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For My 40th Birthday


My name is Jennifer. I'm a thirty-nine year old divorcee and mother of two precious little boys. Of course, they aren't so little anymore for Seth just turned twelve last month and Cody will be ten next month; but they are still my babies. And like any mother, they are my whole life; my whole world and my very reason for living. I spoil them rotten and dote on them constantly. Their father and I have been divorced for nearly five years now and according to the divorce decree, he has visitation with them one night a week, every other weekend and two months over the summer. And as much as I love my little boys, I do so look forward to the weekends when they are with their father; for that is my time; my time to go hunting.

The boys and I live in a small town just to the northwest of Houston, Texas. I work as a dental hygienist, own a quaint little one story house and am an active member of both the Homeowners Association and the PTA. I drive the boys to and from school every day, help them with their homework, tuck them in every night, let them sleep in my bed during a thunderstorm, never miss a football, soccer or baseball game and allow them to have backyard camp outs with their friends all the time. To quote Reba McEntire: "I'm a single mom who works too hard, who loves her kids and never stops; with gentle hands and the heart of a provider; I'm a survivor."

But when my boys are away; that's when the "Cougar" comes out to play.

It was just before my thirty-fifth birthday when Alex and I divorced; and though he remarried within six months, I didn't even date for almost a full year and a half. Then one night while the boys were spending the weekend with their Dad, I went out with a couple of the girls at the office to a bar, had a few too many apple martinis and ended up in bed with a much younger man.

Unfortunately, I don't remember too much about what all happened that night, but I fell madly in love with the idea that a man nearly fifteen years younger than me had found me so attractive. I went out with him a few more times and the sex was phenomenal! But that is all it was; great sex! Then just like that, he was done with me! I was half tempted to get pissed off when it suddenly dawned on me that I was free now to experiment with other young gentlemen. So I began to take "hunting" trips every weekend that the boys were with Alex; and I soon became a very avid and skilled hunter. I had several little flings with some very hot and sexy young men and began to really feel alive again. Then one evening, I was picked up by a young man and his wife. It was kind of awkward at first, but I ultimately had the time of my life, and also made the discovery of my life: making love to women! Yes, I far more enjoyed making love to the guy's wife than to him; I actually at one point forgot he was even there. The touch and taste of another woman forever captured me that night and I have not been with another man since; nor do I ever wish to be again. Nothing personal, fellas!

Being extremely inexperienced; more to the point, totally new to the whole lesbian scene, I found that hunting for women when you are a woman yourself is more than a little complicated. Again, as long as the boys were away would be the only time I would go out to play. I started off by going to a few lesbian bars and nightclubs that one of my patients had told me about. Over the course of a year, I met some very hot and sexy women. That was my only requirement; she had to be a real lady. I had no interest in dykes or butch women. Any woman I hooked up with had to be a very feminine, attractive and sexy lady; I wasn't particular about height, intelligence or even personality. After all, this was all about hot and wild sex.

I am a rather imposing woman myself as I stand an even five-eleven. Not to toot my own horn; wait! What the hell am I saying? This is a story about hot sex. Of course to toot my own horn! My body is a lean, powerful, finely tuned athletic instrument with irresistible sexual allure. Possessing exquisite feminine muscle definition, pristine hour glass curves; all wrapped up with sultry alabaster skin and delicate feminine softness, I definitely turn heads. Combining the forward attributes with my platinum blond hair that flows fully and mystically down to my shoulder blades, my piercing sapphire blue eyes, pearly white and sparkling smile, luscious and ruby lips, firm and glamorously round 38 C-cup breasts; my friends tell me I'm a dead ringer for country singer Faith Hill.

Needless to say, I had some unbelievably hot sexual encounters with several women and learned so much about the fine art of loving and pleasing women. Even though I'd been a woman all my life, I had no idea of all the hidden springs, hot spots and wondrous ways that one woman could love and pleasure another; things men didn't have the slightest clue about. I soon started going to regular bars and nightclubs so as to put my hunting skills to the test and was finding it easier and easier now to seduce women; often many straight women who were just "curious." Sometimes, it was absolutely breathtaking to watch their faces as I pleasured them in bed; to see this inexplicable light of fulfillment blaze into their eyes as a whole new world opened up to them.

