tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 041

For the Whored Ch. 041


The men began to strip down, but one held to the side.

Mark stood there, completely naked. "Come on, dude. This water is amazing."

"Yeah," He looked around to the town behind them. "I haven't been here as long, not as comfortable with standing around naked in public like you guys."

Jerry shrugged. "New guy." He climbed into the lake behind Louis and leaned back.

Mark snorted as he slid in. "Don't worry, once you've seen Grogek's dick, you won't feel as embarrassed by your own."

"Maybe he should stop by Elunara's for the full treatment." Gerald snorted.

The new guy took his clothes off and sat them neatly by the water. He slid in after. "Elunara?"

"Grogek's wife." Louis supplied.

"Maybe you should say that Grogek is Elunara's husband." Gerald rolled his eyes. "We all know who the boss of that one is."

The new guy looked back and forth. "There's someone tougher than Grogek?"

Jerry laughed. "Elunara can be mean as hell when she wants to be." He shook his head. "I'm surprised we didn't get a demonstration when the new people came in."

"Elunara's been busy with her new practice. Since she got back, she's been working up business left and right." Gerald scratched his chin.

"I'm telling you Tom, you need to hit her up. The woman is magic." Mark nodded. "Hey, speak of the devil!" He shifted up so that he was sitting on the edge, and leaned back so that he was proudly displayed. "Hey 'Nara."

Elunara pointed a finger at him. "Do NOT call me Nara. I don't care WHERE you have stuck THAT." She pointed down at his manhood. "YOU have not earned the right to use a nickname. In fact, there are only three people who ever have."

Mark sunk back in the water.

Louis counted fingers. "Grogek, Tulani, and who's three?"

She shrugged. "Renwa."

"Oh." He nodded.

She opened up her other hand and held out a length of chain. "Jerry, you left this on my floor. I had the clasp repaired for you."

"Thank you very much. Leave it on my clothes?"

She nodded and bent down. "I'll put it in your pocket." Elunara turned and left.

"Oh, ho, ho, ho." Gerald laughed. "You pissed her off. I would miss your next appointment if I were you."

Mark sunk lower in the lake. "Better not, or she'll have my head for being a coward." He muttered

"Hey, Elunara..." Zelinnia winced as she jabbed herself with the needle again.

"Yeah?" She looked back and forth as she added more detail to her work.

"I wanted to... Ow. Apologize."

"For what?"

"Back in Ghostlands... I think I killed some of your people."

Elunara shrugged. "I had heard they were sending a contingent in." She shook her head. "But, by that time I had long since been banished from Darnassus. If I even knew any of them, I couldn't tell you."

"Oh." She hissed and pulled the needle out from under her fingernail. "Oh, I can't do this." She shoved the small sewing sample away.

Tulani picked it up and tucked it into her basket. "It's alright; it's just not your thing to learn." She ran her healing hands over Zelinnia's sore fingers.

"Do you miss your home?" Zelinnia frowned at Elunara.

"Do you?" Her eyebrow rose.

After a moment, Zelinnia sighed. "Kind of. I wasn't exactly the guest of honor, but I do miss the brilliance of Silvermoon. I had some friends, though I long haven't spoken to any of them. You didn't answer my question."

She shrugged. "You just gave my answer." She continued to sketch. "You don't have to find your contribution immediately. Take time to learn about the inner workings of this town, and you will find your place. Though it is safe to say, you have to find something to occupy your time until then, or you'll go mad."

"She likes to watch the men train." Tulani grinned mischievously.

"Is that what you do when I'm busy?" Elunara grinned.

Zelinnia flushed. "I... well, I like to watch. Though, I don't like either of you right now." She crossed her arms.

Elunara laughed. "Ah, how many hours have I spent... just watching the men?" She shrugged.

"Now they make appointments, and hope to get a share of time." Tulani giggled.

"I still don't get you people, and how you're ok with this."

Tulani smiled softly. "Once you accept Elunara for who she is, the rest falls into place."

Darguni woke up and Tulani went to fetch him.

"My life was hard earned." Elunara frowned. "People did not understand me, and I did not understand them."

Tulani returned and began the process of feeding the child.

"So, I made my own way. Each person was a new set of questions. I knew who I was, but I had to explain myself to everyone else. I forged myself as a mission specialist and the questions stopped." She shrugged and continued to work on her drawing. "Anything odd I did, well it was for the good of the Alliance wasn't it?" She rocked her head back and forth. "In the end though, it was my decision to bring Grogek back from the Iron Horde that sealed my fate. He understood me. Not just on a physical level, but on a primal level that even I couldn't reach. Just like me, he took something other considered strange, and made it his own. While I was busy making everyone accept him, he was busy making them accept me."

