tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 012

For the Whored Ch. 012


In the General's office, he eyed the both of them.

"What tells me that I should allow you armor and a weapon in my town?"

Grogek growled. "Your so called "army" is pathetic." He spat. "The Iron Horde will make paste of them. I know, I trained them all. I'm offering you my expertise. One you need badly."

Elunara laid a hand on Grogek's arm. "Sir, I vouch for him. I know my word doesn't mean much around here, but what option do you have? He's giving us the edge we're going to need."

General Renwa leaned back and frowned. "Hmm." With a sigh he tapped the table. "Fine. But you figure out how to make them listen to you. And no deaths!" He pointed a finger at Grogek.

Grogek snarled. "Pathetic."

"Alright you two." Elunara stepped between Grogek and the desk. "Come, let's get your armor and axe, while the General here makes the announcement." She turned to the General "Gather all of the soldiers. We might as well make the announcement to all of them."

The General nodded.

Back in their barracks, Grogek put on his armor. "Tiny little human." He muttered.

"Well, what do you expect? You're huge, and intimidating. This will go a long way for them." She sat on a bed, one leg pulled up, her hands on her ankle.

He lifted his axe and examined the blade. "It's gotten dull; I'll have to sharpen it."

"I'll talk to the blacksmith, get you time in the shop."

He hefted the axe on his shoulder. "What should I do, to make them follow me?"

"How about a demonstration?" She grinned.

"Like the LAST demonstration you arranged?" He grinned even as he narrowed his eyes.

"Well, not with the same ending." She giggled. "No, let's show them what it's like to face a real Iron Horde."

Grogek nodded. "Yes. This I agree with."

They stood before a small army of men. Humans, dwarves, and other races of the alliance. They were under geared and some under sized. Elunara sat off to the side with her writing desk, capturing the scene. The General and Grogek stood side by side. The General stood straight, and any evidence of fatigue was hidden beneath a mask of discipline. She decided it said something about their relationship that the General would let her see what was under that mask.

"Today I have made a very important decision." The General began. "We are woefully under prepared for the enemies we will be facing. It has come to my attention that this orc..." He laid a hand on Grogek's shoulder in a sign of solidarity. "Grogek, is willing to help us. He is formerly of our enemy and he is willing to teach us what battle strategies we will face; strengthening us towards a common goal. I expect each of you to follow his direction."

Elunara sketched their faces. The disbelief and the distrust.

Grogek dropped the head of his axe to the ground. He leaned on the hilt. "This is what you bring me?" He looked around at the crowd. "This pathetic group is what I have to work with?" He looked to the General "I ask you for an army and you bring me CHILDREN?"

"Naturally, we do not send all of our recruits to the same station, but yes. This is all we have now." The General nodded to Grogek.

"Everyone's gotta start somewhere." Elunara leaned on her board, chin on her fist.

Grogek snarled. "Then I shall."

Elunara carefully tucked her pencil into her board and closed it up. Standing by his side, she appraised the crowd; their faces already etched in her notes. "I have hope for them."

Grogek turned his face to her, his eyes glittered as he grinned.

"We're to take orders from an orc and a whore?" Someone called out.

Sharply Grogek turned his head, growling at the crowd as he lifted his axe. Elunara placed a gentle hand on his arm, and he lowered the axe, stepping back. The General seemed to let out a breath.

"You know." Elunara said casually. "I have yet to figure out why people think that word means anything to me. It's not even insulting."

Grogek snorted and hid his smile. Only a slight twitch in his face betrayed the amusement he felt.

"I think we owe them a demonstration." She turned a grin on Grogek. "Let them see what this whore and that orc can do." She smacked the back of her hand on his stomach. "One on one, you and me."

"As you wish, my little she-wolf."

The way was cleared and a ring was set. General Renwa oversaw the event. Grogek and Elunara stood on opposite ends of the ring.

"We've been here before." He said.

She laughed. "Except this time, it won't end the same."

"Is that so?" His eyes glittered.

"Yeah, this time we're not trying to piss anyone off." She twirled the staff around. "It's been awhile since I've held this weapon."

"Of course it would be a staff."

She grinned. "Go with what you know."

"Would you two quit the banter?" General Renwa rolled his eyes. "Let's have a good clean spar. Can we?" He raised an eyebrow at Elunara.

She twirled the staff again. "Remember Groggy, if I even think you're going soft on me, you won't be using my favorite appendage for a week."

He roared in laughter. "So it will be."

"Begin." Renwa called.

She twirled her staff as she began to sing. The night elves in the crowd recognized her words and began to cheer. Grogek and Elunara circled each other.

"What are you singing?" He asked.

"Traditional war ballad." She answered before she continued to sing. He charged, she twirled and dodged.

"The question is..." He swung his axe toward her head, but she ducked effortlessly. "Why are you singing?"

