tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 018

For the Whored Ch. 018


Back in the General's office, Renwa, Captain Jordan, Elunara and Grogek debated.

"I know what Grogek would like to do to the little snot, but I still say that it would be crueler to ship him to his mother."

"I'm not satisfied until I see his head on a pike!" Grogek growled.

"Jine is fiercely loyal to the Alliance. She would be horrified to see what he did."

"He should be imprisoned." Jordan cut in.

"Where?" Asked Renwa. "Here? Support a mouth to feed that does not contribute? We can't afford it." He shook his head. "If Elunara had died, I would have no qualms about his execution. I'd over see it myself." He nodded to Grogek. "I also agree that Jine is a terror to behold, but in this time of war and crisis, I would not put more stress on what she may already be facing."

"A public execution is so passé." Elunara added mildly. "What do you want to do with the swine, sweetness?"

"It is exactly that attitude and pet name calling that makes people believe those rumors." Jordan huffed.

Elunara looked at Grogek. "Did he seriously just say that to me?"

"Baffling." Grogek replied.

"Sweetheart," Elunara cooed. "If I had half a mind to it, I'd have all three of you fucking me right now. But we have bigger fish to fry."

Jordan turned several fascinating shades.

General Renwa coughed. "She is correct." Elunara raised an eyebrow. "On both counts." At her self-satisfied smirk, he continued. "Dak cannot stay here. He is a loose cannon, and not one I feel like dealing with. I am tasked with deciding his fate, and I will take everyone's thoughts into consideration." He stared at Elunara. "You are the one who almost died. You may not have been his direct target, but you took the hit. Ultimately, your thoughts weigh heaviest."

Elunara sighed and looked out of the window. "It is only because of Jine that I even consider letting him live. She is a good friend to me and I owe her my life. I have never repaid that debt. But the end game is that her son is a murder, or at least attempted it." She turned back to Renwa. "So I ask you, to please give me a chance to get a message to my friend."

Renwa laced his fingers together and pressed his face against them. "Tell me something, Lu..."

Elunara froze and stared.

"You told me once that you didn't have friends. Had no need for them. I understand Grogek, and I think I understand myself." He placed his hands on the desk. "But where did Jine come from?"

She knew her mouth was open, but no sound came out. The three men stared at her. She snapped her mouth shut and frowned. "You haven't called me Lu since..." She trailed off as her gaze met his.

"I don't know." She whispered. "I really don't know." Louder this time. "Grogek..." She held out her hand toward him. "He unlocked something in me. I don't know what it is, but it's as if I can see. I can see what was right there all along. Jine was always so sweet to me, so caring, that I always felt a little guilty that I couldn't exchange the emotion. There was no emotion to work with. Not bad, not good. The goal is and always will be, to fulfill my selfish interests. I am a selfish person."

She stared at her hands. With a sigh she addressed the room. "I still don't get it. I don't. Not the least little bit. She is my friend because I understand how a friend acts. You," She looked at Renwa. "Are a friend because you know who I am and accept what I became. Grogek..." She looked at him. "Is my best friend."

The phrase sung in the air. "He is my best friend because he understands me. He says it a lot, he sees me, he knows me. It's almost painful how deep and important that actually is. I never thought that being around someone for so long would be more important than obnoxious." She turned back to Renwa. "I'm sorry that I felt that way." She almost whispered. "I didn't want to spend that much time around you because it made me uncomfortable. I didn't understand it then, but I do now. I didn't like how easily you accepted me. Until you, no one even tried." She laughed. "Ok, they tried, but they wanted to keep me like a precious bird. The men that fancied themselves in love with me were worthless. Every last one. You were the first person who didn't treat me like that. It was weird. So, while I enjoyed you, I kept you at arm's length, and when you gave up on me-"

"I didn't..."

"When I thought you had given up on me, it was a relief. I didn't have to analyze what was wrong with you." She laughed again. "When we met again, as commander and subordinate, I was so ungodly relieved that you'd let it go."

She tugged her fingers through her hair. "Then, in that stupid fortress, there was this obnoxious Orc that didn't trust me as far as he could throw me." Elunara grinned at Grogek. "Oh man, I had to have a piece of that!" She gave a full laugh. "A mission's a mission, but I've learned from day one, that if I was going to go on missions, I was going to handle them my way. All missions are fun. They aren't jobs; they're an excuse to do what I do best. Fuck men and draw about it."

"Oh, I've had a few go wrong, but I always make it work to my advantage. I mentally prepare myself each time I assess the situation. No matter how filthy and disgusting my target is, I will pretend they're the sexiest thing I've ever been with. I will make them fuckable." She leaned back against the window. "But giving myself up to the Iron Horde? Sticking me in a fortress filled with Orcs? Hot damn I hit the jackpot!" She winked at Grogek. "All those strong bodies, rippling muscles, lovely sculpted backs?" She shook her head. "Hell, I'm wet just thinking of it."

