tagNonHumanFor the Love of Botany: Future Ch. 02

For the Love of Botany: Future Ch. 02


*Author's Note: Thanks for all the positive feedback on the latest installment. For those of you just joining the Botany series, try reading For the Love of Botany, and For the Love of Botany: Revolutions prior to Futures. They are essentially the prequels and may help fill in some of the stranger details existing in this fantastic world.


The next morning Ariana awoke to the peaceful tranquility of the rushing waterfall. She felt fully refreshed from what had been a long and arduous journey. In a few places, there was still signs of the leonine's assault, but most wounds were healing quickly and would not impair her movement. She took a few moments to think in the water as her roots retracted into her body and she broke free from the ground.

There were so many things to do and so little time to do them. She had officially been blamed by the ruling government for the Givers going to root and becoming unresponsive from the society that depended on them. They had all migrated suddenly to a wide open tract of land in the middle of the capital and within twenty four hours they were lifeless shells of the formerly animated sexual partners that they had been. The rulers of the land had quickly sought out wise women and lore keepers to try and discover the cause of the shift. Nothing could be done and as the population grew more restless the ruling council became more and more concerned that a rebellion would soon commence. So they blamed the most likely candidate for the rebellion's leader and symbol- Ariana. She had never been active politically, being content to live out her life in peace. Her uniqueness was enough of a bother for her and she had no intention of putting herself out in front of others. But, by many, she was considered a symbol of the past and the future and the promise of the next stage of evolution. There was a sacred aspect to how the remaining Seeded viewed her. That is what made her the target. Several respectable witnesses told tales of witchcraft and her wandering amongst the large frozen stalks of Givers in what was now being called Givers' Grove. All of it was lies and sensationalism, but the superstitious and distraught population came to believe that she was the issue and as long as she remained free she could continue to exert her control over the Givers. So they had sought to arrest her.

Ariana had decided to flee because she knew what would come after her arrest provided no movement from the giant Givers. They would try sacrificing her, and then when that produced no results, the civilization would collapse and men would once again seek to subvert women and revenge themselves during their vulnerability. She knew that as long as she was free she could seek to cure the Givers' malady and set things right.

Ariana was still a young woman and was unsure of what to do next. Had her mother been alive she would have provided a wealth of information that had been lost after the Rebirth. Ariana tried racking her mind for some minute piece of the puzzle that would provide her with her next step. It came in the memory of one of her mother's young Acolytes. The Acolytes were women who clung to the royal family religiously and provided immeasurable assistance in times of need. Despite Ariana's mother and grandmother's repeated attempts to dispel any ritual worship of their lineage, they could produce no change. The Acolytes would do daily tasks, serve as bodyguards, act as political allies, and functioned as a close knit family. Most of the Acolytes had died off in the Rebellion, as Ariana's mother and family had been a target for the men and their allies in the city. But one, who had lost her mother to the rebels, had survived and continued to serve in the traditional way after the Rebirth.

The woman had been but a girl of six years following the Rebirth and would now be twenty-seven. Ariana remembered her name to be Jessica. Ariana knew that based on her age, Jessica would be completing her Breeding cycle soon. There was the possibility that word of her pursuit had not yet reached the Breeding facilities. News and messages had to travel over a long distance by foot to reach the isolated and heavily fortified Breeding facility. As far as Ariana could tell, any messenger would only be a day or so ahead of her, and if she hurried she would likely be able to beat them to the caverns which housed the Seeded undergoing their Breeding.

It had only taken Ariana a minute to process this information and she burst from the water quickly, her strong slender form arcing through the jungle undergrowth in a manner immune to the snaking tendrils of brush and the hardened lassos of root. For the next twenty-four hours she would run until she finally caught sight of the Divide, a long narrow cavern which was the only pathway into the Breeding caverns. There beside the road and hidden within the brush she would rest for several hours, hoping to rebuild her energy reserves in case she was wrong.

