear dangerous. I scowled at her with the best game face I could manage.

"Grandpa, it's me, Emily. Don't you recognize me?" Her face twisted up the same way baby Emily's did when she was upset and the young woman seemed to be on the verge of tears. "I've been listening to your advice all my life, that's how I knew what you were going to say next."

"Nonsense. Emily's only two; she's asleep in the crib. Who are you and what do you want?"

"That's Grandma's old crib, I remember it. You used it for Daddy, too."

She was right. How could she know that? How did she know Emily's name? What the hell was going on here? I tried to reply but only stammered.

Realizing my confusion, she tried to explain. "I was sent here, somehow. You're supposed to help me with some kind of problem. I don't know all the facts yet."

"She doesn't know because I haven't told her yet." Another voice chimed in, coming from inside the bedroom near the crib. This one was very similar to the young woman's, but a bit more mature. "Hello Grandpa, I'm also Emily."

Again I was startled. How did anyone get in here? There was only the one door to the hallway and I was facing it the whole time I was talking to the other woman. Nobody had come in that way and the only window was still closed.

I looked over at the new arrival. She looked very similar to the young woman, but maybe ten years younger than my age, which would put her in her early 40s. She was dressed in a burgandy pastel, scoop-neck top, casual slacks and similar wire-rim eyeglasses. Her hair was the same color, but had been pulled back into a tight bun. Perhaps they were mother and daughter? Still, what were these two doing in my house and why were they both claiming to be Emily? I got that strange feeling of trust again. This didn't make sense. The older woman peeked into the crib and smiled.

"Let's not disturb the baby." She stepped out into the hallway, ushering the younger woman along.

I followed right away, closing the door so little Emily's sleep wouldn't be disturbed if I had to forcibly throw these two out. So far they didn't seem to be dangerous, but I was still wary, especially of their interest in the baby. I didn't want them to kidnap my granddaughter or worse.

The lighting in the hallway was much brighter than the night-lights in the baby's room. I could see their faces very clearly when they turned to face me. I was quite surprised at how similar their faces were. The same oval shape, the same gray eyes as my wife, son and granddaughter, the same hair that was identical to my own hair color, the same little chin with an offset dimple. The only differences I could see were those caused by age, the older woman's face was a little fuller with subtle crow's feet at the corners of her eyes. Even their bodies were very similar in frame with the older woman a bit softer on the curves and carrying a few extra pounds. The same length legs and arms, similar hands and even the way they stood was identical. It was more than a mother-daughter relationship, it was more like they were clones.

"Still don't recognize me, Grandpa?" I wasn't sure which one spoke.

I looked a bit harder, trying to pick out the familiar features. They shared features from both my wife and me, features that we had passed down to our son, the father of Emily. In the brighter lighting, it was obvious that they were related to both of us, my wife and me. But how?

"What's going on here, who are you two?" Even I could hear the confusion in my voice.

"Grandpa, I'm Emily, your granddaughter." The older one spoke again. "The same one that's in that crib and also this is my younger self."

"That's what she told me when she sent me here." The younger one added.

I was finally realizing that this was something far, far out of the ordinary. It was going to take a while for me to figure out what was going on. These two were related to my wife and me, but the only offspring we had was our son and his two-year-old daughter.

I decided to hear them out. "Let's go sit down so you two can explain this better."

They both nodded, turned as one and headed for the kitchen. At the table they both picked seats on either side of my usual chair before I even got there. I figured that might be just chance, so I tried a test. I stopped at the refrigerator to get the iced tea jug and three glasses. Without asking what they wanted to drink, I poured the tea in all three and set them on the table. I drink my iced tea unsweetened and there was no sugar on the table. They both grabbed their glasses and drank.

"Mmm. Iced green tea with ginger." The younger one said.

"Just like you used to give us, Grandpa." The older one added.

"But you'd put a spoon of honey in it." They both blurted in unison then laughed. They both had the same, identical laugh. The same as my son's laugh. That pretty much convinced me that they were both somehow my granddaughter. I usually had to guard my tea so little Emily wouldn't steal it. Whenever I gave her some of her own tea, I did put honey in it, never sugar.

The older Emily took another sip of her tea, then set it aside. "Let me start by saying that I'm a physics professor. I've been studying time and I've made a breakthrough in time travel."

"I'm majoring in physics at State U. Is that why you brought me?" The younger one interrupted.

"Let me finish. This is hard for me to say and will be even harder for you to hear. I used my time machine to bring you here because you are me. You are my younger self. I took you from your time and we both traveled to this time so Grandpa can help me... us with a problem. A problem that's been making me miserable for nearly thirty years. Now this is the hard part." She took a deep breath to brace herself before continuing. "I was raped almost twenty-nine years ago, three days after my nineteenth birthday."

