tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 030

For the Whored Ch. 030


It was a couple of weeks later that Elunara felt like hell. She'd slept in so late that Grogek and Tulani had already gone. The drawing had gone over Tulani's sewing desk. Elunara tried to get some work done but she couldn't focus. When her stomach settled down, she was going to have a discussion with the cook about the freshness of that seafood.

She wandered into the Healing building and flopped down. Ina did her usual bird chirpery.

"Just give me something for this nausea and I'll be on my way.

"I have to find the source of it first. So button up and deal with it.

Grogek heard it. It was on the edge of his hearing, but a man knew when his mate screamed. He bolted out and grabbed his axe on the way. He made his way through town, tracking that horrible screaming. The longer it went on, the more afraid he was. He broke the healer's door with his axe held up, but only found Ina plugging her ears and rolling her eyes. Grogek dropped the axe to the ground.

"Can you shut her up?" Ina mouthed.

Grogek placed his hands on either side of Elunara's face and used his thumbs to force her mouth shut. She had tears coming out of her eyes as she stared at the ceiling in stunned horror.

"What is the matter with her?"

Ina rubbed her ears. "By Mauradin's beard, I only told her she was pregnant."

"She's what?" He whispered.

"Don't you start screaming to!" Ina jabbed her finger at him.

"I'm going to be a father?"

Ina swore she heard a squeak, but she'd take it to her grave.

Grogek scooped Elunara and twirled around with him. "I'm going to be a father!" He roared.

"Put me down you moron, before I throw up on you."

He sat her carefully into the chair.

The door opened and Tulani looked around. "I could have sworn I heard screaming."

Elunara was currently doubled over, staring at the ground, so her response was muffled. "That would be me."

Tulani knelt down and rubbed her hand on Elunara's back. "Whatever is the matter?"

"She's pregnant." Ina propped her hands on her hips. "I told her to come more often for that drink, but noooo don't listen to the dwarf." Ina froze and looked up. Grogek was practically beaming with joy. "What if... it's not..." She hazarded.

He gave her a hard look. "It is hers so it is mine. No arguments."

Ina held up her hands for peace. "Not another word."

"I hate you all." Elunara muttered. "Can't you just give me the damned drink anyway?"

The second thing Ina would take to her grave; was the obvious pout on Grogek's face. The door broke open and Renwa rushed in.

"I heard there was a commotion. Several people told me Grogek came this way ready to kill."

"Elunara's pregnant, and she's not taking it well." Ina smirked.

"I hate every last fucking one of you." She whimpered. "Ina! For the love of the holy light," Elunara looked up. "The nausea!"

"Oh! Shoot. Sorry." Ina began mixing things. "If you hadn't screamed like a ninny I wouldn't have forgotten it."

"Ahhh..." Renwa backed up. "I will leave this in your capable hands." He slammed the door behind him.

"Coward." She muttered.

Tulani pulled back Elunara's hair. "There, there, it's not all that bad."

"Why do you not wish I have my child?"

Ina knew that was a pout now. She quietly mixed the correct remedy and slipped it to Elunara.

Elunara started to chug, but choked and tried sipping instead. "I don't want to have any damned body's kid. Me and kids? Not a chance. Most people won't even let their kids be near me. My profession? No. My body, ruined. No. No. No." She flopped back and stared at the ceiling. "I can't take care of a kid; I have nothing to offer one. It's just a bad idea all around."

"I can help you." Tulani rubbed Elunara's leg and arm. "I used to take care of children all the time. That's why I made them stuffed animals. I love babies." She smiled, but something was wrong with her eyes. "I'll never have one." She whispered.

"Oh, don't do that." Elunara muttered. She reached out and touched Tulani's cheek.

"I have wished for a child for some time." Grogek added quietly. "It's just not been a discussion I felt I could have." He knelt in front of her. "The prejudices we face, the physical differences. I wasn't even sure it was possible." He laid a gentle hand on her belly. "I want this."

Elunara groaned. "I hate you all so much right now." She closed her eyes. She took several relieved breaths as the nausea abated. She looked up. "Gods, you're a couple of puppies. Fine. Whatever. I'll suffer this intrusion, but I don't have to be happy about it." She laid her head back and her arm over her forehead.

She was pretty sure, by the end of the day, that there wasn't a single soul in town who didn't know. She hid in her room. She knew it was cowardly, but she had an excuse. She didn't want to puke on an innocent bystander.