Her rest would be interrupted by the eerie sense that something was coming. She woke quickly and moved to the roadside. Not far from where she crouched she saw the nude sprinting form of a woman crest the hill. Her body was thin and long, perfectly built for the long distant sprints which were required of an official messenger. In her hand she bore a red plume of feather, a symbol of the people she represented and those who sought to condemn the first of the Reborn. Ariana appreciated the beauty of the tanned legs of the woman as they swept lightly over the soft soil covered pathway. The muscles in her body tensed and released in a practiced timing that evidenced the lifelong commitment one made to the messenger career.

Ariana was only given a moment to evaluate and act. There was a chance that this was the messenger she sought to beat and that chance was enough to risk everything. In an equally practiced movement, Ariana leapt through the air, one elbow hammering the messenger in the back of the head and the other arm looping beneath her chin and yanking her into the underbrush. The attack was quick and decisive and nearly perfect in its execution. The messenger was unconscious by the time she hit the ground and the only alteration to the planned course of flight had come from the forward momentum the runner had going for her. The result had been that both women had crashed into a heavy wooded thicket which tore at their skin. Ariana was the more durable of the two, and the marks were barely perceptible. The messenger was bleeding from many little marks and would obvious have significant discomfort when she awoke.

Ariana did not want to kill or permanently injure her, so she pulled some hanging vines from a nearby tree and tightly bound her to the backside of a tree deeper in the jungle. She gagged her and then covered her in brush. It would be several hours before she awoke and based on Ariana's expert rope craft, it would be nearly impossible for her to break free. Ariana knew that there was a possibility that she would starve or be killed by a wild animal, but she did not want the blood on her hands. It was a moral decision that would have honored the memory of her lineage.

After being satisfied that the messenger would no longer pose a threat, Ariana closed the distance to the entrance of the canyon and stepped out of the jungle and into the craggy rock pathway a few feet before the jungle abruptly disappeared against the sheer formations of the hardened stone. Between these towering structures of jagged and nonliving stone, Ariana walked, looking for any sign of animosity from the occasional guard. No recognition, beyond the fact that she was the Reborn and thus the last of the royal lineage, was shown. So deeper she went, leaving behind her beloved surroundings and the safety of the jungle.

It took an hour of walking, but finally the wide mouths of the cavernous Breeding facilities appeared before her. The entrance was situated in a wide plaza where a small oasis grew. Trees grew everywhere and it offered Ariana a moment's solace before the echoing entries surrounded her. Here old mysteries and cold mechanics still functioned. The entire Breeding facility was kept below ground. Down one pathway was the cells in which the breeders were held and down the other was the rooms reserved for the women whose turn it was to bear the responsibilities of motherhood, that year. Ariana hoped that she could find Jessica within one of those rooms. Barring a premature birth, Ariana was fairly confident that she would still be here.

Ariana asked one of the midwives she saw passing nearby if she knew of where the women who were impregnated were staying. She gave Ariana a quick set of directions and scurried on her way. Ariana was the closest thing to a celebrity in this new world and it took almost no time for her to come to the private chambers of the woman she hoped would provide her with further insight into the nature of the Givers and offer a possible explanation of their recent behavior. Ariana took a deep breath and drew aside the woven curtain the marked the entryway to each room.

Just ahead of her, curled in as much a fetal position as possible, lay Jessica. She was six months along in her pregnancy and was highly frustrated. Which explained what she was doing when Ariana came into the room: Jessica's right hand was rubbing furiously over her naked lips and vagina. The very pregnant woman had been forced to resort to such measures since the absence of the giant Givers and their sexual prowess. Ariana watched curious and slightly aroused as Jessica's arm stretched to its limits in hopes of satisfying her needs. Finding her own body responding to the unique eroticism of the situation, Ariana decided to lend a helping hand.

She walked straight into the room and gently pulled Jessica onto her back and parted her thighs. Jessica blinked in a dazed confusion as she registered the distinctive appearance of her old mentor's daughter. Then she surrendered to the much desired touch of a foreign hand to her naked skin. Ariana allowed her tendrils to trail up and over the naked calves to Jessica's knees and dipped them in to the sensitive portion of her inner thighs. The tendrils once again functioned of their own volition and Ariana went to work with her more skilled appendages.

