tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 014

For the Whored Ch. 014


Elunara sat on the hill and sighed at the scene down below. With all due diligence she recorded every moment of every day in her books. Still it wasn't enough. They wouldn't send her out on assignment because of Grogek. Oh, they trusted him well enough, but no one wanted to take the risk that he may be upset by her leaving.

"You're pouting again."

"They're all idiots." She muttered.

Grogek sat down behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. "You are a trapped wolf, with no meat to bite."

"That's a tidy summary."

He propped his chin on her shoulder. "I see it in your face, in your eyes. When a well toned male walks past, you're a she-wolf on a hunt. I watch you, and I see it in your face. How many times would they have sent you out by now?"

"A lot. Or saved me for one major operation. But I would be out there by now."

"Doing what you love, seducing strange men." He nipped at her shoulder. "I'm sorry they leash you to me like this."

"I'd be happier if everyone wasn't afraid of me. Of you." She sighed and leaned back and enjoyed his teeth digging into that sensitive spot on her neck. "I flirt with them and they skitter away like terrified mice." Reaching her hand back behind her, she grabbed his growing erection. "Not that you aren't plenty adequate."

He purred into her neck and slipped his hand in her pants. "You offer me this, as if I haven't already spoken of it. I know what you require my love. I will give it to you anyway I can." He slid a finger in her. "We were in the same spot as I recall." He slid the second one in and grinned as she shifted hard against him. The other hand he slid up her shirt, gripping her beast as he held her against him.

"I want you to have them. I want you to have your own army of well bodied men, to do with as you please. I'd tie them up for you and watch you devour one after the other." Faster, he pumped his fingers in and out as he drove her up. "See the looks on their faces when they discover that they are merely your playthings." Her backside ground against his erection as she helplessly tried to grab on to his legs.

"I will watch you play with them. Touch them, taste them, and enjoy their bodies like a cat. And when they are spent, I will still know that you are mine." He buried his fingers deep in her and held her back against him.

She could feel his orgasm against her back, even though he still wore his pants. He slowed his fingers and gently licked and nipped at her neck.

"Do you think I do not understand the significance of the other day?" He murmured. "You took me in. You drank me and kept me. Even I know that is not something you do." He slid his hand up wards, and when he was free of her clothing, licked his fingers. "That was not for show, either."

He wrapped his arms around her waist and held her more comfortably. He leaned against the tree and buried his face into her shoulder and hair. She was quiet for a long time, but he was okay by that.

"It's kind of terrifying." She said at last. "To have someone see through me so well." She whispered.

"Is that so?" He murmured.

"I wasn't even completely sure why I did it. Yet, somehow, you've already figured it out." She rubbed her hand on his thigh.

"I see you. I know you." He purred.

"I can't believe you managed to read all of my books."

"I am a fast learner. When I understood one thing is was easier to understand the next." He nuzzled her neck. "I'm sorry I betrayed your trust."

She snorted. "I expected you to read them. To do otherwise would be ignorance. I'm just surprised you managed to read all of them in a short time."

"Only took me about four days."


"As for the other reason you're up here pouting..." He bit her shoulder. "I'm certain you will think of something."


"You want to WHAT?" General Renwa blinked several times and then rubbed his eyes.

"I am offering a service to the people." She began. Opening her drawing table, she took out several drawings and laid them on the table. "We are looking at a new war on a new land. Some of these people haven't had time or money to have a portrait made. I am offering to draw people in detail. To give them a memento to keep with them. Maybe a mother would like to have a picture of her son before he is shipped off to war." She laid out her most tasteful full body drawings. "Maybe even I give the undertaker something to identify a body with. The more detailed a picture I can give them, the more likely their bodies will be returned to their families. I would document scars, tattoos, things that cannot be erased from a person."

"Is this a ploy to get naked men in your room again?"

She shot him a grin. "That's just a side benefit."

"They won't do it." He stated flatly.

Elunara rolled her eyes. "Everyone's afraid of the big bad orc. Trust me sir, he and I have discussed it. At length. He agrees with me."

Renwa eyed her warily. "He does?"

"It's his own suggestion." She smiled. "Well, those weren't his words... more like "you figure it out and I'll do what you say" kind of thing.

General Renwa sighed. "Fine. FINE!" He shook his head. "But if you cause one bit of trouble..." He pointed at her as he cautioned.

She laid a hand on her chest. "I will do my best."

"I'll put word out that you're offering this service."

"You know... It would go a long way towards convincing others if you'd have a session."

He looked at her flatly.

She waved a hand. "Not naked of course. Though, I still say a little release would go a long way for you." She huffed. "No, come to my room and let me draw you, full regalia. We'll do a couple of simple heroic stances and post them in here. Show what I can do, and give a little bolster to the spirits."

He looked thoughtful. "I'll consider it."

"Good man!" she beamed.

Several days later, she sat on the fountain in the center of town, her face squished between her hands, elbows on her legs.

"Still no one?" General Renwa asked.

"Can we ship the orc back to Grommash?" She muttered.

He laughed. "I will sit for you."

She jumped up and the drawing desk clattered to the ground. "Yeay!" Elunara quickly scraped up her tools and dragged Renwa to her barracks building. Once inside, she shifted a chair over and gathered her things.

"Alright, I'm going to have you stand in the middle here." She directed him to a good spot on the floor. "We'll start with a relaxed, just standing pose. Get all the form out, and we'll go from there."

He wandered around the room. "You've made it quite homey in here."

"I guess you could say that."

He pointed to the picture on the wall. "Who is this?"

"That's Ricky. The goblin I promised..." She frowned. "He was a good one; strangely enough."