"And by time I came along," Tulani smiled. "The tide had turned." She readjusted Darguni. "I didn't understand a thing, but I was attracted to her from the moment she appeared by the wagon. I had heard of this strange artist, who was trying to restore bodies to their families. I wanted..." She shook her head and laughed. "I'm not sure what I wanted. I just thought that she could return my body to me. Slavers had made me a vessel for their entertainment, and I wanted something more. Elunara took me in, cleaned me up and cared for me. She not only restored my body, but she gave it back to me." Tulani pointed at the framed picture. "In spades. She even gave me a child to take care of." Tulani patted Darguni's back.

"That part was not intentional." Elunara snorted.

Tulani laughed. "Oh stop." She sat the child down on the floor and gave him a toy. "Elunara's screaming could be heard the town over."

"You're exaggerating." Elunara grumbled.

"No. I'm not." She turned to Zelinnia. "You should have seen Grogek, axe in hand, ready to slay whatever vexed Elunara so. I'm told he had to force her mouth shut, just to stop the noise."

Elunara crossed her arms and glared.

"You're joking." Zelinnia managed.

"Ask Ina, or Grogek." Tulani shrugged.

Elunara snapped her board closed. "Let's go to the hill. I need air."

"So, I have to ask..." Zelinnia looked at Elunara's back. "Did anyone worry about parentage?"

Elunara shrugged as she climbed the hill. "Grogek was the only person who didn't. He openly claimed that it would forever be his son, because it was mine."

"Wow." She whispered.

Elunara froze at the top of the hill. "Are you shitting me?"

Zelinnia followed her gaze and stepped backwards. "Is that what I THINK it is?"

Tulani looked around in confusion. "What?"

Elunara shoved Darguni at Tulani and marched down towards the procession. A surprised Tulani juggled Darguni into a more comfortable position before following. Zelinnia stood frozen in fear as she watched the Stormwind crest bob above the heads of a procession of soldiers. Snapping back to present, she rushed to hide behind Elunara.

Elunara stopped in front of the procession. She knelt on one knee before standing. "King Wrynn it is... good to see you." She finished.

"Elunara." He raised an eyebrow. "I see one rumor is true. Since when do you follow protocol?"

"Since it might mean something at this moment."

His expression shifted to curiosity. "What might it mean?" He caught the glimpse of red hair hiding behind Elunara. "It appears another rumor is true."

She looked back and grabbed Zelinnia by the arm and dragged her out. A few guards shifted stance, but Wrynn raised a hand and they relaxed.

"So you did capture a Blood Elf."

"She is my friend."

His eyebrows shot through his hair. "You have a friend? I thought you said you had no need for them."

"Times change in six years." She remarked mildly. "In fact, I have many friends now."

Zelinnia was squirming, but Elunara's grasp was iron. Tulani finally caught up with a huff.

"Forgive me, Darguni needed a change."

Elunara ran her hand down the woman's back. "It's alright, Sweetie. I want you to meet the King of Stormwind, and current ruler of the Alliance. King Varian Wrynn. Though I tend to annoy him and call him Varian." She grinned.

Tulani did her best to curtsey with her bundle. Letting go of Zelinnia, who promptly hid behind her, Elunara plucked the baby from Tulani's hands so she could complete the feat.

Wrynn continued with his surprised expression. "Is this the orc child I've been told about?

"This is our son, Darguni. You can meet his dad in about..." She looked around. "Five seconds, because here he comes."

Grogek was still slick from sweat, his axe braced over one shoulder as he made his way forward. The men once again shifted stance, but Wyrnn held up a hand. Several soldiers followed along behind Grogek. Once he reached the procession he looked to Elunara.

"Who are they?" He jerked his head, even as his hand brushed down her back.

"I shall repeat, that this is King Varian Wrynn, King of Stormwind. I told you of him."

He dropped his axe, head down and pounded his chest with one fist and bowed. "My King."

Everyone froze, but Varian was able to retain some dignity. "You honor me." He nodded his head.

Wrynn turned to Elunara. "Where is General Renwa or Captain Jordan?"

"Knowing this town, word will be to them short enough. Come, I will take you to his office. You may leave your parade to rest. I'm certain their path has been tiring. You're safer here than any other place in Draenor."

Grogek hefted his axe and followed along. "Forgive me." He grunted. "I have been training."

"I can see." He turned to Elunara. "You always did everything big." He remarked.

She grinned. "You know me, sugarbutt."

