tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFor Her Family Ch. 02

For Her Family Ch. 02


Alex called in sick to work. She still had the lingering sense that some of the semen of the men in the theatre was covering her. Every time Mike looked at her, she winced, feeling guilty for not telling him about the blackmailer. She feared what it would do to him, and her family was the only thing that this treatment was worth. Alex would wait until Mike had headed in to the hospital before leaving bed. She added a bit of liquor to her coffee that morning. There was a nagging sense that something was going to happen today.

Alex decided not to wait for it. It was time she took the initiative. The day would be sent running from one errand to another, as she sought to eliminate the threat of the blackmailer from her life. Everything she could do to keep him from contacting her again was done that day. Alex figured that if she was simply making his job harder, than the chance he would leave her alone would get to be better. At one, the security company arrived at her house and installed the security system. At two, the electrician showed up to install flood lights at all the peaks of her house. Once the workers and technicians were gone, Alex curled into the arm of the sofa, a hot cup of tea in her hand. In the pocket of her bathrobe sat the first purchase of the day- an unregistered .22 caliber two shot pistol.

Sometime, somewhere, Alex's mind had latched on to the idea that the only way to stop the blackmail was to kill him. She tried avoiding the idea, but one second in sixty, it would creep back into her head. The stiff cold barrel pressed through the material into her thigh, reassuring her that she would never hear from the blackmailer again, and if she did, she would be ready.

The alarm would blare noisily from the hallway hours later. Alex had fallen asleep on the couch, and she jumped from her seat, her hand already diving into the pocket of the bathrobe. As she ran toward the door, she heard Mike's voice yelling. Her hand immediately released the little pistol as she pushed past him to hammer in the security code to turn off the alarm.

Mike was less than happy with her for the alarm system. He yelled for a while, until she broke down crying and lied, telling him that some guy had tried getting in through the back door of the house that morning after everyone had left. Immediately the angry man calmed, guilt filling him, for mistreating his wife after such a trying morning. Crime rates had been on the rise all over the country and he had contemplated buying a security system. Mike would hold his wife in the entryway, his arms keeping her pinned against his strong chest. Over and over he would apologize again and again, hoping that she would forgive his quick rush to judgment. His feelings of guilt only magnified as Alex profusely apologized to him for the installation and not informing him. He was the one who had overreacted and not been there when she needed him. He would retire to his study, chewing himself out for the rest of the evening.

Alex also retired. Her guilt was multiplied by the fact that Mike was feeling guilty. She had no idea how she could make this up to him and so she went to bed early, yelling into the emptiness of the house that she was still not feeling well and wanted to sleep. It would take her hours to fall asleep, memories of the past few weeks chasing through her head, and thoughts about the last days occurrences eating away at her. She did not move when she felt Mike slide into bed beside her. Her conscience was nearing breaking point as she watched the digital colon on her alarm clock flash over and over again. Eventually exhaustion would win out, and Alex would slip into the warm embrace of sleep.

As days went by, peace and quiet began to reappear in Alex's life. She and her husband were beginning to be able to approach and converse semi-normally again. Both of them harbored their feelings of guilt and it was the only barrier existing between them. Day after day would slip by, with no new contact from the blackmailer, until Alex was sure that her extra measures had proved effective. Once again, the blackmailer would prove her wrong.

Mike had been called in late on Friday night because of an allergic reaction one of his patients had to a medication. He did not expect to be home till Saturday afternoon. Even if the girl recovered, which was likely, there would need to be a lot of explaining on his part about how and why he had prescribed that particular med. If his explanation was good enough, there would be no lawsuit. If it was bad, the parents would seek to profit from the uncontrollable circumstance. It was one of the many stresses of being a physician and a pediatrician.

Alex had slept in till late in the day. When she finally did wake, she took some time to savor the warmth beneath her sheets. Stretching, she would push herself from bed and pad naked down the hall to the bathroom. She enjoyed being alone in the house on occasion and the complete freedom that it allowed her. That feeling of freedom collapsed around her as she saw the manila envelope sitting in the frame of the mirror. All of the repressed feelings of fear, guilt, nervousness, and helplessness came rushing back to her in that simple orange piece of folded paper. This note was longer than the rest and more taunting. He had wanted her to feel safe and then he had wanted to take it away from her.

