tagNovels and NovellasFor Love of a Brother Ch. 02

For Love of a Brother Ch. 02


The summer went by slowly for Andy. Although his recovery was quick and he regained his strength rapidly, it was decided it was best for him to skip summer baseball and wait until spring to play again. He understood the decision, but it didn't mean he liked it. His arguments fell upon deaf ears from all sides concerned, so he dropped it. Serena and Jenny both knew how bad he wanted to play, but even they thought he should wait. He also wasn't allowed to work his summer job, which made his days seem even longer. Jenny was working six to eight hours a day at McDonald's, but they had their evenings and weekends free.

He had settled into a routine by this time, taking his medications at precise intervals and having his blood checked regularly. He was now getting his blood drawn only once per week, down from every other day when he was allowed to go home from the hospital. His chemistry levels continued to hold steady in the normal range as Dr. Venkata slowly lowered his dosage, being extremely careful not to lower them too quickly. Taking pills was not a big deal for Andy. In his mind, anything beat the way he felt before the transplant and he wasn't going to jeopardize rejecting the kidney by not taking his medications. Getting his blood drawn was no big deal, either. It was just another thing he had to do to stay healthy.

By mid-July, Serena had made a full recovery and was working four hour shifts as a cashier at the local grocery store. Except for the massive scar down her abdomen, no one could tell she was any different. She had been in touch with Sue Griffin, the Indiana University softball coach, several times during her recovery and Sue even visited for a Sunday afternoon, much to Serena's surprise. Serena's thoughts often turned to school and her first year in college. All of her paperwork had been submitted and her enrollment completed. She knew she wanted to major in business, but she had no specific field in mind. She was in no hurry with her decision for she had until her junior year to declare. Going to I.U. tread heavily on her mind, for she knew she would miss her family very much, even though they wouldn't be far apart.

Being away from Andy would be the hardest thing to overcome. She knew that now. They had grown closer and closer since the transplant and sometimes she wished she had chosen a school that wasn't so far away. But, she knew she made the right choice and she didn't think she would be happy anywhere else, even Ohio State. Still, she knew it would be very hard for the entire family when it was time for her to leave and she wasn't looking forward to that.

Towards the end of July, Jenny celebrated her eighteenth birthday with a small gathering of family and friends. Andy wouldn't be eighteen until September. Andy had no idea what to get her, so he turned to Angie, her mom, for advice. She suggested numerous perfumes, bath oils, and jewelry items and Andy considered them all. He eventually settled upon a necklace, its chain thin and dainty with a gold heart pendant attached. When she opened it, she loved it immediately and had Andy fasten it around her neck.

"I'll never take it off," she said to him once they had a private moment. She kissed him and hugged him and wished they were totally alone. She wanted to make love to him right then and there, but she couldn't. She felt his hardness against her belly and sighed softly, knowing that if the right moment came, she would gladly take him inside her and accept everything he could give.

They had come close numerous times that summer up until then. It was very hard to keep their hands off each other during those times after they went to the swimming pool or the beach. Jenny was right when she said her bikini was skimpy. All she had to do was take a look at Andy's shorts to know that. The looks from the other guys told her that, too. But, all she cared about was what Andy thought, and he thought she looked awesome.

Occasionally, in private, she would let him slip his hand inside her bra and he would tease her nipples until she was hot, slick, panting, and thinking she couldn't resist too much longer before she would have to remove the rest of her clothes. Fortunately, sanity would return before they went further. Andy couldn't get enough of her breasts and loved the feel of them against his fingers. He thought he had never felt anything so soft in his life. It was only after they returned to their respective houses that they were able to relieve some of the sexual tension they had allowed to go from a simmer to a boil.

It was around this time when Jenny decided she needed to have a long talk with her mom. Her mom had always told her she could come to her with anything and Jenny decided it was time. It was after supper one hot, sticky night and Jenny asked Andy not to come over. Because he was puzzled, she explained her reasoning.

"You're going to ask your mom for what?" he asked, barely able to control his voice. "She'll go ballistic. Why don't you just announce it to the world that you want to go on the pill!"