She slid up under him, tapping his thigh with her staff. When he twirled she hopped up. "The sentimentality is getting to me, I guess."

As they danced, taking testing swings, charging and lunging she sang, until her voice reached a fever pitch. He stopped and stared. At once she stopped and glared him down. "Let's begin." She growled.

She charged, using her staff to block the swing of his axe, shifting she pivoted and rammed the staff into his stomach. Stumbling back, he narrowed his eyes. With a wild cry he began his attack. The crowd soon went from cheers and roared to stunned admiration as the two combatants fought for blood.

No longer lovers amused at each other, Grogek and Elunara fought to kill. His axe destroyed a nearby cart, as he maneuvered up and over. They struck many blows against each other, she was covered in small cuts and he in bruises. To the crowd they were out to kill one another. The fight dragged on, but neither showed signs of stopping. Finally he discarded his axe and grabbed her by the hip.

At once she hit the ground, her legs crumpled up under her. She blinked stupidly at her legs as she tried to get them to work again. He advanced on the crippled night elf.

"You asshole!" She cried.

He laughed. "I believe you said that last night. Though the tone was quiet different."

She crossed her arms and pouted. "That's not funny. What did you do to me?"

"What was it you said last time?" He tapped his fingers to his chin. "Ah, yes. Focused attacks."

"Oh, ha ha."

"Here, let me help you up." He reached out to her.

Suddenly she grabbed him by the wrist and flung him down behind her. He struggled, but could only raise his head.


"Serves you right." She laughed.

"Alright, alright." He sighed. "Help me up, and I'll get you up."

"Oh sweetie, I thought you'd never offer."

He roared in laughter as he hit the points in his neck that released the paralysis. Scooping her up, he jammed his fingers into her hips. When the feeling returned she swung herself up on his shoulders.

"That was..." The General looked flustered. "Quite a show."

"Oh." She looked around and flushed. "We had an audience."

"Wasn't that the point of this whole mess?" He muttered into her thigh.

"Well, yes. But I... got involved."

"Of course you did." He tugged her down. "I thought you were going to take my balls of several times there."

"Pfft, and deprive myself? Not happening."

"Good Lord," General Renwa whispered. "You two weren't even trying?"

Elunara looked down at the superficial wounds on her arm. "No, not really."

General Renwa shook his head violently and regained his dignity. Turning to the crowd, he surveyed everyone. "I see I leave your training in capable hands." With that, he turned and walked away. Leaning over to Elunara he whispered: "Keep an eye on him."

Grogek ignored the comment, and his face twitched when Elunara groaned.

"So you are my leash?" He asked.


"I'm ok with that." He hefted his axe and marched to the crowd. "FALL IN, MAGGOTS!" He called. "Or do I have to teach you how to do THAT too?" He growled.

Elunara tossed her staff back on the weapon rack and gathered her drawing board.

While Grogek ran the group through a list of his demands and expectations, she sat down and began to draw. She enjoyed the little bits of sadistic pleasure as he roared insults. With precision and care, she noted the faces, expecting a list of names from the General later. Each expression documented. There were already a few rebels in the pack, and she'd figure that one out later. He divided the groups and went through short drills to assess each person.

He went for hours, only allowing breaks as he saw fit, or when Elunara encouraged it. When at last the soldier collapsed on the ground, Grogek let them go.

"Pitiful." He spat.

Elunara folded up her desk. "What can you do?" She shrugged. "Come with me."

She led the way through the camp. When her own watch dog began to follow from a safe distance, she rolled her eyes.

"It's insulting how they treat us." Grogek muttered.

"Sugarbear, I've learned to just not worry about it."

He threaded his fingers through hers. "I earned the respect I had. Now, I have to start all over."

She shrugged. Leading him slightly away from camp and into a sheltered grove, she laid her drawing board against a tree. "Let's work on mending those... booboos." She murmured as she pressed her lips to his.

"I'm beginning to think you enjoy being watched."

"Am I that obvious?" She purred.

Gerald peered through his binoculars and sneered. "Figures."

"Hey man, what are you doing?"

Gerald looked back at his brother Donald. "The whore and the orc are about to go at it." He held out the binoculars.

Donald took the binoculars and peered through. "Oh, sick." He handed them back. "20 gold she gives out first."

"Pfft. I'll take that bet. He'll crop out first."

"What makes you say that?"

"She's a mission specialist. Gotta develop that stamina."

"I say..." She purred as she tugged at his pants. "By time we finish, there will be fifteen of them."

"Fifteen Huh?"


He bent down and bit her exposed shoulder. Slowly he slipped his fingers in her. She dragged at his pants and when both of them stood naked he lifted her up and slipped her down on his dick. Pressing her against the tree, he slipped slowly and rhythmically in and out. She dug her nails into his back and purred into his chest. Working his tongue up and down her neck, he slowly nipped and scraped his teeth in that sensitive spot. Using her legs, she shifted and braced against the tree. With a quick shove, he was flailing backwards. She landed hard on top of him.