"Thought I was gone, huh? Don't forget that I am always watching, always with you. I hope you don't try any more nonsense. I can keep playing my game, but you have too much to lose to be fighting me. Now that we have that out of the way, my next request. There is a burlesque club you and Mike will be attending at your insistence this evening. You both have seemed stressed lately and it is time to relax a little. I will have only three requirements: Number one, wear the outfit I have left for you in your car. Two, you pay for at least three dances. Two for your husband and one for you. If you would like to stay longer, so be it. The third requirement is that you perform for Mike. Don't worry- it need not be on the stage. This particular club has small private booths which will suffice. Use booth number five. It will be reserved for you. Have fun, and remember to put on a good show. I will be watching."

It would be another hour before Alex brought herself to retrieve the outfit. The door to her car was still locked and there was no sign of forced entry. But as promised the clothing sat in a neatly folded pile on her seat. She went inside and up to her room. There she examined the required articles and began to try them on. Two things would disturb Alex as she stood in front of the full length mirror. The first was how well the clothing fit; the second was how attractive she looked in them. The blackmailer had chosen an outfit that hinted at what she would term smutty professional. He had chosen a pair of long black stockings, a matching garter belt, lacy thong, and bra. Alex had taken a moment to vainly appreciate her figure in the mirror as she stood dressed only in the under clothing.

The bra pressed her breasts up and together, emphasizing their ample curve and the deep shadow of her cleavage. The thong looked especially good against the pale roundness of her ass and the garter belt and stockings simply finished the set. The skirt was a heavily textured tweed material that was shorter, but thick enough to tone down the heavy emphasis placed on her figure. It still hinted at a firm ass, but it did not give it away as the underwear had. The top was a simple white blouse, cut to fit perfectly to her form. Here the emphasis was clearly on her breasts, and the black bra stood out in contrast to the material. Alex pulled her hair into a bun on her head and studied the gorgeous woman staring back in the mirror. It had been a long time since Alex had last dressed in a way that this emphasized her beauty and she found herself pleased by it. For a few minutes, spinning in the mirror, playfully bending at the waist, and running her hands over her clothing, Alex was able to escape the next task put before her. That would change when Mike got home.

She could tell the moment she stepped downstairs that it had been a tough day. But to her surprise, that look vanished as he caught sight of her, and she was actually able to recognize his dick jumping to attention in the front of his business slacks. Alex had figured that the only way to get away without an explanation was to make it seem like her idea. Which meant she had to get into the character her clothes represented. She sidled up to her husband, hips swaying, hands resting on them. His eyes just got bigger and bigger the closer she got. He obviously enjoyed the blouse and the stark contrast of the black bra beneath it. Once she was within reach, he crushed her body to his and began kissing over her face and neck and collarbone. Alex fought to regain control of the situation. She wanted to keep this moving, hoping to make it all a blur in her mind and his. She pushed back off of her husband and told him that they were going out. The couple would turn right back around and she would tow him down to her car, not giving him a moment to recover.

Mike tried quizzing her as she drove to the club, but she gave away no details and tried to pretend like this was of her doing. Inside her stomach churned nervously. She and Mike had never broached the subject of going to a strip club and she wondered how he would react. What happened if he was really into it with the dancers and she was crushed? How would she feel? What would it be like when it was all over? Those questions were soon to be answered.

There was no doubt about where they were headed when they turned into the parking lot of the large strip club. It was a crowded night and parking was difficult to find. Mike never managed to close his jaw from the moment they turned in. He just stared at her, unbelieving that his wife would have entertained, much less followed through, on such an idea. Alex was forced to drag him towards the door, he being unable to accept that this was reality. That thought would stay in his head for the rest of the evening, and everything would seem like a hazy dream.