One of the most marvelous things I discovered about seducing and having sex with women is that it never gets old! It never gets boring or becomes routine; for although every woman has the same general anatomy; we are all, at the same time, very different individuals! Though we may all look the same between our legs; how we like to be touched, how we like to be held, how we like to be pleasured and most of all, how we liked to be loved varies considerably from woman to woman. Men on the other hand, are universally all one and the same when it comes to sex; they just have different names.

No offense, guys!

As time went on, I began to hunger for the touch and taste of young flesh again. Only now it was for young female flesh! Though every woman I'd been with up to that point was beautiful, sexy, passionate and sensuous; they were all my age or older. Only a couple had been younger, but not by more than a few years. For some reason, very few really young women seemed to frequent the clubs and bars I did; even those that were of legal age to do so. Call me a dirty old broad or pervert if you want, but I was craving buxom young female flesh like a vampire craves blood.

On the tenth of July 2010, I celebrated my fortieth birthday. Now while so many women dread the big four-oh; I completely embraced it, for I don't believe that a woman is truly considered a "cougar" until she is at least forty. I decided that I would really treat myself; and I think you know what I mean. It was summer and the boys were away for the next month and a half with their father. Summer also means bright sunshine and stifling heat; and with bright sunshine and stifling heat come short pants with taut, bubbled asses and long tan legs, tank tops with bulging cleavage as well as tan sexy shoulders and arms. And of course, the bikinis! And with bikinis came all of the above; and a lot more!

I spent the afternoon preparing my bedroom for my birthday night feast; setting out lots of scented candles and incense as well as spreading rose petals all over the floor and made up the bed with silk sheets. I talked to the boys on the phone around six and then jumped in the shower. I decided to dress casually for I was planning an entirely new approach down a totally uncharted path. Up to now, the youngest woman I'd been with was twenty-eight; but tonight, I was going younger. Much, much younger! I wanted a girl that was young enough to be my daughter; twenty at the minimum, with eighteen being ideal. I know that sounds terrible; almost incestuous, but I didn't care. Just the thought of it got me hotter than a volcano.

I slipped on a pair of white khaki shorts without panties, a tight red tank top without a bra and a pair of flip-flops. I primed and pruned my face, let my platinum blond hair hang free over my shoulders, snapped up my purse and headed out the door. Wanting to be discreet for the sake of my sons and of my standing in our small community, I drove to the next town which was about twenty miles away. My plan was based on a very simple principle: to hunt on what most potential prey would consider safe grounds. Just as you are not likely to be attacked by a lion in Time Square or to be eaten by a Great White Shark in the Colorado Rockies, a predator is far more likely to make a successful kill if she stalks her prey where she is not ordinarily known or expected to hunt.

I arrived at a CiCi's Pizza at around quarter to eight. My boys absolutely love eating at the one in our town for it's all you can eat pizza with a full game room. I've also noticed that it is a very popular place for teenagers to eat and hangout for it is relatively inexpensive; and many of those teenagers are beautiful girls trying desperately to look much older by dressing like slutty little vixens and outright whores. So delicious!

Along with the pizza buffet, there is also a salad bar, so I made myself a small salad and filled a glass with some iced tea. I took a seat at a table along the glass front of the building so as to have a full view of the restaurant as well as an unobstructed view of the parking lot. The entrance was directly behind me and the exit was right in front of me. The place wasn't very crowded this evening; just a few young couples with small children and elderly couples with grandchildren. There was a table of five teenage boys in the far corner and I could feel their eyes on me from the moment I walked in. I was definitely a mother they'd all like to fuck! I munched casually on my salad as I flipped through a magazine I'd brought along. I went back for a refill of iced tea and continued looking through my magazine and paid the boys no mind. At last they tired of gawking at me and left. I was actually relieved, for I wanted nothing to offer distraction to my prey, if and when she ever arrived. I went back for a little more salad and as I returned to my table, I spotted a late model SUV pulling up into a parking space right next to my car along the sidewalk and three teenage girls got out.