It amused her to see Renwa and Grogek had the same expression before looking at each other. Captain Jordan looked indignant.

She sighed. "The end result is the same. Get in, make myself a prize, and extract information. I did just that and I did it well. I did it SO well, that when I reached the height of the mission, Grommash asked me what I wanted, and I told him Grogek. Who, might I mention, was beyond pissed about the situation." She waved a hand. "The goal, seduce him, get him to spill his guts. I couldn't get Grommash to go for me. Goddammit I tried, but he wasn't looking at me."

She stopped and considered. "That's when things get a little weird, because quite frankly I only remember some of it." She strolled over and laid her hands on Grogek's shoulders. "He saw me." She almost whispered it. Stepping back she sighed. "Once he had a taste of me, he saw me for who I was."

"You knew I had been lying..." She half laughed

"I couldn't figure out how to make you understand..."

She looked at Renwa. "He told me several times. Over and over. He knew. More than knew, he understood. Once the understanding began, the encouragement came next."

She looked back at Grogek. "How did you know?"

"The goblin. You saved him, and when he was given to you as a slave, you were kind to him. I used to watch you sit there, practically chained to the post, and laugh. Your smile was so pure and genuine." He murmured a phrase in orcish.

"You're getting sentimental again."

He took her hand and kissed it.

"Ricky was... an oddity." She sighed. "I didn't mean to save him. I wasn't even sure why I stayed Grommash's hand. Then he was just kind of funny. I didn't trust him at first, but he looked up to me like a puppy. I used him what I could, but I was so busy trying to keep him out of harm's way I didn't have him try for the better stuff."

"He was your friend." Grogek nodded.

"He was." She nodded. "And then suddenly, you were there. You understood me. You know what I am, who I am." She amended. "You knew my hobby, and just like me, you altered your point of view just to enjoy it as part of me."

"Altered?" Renwa frowned.

"An Orc is a fiercely loyal lover. His mate is his life and she shall have none other than him. And vice versa." She nodded at Grogek, whose eyebrows were raised. "Instead of forcing me to give up my happiness, he altered his mindset in order to, not only accept this part of me, but find it enjoyable. He sees me, he knows me, he respects me, and he wants to make me happy. I can say anything to him and he may say it to me. We are not just compatible, we are a unit." She looked at him again, and the emotions raged across his face.

"I have spent my entire life on the outside. I was always different, I was always odd. I have been kicked out of my homeland. Yet, somehow I found a place here." She gave a soft laugh. "I finally understand what I have been dealing with all this time. I suddenly understand other people. It's so confusing. But I like it. I actually like it." She snorted. "Now If I could only find some damned volunteers..."

"Should I tie them up and bring them to you?" Grogek grinned.

"I'm keeping that option on the table." She pouted.

"I'm sorry Elunara, that question was cruel of me." Renwa sighed.

She shrugged. "It's just something I've been working through." She looked out the window. "And dammit, I think Ina is my friend too."

"Ina?" Renwa cackled.

"She practically heard wedding bells when I told her I might be in love with Grogek." Elunara snorted.

Abruptly she was scooped into Grogek's arms and squished.

"Right." She squeezed out. "Forgot to tell him."

Grogek buried Elunara in kisses.

"Can we PLEASE get back to the matter at hand?" Jordan cried.

"Oh, hey." Elunara was released from Grogek's grip. "I forgot you existed."

Captain Jordan was several shades of red.

Renwa cleared his throat. "Yes. Back to the matter." He nodded to Elunara. "I will let you write this letter, but I get final approval."

"Yes, sir."

"I am going to dismiss you two, so that you can go do what is so clearly what you are about to go do."

After the two of them left, Renwa shot a sideways glance at Jordan.

"You're still stuck on the visual of the first thing she said, aren't you?

"Am not!" Jordan coughed and righted himself. "She's a bit crass. Though, if there's any truth to her words, I see why you're so blinded when it comes to her."


"Nothing. Forget I said it."

"We don't need another Dak. Speak your mind."

Jordan sighed. "When she was sick, all duties were dumped on me. When a decision involves her, you're quick to see she gets the best end of it. Even at the trial, she completely broke protocol in so many ways I lost track, but you let her proceed."

Renwa opened his mouth and then closed it again. "Your point is made."

"I can't imagine that one Night Elf could have that effect on so many men. It's a bit disgusting, what she claims she's done." Jordan frowned. "Or who she's done."

General Renwa laughed. "Give her a go, you'll see."

Jordan gawked at his superior officer.

"You heard it yourself. This is the hobby that she enjoys. Her primary lover is not only ok with it, but encouraging it. She is who she is. Do not think of her as a woman, who had had many lovers, and don't even think of her as being experienced. She asked for volunteers. Go see what the big deal is."

"But... you love her!"

Renwa leaned back. "I do, don't I?" He considered. "Yes, I do. I want her to be happy. Happy means men to her. Grogek and I have already had a bit of a chat. And I think I might pay her a visit this week."