She laid there and stared at the ceiling. Was she seriously going through with this? They'd convinced her so easily. She'd never been convinced to do something she didn't already want to. She laughed at that thought. She knew what they all thought though. Is it Grogek's? She considered. The past few months... depending on Ina's guess, give or take a week or three.

Shit. Well, eight cocks in her in the past couple of months that weren't Grogek. Well, race would out, she guessed. It occurred to her how damned large Grogek was in comparison to her own body. She whimpered. Human might be ok. Draenei hooves? She prayed they were soft on infants. Night Elf would be ok. After all, she was one. She must be built to birth that. Would a panda tickle? She considered that one and began to giggle.

"At least you are in a better mood."

She looked over at Grogek who had brought her flowers. Oh dear Elune, the man had brought her flowers.

"Oh no, I'm still quite pissed off. I think Ina drugged me." She eyed the cup in her hand.

Grogek laid a soft hand on her belly. "I want to be a father."

Elunara narrowed her eyes. "If you start treating me like I'm fragile now, we're going to have a long and pissed off 6 or 7 months."

"I am sorry." He rubbed her stomach. "I just never knew how much I wanted this until now."

She scoffed. "I never knew how much I didn't. I'm having legendary level freak outs right now."

"You do this for me?"

"I don't know why I do anything I do somedays.

Grogek stared. "I've never heard you talk like that."

"It took me SO long to even understand love, to find love. I still struggle to understand it. How am I to give love to a creature I never intended to exist? Why did I look at the two of you and not want to disappoint either of you, over something that disappoints me?"

He kissed her forehead. "It is ultimately your decision."

"So you claim." She pouted

"You're in quite the mood."

"I don't like being sick. It makes me feel vulnerable. Not a situation I've been in all that often. On top of that, I finally started having visitors again. This'll just run them all off."

"We'll see what we can do about that."

It didn't matter anyway. Elunara spent the next several weeks laying in bed. No matter what Ina tried, she just couldn't shake off the nausea. It felt completely strange to have townsfolk showing up to drop off gifts, and the local women were showing up to help Elunara function. Grogek would often carry her up to her tree so that she could lean and draw. Tulani never left her side, and Eloise took to bringing Tulani her work for the day. Elunara felt as foolish as she felt grateful.

After a particularly violent vomiting episode, Ina was called to the room.

"What's wrong with her?" Grogek frowned.

Ine ran her hands on Elunara's body and sighed. "He's growing so fast, her body can't keep up."

"He?" Grogek whispered. "I'm having a son?"

"If he's growing too fast, what does that mean for me?" Elunara whimpered.

"I'm not certain." She ran her hands on Elunara's belly. "But he's going to be a big one for sure."

"I'm going to have a son?" He shook the little woman.

"No doubt about that one. I'm always right." She nodded.

Grogek picked her up and spun about.

"Put me down before I barf on ye." Ina snarled.

"If he gets any happier, I might have to smother him in his sleep." Elunara muttered.

Tulani rinsed her rag and smiled. "Men and their sons." She sighed as she washed Elunara's face.

Little by little the nausea abated, but she still spent more time in her room than she cared for. Even worse, she still wasn't up to her usual interest in men. Her body hated her, and quite frankly the sentiment was mutual.

A knock on the door had her trying to get out of bed, but Tulani just pushed her back down. When Tulani could overpower here, she knew her life was over. The last time she had wanted to cry like this, she was a child.

A very timid looking man walked in. "Are you the artist?"

"I am." She frowned down at her board. She'd spent a lot of time drawing Tulani lately.

"Well, this might sound... uhh rude of me." HE fiddled his hands.

"Spit it out."

"Well, I always fancied one of your drawings, but... uhhh I was a little afraid of you..." His eyes shifted back and forth. "Jumping me?" He flushed. "I just want my picture done," He rushed on. "But I didn't wanna have to do... that."

Elunara rolled her eyes. "I am not some demon of sex. I only select willing partners. And sugar, you ain't it."

He gave her a lopsided grin. "I heard how you was sick and I thought, maybe it'd be a little safer to come over now. But... I didn't want to insult you..." He looked bashful.

"First of all, it is difficult for anyone to come up with a creative enough insult to actually work on me. Second, Tulani get the chair. I am desperate to do anything but sit here."

Next thing she knew, she had more visitors than she could have expected. Apparently it was a common feeling that since she was incapacitated, she was safer. She didn't know how to feel about that, but it was better than nothing. By time she was on her feet again, she'd gotten so large that it was difficult to move. She pouted as Grogek carried her up the hill.

"This is lame."