"Ah, how I missed your little nicknames." He grinned back

"You have him too?" Grogek asked.

She smiled. "There is the distinct possibility, but due to politics, I'm not allowed to speak of it."

He snorted. "Never liked politics."

Varian shook his head. "I take it he is well aware of your past? As the rumors indicate?"

She snorted. "Sugarlips, he likes to watch."

Grogek grinned and Varian's eyes went huge.

Elunara waved down the path. "Renwa, honeybear, we were on the way to you."

"And participate." Grogek murmured. "Sweetheart, are you aware that you have something clinging to your back?"

"Yeah, I figure she'll dislodge herself when terror permits."

With his free hand, Grogek plucked Zelinnia from Elunara's back and placed her on his shoulder. "There, now the big bad Alliance leader can't attack you."

"Shut up." She muttered in embarrassment, as she tried to push her dress down.

"Do you wish for me to leave you with Tulani?"

"N-n-no, I'm... fine. Can I stay with Elunara on this one?" She whimpered.

He laughed. "You're safe here."

"Yeah, but only because Elunara said so."

He shrugged. "Suit yourself." Grogek dropped his axe out in front of the building and set Zelinnia on the stoop.

King Wrynn leaned against a wall, while Elunara took her seat. Grogek sat on the floor beside her.

Zelinnia bolted in and stood behind Elunara, trying to make herself smaller than the Night Elf. "Oh God, I just locked myself in the room with the King of Stormwind. How stupid am I?" She muttered.

Elunara leaned over. "We can hear you, silly. Just breathe. In and out, in and out. Lorros was scarier than this. Hell, Grogek is scarier than both of them. In and out. In and out, that's a good girl." She ran her hand on Zelinnia's head.

"I've never seen you so affectionate." Varian commented.

Grogek started choking and then burst into laughter.

Renwa sighed. "Sir, far be it for me to tell you to watch what you say, but Elunara is a different person than we used to know."

"That is evident."

Captain Jordan came in. "Sorry I'm late, I was on the far edge dealing with a problem."

Grogek frowned. "What was it?"

Jordan froze and turned to Grogek. He cleared his throat and flushed. "Near as I can tell, Mark decked Terrance for..." Jordan was doing his best to not shake. "Inappropriate comments made about your wife, and Mark's... ah... Manhood." He cleared his throat. "Spectators have a different account, saying that Terrance punched Mark for saying he was... the shorter of the two." He avoided looking at Grogek and turned to Renwa. "Sir, apparently the fight had been going on for ten or fifteen minutes, and I was able to break it up, and I've since assigned both men to latrine duty for the foreseeable future."

Elunara sighed. "I'll find the appropriate papers."

Grogek snorted. "Morons. I'll work it out of them."

Captain Jordan frowned. "Well, I dealt with the situation in the way I felt best..."

Grogek nodded. "I agree with your assessment, it doesn't mean I won't give them extra training on top of it. Discipline is a problem."

Elunara tapped her fingers on her knee. "I think those morons have the same measurements." She shook her head. "I'll get to the bottom of it." She turned to Jordan. "Are you ever going to breathe easy when we're both in the same room with you?"

Jordan flushed. "I... would prefer to not discuss this in present company."

She shrugged. "Dippy, you think too much."

"Dippy?" Varian looked back and forth.

Grogek snorted. "Not a nice name." He cracked his neck.

"Did you bonk him too?" Came from a small voice from the corner.

"Zel, sweetie, I'll get you a list of the men I haven't slept with, it's shorter."

"Could we not talk about this?" Jordan ground out.

"I'm finding the topic quite fascinating myself." Wrynn said.

"Elunara, you are my constant headache." Renwa sighed.

She snorted. "By this point, I'm surprised you don't shove your fingers in your ears and yell "lalala" every time I open my mouth."

"Because I'd be doing nothing but."

With another snort she popped open her board and began to draw.

"Sir." Renwa turned to Varian. "Forgive me for all of... that. And let's get back to the matter at hand. You've come a long way from Stormwind, may I ask why?"

"I've have received your fascinating reports, as well as reports from all over Draenor. Your men are outperforming all men across the board. Rumors abound on the things you haven't reported. How Elunara has an Iron Horde Orc under her complete control and treats him like a kitten. As well as the rumor that she took in a Draenei lover who now cares for her orc child. Most recently I heard of the Blood Elf pet joining the crew."

Zelinnia jolted up. "I AM NOT A PET!" She stopped and stared before bolting back down.

"It appears that this is crazier than I originally believed." He eyed the flushed Jordan.