"Calm down, Andy," Jenny hissed. "She won't be too mad as long as I'm open and up front with her."

"My God, she'll probably tell my parents!"

"I don't think she will."

"Geez Jenny, I don't know," he said, totally unconvinced.

"Listen," Jenny said, "I'm not going to make love to you unless I have some sort of protection besides condoms. They don't work." She thought back to her mom and dad. They had used a condom in high school and Jenny was conceived anyway. She did not want that to happen to her.

"Maybe we should forget about it," he said quietly. "Maybe we should just cool it for a while."

"We both know that won't happen. We both know how much we want this. I know how much I want it."

Once dishes were cleaned and put away, Jenny asked her mom to go on a walk with her. Angie raised an eyebrow, but said nothing as they headed out into the steamy evening. Jenny's arms were crossed as they walked for a few minutes.

As they crossed the first intersection, Angie broke the silence. "So, what's up?"

"I just wanted to talk."

"You haven't said anything."

"I know."

They continued for another block before Jenny spoke again. Looking at her mom as they kept in stride with each other, Jenny asked, "Do you ever regret getting pregnant with me when you did?"

Angie tried not to act too surprised at the question as she eyed her daughter. "I never regretted getting pregnant with you. We were getting married in a few months anyway when I found out. I do wish it had happened a little further down the road after we were married. Why do you ask?"

Jenny shrugged her shoulders and looked down at the pavement. Thoughts of her daughter being pregnant ran through her mind. She and Brad had suspected that Jenny and Andy were having sex, but they never confronted them. They came to a small park and walked amongst the trees before sitting down at a bench.

Jenny spoke again. "You don't have to answer this if you don't want to."


"How many times did you and dad have sex before you got pregnant?"

Angie sat back, sighed, and thought carefully about her answer. Here it was, she thought, Jenny's pregnant. That's just great! She calmed herself down and thought about the question again.

"It was never just sex," she replied quietly, "but to answer your question, I think it was about a dozen times or so." It was a lot more than that, but she wasn't going to tell her everything!

"Oh," Jenny said, deep in thought.

Unable to restrain herself any longer, Angie asked, "Are you pregnant?"

Jenny shook her head. "No."

"Are you sure?"

"Mom, we haven't done anything to get me pregnant."

"Oh." Angie slumped in her seat, no knowing what else to say. A minute or two went by. "Is he pressuring you?"

"No, not at all, but I think it will happen. We're trying really hard not to, but..."

"But what?" Angie asked.

"It's getting harder and harder to resist."

"I see." Angie's mind was in a whirl. What was this really about? What did she want?

"I don't know," Jenny sighed. "Did you feel like this?"

"Yes," she replied. Angie couldn't deny that. She remembered. They stared off into space as a few walkers passed by. "So, what do you want from me?" she asked, looking at Jenny directly. "I certainly don't want you to go to bed with Andy, but I can't forbid you from seeing him. I can see that you love him and he loves you, but I don't want you to make the same mistake we made. You two have so much to look forward to with high school and college. Your father and I didn't have plans to go to college, so it didn't matter in that regard."

Jenny looked down at the ground for a second before eyeing her mom once more. "I think what I'm asking is, would it be alright with you if I went on the pill?"

"The pill? Jenny, if I let you go on the pill, it would be as if I was giving you permission to go to bed with him. Can't you two wait and think about this?"

"Mom, we would have done it many times already if we hadn't been thinking about it. We are trying so hard not to."

"Don't you think it would be better if you two held out as long as possible before you decide about this?"

"Were you and dad able to hold out?"

Angie sighed. "No," she admitted, thinking back their courtship. They had been dating only a month before they began to have a sexual relationship and it was a mutual decision. Angie remembered it being wonderful, too, and she knew what her daughter was going through. She only wished it wasn't happening all over again.

"I just don't think we'll be able to resist too much longer. We love each other so much, mom. I know he's the one for me. I'm certain of it. I would never even think about making love to him unless I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him."