He groaned. "Are you trying to kill me?"

"Not yet." She bent down and dug her teeth into his shoulder and scraped her fingers down his chest. She rocked and bucked, moving up and down on his hard dick. Wildly she tore at him, and he responded in kind. His nails bit into her hips as he thrust her up and down. She leaned forward and put her breast in his mouth. Gripping her, he pulled her in and sucked wildly, sending shocks up her body. With the ferocity of animals they fucked wild and hard.

He shoved her over and buried himself deep. She shifted on to her side and wrapped a leg around his neck. He grabbed at her arms and held her as he rocked and bucked wildly. With a deep shudder he filled her. Still shaking, he hit the ground and rolled on to his back.

"You're a wild one."

"You JUST figured this out? I'm losing my touch."

"Ha! As if..." He blinked at her. "What are you doing?"

She climbed onto his hand and sat down, forcing his fingers into her. "Well, you're tired, so you just lie there and catch your breath." She began to buck her hips and fucked his hand.

Up on the hill, Donald handed Gerald 20 gold. Louis sighed and handed over another 20. Marty pulled out some mugs of ale.

Grogek watched her for a long time, as she moved in his hand. He obliged her at every move. After awhile he grinned. "I believe I have my second wind." He shoved her over. She grinned up at him and he scooped a hand up under her back and flipped her over. Thrusting himself deep inside, she groaned and pressed her hips backwards. Her fingers dug into the soft earth.

"Geez, I bet that thing would make you bite the pillow." Jerry bit into his sandwich.

"Are you looking at the guy's junk?" Steve made a sound of disgust.

"Oh, like you weren't curious." Jerry blushed.

"Would you two shut up?" Gerald hissed.

Grogek grabbed her legs and wrapped them up around his waist as he leaned forward and propped his hand near her head. "Mine." He whispered with a growl. "My beautiful she-wolf." he purred.

She shifted and rocked, crying out while the orgasm ripped through her body. She panted and let go with her legs. He shifted and pulled her into his arms. They lay there for a little while, panting and gasping.

She stood up and stretched her back out. She stepped over him and grinned. The glint in his eye made her lick her lips. All at once she stooped down and slipped her mouth over his cock. He groaned and gripped the sides of her head.

On the hill, gold switched several hands.

She sucked and teased, gripped and massaged. When at last she had enough of the play, she used her skill to bring him out. He released her head, expecting her to move off as before, but this time she drank of him.

Once again, gold changed hands.

He watched her as she went to her things and pulled out a skin of water and drank it down. He said nothing as he walked to her and laid his lips upon hers. She blushed. Actually blushed for the first time in ages. No words were spoken as he touched her face. She shook her head and motioned. He nodded. Stooping down, in one scoop he picked her up and put her legs over his shoulders. She grinned down at him. Using a fang, he tickled the inside of her thigh. She giggled with a gasp.

Shaking her head from one side to the other, she considered and then pointed. He laid her on the grass and buried his face into her crotch. She gasped and giggled. "Ok, apparently I'm... eep! Ticklish!"

He looked up and at her and grinned. "Is that so?"

"Oh shit." Her eyes went wide. "Forget I said... EEEE!" He teased and tormented, licked and shifted. Using his fingers and his tongue he slurped at her. He shifted his head back and forth and the fangs tickled the inside of her thighs. She squirmed and gasped, her nails digging in to the back of his bald head. "Oh lord, make it stop." She whimpered. With a laugh he shifted and buried himself into her. She bucked against him.

"That..." she panted. "Was evil."

He scoffed. "You loved every bit of it."

"That's beside the point." She muttered.

"I like learning new things about you." He murmured into her hair.

"Well, it was new to me."

"So, how many are we up to?" He licked at her neck. "You always taste delicious."

"By my count we're up to... nope there he is. We're at fifteen."

"You're good at this."

She shrugged. "I know men."

"That you do." He murmured.

"Hmmm so what should be our crescendo?"

"Our what?"

"Our big finish."

"I think I know how I want to finish."

"Oh really?" She purred.

"Really." He whispered.

Soft as a feather he laid his lips on hers. Gently, slowly, he savored the taste of her, of them.

Joseph coughed. "Well, that... took a turn."

"Oh, come on... you can't buy... that." Michael gestured to the two in the clearing and rolled his eyes.

"Yeah." Jerry scratched the back of his head. "I'm out."

One at a time, the crowd thinned out. At last Michael and Gerald remained.

"Yeah..." Gerald scratched his head. "That seems a little more personal."

"Pfft. Whatever." Michael hunched his shoulders and walked off, leaving Gerald to his uncomfortable duty.

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