"If you are me, then that means that I'll be raped in three days." The younger Emily was so startled that she practically shouted. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"I am telling you, now. The rape spoiled sex for me for years. It took about five years before I could even consider having sex again, and I never did enjoy it. Two husbands left me because I never could overcome that distaste, that fear of sex. This is why I brought you here. I have a chance to make things right, a chance to fix my life and learn how to enjoy sex."

After a stunned silence I finally found my voice again. "A time machine?" I asked slowly, still skeptical. "Setting aside the fact that a time machine is impossible, why didn't you just stop the rape from happening?"

"Don't you think I've already tried that? I've been around this timeline nine or ten times now, I've lost track of how many. But every time, no matter what I do, I still get raped. Karmic debt, fate, kismet, I don't know what, but it always happens." Her voice became a plaintive wail and she was close to tears. "Sometimes I'm hurt even worse during the rape, sometimes it's not even the same guy. But this is the only solution I could think of. Grandpa, you're my only hope for happiness."

"But what can I do to stop the rape?"

"You don't stop the rape." The older Emily gulped, forcing herself not to cry. "There's no way to stop it. But there is a way that you can prepare me for it, a way to make sure my first sexual experience isn't a rape. I don't want to lose my virginity by violence."

I could guess what she was hinting at, but my mind rejected it. I didn't want to believe what she was asking. "No. No, you're not serious."

The older Emily lifted her eyeglasses and pinched the bridge of her nose. "I've tried everything else I can think of. Do you have a better suggestion?" She still sounded close to tears.

The younger Emily spoke up again. "Wait a minute, are you two saying what I think you're saying? You want Grandpa to deflower me?"

The older Emily gave an amused snort. "Deflower? That's an old fashioned term I haven't heard in a while. I bet Grandpa taught us that. But don't you love Grandpa?

"Of course I love him, just not that way."

"You know that Grandpa loves us and he'll be gentle and make it very special. He always makes things special like his fishing trips, and that train ride up the coast for my twelfth birthday." She turned to me. "You will do it, please Grandpa? It's the only way to make my first time a happy one."

"But why not a boy closer to her age... your age, uh, closer to nineteen?" I stammered.

"That's exactly how I got raped in the first place. Please Grandpa? For me; for her, my younger self; for the baby in the crib, that's me too. Don't you want me to grow up happy?"

I sighed, resigning myself to the inevitable. "You're right, damn it. I don't want to believe it, but you're right. If you can't stop the rape, I guess it's the only way."

"Hey, what about my feelings? This can't be right." The younger Emily twisted her mouth around again. "I'm not ready to loose my virginity yet. I've kept it so long waiting for someone special."

The older Emily reached across the table and took her younger self by the hands, trying to reassure her. "Your feelings are my feelings. I am you. Don't you understand that? This is my only... your only... OUR only chance for happiness. If our first time is pleasant and loving, the rape won't matter as much in the long run. It won't permanently spoil sex for us, it won't ruin the rest of our life. We won't have a rape to look back at as our very first time. I... we don't loose our precious virginity in a rape."

The younger Emily burst into tears. I went to her, leaned down, took her in my arms and patted her back to try and calm her fears. She set her head on my shoulder exactly the same way her two-year-old self had just a while ago. She also wiped her nose on my shirt. I guess some things stay the same, even after 17 years.

I decided that the deed should be done quickly, before any of us had second thoughts. With her head still on my shoulder, I coaxed the young Emily to her feet, lifted her slightly and headed towards my bedroom. I pushed the covers down, eased her onto the bed as gently as I could and gave her a couple of tissues to mop up her tears.

"Grandpa, this is crazy. How can I do it with you?"

"It's all right, princess, I'll make it as special as I can."

I tilted her head up slightly and kissed her, not on the lips, but in the hollow under the ear where her jaw, neck and head came together. This was a very sensitive spot on her Grandmother and I hoped that she inherited that particular gene. My hopes were answered and she gave a little shiver. After a moment, her head tilted back even more and then I kissed her lips, closed mouth at first, but gently coaxing her to accept the entrance of my tongue. I continued this for a while, trying to make her feel both at ease and horny. She soon was participating completely in the kissing, her tongue invading my mouth and chasing my own around in circles.

"You've kissed before, haven't you." I stated the next time I came up for air. "Just how much experience have you had with boys?"

"I've let a few kiss me at parties and such, but not many. I really have to like a boy before I kiss him."

"What about anything else?"

"I've touched a few boys, and sometimes let them touch me. I even gave a blowjob once, but it was kind of messy and didn't taste very good."

"Don't worry princess, I won't ask you to do that. I have to stay up to help you, and it would take too long for me to recharge."