Angie looked at her daughter and produced a small smile. Her Jenny had never been one to act impetuously. Even when she was flighty and boy-crazy, she never acted impulsively and without thought. She believed her when she said they hadn't done anything, but she also believed they would eventually get to that point. She didn't want to give her a license to screw like a bunny anytime the moment hit her, but she sure didn't want to be a grandmother at thirty-seven.

Angie knew Jenny was truly in love with Andy and knew she meant to marry him. What she didn't know was Andy's intentions and she was going to find that out before she gave consent to anything.

"I know you love him and I'm certain he loves you, too," Angie began. "It wasn't that long ago when your dad and I dated. I know what you're feeling because I went through it, too." She took Jenny's hand. "I don't want you to do this, but I'm not naive enough to think it won't happen. I will let you go on the pill on one condition."

"What's that?" Jenny hoped it didn't mean telling her dad. She wouldn't have a boyfriend to worry about after her dad got through with him. Then, he'd lock her in her room until she was thirty!

"I want to talk to Andy about this."

Jenny was relieved. "Okay," she said. "What about dad?"

"I'll take care of him," Angie said, "but he'll have to know eventually."

"Why does he have to know?"

"Because no matter how good a job you do with hiding them, Melissa will snoop and find them. You know that and I know that. It's better if he's told before he hears it from her."

"But mom," Jenny cried, "he'll kill him!"

"No, he won't, Jenny. I'll talk to him. He has to be told."

And so, it came to pass a week or two later. Angie had a long talk with Andy one Saturday afternoon when Brad and Melissa were away. Although he was extremely nervous about the meeting, he relaxed soon after he realized Angie wasn't going to skin him. She was frank and honest with him, asking him pointed questions and making sure he understood his responsibilities should Jenny become pregnant. She reiterated to him that she was not giving them permission to have sex, but understood the circumstances. They talked for well over an hour before Angie was satisfied.

As they finished, Angie hugged him, thinking he was very mature for his age. She almost thought of him as a son at that point and was certain he would be her son-in-law eventually.

Jenny saw her gynecologist and with her mother's signature, she was given her first cycle of birth control pills. Now came the tough part, telling her father.

Angie took him on a walk, basically using the same route she and Jenny had used just a few weeks prior. She brought up the subject gingerly, and slowly told him the truth. He didn't erupt as she had feared, but merely sighed deeply. They sat down under a tall, beautiful maple and watched squirrels frolicking around the trunks of the other trees that were nearby.

"We thought they were screwing around anyway, didn't we?" he said gruffly.

"Yes, we did."

"She says they're not?"

"That's what she said and I believe her."

"I don't know," he sighed. "The thought of them....him....damn." He shook his head.

"Try to remember what it was like with us. Just for a minute, just remember all those times at your brother's apartment after school," Angie said.

"I couldn't wait to get inside your pants," he laughed. He remembered how breathtakingly gorgeous she was when she was naked. And she looked even better now. He still couldn't wait to get into her pants.

"And I couldn't wait to have you inside me." She touched his arm. "At least she came to us and was honest about it."

"That's true, but I still don't like it."

"Do you think I do? But, I would rather see her on the pill than coming to us with a bun in the oven."

"We couldn't stop them if we wanted to," he admitted. "I think they're more in love than we were."

"I don't think so," she laughed, "but they're close."

Brad stood up and reached back for his child bride, gently pulling her up to him. "I think I need to have a talk with that daughter of mine."

With that, they walked arm in arm back to their house.

* * * * *

As the end of August neared, thoughts of school began to trickle through their heads. They still hadn't made love, but the urgency wasn't quite as strong as it had been. Perhaps it was because Jenny was on the pill and they knew they could maybe just let the moment happen instead of plan for it. Brad had his talk with Jenny, but never talked to Andy. He simply didn't trust himself not to say the wrong thing and lose his temper. He was always cordial to him, but it was a slightly strained atmosphere whenever Andy and Brad were together.

The swimming pools and lakes were close to closing down for the summer when Jenny and Andy went to the beach for one last time on the last Saturday in August. It was a hot, steamy day when even a dip in a pool or lake wasn't quite as refreshing as one would hope. Nonetheless, they played and swam amongst the other people who were there, enjoying the water and being together in the warm sunshine.

