tagGroup SexFor the Stranger in 6B Ch. 02

For the Stranger in 6B Ch. 02


Sometime later I hear a knock at the door and opening it I see you standing there. You smile somewhat sheepishly and begin to speak when you hear the deep bass rumble of a man's voice.

"Damn baby, that was one helluva show. Thought I was gonna yank my pride right off at one point and then what would you do for.....Oh hey, I didn't hear the door, who is it?"

As the looming 6 foot 5 inch black death that is my husband wraps his arms around me, you pale slightly and say "Sorry...wrong apartment number."

Ivan, however, unexpectedly throws back his head and laughs, white teeth flashing as he grins widely. He reaches past me with an open, welcoming hand.

"Come on in, man. Guess you wanna meet the star of the show, huh?"

Hugging me close to him and bending over to kiss the top of my head he says, "This is my Joy. Isabelle Hawkens. And I'm Hawk, Ivan Hawkens, but everyone calls me Hawk. Well don't just stand there man, come on in, have a glass of wine, or a beer or something."

You look at me, somewhat bemused. I shrug slightly. I really have no idea what Ivan is up to at the moment, but you may as well come in. I smile to myself thinking at least you got out of your funk long enough to come find me, that's progress. I tighten the belt of my terrycloth robe, smiling again, like you haven't already seen everything I have to offer... Well, on second thought, you haven't yet. But you've certainly seen the map. Moving back from the doorway I wave you in and, like a man in a dream, you walk through the door and look around curiously.

The thought suddenly occurs to me that you're taller than I'd imagined, but then, who isn't, I think more realistically. A similar thought must occur to you as I see you looking down at me and smiling.

"Curt Warren" you say, holding out your hand and I shake it thinking to myself 'okay, I just spread myself and came loud enough to wake the neighbors for you....and NOW we're shaking hands!' My sense of the ridiculous is now fully inflamed and I look from our joined hands up at you to find that your hazel eyes are also twinkling with suppressed mirth. I start to laugh first, and soon I'm laughing so hard I've slid down the wall and am sitting on the floor, holding my sides. Wiping mirthful tears from my eyes I look up to see you leaning against the wall and laughing. I shake a finger at you and we both start laughing again.

I hear a crashing and banging in the kitchen.

Ivan calls, "Joy, baby, where's the veggie dip?"

He comes to the kitchen door, looking puzzled, and stops cold when he see us. He looks even more puzzled for a moment when he views our hilarity, then, shaking his head and flashing his brilliant smile again, he comes to help me up saying, "Crazy white folks!"

I reach up and pull his head down for a long, lingering kiss, realizing as I do that his hands are wandering and I'm in sudden danger of losing my robe. Breaking it off, I smile and pat him on the chest saying, "Yes sugar, I know, but you love us...."

He turns to you conspiratorially and says, "Tell you what I love most about THAT white woman...You can find her in the dark!"

Sticking my tongue out at your identical expressions of amusement and flipping my ponytail at you both I try to flounce into the kitchen, but it's dreadfully hard to flounce when you're 5 foot even, round as a Georgia peach, and wearing a bathrobe. Oh well, at least everyone seems to be getting along and having a good time. I'm still not sure why you're here, Mr. Warren, and I wish to God I knew what Ivan had in mind when he invited you in. Opening another bottle of Asti and grabbing freshly iced flutes from the freezer I pour for all of us. Ivan comes to wrap an arm loosely around me again and lifts his glass in a toast-

"To you, Joy. You've made every day an adventure!"

I see you drinking your toast along with us but there's a perplexed look on your face.

"Wait, I'm confused," you say. "I thought your name is Isabelle. Is Joy your middle name?"

"Man, don't you know your Bible?", Ivan answers, as he straightens from another search through the fridge.

You look totally confused now.

"Weeping and mourning may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning!", I quote, tossing my head at the tall man, standing behind me, adding, "It's his little joke."

