tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 049

For the Whored Ch. 049


"Your speed is remarkable." Renwa flipped through the stack of papers.

Zelinnia stretched. "It's not all that difficult. But if I explained how I did it, I'd just give you a headache."

He tugged back the edge of her dress and kissed her shoulder. "It's a little late for explanations anyway."

"I'm not certain Jordan approves."

Renwa slipped a hand down the front of her dress and caressed her nipple, causing her to gasp. "I don't particularly care. Besides," He kissed her neck again. "It's a little late to be thinking about that anyway. Come, let's go to my apartment."

"Alright." She panted.

The man crossed his arms. "Now, I'm telling you what I saw. All I'm asking is for you to answer me."

"Mr. Livern, I am not at liberty to discuss that." Jordan sighed.

"But, Mrs. Finister said..."

"I don't care what Mrs. Finister said."

"What's going on?" Elunara asked.

"You'll answer me!" Mr. Livern Stepped around Captain Jordan. "I saw that Blood Elf go into General Renwa's office last night. A little bit later I saw Captain Jordan here knock on the door and a... disheveled Renwa answered the door. Captain Jordan went in. I'm just askin' if Renwa and the Blood Elf are having an affair."

Elunara considered. "Wouldn't one or both of them have to have a relationship going for it to be considered an affair?" She shook her head. "Human terms are confusing to me."

"Don't play that one on me! I know what you do. Now tell me."

"If you knew what I did, you wouldn't bother asking me. You'd know that I am sworn to secrecy for customers new or old." She shook her head. "Zelinnia is my friend. I really dislike you calling her "that Blood Elf"."

He flushed. "Well, I didn't know her name. Zennia?"




"What?" The three turned to look at the person in question. She was flushed, part of her dress was torn, and her usually neat hair was flying about her head.

"I was teaching this nice gent how to say your name."

"Oh. Zelinnia." She said, before turning and jogging away.

"Excuse me." Elunara bowed and followed after.

"I knew it!" The man cried.

Elunara found Zelinnia sitting on her bed in a daze.

"Are you alright?"

Zelinnia blinked up. "I either agreed to move in with him, or marry him, I'm not certain which, and I ran away before asking for clarification."

Elunara groaned and smacked her head. "Do you ever use your brain?"

"I used several other organs last night, if that counts."

"Only to an extent."

"Gods, I see him in that uniform and my brain goes out the window. I think I might have found out how to have sex with him and still get him to keep it on."

"Now, I'm actually sort of impressed."

"It's a little hazy, because now I can't remember if I fantasized about it, or if we actually managed it."

Elunara laughed. "Oh, Elune save you. You're a mess by the way."

Zelinnia looked down. "Damn, I guess I tore one of the dresses you gave me."

"You can ask Tulani to repair it for you."

"I'm going to do it."

"Do what?"

"I don't know." Zelinnia shook her head. "I want him." She reached over and pulled the shirt out and buried her face in it."

"I hate to... interrupt, but I have a couple of appointments later today."

Zelinnia tucked the shirt back under the pillow and stood up. "Well, I do know I'm going to help him in his office." She pulled the dress over her head and tossed it over Tulani's chair. "I'll go up to the tailor shop and ask Tulani to fix it." She rummaged around and found another dress and tugged it on. "But I agreed to play secretary, so I'm going to do that. Lord help me, I will help him do that, and try to not stare at him."

"I'd recommend putting a chair by the window. Or just storing those thoughts up for bed time."

Zelinnia cocked her head to the side. "Like in a bottle?"

"Well, I wouldn't recommend writing them down."

"Never mind." Zelinnia shook her head. "I'm sorry I made your desk a mess, can I finish reading them tomorrow?"

"Sure, tomorrow is free. Wait, the building is free, I'm making a house call to an adventurous couple who'd like my advice on rigging."

"Rigging?" Zelinnia stared. She cocked her head to the side. "I'm going to save that one for later. Bye!" She ran out the door, Elunara's laugh echoing behind her.


Zelinnia barely missed being spat on. She looked up to see one of the guards whack the scarred man on the back of the head. She shrugged and kept on moving.

"Well, he apparently has a thing for elves."

The snicker made Zelinnia stop and creep to the edge of the building.

"Yeah but she's a Horde." Said the other.

"Hey, if Elunara vouched for her, we can't say anything."

"I just think it's weird." Said another. "I mean, he boned Elunara for years, and then she won't give him the day, but she hands over this Blood Elf and says, have at it, so he does."