They had brought along a picnic basket of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, chips, and cokes. Always in a semi-aroused state whenever she was in her bikini, his eyes opened wide when he caught a glimpse of her nipple as she relaxed next to him, her hand supporting her arm.

"Nice view," he winked at her, pointing to her exposed nipple.

Jenny looked down, smiled, but made no move to conceal it, noting there were no other people around them. She didn't mind him seeing it and liked the expression on his face. Noticing the growing bulge tenting out of his swim trunks, she looked around to see if anyone was watching. No one was, so she quickly reached over and grabbed his penis and gave it a playful tug. They had sometimes did some touching below the waist, but always with clothes on. Jenny remembered almost having an orgasm once as he was hitting a good spot, but Melissa interrupted by coming down the stairs.

"Something's getting excited," she giggled. Although she had never actually seen it, she guessed it to be a pretty good size.

"Hey," he jumped, very surprised. He looked around, but saw no one watching, either. "You better be careful or I might have an accident."

"I wouldn't mind seeing that," she winked. She reached over and tugged on it again.

"Hey, come on Jenny, not here," he said. He loved her playfulness, but he didn't want them getting in trouble.

Jenny laughed and laid on her back, her stomach flat and her nipples pushing through the wet, blue bikini bra. She had wonderful nipples, as Andy had found out, nipples that were the size of a small eraser and quickly became firm from his touch. She saw him staring at her and smiled. He moved over her and began to kiss her lightly, starting at her nose and ending at her lips. She loved his soft kisses as the tingles began to invade her body. His kisses always drove her crazy! Her body started to respond as she turned to him, her one shoulder off the blanket as she reached around him with her free arm.

"We need to find someplace a bit more secluded," she whispered breathlessly as they came up for air. Andy nodded and they began to pack for their return trip.

When they got back to Andy's house, no one was home. There was a note on the fridge saying they had gone out shopping for luggage and school stuff for Serena. She was moving into her dorm the next day and the whole family was going to help. The note said they would be home around four. Andy checked his watch and it was about two-thirty. They put the food away and headed upstairs to his room. They knew they didn't have time to make love, they didn't want to rush that, but they could make out or get a little more daring if they chose.

They stood by his bed for a few seconds before they sat down and began kissing. Jenny was wearing a t-shirt and thin, cotton shorts over her suit while Andy still had his suit on with a tank top. Laying side by side, their hands roamed freely without any inhibitions or fears of being caught. Andy's hands were soon underneath the shirt and gently squeezing her left breast through her bra. She sighed contented as she continued to kiss him, her thighs rubbing together slowly. Soon, his hand moved aside the cloth and his fingers found her already hardened nipple. Jenny squirmed at his touch as her breaths came quicker. She reached down and began to pull on his penis through the cloth of his suit.

This continued for several minutes before she let go and moved her hand to his waistband. "I want to touch it," she said quietly. Wordlessly, Andy eased away from her and untied the drawstring, pulling the waistband loose from his body. Jenny gently put her hand back under and found what she was looking for. Her hand enclosed around the head of his penis and Andy jumped slightly from her foreign touch.

"I didn't hurt you, did I?" she asked.

"No," he managed to say. Her hand felt fantastic as she moved it about the head.

She could feel the slippery juices at the tip and knew instantly he was getting very excited. With her free hand, she unbuttoned her own shorts and opened them. She took his hand and placed it near the edge of the bikini bottom.

"Go ahead," she said.

"Are you sure?"

"Andy, if we had the time, I'd be totally naked by now. Please touch me," she pleaded. Reassuringly, she pressed his hand underneath the thin cloth as she continued to play with him.

He moved his hand forward and soon found the beginnings of her pubic hair, fine and soft to his touch, not coarse and bristly like his own. Jenny gave out an audible sigh as a shiver escaped her. She smiled dreamily and Andy took that as a good sign as he pushed further down. Tremors of pleasure went through her when his fingers touched her hooded clitoris. "Right there," she gasped, "rub there." She held his hand to that spot as he started to move his fingers over it. He could feel her wetness as she spread her legs to allow him easier access.

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