tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor Master's Sake

For Master's Sake


Alan sits on his clinch working his way through his fourth whiskey drink of the evening. He thinks anyway. Not sure really, however many he's had it's enough for him to not move and be past the point of caring about anything. He just stares at the TV catching up on the basketball game he missed yesterday while out at that party at the bar downtown. Chicken wings beer and tequila shots were in order. Going home alone wasn't the plan but you when someone isn't interested they aren't interested no matter how much you like otherwise. He sips his drink with one hand while the other reaches over and scratches the back of his cats head. A grey furred tabby he found on his porch one night looking for food and maybe shelter. He left her some tuna and found her waiting outside the door the next morning. He tried to shoo her off but she kept coming back. So he decided to let her in. A couple months later after a collar and bath she's curled up next to him on the couch having her ear scratched by her master. His hand goes limp and falls off of her ear. She looks up to see his head slumped back on the couch asleep.

His snoring is interrupted when a soft raspy voice says "master?" His eye flicker open. He turn his head to see a naked girl next to him. In his full blackout haze he sees her sitting there legs crisscrossed with her hand resting forward. Two large eyes, one green, one blue stare at him wide with curiosity. He head is topped with short silver hair. Her body is lithe and thin. Two perky nipples cap her perky little boobs. She leans in closer to him and sniffs his face. Alan mumbles some gibberish at her. She rests her forehead against his cheek and nuzzles his neck.

He feels flushed with heath and starts to ask "what?" He stops when her palm rests on his groin. Neither of them understand what's happening. Alan because he's drunk and Ash because she's just turned into a different animal. His smell hits her nose and she suddenly feels empty. Master looks sad tonight and she want to cheer him up. She's seen this happen on his glowing box several time so she decides to try it. She doesn't know how pants work so she uses her claws to tear through the fabric. She handles his underwear the same way and in no time she's staring at his half hard cock. She's seen it before but never has it captured her imagination or created a heat within her. She fights the butterflies in her stomach, leaning in and inhaling his scent, driving her need even higher. She leans in and gives a small lick. Then a kiss. Then with her tongue she scoops the head into her mouth. She swirls her tongue around it and instinctively starts to suck. She closes her eyes and give out a small moan at the excitement. The blood flows and his dick begins to extend into her mouth. The reaction makes her happy and she keeps up what she's doing. Bobbing up and down moaning and every so often opening her mouth and swirling her tongue around the head.

When fully erect her mouth pops off and she stares at her handy work. She giggles slightly to herself still nervous and not sure if this is okay because her master is asleep. She's sure it'll make him feel good and that's all she wants right now. She leans in and trails kisses from the head down the shaft to the base. She gets to his balls and pulls one of them into her mouth. This is even more fun than the rest of what she was doing. She rolls them around in her mouth and looks up at Alan when he lets out a slight groan. His head doesn't move and he stays asleep. She continues stimulating him with her mouth until she can't take the excitement anymore. Her pussy is steaming hot and juices are pouring down her legs. She crawls up into her masters lap and straddles his erection with her pussy. She drapes her arms over his shoulders and chews her bottom lip in anticipation as she lifts up slowly until the tip reaches her opening. At just the precise moment she settles down, pushing the head gently into her opening. A small squeak escapes her mouth with the feeling of him entering her. The feeling of his head spreading her lips open. She pauses for a second and looks at Alan's face. He's still out. Her eyes drift back down and she lowers herself onto him. Feeling as each inch slowly pushes up inside of her, her loins tightly stretched around his length. The feeling makes her heart picks up and a couple mewls escape her. She closes her eyes and pushes all the way down to his base. At that moment her body convulses. She wails in pleasure as an orgasm rushes through her. Her toes curls and her back arches shoving her chest into him. She howls from the orgasm and just her tongue out. On instinct she starts to hump. Eagerly fucking him into her. She suddenly feels hand on her peach butt. She looks down at her master. He's woken up and stares at her in a half aware state. He holds her hips and pushes up into her trying to match her rhythm as much as he can in his drunken state.

With each thrust her climax builds. She moans and huffs with each fuck. Squeezing his cock with her pussy as hard as she can. His breathing gets heavy and he leans into face to kiss her. She returns the kiss eagerly. The thought that her master is enjoying this and enjoying her brings her to the edge of her next orgasm. She breaks off the kiss and moans "Master...master...fuck me...master...fuck...me" her head tilts back as her climax rockets through her body. More powerful than the last time. She moans in bliss and stops moving. Her legs squeeze and her pussy clenches while Alan keep thrusting into her building himself to a climax. The feeling of his cum inside her womb sends her back over the edge again. She pulls herself to him. Her eyes closed her mouth open she moans into him and uncontrollably humps against him. Milking him for all he has.

The moment subsides. She peppers him with some quick and affectionate kisses before resting her head back on his shoulder. He slides to the side and lays down on the couch. Ash makes sure to slide him out while this happens so she doesn't hurt him. She stretches herself out on top of him resting her head on his chest to hear his heartbeat and joins him in his sleep.

The next morning the sun breaks through the blinds hitting Alans eyelids. He flicks his eyes open to see a girl laying on top of him. "What?" He asks in a whisper. His stirring awakens the girl. Her eyes flick open revealing a heterochromatic green and blue set.

"Good Morning Master" she says. Alan stares at her confused. His brain slowly spins up to speed and once he returns to full consciousness he realizes what's going on.

"Oh shit. Ash?" He grunts. She nods her head. He gets up pushing Ash to the side. "Hang on." He grabs his phone and points the camera at Ash. She looks at it with a blank and confused face. "Hold still." The phone makes the shutter sound. He hits the share icon and types in to text Violet. He captions it with 'You have some explaining to do.'

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