The strip club was a foreign world from the containment and structure of suburban house wife routine. It was an assault on the senses. Alex and Mike stood closely together in the entryway of the club, drinking up the alien world laid out before them. Throbbing music poured from everywhere, lights flashed and changed colors, the scent of alcohol and sweat filled the air. On the main stage three strippers in school girl outfits spun on poles and shed one article of clothing after another. Alex felt Mike pull her back to him, his cock grinding into her backside. His hand slipped around her waist and moved in small circles beneath her breasts. So the idea did turn him on, Alex realized. She had better get the first part of the requirements over with quickly.

The two found a table to the rear of the club and Alex ordered drinks nonchalantly, hoping to keep Mike from seeing the unwillingness to pursue this night. If Mike caught on, he would insist on leaving, and the blackmailer would likely turn Annabel over to the police. That was not an option. She had gone this far, and she could bear watching this.

The moment they had placed their drink order a beautiful young woman came sauntering over to them. She was dressed as a cheerleader, her hair replete with twin pigtails. Mike glanced nervously at Alex as she approached. Alex flashed a sultry grin and gave the girl a wave. The stripper walked right up to Mike and stood straddling one of his legs. Again Mike glanced nervously to his wife. Alex decided that she would have to make the first move. She fished a twenty out of her purse and handed it to her husband. Taking this as the required signal for go ahead, Mike turned back to the body a foot from his face. The woman just stood there, her own smile on her face waiting for the man to act. Mike leaned forward and slipped the folded bill into the waistband of her pleated skirt. At that, the cheerleader began to dance.

She spun back away, her arms sliding up her body till they intertwined over her head. To the beats of the heavy bass rhythms, her hips and ass began to softly swish from side to side, the skirt bouncing lightly on her thighs. Still facing away from them, she began to gyrate faster as the music increased its pace, her smooth skin glinting beneath the burning lights of the club. Alex hastily gulped her drink as she watched the show. Mike was entranced, not looking away from the young ass swaying in his field of vision. Alex felt her stomach dive as the woman suddenly snapped forward, her skirt flipping up over her cheeks and giving Mike a momentary glimpse of her thong. Then she was back to the gyrating and swaying to the music. At a particularly emphasized beat, she spun back around towards Mike, her heavily lined eyes staring down at him. She sauntered forward and stood between his legs as her dance continued. Soon she began to toy with the zipper on the back of her top. In seconds it was down, and the fabric was hanging loosely over her breasts. Alex continued her study of her husband and the obvious erection in his pants. And then the top was off, fluttering to the floor beside her.

Mike settled back into his chair, still transfixed on the nubile young form gradually revealing more and more precious flesh. Alex was even forced to admire the perfection of this girl's breasts and she could understand why her husband would be enjoying the show. The girl's skin had no tan line and the pink tips of her nipples stood erect over the large globes of youthful flesh which crested over her chest. The large tits bounced and swayed slightly as the girl's dance grew more suggestive in nature and she crept closer to Mike. Within a few moments the skirt was gone, apparently being velcroed closed for easy removal. Mike was breathing heavily and Alex found some jealousy rising within her. She wished that he knew her well enough to see that she did not want to be here. She wanted him to stop the dance, sending the little fuck toy scurrying with her twenty. But she knew that the ass bent in front of him would keep him from doing any of those things. The girl had begun to swish her hips, each bringing the thong farther out of her crotch until her pussy was on full display for Alex's husband. With a cheer like kick the panties were flung out into the mass of tables before them.

The cheerleader spun with the kick and planted one foot on the other side of Mike's leg once again and dropped, her naked cunt pressing into his dress slacks. With her hands now clasped on either side of Mike's head, she began to grind up and down on his thigh, her fingers clutching at his neck. Her head tilted back as her body arched on his lap and the pink slit ran forward. Mike's hands were all over her chest and body, pulling at the nipples, squeezing the breasts, rubbing her thighs. Alex fought back tears as the woman dry humped her husband and he responded like a pervert. She was about to abandon the club in a fit of tears when suddenly the lights stilled and the music paused.