"You're a terrible patient, you know that?" Ina snorted. "I want a man to carry me around every now and then."

Grogek reached down and scooped the little woman up and sat her on his shoulder.

"Not what I meant..." She looked around appraisingly. "Could get used to this, though."

"You can have it." Muttered Elunara. "I can hear you giggling Tulani."

Grogek deposited Ina on the ground and then carefully sat Elunara down under the tree. He kissed her and then kissed her belly. "You know where I'll be." He headed down the hill.

Ina propped her hands on her hips. "You wouldn't know it from lookin' at him, but there goes the gentlest man I've ever met."

"Freaky isn't it?" Elunara laughed. "He's become accustomed to our life fairly quickly, and now everyone looks up to him. It's so weird." She rubbed her enormous belly. "I still can't believe I agreed to this." She muttered.

Ina ran her hands over Elunara's belly. "He's a monster alright. I fear how big he'll get before it's through."

Tulani sat next to Elunara and laid a cheek on her belly. "You've made him happy. Don't forget that."

"I made him happy before I turned into a balloon." She muttered.

Ina laughed. "Alright, I'm headed out. Don't do anything irrational."

"What, you mean wobble left instead of right?" Elunara demonstrated. "I can't move like this."

"Part of that has to do with being stuck in bed. You couldn't walk around and get your body used to the weight as it happened." Ina pushed a strand of hair out of Elunara's face. "You'll be fine, dear. Not too much longer to go."

As Ina walked off, Elunara propped her board on her belly. "Finally, work."

Tulani laughed and leaned against Elunara. After awhile, Elunara flinched.

"Something wrong?"

"Just a pull, it'll be fine."


She wrapped an arm around Tulani's waist and kissed a horn. "I'm sorry; I haven't spent any time with you either."

"It's alright." Tulani cuddled up. "You haven't felt well."

Elunara tugged Tulani's chin up and kissed her. "Yes, but-" She winced again and grabbed her belly.

Tulani was instantly concerned. She laid a hand on Elunara's belly and felt the ripple. "That was no kick."

She leaned back against the tree. "That was awful."

"I'll get Ina."

"No." She panted. "No." She said more firmly. "I'm ok. That was just weird."

Tulani ran her hands on Elunara's belly and frowned. "I think I should get Ina."

"No!" She shook her head. "Don't worry about it. It's nothing." She stubbornly grabbed her board and propped it on her belly. She glared down at the activity below and returned to her drawing. The next ripple caused her to scrape her pencil across the page.

Tulani was up like a shot, running down the hill. Elunara swore as her vision blurred. Another pain ripped across her and she reached out, for what, she didn't even know. She was pouring sweat and everything hurt. Her hips and legs began to throb. She was next aware of being held by Grogek as he raced through town. He shouldered opened the healer's door and laid her on the cot.

"I'll find Ina." Tulani shot out the door.

"Come on sweetheart, I'll be ok."

She clung to him as the pain continued. "Make it stop." She whimpered.

Ina rushed in and laid her hands on Elunara's belly. "The baby is coming NOW. He's not waiting another minute."

"Get it out." She whimpered. She was unaware of what Ina was trying to do, but she knew everything hurt.

Ina appeared in her field of vision. "I have to tell you, he's huge. Most women experience a widening of the hips, in extreme cases, which this would be..." Ina hesitated. "There might be a break."

"A break?" She whimpered. "Like a bone?"

"Like your pelvis. Its normal, it'll heal. I'll make sure it heals right."

"Can't you do anything else?" Grogek asked in a panic. "Help her!"

"Look, I'm doing what I can given the circu- WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Ina screamed.

Elunara had summoned her hidden dagger. She ripped it across the bottom of her stomach. She cut open her own belly. Ina grabbed the dagger.

"You're out of your mind!"

Elunara blacked out.

Grogek's hands hovered over Elunara. "No!" He scooped Elunara's head up. "Don't die." He whimpered.

Tulani put her hand on Elunara's head. "She's just out. Not dead."

Ina sighed. "Might as well finish what she started." Ina put her hands on Elunara's belly and inspected the wound. "Damn, she almost did it herself." She held up the dagger and lined it up.

"What are you doing?"

"This isn't the most advisable method, because it's the most dangerous, but we're going to cut the baby out. Elunara got us started, and if I don't finish this way, she'll split on her own and then we're all in trouble."

Tears streamed down his face. "Just save her."

"That's what I'm doin." Ina made the cuts and did her job. She handed Grogek the baby and cut the cord with Elunara's dagger. "Hold this."

