tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 053

For the Whored Ch. 053


Zelinnia glared at the sunrise. She wrapped the blanket back over her head.

"Nuh uh." Renwa yanked the blanket off of her. "You're not going to hide in here."

She curled up, the cold air crossing her body. "You can't make me." She muttered.

"I need my secretary. I have a busy day today; paperwork is just going to hold me back."

"Fine!" She slid out of the bed and picked up both of her dresses. "I never replaced the torn one." She muttered.

"Oh, then it's a good thing I had them go ahead and send over the first part of my order."


He opened the cabinet and she dropped both dresses. Half of the cabinet was now taken over by an array of colors. She approached it with some trepidation and ran her hand along the sleeves. She looked back. "These are mine?"

"Eloise had them delivered yesterday morning. I didn't get a chance to show you... after."

She pulled out one and looked at it. "It's lovely."

He shifted his feet. "I sort of ordered an array. I didn't know what you'd like."

She threw her arms around him, tears in her eyes. "They're amazing. Thank you."

He wrapped his arms around her. "I'm glad." He looked up. "Though I'm going to need entirely more furniture once they all get here."

"All?" She squeaked.

"Good thing I requisitioned some land for a house." He considered. "Forgot to ask Elunara for a floor plan. Also, I'm having my office expanded. It's getting crowded."

She literally hit the floor.

When she next awoke, he was peering into her face with concern. "Too much at once?" He asked.

"A little." She squeaked out.

"Is it too much to explain my plan?"

She shook her head, still clinging to the pretty blue dress.

He began to get ready for the day. "Well, we're looking at taking the office building and the apartment and clearing the area, making a nice little house with a connected Office for me. We'll make it much bigger, with room for many in the office space but still having room for our desks. I'm hoping Elunara will design some shelf space; I like how hers is set up. I am very serious about asking Elunara for floor plan ideas, but I have a guy who will do it anyway."

"Why are you doing all this?"

"Because I love you, and I think it's time to move my life in this direction, with you." He laughed. "Now, are you going to actually wear that dress? Or just hold on to it?"

She jumped up and slid it over her head. "No one has ever done so much for me before. Well, Elunara did what she did, but that's not even close to the same thing." She wrapped her arms around him. "Thank you... So much." She laughed and wiped her eyes. "Next thing I know, you'll be asking me to marry you, and I'll have to say yes, then things will get really complicated." She sighed and shook her head, not seeing the stunned expression on his face. She opened the door and smiled at Jordan, who held his hand up to knock. "Hello, Captain Jordan." She briefly bowed before scooting around him.

"Uh, sir?" Jordan raised an eyebrow at Renwa.

"I'm marrying that woman." Renwa murmured before stepping outside.

Zelinnia made her way down to General Grogek's training yard. She waved at her various tail points, deciding that maybe they were useful. She looked around at the troops, wondering how many of them believed Kathleen's vicious lies. She shook her head and watched Grogek rip into one of the newer recruits. A fresh wave had arrived overnight, she remembered the paperwork. Elunara sat at the top of the hill, drawing away, Darguni at her feet. She spotted Zelinnia and waved.

"El! El!" Darguni cried.

Zelinnia hefted the child into her lap. "Good gravy, you're big for your age."

"He's growing rapidly. Some days he slows, but then the next morning he's huge." Elunara shook her head. "Tulani has more experience with children than I do, and she's concerned."

"Not good."

"I just hope his development stays up with his body."

"Still only the one fang, huh?" She fingered it. "Sharp. The only orcs I knew of with only one fang had broken the other, or was old and lost it at some point."

"That's what Grogek says."

"Well, he's a proud papa anyway. Some can't even say that."

"He was prepared to claim him, even if his parentage wasn't so obvious."

"So I've heard."

"I heard about your... issue yesterday."

"Yeah. It's ok though. I've decided that, I feel more humiliated that I ran, than I did sitting there listening to her raving."

"Good girl." Elunara patted her leg. "Nice dress." She winked.

"Renwa just gave me a closet full, and said some more is on the way." Her head shook. "He's baffling and... Oh, Gods!"

"What?!" Elunara asked, alarmed. "What happened?"

"Oh, Gods, I ran my mouth again." She slapped her forehead. "I agreed to marry Renwa... and then totally walked out, thinking the statement was all in my head."

Elunara started laughing so hard, she smacked her head into her board. "Zelinnia you are a riot."

Darguni began to laugh, not really caring what the joke was.

Zelinnia pressed the heel of her hand to her forehead. "Gods, I am an idiot."