Someone smacked him. "It's not like that, and you know it."

"Well, it sure looks like it." He muttered. They moved away.

Zelinnia frowned as her shoulders drooped. She swallowed the rock in her throat and continued on to Renwa's office. Her first attempt at knocking was too light, so she tried again.

"Enter!" He called.

She opened the door.

"Hello, my Beauty." He smiled. He got up and met her by the door. He leaned forward to kiss her, but stopped. "What's wrong?" He laid a hand on her cheek.

She shook her head and bit back tears. "Nothing. Nothing. I just came to see how I could help."

"Are you sure? You don't look—" He growled at the knock on the door. He opened the door.

"You wanted a small desk and chair?"

"Yes, bring it in." He directed where the desk should go and got it to her liking. When the men left he turned to her. "Why do you look so sad?"

She shook her head. "No, I'm fine. I just didn't get enough sleep is all." She gave him a half hearted smile.

"I wish you would talk to me." He sighed. A knock on the door had him closing his eyes. "I'm sorry, but I have a full day today, we'll have to talk after, OK?"

When night fell, she wasn't even aware of what excuse she made, she just ran. She made it to the building and fought with the handle before pushing it open. She headed for her bed, but found her dress, freshly mended and sitting folded on her bed. She tucked it away with the rest of her stuff and climbed into bed and sobbed on her pillow.

That was how Elunara found her. "Sweetie, what happened?"

"I can't... I can't be with him." She sobbed.

Elunara blinked. "Why do you think this?"

"I'm ruining everything for him."

"Who told you this?"

She sniffled. "No one."

"Then why would you think that?"

"I... I heard them." She hiccupped.

"Heard who?"

"I don't know." She sniffled. "I just heard them." She wiped her nose on her sleeve. "When I saved Tulani, I was a hero, but when I... when I give myself to Renwa, I'm just another slut."

Elunara felt the fury building. "Who. Said. WHAT."

"I don't know!" She wailed. "I was on the way to Renwa, when I heard them in an alley. They don't even know I heard them." She buried her face in her pillow and sobbed.

"There now." She tugged the shirt out from under the pillow, and stuck it in front of Zelinnia's face. "Breathe on this; it'll make you feel better." She rubbed her back. "I'll be right back, ok?"

"Mmhm" Zelinnia mumbled.

Elunara stepped out of the front door and almost plowed into Renwa.

"Please tell me she's here." He was frantic with worry.

"Oh, yeah, she's bawling her eyes out."

"But, why? What did I do wrong?" He frowned at Elunara's door.

"Not you. Apparently we have some rude little gossip mongers who made her feel like a worthless slut."

He froze and turned to Elunara, his face a picture of fury. "WHAT?" He hissed.

Grogek frowned. "What's going on out here?"

"Someone said some nasty things, and now Zelinnia is inside crying." Elunara jerked her head.

"Who?" He growled.

Elunara shook her head. "Zelinnia can't identify them, and quite frankly, she doesn't spend enough time around people here, so it would be hard for her to anyway."

Renwa was shaking with anger. "What do we do then?"

Elunara and crossed her arms. "First, we calm Zelinnia. Second, I start figuring out who upset her in the first place."

Renwa calmed himself before pushing open the door. He closed the door quietly behind him. He heard the sobbing and his heart broke. He had to fight the rising anger. He placed a hand on her shoulder.

She seemed to relax a fraction. "Elunara?"

"No, it's me."

She tensed up and pulled the blanket higher. "Go away." She whimpered.

"Zelinnia, please come out. I want to speak to you." He shook his head and sighed. "Please? Elunara told me what you said. Please let me love you."

"Just leave me be." She clung to the shirt she had hiding in her arms. "Just go away, no one wants to see you influenced by the Horde." She spat out.

"Ok, now that's just complete bullshit." He snarled. "You are no more Horde than I am. What else did these assholes say?" He slipped his hand under the blanket and ran his fingers on her cheek. "Tell tell me how they hurt you, so I can fix it."

She sniffled. "They said... that when Elunara got bored of you, she gave you me instead."

Renwa froze. White hot fury streaked through him. It was sheer discipline that kept his hand from shaking. "Sweetheart, you know that's not true. Neither one of us is like that."

Zelinnia tightened into a ball. "Elunara's been pushing us at each other for months." She sniffled.