"Hear that, Sugarbear? You're my widdle kitten."

He laughed. "Well, you do make me purr."

"You know, I could fashion some little cat ears, because that'd be hilarious."

He pointed at her. "I protest going outside in them."

"Aw, but it'd be adorable!" She rubbed his bald head.

Renwa clapped his hands. "Focus, Elunara. Don't make me get Tulani in here."

She narrowed her eyes. "Ok, that's low."

"Tulani?" Zelinnia popped her head up.

"Tulani is the only known person who has stopped Elunara mid-rant."

Zelinnia considered. "My respect for her has increased..."

Elunara pointed down. "Don't YOU start."

Varian sighed. "Elunara, in your history, have you ever done anything the way you are supposed to?"

"I totally knelt when you arrived."

"Aside from that."

She considered a moment before snorting. "Did you forget I got myself banished from Darnassus?"

"Last I spoke to Tyrande Whisperwind, you were on speaking terms."

"Yeah, well, mother was just happy to have a grandchild I suppose."

Zelinnia stared. "Your MOTHER IS TYRANDE WHISPERWIND???" She shrieked.

Elunara winced. "Ears, dammit." She rubbed hers. "Yeah, it's not exactly a pleasant topic for me."

"She told me that she had forgiven the incident with Fandral."

"You had sex with Fandral?" Zelinnia gawked.

"Oh please, I DO have some standards... I fucked his son."

"Who have I been living with?" She whispered.

Elunara snorted. "You haven't been there a full month; of course this stuff hasn't come up yet."

"Why did I want to marry you?" Renwa mumbled under his breath.

Elunara pointed at him. "I heard that. And Ouch."

"What did he say?" Grogek frowned.

"You can be the most frustrating person to deal with, Lu."

"You didn't say that the last time I was under you."

He snorted. "You were better behaved as a mission specialist."

"I wasn't referring to work."

Zelinnia put her hands on her ears. "I did not want to hear that."

Varian stepped into the center of the room. "CHILDREN." He boomed. "I did not come here to listen to your bickering," He turned to Elunara. "Or your prancing." He glared at her. "I'm pretty sure everyone in this room has seen you naked, we don't need a rehash." He turned an eye to Zelinnia. "Present company excluded."

"No." Zelinnia tightened her arms around her legs. "I've seen her naked too."

Varian raised an eyebrow.

"She... gave herself to my captor. So he wouldn't kill me. Or see me, for that matter."

He stopped and stared at Elunara. "Is this true?"

She shrugged, though her hand dropped to Grogek's shoulder. When he placed his hand over hers, she looked up. "A mission is a mission, I was just reducing casualties."

Zelinnia stood up and balled her fists. "Don't EVER say that again! Ok? I was THERE! I saw it." She wrapped her arms around herself. "I saw what you did for me, I... I saw what you did. What it did to you." She dropped her hands to her side. "I've never seen eyes so dead..." She whispered in horror.

The silence hung in the air. Grogek's grip tightened on Elunara's hand. Zelinnia almost jumped out of her skin when the King of Stormwind put a hand on her shoulder.

"Thank you for telling us this." He said quietly. "To help us understand what kind of person she is."

"I..." She shuddered. "I die a little," She sniffled. "Every time she calls it nothing." She used the back of her hand to wipe at the tears.

Someone produced a cloth, and Varian took it and wiped Zelinnia's face. "It's alright now."

Renwa was standing. "Zelinnia, do you need me to escort you home?"

She shook her head and took the cloth. "No. No, I'm sorry for interrupting again."

"Besides," Elunara held up her arm with a smile. "I got my revenge in the end."

Varian blinked at the bangle on her arm. "Is that teeth?"

"Lorros' teeth to be exact." She rubbed her hand on Grogek's shoulder. "When they came to rescue me, I had the last word, and Grogek had the last blow. He had this made for me, from Lorros' head."

"I have no words." Varian finally said.

"Most don't, when it comes to Elunara and Grogek." Renwa shrugged. "We're proud to have the both of them, even if they are often more trouble than they're worth." He eyed Elunara, who stuck her tongue out at him.

"Well, that's exactly why I am here. To see the little operation these two have managed to put together out here."

Elunara stood up. "I'll be glad to show you around, however I should warn you."


"Being seen with me in public is disastrous to any reputation. It won't be considered speculation, it will be common knowledge."

Grogek grinned. "Elunara started a sexual healing practice." He shrugged. "None of us can possibly explain it in a way that won't take charts and graphs, just be assured, basically everyone has benefited from her... unique services." He stood as well. "I'm her best customer." He smirked.

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