"I'm not sure I can argue." Elunara snickered.

"ANYWAY!" Zelinnia sighed. "I came to ask you if you could help us design a house and some furniture. He likes your library system for his office."

"Alright, I'll see what I can come up with. However, you better let Eloise design your wedding dress, or she'll kill me."

"Fine, fine. I'll even let Tulani get in on it." She grumbled.

"Tulani would wet herself with joy. She still feels bad, you know."

Zelinnia sighed. "I don't know what to do about that."

"The dress will help. Here she comes now." Elunara waved.

Tulani made her way up the hill, clutching her basket. "Good of you to join us." She smiled.

"Hey, Tulani I want to ask you a favor." Zelinnia scooted over to make room.

"Sure, what's up?" Tulani got comfortable.

"Can you and Eloise design me a dress... a wedding dress?"

Tulani froze and then flung her arms around Zelinnia. "Oh, I'm so happy! When's the date?"

"Uhh, that's kind of the thing... it's not exactly official, it's more like a passing conversation that's eventually going to happen..." Zelinnia gave a nervous laugh.

"Say no more, we'll take care of it." She giggled. "Eloise kept Elunara's dress a secret from EVERYBODY. Even more impressive, she kept my wedding dress a secret from ME."

"You're married?" Zelinnia cocked her head to the side.

"When Grogek and Elunara got married, we took a moment to acknowledge my connection to Elunara. We've considered it "our" wedding ever since."

"You guys are weird."

"We are a family." Tulani smiled.

"Well, if I go the full route, I'll have to get you two to be my bride's maids." Zelinnia sighed. "Oh, now my head is spinning."

"You need Ina. The woman plans the HELL out of everything." Elunara grinned.

Zelinnia was flying on her tiptoes all through town. She went in Renwa's office with a twirl in her step. She was surprised he wasn't in office, but then remembered he would be out for awhile. She sat down and started on paperwork. She was halfway through with a big order when there was a knock on the door. Surprised to not hear Renwa, she looked up and around. She belatedly remembered he was out. The knock came more insistent.

Deciding she could handle things for now, she opened the door. She blinked at John. "Oh, Hello. Uh, General Renwa is out on business."

"Oh, Zelinnia. I'm so sorry." John pushed his way in the door. "I guess this is better anyway."

"May I help you?" She tried to keep her smile polite.

"Listen, I'm so sorry about yesterday." He grabbed her hands. "My sister... she's a very disturbed individual. I've been trying for years to keep her out of trouble, but she gets thoughts in her head, and just... you know."

She smiled. "It's ok, you can't control crazy people. Look at Garrosh." She laughed and tried to dislodge her hands.

"No, you don't understand. She's... she's completely unbearable." He swallowed. He let go on her hands and wiped his mouth with his hand. He leaned at the window and then turned back around. "She's reaching a point in which she scares the hell out of me. She wants me to do something... and I can't do it." He wiped his face again.

"Then don't."

"Listen, I don't know a damned thing about you. I really don't. But Elunara vouched for you, Renwa is obviously gone over you. I hate what I've said." He grabbed her hands again. "I really hate the words that come out of my mouth." He shoved her back against Renwa's desk.

She winced as the wood bit into her thigh. "Then stop saying them. Stand up to her."

"I can't. Don't you understand? I can't!"

"You're... hurting me." She winced. "If you really don't want to be a part of this, tell someone and walk away."

"I'm sorry, but I have to."

"Have to what?"

"If I don't, she wants me to do something worse. SHE might do something worse."

"What are you...?"

He hiked up her skirt and pressed his mouth against hers. She began to struggle and hit him as the door opened. John jerked back and saw the shocked expression on Renwa's and Jordan's face. He looked at her in mock dismay. "Zelinnia! I told you we couldn't keep meeting like this!"

"You son of a bitch!" She screamed as she kicked him in the nuts.

Renwa crossed the gap in two steps and punched John in the face. He turned on Zelinnia and wrapped his hands around her arms. "Are you hurt?"

"Only my dignity." She grumbled.

John was curled in the floor and Jordan heaved him up to his feet. "What the hell did you think you were trying to do?"

"Oh, thank the Gods. Please, arrest me. I'm a horrible person. Just don't make me go back to that lunatic. I think she's been poisoning me." He groaned.

"Why didn't you just come to us in the first place?" Renwa shielded Zelinnia with his body. "Why try to attack her?"

"Because Kathleen wanted me to rape her, and I had to do something to get myself locked up before..." He swallowed. "You don't know what she has."