"Elunara likes to see people together. She likes to see people happy. You've been reading her work, and I know you've got more to go, but you should have at least learned something about her by now."

"You used to be together, you loved her." Zelinnia worried the shirt through her hands.

"Yes. I did. I even planned to ask her to marry me. I went so far as to buy her a ring and everything. But I never could ask her. I always knew she'd say no. Even when I planned my way around it all, I knew that nothing I could say to her would work. I wasn't who she wanted or needed."

"And now?" Zelinnia whimpered.

"And now we're friends." He ran his fingers through her hair. "Listen, I know that you WILL finish Elunara's books and I know that she is always completely thorough in her work. So you will probably find out that I gave her that ring. She wears it on a necklace." He felt Zelinnia tense up. "I came to the point where I realized that Elunara was a fantasy I could never truly have. No matter what she gave me, she would never be what I wanted either. I was in love with a person who never existed. The person I thought I could convince Elunara to be. I would have killed her, just to make her into something she is not. So we... celebrated this realization and I let that fantasy die, because it was bogus. I gave her that ring to symbolize what we're not."

"What does that make me?" She whimpered.

"It makes you special. My beauty, you're not a fantasy, you are flesh and blood. I don't have designs to make you into something you're not. If anything, Grogek has taught me that you should love your soul mate for who she is, not what you believe her to be. You're a Blood Elf, big damned deal. You're ex-Horde, who even cares? You're funny, and courageous and easily embarrassed. You can fire ball a madman in the face, but you don't want to admit you picked up a shirt by accident. You think you're hiding behind Elunara, when really, she's trying to protect you."

Sniffling, Zelinnia turned her head. "I don't want to ruin your reputation."

He kissed her tear stained cheek. "If I have a reputation, it's for my relationship with Elunara. Dear Lord, they almost refused to let her train missions under me again after the last time, they were worried that our past would compromise any mission I might send out under her." He snorted. "Don't take it wrong, but no woman in Stormwind would have me, I was "that whore's"."

"What about now?"

He shrugged. "Elunara and I haven't had any... sexual contact, since before Darguni was... conceived. Well, I can't put it that way; I was sort of in the running for parentage when she found out."

"Oh. Oh, my."

"Haven't touched her since. Or any woman for that matter." He sighed. "Though, if you ask the gossiping people, I never stopped banging Elunara." He winced. "But, please trust me over them."

She considered a moment before lifting her arms and wrapping them around his neck. "I just want to love you." She whispered.

"That works for me." He whispered back, wrapping his arms around her. He laughed as he spotted what she was clinging to.

She flushed. "It's not funny."

"You know, I have an entire cabinet of them..."

"Still not funny." She mumbled.

Renwa and Zelinnia stepped outside, arms wrapped around each other. "You may have your house back." He nodded to Grogek and Tulani. Zelinnia blushed and waved before they walked off.

"Well, that was adorable." Said Tulani.

Grogek snorted and walked in his home.

Meanwhile, Elunara had other plans. She made her way through town, building to building, listening to snippets of conversation. So far, she had limited results. Renwa's newest affection was the talk of the town, but so far she'd heard only positive things about a girl who saved "our Tulani" capturing the affections of the General. In some cases it had been the ultimate love story, and made Elunara a little nauseous. She prayed they hadn't the same opinion of her and her family. A healthy dose of distaste always made her feel like she was doing something right.

If this didn't pan out, she knew where she was starting tomorrow. Technically, it could wait until tomorrow, but the anger in her chest wouldn't be slaked until she'd located her targets. Something caught her attention. She didn't question it, just lay down and angled her head.

"Well, it's not MY fault, Kathleen."

"It's not fair!" She stomped her foot.

"You should have pressed harder, is all I'm saying."

"You're a fool, John. A man like that requires subtlety."

"Well, I guess you were just too damned subtle." He tossed his hands in the air. "Gods, I do not want to know who my sister is trying to seduce."

"Hmph. Well, I had to get you stationed out here; I have nothing I can offer on my own." She preened in the mirror. "That General was supposed to be MINE. Not some filthy Horde bitch. Took too long for that Night Elf bitch to give up on him. Then he chases her out here to light knows where."

"Why couldn't you find a different General?" John held his head and sighed.

"Because I like THIS one. Kathleen and Johnathan. See? It even sounds pretty. Kathleen Renwa." She pranced around.

"I need a drink." He grumbled.