The driver was a very tall and lanky girl; not quite as tall as me, but fairly close. She had disheveled long brown hair, miniscule breasts, rail thin arms, bony hips and bowed skinny legs. As she came closer, I saw that her face, sad to say, could make a speeding train stop, back up and take a dirt road. The poor baby was covered with heavy acne and her skin was sickly pale. The girl who exited the backseat on the passenger side was barely half the height of the driver and extremely dumpy looking. While she had a cute face, she was very chubby with stubby little legs, frazzled red hair, plump arms and I had a difficult time distinguishing where her breasts ended and her belly began. She wore clothes that were at least two sizes too small for her; definitely a girl who did not understand that spandex is a privilege and not a right.

Turning my gaze to the girl that exited the front passenger seat, I nearly choked on the sip of iced tea I'd just taken. Shorter than the driver but taller than the backseat girl, this beauty nearly stopped my heart; not to mention completely redefined the term "exotic". First there was all her gorgeous coal black, long and glossy hair that draped immaculately down to her shoulder blades. She had flawless skin that was beautifully tanned; exquisitely shaped and sculpted legs, lean and willowy arms, toned and alluring shoulders, slim and sexy hands, a long and sleek neck and a statuesque, curvaceous figure that the deepest and darkest sexual fantasies were made of. Her ass was so picturesque it should have been against the law for her to have to sit on it, and her breasts were so impeccably proportionate to her body; flawless in shape and so youthfully firm and glamorous. Her face was a divinely inspired combination of angelic sweetness and goddess beauty.

Her eyes were plastered with heavy mascara and her cheeks where speckled lightly with glitter. Her full and pouting lips were covered in dark crimson gloss and her manicured fingernails and toenails where all painted an almost metallic shade of royal blue; and likewise, sprinkled with glitter while both her wrists were adorned with countless metal, rubber and fabric bracelets; there was a ring on every finger.

Dressed in skin tight denim shorts, a stylish short sleeve button down white top that was tied off in a knot just below her stunning rack, which was covered by a black sports bra, I had a clear view of her perfectly flat, toned and trim tummy with its pierced button and dangling ring as she strode sexily down the sidewalk toward me. She took the lead while the other girls fell into step behind her, yet crowded up close to her. It was abundantly clear that she was the ringleader of the trio and that the other two girls hung on her every word and move.

Though my heart was fluttering and my stomach was quivering with anticipation, I remained calm, eyeing her casually as the three of them approached the exit door right in front of me. While the other two girls continued on down the sidewalk to the entrance door, my birthday gift, as I was already calling her, opened the exit door and walked almost defiantly into the restaurant. She shot a brief and near scornful glance down at me, almost as if to say, "I dare you to tell me this is for exit only." But I merely returned her icy glance with one of my own. Our eyes met for only an instant and she was already striding around my table and up toward the buffet line to meet her friends.

So we're an arrogant and cocky little bitch, aren't we? I thought to myself as she passed by me. Perfect! By the time this old cougar finishes with you, you're gonna be one feeble little kitten. Meow!

I caught a strong whiff of her perfume as she passed by my table and it made my mind momentarily spin with carnal and intoxicating lust. I didn't even know her, yet I knew that fragrance mixed perfectly with her body chemistry and hence fit her like a glove: "I'm gorgeous! You know it and I know it! I can have anyone or anything I want so I can be as big of a bitch as I want! And if you don't like it, fuck off! I do what I want, whenever I want and however I want."

This was going to be even more fun than I thought. Her stoic arrogance and cocksureness was going to play her right into my hand; not to mention the idea of pulling my prey out of the herd, taking her home and devouring her while her friends watched helplessly; oh so delicious! As I glanced casually over my shoulder and observed her and her friends starting down the buffet line with their trays, I couldn't help but to grin deviously.

"That's right, honey. Eat hearty because you're definitely going to need your strength." I whispered to myself.