The girl took her cue and dismounted the stranger's thigh, giving him a smile before she turned and bent to pick up the clothes she had discarded on the ground. Mike ran his hand over her slit in that brief moment, while his other hand dug for his wallet. Alex's jaw dropped as she watched him hand her a hundred dollar bill. The girl smiled, curtsied naked, and then pranced away looking for the next victim. Mike rubbed at the small moist trail left on his pants from the woman's pussy. He sniffed at the remaining juices for a second before he turned to his wife.

Alex buried her face in her mug, trying to catch control of the emotions which were raging through her. She focused on the fact that the dance had lasted only ten minutes and that there would be only two more to watch. She dropped the mug once she was sure she had a grip of herself and smiled charmingly back at her husband. He leaned back to her and kissed her on the cheek, a goofy boyish smile on his face. Then he turned back towards the wide array of strippers meandering through the audience, looking for a high paying mark. Alex had to keep control of this. If Mike started acting on his own, she would be here all night and she was sure that she would lose control. So she picked the next girl quickly.

This woman was dressed as a nurse, and although Alex did not appreciate the relation to Mike's position, the stripper was obviously a little bit older and slightly less attractive then the cheerleader had been. She hoped that would be enough to keep Mike from going overboard. Once again she slipped the dancer a twenty and scooted closer to Mike, hoping that he would recognize her presence and behave more appropriately. As the woman started her dance, she realized that she had lost him for now.

Mike was much more frisky with the nurse now that he was growing accustomed to the situation of being in the joint with his wife. As the nurse danced, her lycra outfit glistening under the spotlights roaming the room, his hands began to slide over the exposed areas of skin which she had on display. The stripper moved faster then the other one, shedding her clothes in less then two minutes. All but a white pair of fishnet stockings and her nurse's cap remained on her body. This woman obviously still made good money considering how freely she used her body around the clientele. What she did would in no way qualify as dancing. It was fucking, without skin to skin contact. With each dip her hands would caress Mike's erection, her breasts dragging over it as she rose. At the peak of each rise, she would lean forward, pressing Mike's face into her cleavage. Then she would slide down again her hands once again feeling the outline of Mike's dick. She would spin with her backside to Mike and then would gracefully step over each of his legs, until her naked ass and cunt were framed directly over his crotch. Then the nurse would drop down, her lips pressing onto the obvious frame of Mike's cock. She rode there for the remainder of the song, her hands on Mike's knees, and his hands on her breasts.

Alex could tell that Mike was actually getting off on this. She placed one hand on his arm, hoping to remind him that she was present, but he was way too far gone to be stopped. He fucked his tented trousers up into the bare pussy of the stripper as if he were naked. The two timed their movements in alternation. By the end of the song, Alex saw the familiar closing of Mike's eyes and a small shudder rush through his strong frame. The dancer turned once again, kissed the growing wet spot on his trousers and accepted the three hundred dollars he offered her.

Alex was in a rage and wanted nothing more than to punish her husband. In her confused and emotional state and with the amount of alcohol she had consumed in the last twenty minutes she decided that being more than free with one of the dancers would be her revenge. She picked the most attractive one within sight and beckoned her urgently over. This woman was costumed as a maid. Her hair was long and black and hung down to her buttocks and her tits were large and stood impressively at attention. With a little toss of her head at Mike's stunned face, Alex handed the woman forty dollars and pulled her closer to her chair.

The woman had obviously done this dance before and was not surprised in the least to be paid by a woman. Perhaps she could sense the roiling emotions beneath Alex's attempt at a calm exterior, but she would put on one of the best shows of her life. As the soundtrack once again began to thrive throughout the room the French maid danced. Like the previous woman she moved quickly to remove the outer layers of clothing. Once she was down to her underwear she moved in for the kill. Alex found herself appreciating the beauty she had chosen. The maid wore white stockings and a matching black panty and corset beneath the outfit and her breasts were pushed high into the air, nipples exposed with a deep cleft of cleavage formed between them.

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