Renwa nodded and moved to the spot she had pointed out. She jumped up and pushed his shoulders back, adjusted his legs and arms. Once he was standing the way she wanted, she sat down and pulled out her board and pencils.

She quickly sketched his amused face, not wanting to lose such a rare moment.

"You two seem have made your place here."

"You could say that." Her pencil flew across the paper as her eyes dart up and down.

Grogek is pounding my men into strong soldiers. The transformation is surprising. I thought we had the best."

She laughed. "I wish I could go out." She said quietly.

"You know I can't let you do that."

She frowned at him but continued to work. "Grogek is enjoying himself now. He doesn't need me as his leash."

Renwa sighed. "It's not him I worry about any more."

"Why did you stop our arrangement?" Elunara began to fill in features.

Renwa jolted and then returned to the original position. "An arranged marriage. One I not only agreed to, but looked forward to."

"Ah." She considered her drawing. "Turn around please."

He turned and faced the door.

"I take it didn't work?"

"She was a cultist."


He gave a deep sigh. "I left on the first transport to Draenor."

"Double ouch." She tapped on the board. "I leave my offer open. Half turn please."

"Does Grogek know about this offer?"

"He does."

"Is that so?"

"Sir, he knows more about me, than I do. Quite frankly, it's creeping me out."

Renwa laughed. A deep rumbling laugh he had not felt in many years. "You? Innerved? I thought I'd never see it."

"I'll innerve your ass if you don't shut up about it."

Renwa openly stared at her.

"How am I to get a good profile if you keep looking at me?"

Renwa quickly faced the wall and processed the situation. He wouldn't call Elunara a lover, but he had spent more than a few random nights in her bed. She had always been a bit rough around the edges. Able to slip into any situation with the ease of an old pro, but underneath she scared the hell out of him. It had been ages since they joked around, and once he had a title to his name, she had severed all ties with him. Occasionally, it had been disappointing, but when she turned up as a subordinate, he realized that he trusted her judgment far above anyone else's.

She may joke around and tease and flirt, and lord knew she couldn't keep her hands to herself given the chance, but she was solid, smart and ruthless. He didn't lie about her past either. He had been there, when she pulled herself out of a bed, still wet and naked, and slit the throat of a known cultist. She held out a roll of papers, grabbed her pants and continued on her merry way.

It had taken an Orc to figure her out.

"You're looking thoughtful over there."

"Ah, nothing."

She shrugged in that dismissive way of hers. "I got it anyway. It'll look good on the posters."


She grinned. "Just an idea." She held up the board. "What do you think?"

He looked at the drawings she had made. Over a series of several sheets of paper, she had captured him. "You've improved quite a bit since last I looked at your personal work."

"It's all I do all day every day."

He snorted. "That's secondary to your real hobby."

With a wink she flashed a grin. "Still open for that offer."

"I'll pass today, thanks."

"Today, he says." She snorted.

He rolled his eyes and held up a sheet of paper. "This is amazing, really."

"If you come back a couple of times, I'll fill in a little more detail; get better definition on the scars. Maybe I can get you naked, and do a REAL thorough job." She winked.

He tried to force the blush in his face to calm down. "Ahhh, no."

She straightened up. "I'm serious though." She added quietly. "How many times have we sorted through body parts trying to make a whole person? Wouldn't it do some good if we had a catalogue? A living record of the people that came through?" She looked up. "It's one thing to... be me. It's another to do something that might help a mother find her child, a brother find his family."

"What has he done to you?" Renwa whispered.

"He found my heart." She heard herself admit.

Renwa felt he'd been shot in the face. "What does that mean... to what you...?" He struggled for the words.

"To what I am?" She cocked her head to the side. "That's just the thing." A small laugh escaped her. "I don't even know." She took the paper from Renwa and laid it carefully on her board before closing it up and setting it to the side.

She turned and laid her hands on Renwa's chest and before he could react, laid her mouth on his. With a strange sort of starvation, she ravaged his mouth. His hands came up, first across her back, but then he grabbed her arms and shoved her backwards.

She licked her lips.

"What the hell?"

Elunara threw her head back and laughed hysterically.

"What is wrong with you?"

She put a hand on his chest and gasped for air. "Oh, Gods, I'm so sorry." She wiped at her eyes. "For this brief, horrible moment I thought I couldn't do it. I honestly thought I might be..." She shook her head. Dragging a hand through her hair she sighed. "That wasn't fair of me."

"Start making sense, before I make that an order."

"I'm sorry, sir. I've been trapped in this weird state and I just haven't felt like myself lately. That crazy Orc has gotten under my skin and I thought..." She held a hand to her head. "I don't know what I thought, but I was worried I may have lost myself."

"That is not an explanation."

"Sir. I..." She looked away. "I guess only I could be upset I might want to be monogamous."

Renwa choked on a laugh. He put his hand over his eyes. "Dear Gods, you are confusing as hell.

"It really wasn't fair of me. I'm sorry." She shook her head. "I guess I just thought... that if I couldn't kiss an old friend, what can I do with some random... I'm not finishing that statement."

He laughed. "It's probably best."

The door opened and Grogek stuck his head in the door. "Is everything alright?"

"I'm fine, Sugarbear."

Grogek eyed the General before turning back to Elunara. "I didn't interrupt you did I?"

"Nah. He still refuses to take me up on my offer."

Grogek shrugged. "His loss."

"That's what I said."

"I'm going to run these wimps through some running trails up in the hills. Do you want to observe?"

"Sure. I'll be out in a minute."

Grogek nodded and closed the door.

"He really doesn't care, does he?"

"Pfft, he encourages my bad behavior." She finished cleaning up her tools and refilling her board with paper. "Come back tomorrow and I'll refine the pages so we can stick them up.

"Sure." General Renwa gave an awkward bow and left.

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