"Joke my ass" he protests. He begins to explain to you how we met, when his mother was in the nursing home under my care prior to her death and how I brought him home with me when he fell apart the night she died. This is helpful because it gets him out of the way so that I can get into the refrigerator and make the snacks. Setting out previously washed fruit and chopped veggies I thank the compulsiveness that makes me do such things in advance for lunches, snacks, munchies or whatever. This, I think with a smile, definitely falls under "whatever". I make up a tray of mixed veggies and find the veggie dip front and center on the top shelf of the fridge. Another tray for fruit with some extra whipped cream I'd prepared and also a small bowl of the homemade fudge sauce. Slicing some cheese and sausage I set out another tray with crackers and finally some chips and salsa. It's not much, I think, but not bad for short notice. And there's plenty more Asti, or even champagne in a pinch. I get down some more flutes to ice, some small plates, and linen napkins. I begin to move around the room, lighting additional candles here in the main room of the apartment, turning down the CD player and putting on a jazz-mix disc as more conducive to conversation.

The soft, deep murmur of men's voices follows me through the apartment as I light a few candles out on the balcony as well, like subsonic elephant communication, I think. The deep, low notes seem to stir and vibrate within me, down to my very bones. It's a pleasant feeling and I pause, out-of-sight in the bedroom listening to the two of you talking. I definitely like the sound of your voice. Deep with some roughness around the edges, probably from too many cigars, or too much, was it Scotch I smelled when you came in. Ivan's voice is smoother, but at least as deep, if not deeper, dark rum I think.

The night has gotten cooler so when I re-enter the great room I light the gas-fireplace. I see that you and Ivan are still in rapt conversation and I begin to have some notion of Ivan's possible intent. We haven't been married many years, but long enough for me to have some idea of the kinks in my husband's nature. For one thing, he enjoys watching and being watched as much as I do, perhaps more. I never quite know what's going to trigger such urges within him...but I have a feeling about you, Curt, and what adventures the night may yet hold. And, then, there's the matter of his....

I look up from my musing to see Ivan curling his fingertips at me in his "come here" signal. I curl up next to him and he wraps his right arm snugly around me, kissing me absently on the top of my head. I'm warm and comfortable, wrapped in the arms of the man I adore, I've had more than enough sparkling wine and as the gas fire logs snap and crackle I begin to drift into an almost dreamlike state, not paying any attention until I hear my name mentioned and realize it is Ivan speaking.

"Well, I've got to ask man, what made you decide to come over here?"

In my peripheral vision I see you flush.

"I guess I thought she looked like she needed a hand..."

At that Ivan gives a great bellow of laughter and, somewhat startled, both you and I look at him.

"You don't know this about my Joy, but when everything's right, you don't even HAVE to lay a hand on her...you can talk her right over the edge!"

I can feel your curious gaze at this statement as Ivan continues-

"Kinda found this out by accident though, didn't we sweetheart?"

At my nod he adds, "I thought she was bullshitting me the first time it happened, but then it happened again, and I got curious. Before long I'd talked her through half a dozen big orgasms and all I had to do was stay hard."

I laugh then and add, "And considering you'd broken your leg skiing on our honeymoon, that was probably a big enough challenge anyway, hmm?" Then laugh again and pretend to duck as he pretends to take a swipe at me, which he turns into a tickle I can't escape from. In short order I am red-faced and laughing, begging him to stop.

"Please baby! Mercy! I give!"

You sit laughing and enjoying the show from the other end of the couch as I wiggle and fight in four different directions, none of which include the robe I'm now laying on.

I hear you take a ragged breath and as Ivan bends to kiss me, reaching a long arm down my body to fondle me, I look up to see him glance down the couch at you and feel him smile against my lips. Whatever the man has planned, it seems it's working. I haven't seen him this smug since...well, since I first shared with him what I had planned for you. As for me, between Ivan's kissing and fondling, and the fact that you are now staring unashamedly at his ebony fingers as they stroke and caress my rosy folds, I feel my arousal levels starting to heat up again. I do love being watched, and now that I know that watching turns you on, it triples my level of excitement. I know Ivan can feel the sudden rush of blood to my nether region from the temperature and moisture changes and he gives a brief snort of amusement before letting go of me again.

While I make a somewhat tardy attempt to cover myself I sneak a surreptitious look in your direction, only to discover you adjusting a fairly prominent bulge in the front of your slacks. The fact that there are now three of us present, instead of the relative privacy afforded the two of us earlier, doesn't seem to be putting you off very much and I begin to understand that Ivan and I have found a kindred soul. That, in fact, you have always known I was watching and have enjoyed putting on your little shows for me as much as I did for you earlier this evening. You catch me watching you now and smile at me, your hazel eyes flashing. I glance back at Ivan and see him give a barely perceptible wink and nod before turning back to you and reaching out a hand to pull you closer.

