tagBDSMFor His Pleasure

For His Pleasure


Grinning impishly, the girl pushes back a bit to recline in the Master’s furs, just out of his reach. “Something should definitely be done about that,” she teased, eyeing the bulge in his pants. She could see him simply smile as he sat back to watch. Stretching a bit to tease him as her flesh is exposed, she is free of everything except the golden hue of her skin and the collar that keeps her neck warm until his steel kisses her flesh. The free fall of crimson tresses blanket her in a shroud of fire.

He simply watched her, absently beginning to rub the bulge that kept beckoning her gaze. He eyes fell to it once again, encased in his leathers, as a soft purr lifted and silken thighs bloomed wide to reveal the swollen meat of her cunt already glistening with the proof of the desire that he ignited within her.

“Rub your cunt, my slut.” The command was simple. She purred softly at his command and simply obeyed. Her fingers slid sensually down between her full heaving breasts … down the trembling plane of slave belly to delve into moist folds. Parting them so that he can get a good look at what he is to own soon, she slid her fingers into the moist depths.

He pulled out his throbbing cock, slowly stroking it as he watched her. She moaned deeply, wanting it more than anything and just seeing it was enough to move her to slide her fingers back out, covered in hot delicious juice to fly to her throbbing clit. Flicking it to life, her whole body starts to writhe in blatant need as he speaks in a husky command, “Rub it harder, slut.”

She gasped softly as her fingers rub on her clit faster and harder as she knows he would do himself. The juices start to leak out of her well-oiled cunt to ooze down to the puckered hole of her ass as she watched him begin to stroke his cock a little faster. She moaned, arching up as he strokes it, imagining her cunt walls stroking it … milking it … coaxing it to cum within her shuddering walls and then suddenly slams in two fingers, pushing them in and out in rhythm with his hand on his cock.

Unable to watch anymore, suddenly he moves between her legs and roughly seizes her hand, pulling out her fingers only to plunge his cock within. She cries out, arching up in delirium as his cock suddenly takes the place of her lacking fingers. Her juice-coated digits reach out to pull him close as her cunt walls shatter around him, screaming out in delight. He starts fucking her hard and deep, her breasts bouncing with each hard thrust as she shivers in delight.

Her hips thrust up in an attempt to stay with each of his, the hard claiming of her body sending her closer to the edge as her nails begin to score his flesh. And then suddenly without warning, he pulls his cock out. She cried out, begging but he simply slapped the head of his cock against her clit, reaching out with his free hand to twist and pinch her nipples. Her head thrashed in the furs beneath him as her body arched up for more, still begging for him to complete that which he had started.

Pushing his cock back in, he thrust deep causing her to arch up hard, impaling herself on it as her legs tried to capture his and move up to his hips. Her whole body was on fire as he slammed into her cervix. She could feel her clit burning from the friction of his shaft, her nipples growing harder and beginning to ache. Crying out, her teeth sank into her own lower lip as she began to beg to cum for him.

The words were simple and cruel. “Not yet, slut.”

She whimpered helplessly, eyes closing as she tried to fight off the wave of pleasure that threatened to consume her. He continued to ram her hard … relentlessly as his cock slammed into her cunt. She could feel her balls hitting hard on her ass and it was as if her whole pussy was on fire. Crying out, her nails dug into his flesh, begging silently to cum for him as silver tears lined the rim of her eyes.

Slamming his cock hard, he exploded into her as his eyes locked with hers. “Cum,” he commanded. “NOW!”

She heard him moaning … the rasp of his voice as he cried out in passion, in tune with her own as she felt his cum suddenly shoot within her beckoning walls. It covered her in hot, thick ropes of pearly cum and she shuddered helplessly, cumming hard over his throbbing, emptying cock. “Again!” he shouted among their cries of passion and she moaned deeply, arching up as his cock pushed deep again. Her shuddering walls were coated with his cum as she released over him again, unable to stop as she shook uncontrollably.

“Squirt your juice, slut,” he commanded as she shuddered helplessly and began to tremble violently beneath him. Her juices coated his cock and squirted out onto his hips, covering his balls as she came at his command. Suddenly he pushed in on her belly, knowing that it was a helpless trigger that would send her crashing over the edge to nirvana. Helpless silver tears raced down as he commanded her whole body, spasming uncontrollably beneath and over his body as he pulled her up and kissed her hard, crushing her lips beneath his.

She gasped for breath, clinging to him desperately as she weakly tries to return his kisses. She whimpered as he moved to her ear, biting the lobe, another spasm rocking her body as his teeth and lips made contact with her earlobe. Her mouth drew slack as he slipped his tongue into her ear, whispering, “Cum for your Master … now.”

Nails dug into his arms as her whole body stiffened and then shuddered violently as another spasm shot through her. Cum spills out onto her inner thighs as she lays helpless beneath his commands that keep filling the air around her … “Again! Cum!” She is commanded relentlessly, cumming uncontrollably, her cries beginning to get lost in the room as they echo again and again. He holds her as spasm wrack her body causing her to cling desperately to him as she continues to shudder in violent spasms. Only his grin speaks of his pleasure in the slut in his arms.

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