She crouched at the foot of the bed and stared up at the rounded hill of Jessica's swollen belly. Her hands ran slowly up and over the arcing legs and her lips kissed their way around her toes. She sucked on her toes and licked the sensitive underside of each digit. Jessica shivered and jumped at each tender stroke of the tongue. The tendrils continued the torturous stroking around her inner thigh and just shy of the most responsive areas of skin. Gradually Ariana crawled farther onto the bed, her tongue darting and lips kissing over and over again. Jessica was driven wild with lust by the slow encroaching promise of Ariana's vines and the heat of her breath over her bare flesh. By now she had pulled her legs up as far as her stretched belly would allow and her hands were pulling and pinching her fully engorged nipples. Ariana sought to control the desire emanating from the flower between her own thighs as her eyes caught sight of the hot pink center of the impregnated woman. Ariana focused her mind and lust on the small sensations of her encounter. The feeling of her arms as they laced beneath the soft thighs of Jessica's legs; the smoothness of the skin as it pressed into her cheek as she climbed upward.

Soon she was within inches of the pink fullness of Jessica's pussy and the strong aroma of her sex filled her nose. Within moments Ariana was drifting into a stupor of lust, the sensations overwhelming her self control. Surrender was all that was required and the first of the Reborn was more than happy to oblige. Her lips pressed against the most private lips that guarded the entrance to Jessica's womb. Jessica's response was a positive one and she shifted her weight downward, pressing the nakedness of her sex into the mouth of the younger woman between her thighs. The long thin tendrils of Ariana's hair splayed out over the warm golden skin encapsulating the new life and laced up over her belly to the soft globes of flesh which would soon feed the child. Ariana's tongue dove into the fluids of Jessica's labia and stroked quickly to its greatest depth. Up and down, to the pinnacle and base of the pussy's hole the tongue repeated its stroke. Jessica was thrashing in conjunction with each movement of the tongue. It had been a great while since she had last experienced any pleasure other than that initiated by her own hands.

Ariana slipped one hand beneath the round cheeks of Jessica's backside and pressed her middle finger between them to the tight rosebud of her anal passage. The sudden pressure against this long neglected hole immediately drew a long gasp from its owner and Jessica pressed firmly down on the strong finger, allowing it to slip into the tight grip of her backside. The other hand remained looped beneath the thigh of the pregnant woman on the receiving end of the delectable ministrations. Ariana varied her oral assaults upon the salty center of Jessica's sexual being and sucked the sensitive folds against her teeth before resuming the regularity of her tongue fucking. Jessica's naked pregnant body continued to thrash on the simple bed as the green woman between her thighs continued the torture. Ariana had begun to match her tongue's movement inside Jessica's pussy to the thrusting of her finger in her backside. Minutes later a loud scream of ecstasy tore through the room as Jessica burst into the unchartable realm of orgasmic bliss.

As Jessica's thighs clamped down on the head splitting them, Ariana lapped clean the new flood of juices which burst from the depths of her twat. Together, there entwined in the bed, the two women rested momentarily before slipping from the embrace which had given so much release. Ariana slid in behind Jessica's reclining form and pressed her legs into the warmth of Jessica's skin. Jessica slipped one hand behind her back and pressed her pointer and middle finger into the unique bud between the now spread thighs. Skillfully the fingers began to stroke over the sensitive petals of the brightly colored pussy. Ariana panted lightly at the sudden attention to her needs.

"I remember when you were just a tyke. I never thought I would see you again! What brings you here to see this over bred pussy?" Jessica asked her visitor.

Ariana giggled at the memory of her youth and Jessica's relationship to her mother. She was a little giddy from the ongoing molestations of the hand buried between their two bodies. She bit lightly into her lower lip before answering the question.

"I needed to speak with you. And you were the only person that I thought could be trusted and whom may have the answers."

By now Ariana was beginning to lose her complete mental faculties as the two little fingers danced within her and her pussy clenched down on them, hoping for more and wanting a moment's respite. A few flicks of Jessica's thumb over her clit sent her into a series of small orgasms.