Your lips cover mine somewhat hesitantly at first, warm, gentle, tender rather than passionate. I sense you watching Ivan as he moves up behind me, not quite 100% certain yet of what role you'll be playing tonight. Ivan bends to nuzzle me on the neck, taking the opportunity to slide his hands down to my waist and loosen the tie of the robe so that, as he steps away from us, he takes my robe with him. I feel your immediate response as your lips become more demanding, your tongue penetrates more deeply into my mouth, and you move closer to me on the couch. Your hard shaft is now making its presence known as you rub against my hip and thigh and I grasp you, through your slacks, stroking you firmly with the full length of my hand. I hear you groan softly, deep in your throat as I try, one handed to unbuckle your belt buckle. I sense, rather than hear your chuckle as you begin a lingering, nibbling kiss that trails from the corner of my jaw, just below my ear where my pulse now beats hot and strong, down to my collarbone.

As I arch into you, trying to close any distance skin and flesh have conspired to create, I hear Ivan's low, gentle comment-

"Greedy girl! Come here to me and let the man strip."

I turn toward him, and he snags my ankles, pulling me down the length of the couch to a point where he can slide forward, burying his face in my pussy. His hands cradle the globes of my ass as he works his tongue in long waves from my ass to the tip of my clit and back. I can feel my lips begin to open fully under his loving attention and think how very well he knows me, and knows what will not only pump up my level of excitement, but maintain it at a high level for a long time. As my arousal level starts to really pick up I feel him sliding the point of his hot, wet tongue between my labia and into the very core of me, sucking as my juices begin to flow in ernest. With one hand now I feel him sliding his fingers, back and forth along my slit, wetting them, before slipping the first two into my now throbbing hole as I lift upward with my hips against his face, trying to increase the pressure against my cunt, as well as focus his attention on my clit.

I hear the sound of hoarse breathing and startled, remember your presence. You're standing across the room watching us and stroking your cock and I realize how much bigger you are, all over, than I'd thought. While not as tall, or as lean as Ivan, you are more solidly muscular than he is. I assume you must go to tanning booths as there are no evident tan lines, and you are a healthy, golden brown all over. It's your cock though that holds my immediate attention. Nearly as long as Ivan's, but so thick I wonder if I'll be able to get my mouth fully around you.

Holding out a hand I wave you closer and you come to the edge of the couch, looking down at our mingled bodies in something like wonder.

"It's like looking at living art", you whisper to me hoarsely, and glancing down briefly at the tableau we present, I suppose I see your point. Ivan's ebony skin has taken on a sheen of perspiration so that the fire and candlelight glisten and flare in highlights against it. He works out every day and had aspirations in the boxing ring when he was a youth, so every muscle is clearly cut and defined without being overblown like a body-builder's. We are a study in contrasts, his sharp-edged, muscular height and leanness versus my smaller, softer, rounded rose and ivory form.

I've lost all pretence at bashfulness now, and reaching up I grasp your cock firmly, giving you a little tug, to get you to kneel so I can finally get my mouth around the head of your prick. Wrapping both of my smaller hands around the base of your erection I give a slight pressure upward with my thumbs and see the first pearly drops of your precum materialize. Licking my lips in anticipation I open my mouth as widely as I can in order to slide the entire head of your shaft into my mouth. I can smell your arousal now, that musky male smell that indicates your excitement is more than just proximity and opportunity and closing my own eyes I give myself totally over to worshipping your cock.

I've loved giving head ever since my first lover taught me how, starting with bananas and progressing, in short order to his own member. I love the taste of precum and cum, and the pulse and throb of an excited penis against my lips and tongue. I love having a man tangle his hands in my hair or grab my head to fuck my mouth and throat as he loses control. Most of all, I love knowing that I can create and control that level of excitement. And right at the moment I'm loving the low, guttural, moaning sounds you're making in the back of your throat, while you rock gently back and forth. Looking up at you I can tell that you are still watching Ivan's shaved head nestled between my thighs, his hands firmly grasping my hips as they begin to twitch uncontrollably with the approach of my orgasm.