I watched her work her way down the buffet line, scowling with disapproval at her friends choices and rolling her eyes at the male staff members behind the counter who tried to talk to her; essentially brushing them off. I suddenly remembered something that my brother used to say when he saw an attractive but snobbish little bitch like my birthday gift. He said he'd love to buy her for what she's actually worth and sell her for what she thinks she's worth. But in this case, what she was actually worth and what she thought she was worth, at least in terms of physical beauty, were probably exactly the same. I then witnessed the short and chubby girl head for the dessert section of the buffet and load her plate with sweets as my birthday gift rolled her eyes and snapped at her.

Oh, that's it! I thought to myself. You just keep right on being the bitchy little tramp you are. You may think you're the hottest thing under the sun now and that your shit doesn't stink, but in a few hours I'm gonna have you eating out of my hand; and out of my soaking wet snatch. You're gonna be my own personal little pussy whore! And you're gonna love every lick of it and be begging for more.

The three of them filled their plates and glasses then migrated to a booth along the wall that was less than ten feet away from me and in a straight line of sight. My gift slid into the side of the booth that was facing toward me while her two friends stuffed themselves into the other side.

Wow! Could this possibly get easier? For now all I had to do was to lock my gaze on her with calm but hungry eyes and let her ego do the rest. Clearly she loved to have all eyes on her at all times; to be the center of attention and the object of everyone's desire. But Lord bless her, she was just arrogant enough to think that she could pick and choose who could look at her and who couldn't. And I was willing to bet that the eyes of a strange and older woman were off limits.

Sure enough, her eyes were soon darting constantly in my direction with a stern scowl on her face and she was squirming like she had ants in her pants as she obviously felt my gaze on her. Not long after, she was leaning over the table and bickering to her friends as she motioned toward me with her eyes and the slight tilt of her head. The other two girls briefly glanced in my direction; I merely smiled and they both seemed to almost cower. Then just as I'd figured, my little tramp was on her feet and making a bee-line for my table. I took a sip of my tea, flipped a page of my magazine and pretended to be engrossed in the article as I ordered myself to remain cool and let her fall directly into my trap.

"Hey!" She hissed in a belligerent tone. "You got some kind of problem, lady?"

I lifted my eyes slowly and met her icy stare; her eyes were a gorgeous shade of dark brown; almost black, and she had a sultry, sexy voice.

"I beg your pardon?" I replied casually; her delectable fragrance now flooding my nostrils like a tidal wave.

"I said do you have some kind of fucking problem?" She repeated.

"Well, like most people, I have my share of them. But if you're inquiring as to whether I have a problem with you, then I'd have to say no." I answered coolly.

"Then why are you staring at me?!" She demanded harshly.

"Because you're a very beautiful girl." I answered.


"I said that you're a very beautiful and sexy young lady and that's why I was looking at you!"

"So? What? You saying you wanna fuck me or something?" She hissed.

"I certainly wouldn't mind."

"What are you? Some kind of pervert?

I studied her very reflectively for a long moment and thought carefully about her choice of words there.

"Interesting." I finally said.

"What's interesting?" She snarled.

"The fact that you called me a pervert and not a homo or lesbo."

"Yeah, well that's a given. I mean, I can see you're a girl!"

"Ahh, honey; take a closer look at me! What, if anything about me, says that I'm a GIRL?" I hissed.

"Okay, a woman!" She hissed back. "They can be perverts too."

"Yes, but they very rarely call each other that." I said calmly. "No, that term is almost exclusively reserved for men who are looking at you with lusty eyes and making sexually explicit remarks; and most of the time, you secretly like it. But if a woman is doing all that to you, you wouldn't call her a pervert; no, you'd call her a dyke or a lesbo or homo, wouldn't you? But you called me a pervert. Very interesting."

"Fuck you!"

"Your place or mine?"

"Shut up! And quit fucking staring at me!"

"Oh come now; you don't really want that, do you?" I asked coolly.

"What?" She growled.

"You love being stared at! Being worshipped! Desired; the center of all attention. You thrive on it; you crave it. You know you're built for it and you couldn't do without it. That's why you dress the way you do. But you're just enough of an arrogant little bitch to think that you can pick and choose who can, and who cannot look at you." I expounded.

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