"Now, now. A man like Renwa wouldn't tolerate an alcoholic in-law. It's bad for the reputation."

"Well, I can't spread your nasty little rumor if I don't have company to do it in."

"Oh, FINE. Fine!" She flapped her arms at him. "Go get your filthy drink, but you better not come home plastered again, or I will do it." She grabbed a sheet of paper and held it up.

He flinched and crossed his legs. "Whatever." He got up and marched outside.

Elunara shifted and squinted. The paper was rolled up, so she'd have to figure out the threat later. She followed John to the nearest tavern. She climbed on the roof and sat at the window closest to the man. She saw some of the men she recognized from training yard.

"That sister of yours finally cut you loose?"

John snorted. "I crawled out while she wasn't looking." He chugged at his mug.

"Don't know why you put up with her." The other man scratched his throat.

"She's a harpy, but she's just delicate. Doesn't know what to do with herself, so she lashes out."

"Find some guy to pawn her off on. One of the dopey ones like Mayby's got. That woman is a bloodlust waiting to happen."

"She says she's interested in one, but she won't tell me who so I can arrange something." He sighed.

"Maybe she's like Tulani." One said. "You know...female set."

"Ugh, I wish. Tulani's at least sweet and kind. Katy's just a bitch." John muttered, taking another drink.

"I don't get the female set." Snorted another. "Always figured that a good man would bring it right out of em."

One laughed. "If a man like Grogek can't get it out of her, no one can."

"Hey, hey leave off Tulani. She's as sweet as cake. Wouldn't hurt nobody."

"Eh, hush, we all know you've got a crush on her." The man laughed. "Between Elunara and Grogek, you can't compete."

"I never said that." He grumbled.

"Tulani I get." Said John. "It's the Blood Elf I'm not sure about."

"Zelinnia?" One shrugged. "She did save Tulani."

"Yeah, but that doesn't mean much. What else has she done around here?" He snorted. "I heard she stole something from Renwa's office, but then that disappears. She's got Renwa blindsided, that's what I'm seeing."

"How many have you had, man? Everyone knows Elunara has all the important stuff. Why bother with chump change Renwa?"

"No, I'm telling you. There's something there." John pointed at the other guy. "Sure she's got Elunara's building all to herself during the day, but Renwa has the controlling interest around here. Grogek's title is honorary; we get our orders direct from Renwa."

"Yeah, that's true." Considered one.

"Renwa's the big dog in this little town. What interest does a Horde have here?"

"Yeah, if the Horde got a hold of all our information..." Ventured the other. "It could turn the tide later on.

The big one snorted again. "Renwa's fucking the little bitch; that much is obvious. But, Elunara's meaner than a little Blood Elf. Suppose the Blood Elf has been trying to get information out of Elunara and not getting anywhere, so she turns to Renwa."

John slapped the table. "That's the thing isn't it? I still say, that Elunara got tired of the Blood Elf, didn't know what else to do with her, and hands her over to Renwa. Little Horde bitch has all she needs now."

One of the other men started laughing. "Are you saying that Zelinnia pulled one over on Elunara? Are you shitting me? I would pay good gold to see anyone slip past Elunara."

John shook his head. "Elunara's got a blind spot a mile wide for Renwa. They've been together for years. But, then Grogek comes around, and Elunara's not sure what to do. Renwa is hers, but so is Grogek. Two big, powerful men, and now she has her hands full. She can keep em both happy for only so long, then Tulani slips in and Elunara now has to push one of them out. Gotta be tough to juggle all three. This Blood Elf is the answer. Prime her up, and present her as a nice present for Renwa." John leaned back and chugged his brew. He wiped his mouth. "The Blood Elf spends time with them; she knows the dynamic, sits and learns it... discovers this Renwa connection. All she has to do is show interest, and now Elunara has a nice little toy for him to play with while she's busy with her two."

"He has a point." Whispered one.

Elunara would have laughed until she fell, but she was more disciplined than that. She carefully shorthanded the entire conversation into her notebook. She waited a little longer and there was only more elaboration on a theme, so she headed back to the house. The entire building was dark and she snuck in and found the roll of paper. It wasn't one, but several sheets from her own books, detailing torture techniques against men. She replaced the bundle with a frown.

By time she was home, it was nearly dawn and yet both were still awake.

"Why are you guys up?"

They looked at each other guiltily.

"We've gotten so used to our routine, that..." Tulani bit her lip. "Neither one of us could sleep."

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