Jessica coyly asked, "What questions would you ask of me?" She was enjoying the familiar sense of control that her talented hand offered her. She could feel the increase in fluid pouring down her fingers and into the palm of her hand. Jessica had shared similar conversations long ago with Ariana's mother and caretaker. Finally she withdrew the taunting fingers and began to lick clean the juices which cooled in the cavern air.

Ariana was once again cautious to phrase her requests. "Do you know anything that would explain the behavior of the Givers recently? Did my mother ever say anything to you about a Giver going to root but not dying?"

Jessica's response was quick and true. "I have spoken extensively with the investigators who have studied this occurrence. I can remember nothing in your mother's lessons or conversations that was similar to this." She allowed a pause before phrasing her next response. "Why have you taken an interest in this? Is there something happening?"

Ariana knew that Jessica was digging- she would not have come all this way on her own if everything was fine, and Jessica knew it. Deciding to put her trust in Jessica she filled her in on all the details of the accusation and the attempted arrest in the city and the subsequent pursuit. She allowed a slightly more graphic retelling of the encounter with the leonine for Jessica's pleasure and was rewarded with a sharp thrust of the fingers into her twat. The two women talked over the details of any possible explanation and solution to the problem. By midnight they were both exhausted of the topic and in need of a break. Jessica offered to give Ariana a tour of the Breeding colony and the young woman was more than willing to accept.

Jessica was a pleasant surprise for Ariana. She had complete trust in the pregnant woman and was confidant in her knowledge and understanding of the goings on. Jessica had remained involved in politics and society long after Ariana's mother had died and was perceptive of some of the recent downturns in individual freedom. She also knew several women of like sentiment who had known Ariana's mother and a few who were looking from the background to Ariana to restore order. Ariana had a strong affinity for her now and she flirted openly with her; hands caressing her backside, dipping between thighs, momentary kisses in the long tunnels, and soft petting of her breasts. Jessica was obviously enjoying the attention and offered a surprise experience for Ariana. Ariana had an idea that it was not going to be a trip the archives for a history lesson and she would be right.

Jessica took her into the actual breeding wing of the colony and gently guided her down numerous corridors with a playful tug of a hand. Once they arrived at their destination, Ariana was led down a long set of stairs to a dark room. In a sudden flash of brilliance the lights in the room came to life and a strange looking chair appeared in the center of the room. The chair had joints and clips all over the place, which Jessica was happy to demonstrate the purpose of. She guided Ariana to the chair and seated her there. Then she began to manipulate a panel of controls until Ariana was laying flat on her back with her legs high in the air, spread widely. Jessica once again approached the prone woman and began to fasten some straps around the wrists and waists and a collar over the throat. Ariana was initially uneasy with the set up but as Jessica worked, she could tell the woman was incredibly aroused by the bondage.

Once Ariana was secured to the chair and properly positioned, Jessica began to run her hands wherever she pleased. First she traced the smooth outline of Ariana's jaw and then she ran her hands through the long and writhing mass of vines atop her head. Once she had tired of this petting she moved her hands lower, tracing the firm underside of Ariana's breasts with a single finger and then following the curve upward to the gradually hardening thorns of her nipples. Ariana was excited by this foreplay. She had never been so vulnerable before and the sensational touch of Jessica's fingers was making her more than ready for any penetration. The hands continued their caresses, moving down her taut stomach to the already blossoming flower between her thighs. Only momentarily did they brush against the petals before they traced up each leg and then down again. Jessica stood by Ariana's side, one hand returning to her hair, and the other dipping downward until it came into contact with her dripping honey pot. Once again the talented two fingers poked inward, pressing up against the top of Ariana's tunnel. At first the motions within Ariana's twat were erratic- following no set rhythm or pace. Gradually as Ariana grew more and more aroused by the pregnant woman beside her, they found a steady thrusting pace and timing. The two fingers were plunging in and out of her fully blossomed pussy with perfect precision. The thumb overlaying her clit began to move in conjunction with the sliding thrusts of the other fingers.

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