"The hell is wrong with that woman?" Zelinnia gasped.

"I don't know. She's always been completely daffy. I'm sorry, please forgive me."

"Unlike Tulani, I'm not so forgiving; you should have your dick wrapped around your goddamned neck." She growled.

Renwa gave a half laugh. "Is it any wonder I'm so completely gone?" He shook his head. "Toss him in lock up. We'll have his sister brought in as well."

"Oh gods, don't put us in the same cell!" He whimpered.

"Don't tempt me." Jordan growled.

After Jordan left, Renwa turned to Zelinnia. "Are you sure you're alright?" He rubbed her arms.

She was still flushed from the embarrassment. "Yeah, I'm OK. Really pissed off, mostly. He was in here, apologizing for saying the mean shit he's been saying, talking how his sister's crazy." She shook her head. "Then he's exposing my fleshy bits to the damned world and doing a piss poor job of trying to kiss me." She crossed her arms and fumed.

He chuckled. "Well, I like your fleshy bits, and I'm fairly certain nothing could be seen from the door; though my vision was a little blurred with red."

"He didn't even think his stupid plan would work. He just did it to get away from his nut job sister." Zelinnia scoffed.

"You feel bad for him."

"Maybe a little. I don't know." She tossed up her hands. "It's stupid."

Renwa put a hand on her cheek and slowly pressed his lips to hers. "You're just sweet. Like it or not."

"Oh," She blushed. "Elunara will look at the blueprints for the house."

"Hmm." He kissed her again, soft and sweet. Wrapping one hand around her waist, he slid the other one back to thread through her hair. Their bodies pressed together as she wrapped her arms around his back.

The door burst open, and Kathleen stumbled in, a flurry of flounces and bonnet. "Oh, I just heard the most terr..." She stared at the couple wrapped up in each other.

They both looked at her with a mixture of annoyance and curiosity. Renwa slid his hand down Zelinnia's backside. "Yes, Kathleen? May I help you?"

With a cat smile, Zelinnia slid herself loose from Renwa and sauntered around to her desk.

Renwa straightened up and went to business. "Is something the matter?"

"I... I just... Uh." She narrowed her eyes at Zelinnia but turned back to Renwa, all pouts and sadness. "I just heard the most terrible news! It seems my brother has completely lost his wits!" She patted her hat. "I mean..." She fluttered her fan. "I mean, he's always been a little unstable, and I've been so worried about this drinking habit of his. It's just..." She clamped her hands to her breast. "He does his best to take care of me, and maybe he was looking for some alternative."

Kathleen straightened her spine and went in for the kill. "You see, he seems to have developed this delusion that the Blood Elf..." She flushed at Renwa's glare. "Had been flirting with him. I mean, he seemed to think that... she'd made efforts to get him alone. I told him it was madness; that she had interests in you, but you know a deranged mind thinks all sort of things." She hid her face with her fan.

"I'm starting to realize that." Renwa said mildly.

Zelinnia hid her laugh behind a piece of paper.

"It's just..." She flipped her fan hard. "It's..." Her voice started to fade. "Just..." She stumbled. "I might... faint."

Renwa didn't flinch as she hit the floor with a thud. "Well, that was cute." Renwa snorted. He sighed. "Zelinnia, could you go get Ina?"

She laughed as she stood up. She moved to Renwa and kissed his cheek. "Oh, I hate to leave you alone with the harpy."

He wrapped an arm around her. "It's what she wants."

"Oh, without a doubt." Zelinnia held up her hem and stepped over Kathleen's head. "I'll be right back, then."

"Take your time." He shrugged. Picking up his gloves, he tugged them back on. He was amused that he didn't remember taking them off.

"Ohh, my head."

Renwa raised an eyebrow at the stirring form. She really didn't pull it off well enough. Her arm came up to her forehead, before flailing in the air.

"Am, am I alone?" She whimpered.

Renwa stooped down beside her. "I'm here."

"Oh, Oh, thank goodness." She put a hand on his cheek. "I... ran all the way here... I must have... I must have over done it." She panted, as tears streaked down her face.

He thought the tears were a nice touch, and wondered how long she'd practiced that one.

"I'm so sorry." She continued to pant as if every word were painful. "My brother, he's not well. I'm... s-so afraid of him. But I cannot take care of myself."

Renwa helped her into a sitting position. "Is that so?" He murmured.

"Yes." She clung to the tabard over his breastplate. "I've been so afraid, but I need someone who can take care of me. See to my needs. It's been... so awful to have to rely on him. And then the drinking... I can only imagine what perversions go through his head." She whimpered.