Elunara was pretty exhausted. She hadn't been on her feet that much today, but she was still recovering from poison, then being fucked like a maniac, had testified in her poisoning, and let her soul out to her commanding officer, and then what she would consider "wild love making". All things considered, it was pretty nice, as she lay tucked under Grogek's arm.

"You know, I only said I thought I MIGHT be in love with you."

"And when you finally tell me you love me, we shall break the bed."

The letter was written in short order, and Renwa saw the fastest runner would take it on to the mages who would send it back. They did not have to wait long for a response, and the four of them were present for the reading.

"A grim position indeed." Renwa said quietly.

"Jine always said; everything for the good of the Alliance."

"But to sentence her own son to death." Captain Jordan was appalled.

"A noble woman." Grogek nodded.

The four headed down to the jail cell where Dak sat. He sneered at the group.

"Come to give me my sentence?"

Elunara frowned. "I have come to tell you that I sent word to your mother. I will now read you her response."

"What does dear old mom have to say?" Dak stood up and walked to the bars.

"I will have you know, that when I wrote her, I told her of your crimes. I also told her that we had not reached a sentence yet, that we wished for her to know the situation and that through my previous dealings with her; she had earned the right to give her opinion."

Dak rolled his eyes. "Get on with it."

"Dear Elunara, I regret that we have reconnected under such grim circumstances."

"Move it on." Dak waved his hand.

She did not change face, but continued reading. "It is heartbreaking to hear my own son commit treason against the Alliance. I understand your position and concern in this situation, and all I ask is that you return his body to me after the execution. I will attempt to bury him with as much dignity and respect as he was before. The man he has become is unrecognizable to me, and I wish to remember him as I last knew. All I ask; is for you to make it as quick and merciful as allowed to you in your present location. And should you have the chance to speak with my son before hand, please let him know my final words. "For the good of the Alliance should never come at the willful expense of Alliance lives."

Elunara lowered the paper.

Dak's eyes were wide as saucers as he stared at Elunara.

She held out the paper. "If you wish to read..."

"That crazy bitch!" He started rattling the bars. "That goddamned zealot!"

"You execution will be today." General Renwa interrupted. "You will be allowed a final meal of your choosing, within availability. You may-"

"Oh, fuck it all!" Dak threw his hands up. "Just execute me now and get it over with!"

Renwa's frown deepened. "If this is your final wish."

Renwa turned and walked out, followed by Jordan and Grogek. Elunara stood there for a long moment, watching Dak pace.

"What do you want, whore?" He sneered.

"I would have spared you." With that, she turned and left.

They set up on the edge of town. It was bad enough that it would be a public execution, but none wanted blood in the center of their town. Grogek stood, with his axe, blade down, his hands resting on the hilt. He stood by a non-descript block of wood. Renwa stood on the other side.

Dak was being led through the crowd by a pair of guards. Elunara stood in the crowd, watching the procession.

"I can't BELIEVE THIS!" Dak cried. "The ORC is my executioner? That's just BULLSHIT!"

The guards shoved him forward to the block and forced him to kneel.

"So much for a non-biased execution! This is just a slaughter for HIS amusement!"

Elunara marched up to the front. "Who among you believe that HE should be spared?" She gestured to Dak. At the silence in the crowd, she continued. "Who among you would stand as executioner in place of Grogek?" Still silence. She turned to Dak. "That's why."

"Grogek's the right one to do it."

Everyone turned and looked at a now embarrassed Jerry. "I mean, Grogek is the strongest, and will make the cleanest cut. Some of us aren't even battle tested, and he's... well, him." Jerry shuffled his feet. "And, Elunara is his wi— I mean, she's Grogek's, no matter what her hobby is."

"So you're saying you're all a bunch of pussies? THAT'S your reason?" Dak struggled against the guards who were beginning to have issues. "This is complete BULLSHI-"

Everyone froze as Grogek's axe met ground.

"I was getting sick of his mouth." Grogek growled.

He had done it so quick that blood hadn't even spattered. The beleaguered guards straightened up in shock.

"Show's over folks." The General announced.

The crowd began to disperse. Elunara walked over to Jerry and laid a hand on his shoulder. She kissed his cheek. "You did good."

He blushed. "T-thanks."

Grogek smacked Jerry on the back, causing Jerry to step forward. "You're a good man."

Grogek walked forward a bit before turning. "Work on your stance." Grogek wrapped his arm around Elunara, his axe propped on the other shoulder.

Glancing up at the axe she considered. "Even I'm impressed how little blood is on your axe."

"He was a bloodless coward anyway."

Elunara froze for a moment before erupting into laughter.

"Could you at least maintain a little decorum?" General Renwa frowned.

She looked over and grinned. "Sorry."

"No you're not."

"Not about laughing, no. I hate seeing you frown." She smiled softly.

He looked ahead. "I will have the body prepared for transport to Jine."

"Thank you."

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