Grogek held the small infant. "My son." He whispered.

"Tulani! Help me." Ina commanded.


"I need your power to help me seal this."

"But I..."

"Are a priest. I know you are. I've felt it. You've felt her. Now help me!"

It took them quite a bit of time and effort, but with Ina's guidance they managed to seal up both parts of her body.

Tulani stared at her hands. "I didn't know I could do that."

"I knew it." Ina took the child from Grogek. "You could sense things in her that another person could not. I've felt the light in you." She began to clean the child.

He had been unusually quiet and it made her nervous. He seemed to be sleeping. He was unhappy when she woke him, and began to scream. Ina stared at the single large fang in the child's mouth.

"By the light." Tulani whispered.


"What? What's wrong?" Grogek loomed over both of them, emotions rippling across his face.

Ina rubbed a finger on the fang. "This is highly unusual."

He frowned at the child. "I do not understand. Children don't get their first set of fangs until they're months older." He ran a finger over the fang. The child began to suck on his finger. "I don't have much experience with children, but this doesn't seem right."

"Everything hurts." Elunara whimpered.

Everyone turned to her at once. Ina took the child and walked him over. She laid the child in Elunara's arms. She blinked at the child. "Well, the gossipers can stop worrying about the father. There's no mistaking that skin."

Ina raised the child's lip.

Elunara's head snapped up. "He has a FANG?"

Ina nodded.

"But, that doesn't make any sense."

"Does anything about him make sense?" Ina whispered.

"Damn this time warp shit." She muttered.

Grogek kissed her forehead. "It's alright. He is ours. No matter what is strange. We should name him."

"Ahh." Elunara stared at the child. "Darguni." It's a mishmash of Darnassus, Grogek, and Tulani.

Grogek laughed. "I like it!"

Tulani smiled. "Thank you."

"Well, he's ours after all."

Ina sniffled. "You're going to make me all sentimental."

Darguni started to cry.

"Uhh, what am I supposed to do now?"

"Try feeding him."

"Feed him what?"

Grogek snorted and turned away. Tulani giggled. Ina smacked her own face.

Tulani leaned forward. "Breast milk." She whispered.

"Oh." Elunara looked horrified. "I have to what now?" She whispered.

"Let me help." Tulani tried to not giggle. It took some effort and several tries, but they finally determined that Elunara wasn't producing anything. Even Ina came to try and came to the same conclusion.

"Nothing's happening." Elunara frowned.

"Let me try." Tulani took Darguni and sat down. He latched on immediately.

Elunara sighed and reached out laying a hand on Tulani's hair. "I guess he will take all three of us."

Because Elunara was still exhausted, Grogek carried her. She held Darguni and Tulani followed beside. They went to the training yard, because Grogek had one desire in life at the moment. Like dutiful little soldiers, they had kept up their training in his absence. Captain Jordan and General Renwa were over seeing. Word travelled fast, and half the town was following along like a parade. Grogek stopped at the head of the training yard. He let Elunara slide down to stand at his side. Elunara wrapped an arm around Tulani's waist and her other around Grogek's. His arm wrapped down her back as he held the child with one arm. Even as large as the child was, he was still tiny in his father's arms.

"This is my son! Our son! Darguni!"

Everyone cheered. Elunara wondered how many of them sighed in relief over the look of the child. Grogek handed him back to her, and scooped her up, taking her back to the barracks.

"I am so sick of this building." She muttered.

"Eh, you'll be back up in the next day or two." Ina patted her leg. "I just have to make sure you healed right. You almost killed yourself."

"Forgive me for not wanting a broken pelvis." She muttered.

"I don't disagree with ya, once I saw the size of him."

"How do you get that dagger?" Grogek frowned. "You had it in the fortress, but I haven't seen it again, until now."

"It's enchanted. It resides back in a little hiding spot in Darnassus. When I need it, I call it. Then it disappears."


"Think of it as tethered to its hiding spot."

"Well it's sharp enough." Ina snorted. "It did the job."

"It's self cleaning too." She laughed. "I can be searched and searched and no one will ever find it, but if I need a weapon, there it is."

"Clever." Grogek ran his fingers on the baby's head. "I wonder how long until he gets his other fang."

"I don't know." Ina sighed. "He may never have more than one. We just don't know. It's odd enough, an orc and a Night Elf having a child, but then this time thing. I mean, none of the other children had anything remarkable about them, but their parents have come from the same time. I'm going to send out some messages, see if any Draenei from THIS time have had children with the Draenei from our time. Maybe they had strange children too."

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