"What makes you think that?"

"The way he talks of that woman."

"Which one?" Renwa bit his tongue.

"Well, ah..." Kathleen froze, uncertain which direction to take this. Finally decided she would get rid of them both. "Well, that Night Elf, Elunara for one." Kathleen worked up a deep blush. "He describes... activities they've done. With grotesque detail." She shuddered. "He's apparently a regular customer of hers." She fluttered her fan. "And then a couple of weeks ago, he tells me..." She shook her head and seemed to crumple in on herself. Her voice came out hoarse. "That the Night Elf has been training the Blood Elf to take on her extra customers." She shuddered. "That's so awful."

Renwa would bet his entire family fortune that John had never been on Elunara's list. "That's quite disturbing."

"I'm so sorry. I know how fond of her you are. Of them." Kathleen bit her lip and shuddered as if terribly upset. "They... well; John says that they work in tandem. You know... servicing the same man at the same time."

Renwa had tears in his eyes, but it wasn't sadness. "How terrible."

Kathleen fluttered her fan and began to pant as if she couldn't get enough air. "Oh, but it's not for a lady like me to speak of. It's so disgusting and vile. How awful that my brother brought me in on the details." She pressed the heel of her hand to her eye. "Because of this, he seems to believe that the Blood Elf wants him to rescue her. He believes she's in love with him and asked him for help. He'll do anything to have her."

Renwa couldn't help himself any more. "I wonder if I can get in on this threesome. Might be fascinating to have both the women I love at the same time." He tapped a finger to his chin. "Alas, Elunara always said I was the monogamous type. I guess I'll just save that fantasy on my own."

Kathleen stared at him as if she'd been slapped.

"Of course, once I make Zelinnia my wife, maybe we can revisit the idea."

"You... what?"

"You know Kathleen, you're a terrible liar." He heaved her up on to her feet.

There was a knock on the door. "Enter."

Zelinnia pushed open the door. "I brought both Ina and Jordan, in case you changed your mind as to which one you wanted."

"I believe Ina can look over Kathleen after Jordan dumps her in jail with her brother. Though, we'll be nice and not put them in the SAME cell, just next door to each other." Renwa shoved Kathleen into Jordan's grip.

"WHAT?" She shrieked.

"Nice set of lungs on this one." Ina remarked.

Renwa kissed Zelinnia on the side of the head. "Can you do me another favor, and go find Elunara?"

"Sure, but first, I have to know..."

"She was trying to convince me that Elunara was training you up to handle her excess jobs."

Zelinnia made a face. "Ew."

"Though, having both of you at the same time is quite a fascinating idea." He wiggled his eyebrows.

She smacked him in the arm. "You're awful."

"I didn't hear a no!" He cried after her.

Vivi handed over her report. "Yes, I can confirm the rape allegation. I have, unfortunately, detailed it in my report. The only reason we did not come sooner, was we believed him incapable of trying, however, I had Linal following him anyway."

Linal nodded. "He was aware of my tail this morning. I intercepted him before he could go into the office. He swore to me that she was in no danger and that he wanted to apologize. We had... words, which I will detail in my report, but ultimately I let him go in. I apologize for that. However, I remained by the window, should anything occur. Once I knew you were imminent to the building, I retreated to a watchable distance. You would enter before I could do anything on my own."

Renwa sighed. "While I am annoyed you both let it get so far, I think it was better to have caught them both, than to have tried to arrest them first."

Zelinnia snorted. "Would it be vindictive of me if we invited that foul woman to the wedding?" She muttered.

Everyone froze in place and turned to look at her. Vivi, Linal, Renwa, Jordan, and Elunara.

She turned beat red and slapped her mouth. "WHY can't I stop doing that?!" She cried as she climbed under her desk.

Elunara started laughing so hard she stopped making sounds.

"You make it awful difficult to make a grand gesture." Renwa laughed. He looked back to the small crowd. "I haven't officially asked her yet, but yes, that's our plan so far."

"Well, congratulations!" Vivi smiled.

"I'm not here!" Whimpered Zelinnia.

Elunara gasped for air and clung to Renwa's desk. "Zelinnia you kill me." She shook her head. "She won't come out of there for awhile, we should proceed."

"Kathleen tried to convince me that Elunara was training Zelinnia up as a partner in her... business."

"Pfft, she's too green." Elunara rolled her eyes.

Renwa grinned. "I seems as though John came in contact with her when you... were "training" her, and developed an obsession."

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