"It looks like you're ready right now." She glanced down at the bulge in the front of my pants.

She really did kiss well, I haven't even touched the rest of her yet, but she already had me hard and ready. I continued kissing her and slid my hand up to her breasts. She gave a little whimper and arched her back, pressing a hard nipple tighter into my palm. I got to work with my other hand, peeling off her tee-shirt and trying to undo her bra. She helped a bit and her sweet young breasts were quickly exposed to my view. She did appear younger than her nineteen years, that was a trait of our family. Her aureoles still had the puffiness of adolescence rather than following the curve of the rest of her breast. I took a nipple into my mouth and was rewarded with a gasp and moan from her lips. I wanted to do this slowly so it would be memorable for her. I wanted her to have at least one orgasm, better yet two, before I even tried to break her maidenhead. Orgasms were supposed to be a good anesthetic. I kept working on her nipples for a long time, first one then the other as her hands roamed across my chest and upper back.

When she started to move her hips, grinding the front of her jeans against my hardness, I figured she was ready for the next step. I gently undid the snap and eased her jeans and pink panties down off her legs. This put my face about the level of her kneecaps, which I started to kiss and lick. I teased the front and inner sides of her thighs, slowly working my way back up to her muff. When I was close enough to reach her breasts with my outstretched hands, I added that to the stimulation, too, gently rolling both nipples between a finger and thumb. By the time I got to her pussy she was lifting her hips, trying to get her sex closer to my face. I kissed around her thatch, taking some of her pubic hair between my teeth and gently tugging. She gasped again and I kept her gasping as I proceeded to alternate blowing air onto her wet lips and tugging on her hair. By this time she was squirming in anticipation and finally unable to hold back any longer, grabbed me by the ears and shoved my face into her pussy.

She was young and clean and tasted like a gourmet's dream. I eased my tongue along her inner lips, up and down, reveling in their virginal smoothness and teasing her opening. Brushing her clitoris on each upstroke and slowly bringing her to the brink of an orgasm. When I thought she was close I lifted my head away, kissing up towards her belly button until she made a strangled growl in frustration. As soon as I heard that noise, I plunged my tongue back into her wetness, heading straight for her clitoris. The sudden move made her jump in surprise and almost immediately sent her into the spasms of the first orgasm of the evening.

When she stopped shaking, I licked my way back up to her breasts and got my fingers into her pussy. One against her clit and another gently probing her depths, trying to test the strength of her hymen. Truth to tell, I had never deflowered a virgin. Even her Grandmother had other lovers before we married. I didn't want to hurt her too much. I pressed my finger in until it met some resistance. I tried pressing a bit harder and found that I could get past it with one finger, but it was still very tight. I kept up my explorations, licking her breasts and finding the spots that made her shiver in delight. Soon she was again breathing quickly and I got her to her second shuddering orgasm, which she signaled by another of her animal noises.

Now was the time for the final phase. Before she even finished quivering from the second orgasm, I had tossed off my pants and set the head of my cock at the entrance of her wet hole. I eased it inside until I encountered that resistance again. Bracing myself, I forced it the rest of the way and felt the resistance disappear. She gave a gurgling little cry and I stopped moving, holding myself still inside her.

"Is that okay, princess? Did I hurt you too much?"

"No, I'm okay Grandpa. It only hurt for a second." She was still breathless. "Please don't stop."

I gently eased myself out halfway, then slowly back in, then again and again, very slowly. She started making little whimpering noises, but her mouth was set in a dreamy smile and her eyes were still glazed over from the previous orgasms. I speeded up a bit, unable to fully contain my own desires and wanting to cum soon, too. I was getting close when she made another animal noise and clamped her tight pussy down on my cock as she came for a third time. Three more strokes and I was making my own animal noises while squirting deep inside her.

We lay together, breathless and connected until I softened enough to just fall out. Before withdrawing, I gave her a 'thank you' kiss.

"I hope that was good, princess. I tried to be as gentle as I could, but I just got too excited at the end."

"That was wonderful, Grandpa. Thank you for being so gentle. None of my boyfriends ever made me cum like that. They never even licked me there."

"I wanted your first time to be special, maybe now everything else will be better." I really didn't want to mention the impending rape and spoil her current state of happiness, but I couldn't help thinking about it. It was there, lurking in the back of my mind, like an unwanted guest at the party.

We cleaned up and dressed quickly. She headed back to the kitchen and I took some time to change the bedsheets. There wasn't much blood, but I wanted to get them in the wash before my wife returned tomorrow. I'll just tell her that the baby had wet on the sheets. In a strange, twisted way that was exactly what happened. I started the washer before I headed back to the kitchen.

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