Letting your cock fall out of my mouth briefly for fear of biting down in my excitement I realize I'm crying out begging for more.

"Let me?", you say reaching toward Ivan. He raises his face, glistening with my juices and, nodding, gives way for you, coming around to kiss me and share my taste with me. At my other end you are stuffing pillows under my ass and when I raise a questioning brow at you, you grin boyishly.

"You did this thing, out on the balcony, and I almost came right then just watching you. I want to taste it too..."

Reaching for the Asti bottle you hold it near the mouth of my vagina, waiting for my nod before you tilt it into me, filling me with the bubbling sweet wine which promptly begins foaming out. Quickly replacing the bottle with your mouth you begin drinking the cum mixed wine out of me. Your tongue action, different as it is from Ivan's, mixed with the bubbling action of the wine, soon sends me over the edge again into another thrashing climax. Your mouth stays glued to my cunt, drinking my juices, despite all my writhing. Your tongue is fucking me deeply and sweetly and the sounds of you wetly slurping me are so erotic.

"Sshhh, baby....listen....does it feel as good as it sounds?", Ivan asks.

I see an emerald gleam flash from your hazel eyes, your face still buried between my pussy lips.

"Oh gawd yes....soooo good." I moan.

"Are you going to cum again, baby?" Ivan asks.

I pull his mouth down to my nipple in answer. He chuckles as he begins to lip and nibble the closest one, reaching across to fondle the other. Licking the palm of my hand I reach for his cock and begin to fondle him. The sounds and smells of sex are beginning to overwhelm the sounds of jazz from the stereo and the smell of the scented candles. I feel you moving upward, focusing your attention now on my clit as you slide several, thick, curled fingers into me. You bite down firmly against the base of my clit, sucking hard for a moment and then, as you release the pressure and the blood begins to flow back into the now overly sensitized head of my clit, you blow against it gently. I've never felt such a powerfully explosive orgasm in my life and every muscle in my body contracts as I cry out, my fluids gushing over your hand and the pillows below.

"FUCK ME!" echoes through the apartment.

You and Ivan grin smugly at each other. I see Ivan nod at you, but at this point I really don't care which one of you it is, I just need someone's cock filling me. You slide the head of your prick up and down my slit a few times to get it wet, and then with one firm smooth push, slide into me balls deep. It's a good thing I've come so much and am so very wet, as it is I can barely stretch to encompass your girth. I feel my labia trying to grip and hold as you begin to move in and out of me, and with my ass so high on the pillows I can watch your rod pistoning me.

Ivan is watching too and I can feel his prick twitching in my hand, knowing his excitement level is rising and he is wanting to cum as well.

Turning to me he says, "Baby, sit up on his cock. Ride him."

Looking over my shoulder you seem to have some idea what Ivan has in mind and reaching for my hands pull me forward so I am sitting up, facing you, in your lap as you kneel below me. I can sense Ivan is removing the pillows that were under my ass and now I feel his warm hands, and long fingers, separating my ass cheeks, finding my rosy center and rubbing it warmly with some lubricant. I feel the pressure as he inserts first one, and then two fingers into my ass, fucking me firmly from behind, as you fill me strongly in front. Leaning back against Ivan now I can feel his hard shaft firmly nestled against my buttocks, while his fingers work their magic in my ass. Your hands are on my breasts now, teasing and stroking my nipples and I know that I'm going to cum again hard. As Ivan feels the muscles in my ass begin to twitch he removes his fingers.

"No, don't," I cry out. But leaning forward once more he slides into me with his long hard cock. I can feel the two of you moving inside me and I know you can feel each other moving through the thin walls of muscle separating vagina from anus. Your hands increase their pressure on my nipples as your lips come down hard on mine. Ivan's hands are on my ass, rocking me back and forth to add to the sensation the two of you are getting. His hot lips are on the back of my neck as he kisses, bites and sucks while his passion builds.

Suddenly I'm cumming, my back arches, pussy and ass muscles clamp in waves, milking both your cocks simultaneously. The extra stimulus is too much and now you are both cumming, flooding me with hot sticky rivers of mancum.

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