tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 064

For the Whored Ch. 064


Elunara put her forehead on Jordan's back.

"Uh, can I help you?" He tried to look over his shoulder.

"I just bitched out one of those annoying priestesses and I feel like I kicked a puppy."

Jordan's eyebrow rose. "What'd she do now?"

"Hid in my library while I had a consult. It was just a simple portrait, but it was still rude."

Jordan shifted and wrapped his arm around her. "Tell Grogek?"

"He's bitching out some new recruits."

"Ah." He shrugged. "But she still violated the trust agreement."

"I'm not sure I ever told them. I didn't expect them to take me up on my offer."

"Baby, they're zealots who think you have some kind of divine power. I'm surprised it took one of them this long."

"Ugh, I know." She wrapped an arm around his waist. "Well, with any luck, people will stop thinking you're gay."

Jordan shuddered. "Renwa I could understand, but Grogek? Ew."

"Oh, so you DO have a crush on Renwa."

"Oh, leave off. Renwa is my best friend. We've worked together for years. It's just more logical than... ew."

"More logical than what?"

They both looked over at Renwa.

"And can you two cuddle off shift?"

Elunara raised an eyebrow. "Are you commanding me?"

Renwa sighed. "Forget it."

She looked at Jordan. "He gave up on me once he learned it was just another challenge."

"Anyway, sir." Jordan dropped his arm, even though Elunara rolled her eyes. "We were discussing the rumor that I... ugh. Did that... with Grogek. It was always a more logical assumption that we... had an involvement."

"Ok, never give me those mental images again, or I will discipline the both of you."

"Still don't know what to do about my cult, though." Elunara sighed.

"Elunara, you're always in a pickle of some sort." Renwa sighed.

"Or at least have a pickle in me." She winked.

Renwa laughed. "That reminds me of the day that Zelinnia and I walked in on you, Grogek and Tulani."

Elunara furrowed her brow. "When was this?"

His eyes went wide. "I thought you knew everything. Well, I guess you were a little pre-occupied. You had Tulani on top of you, and Grogek had his face buried in the pair of your crotches..." He demonstrated with his hands.

"Ohhh, I remember that day. I don't recall the both of you walking in though."

"You know how Zel is, she gets embarrassed and it takes a steam train to catch up to her."

"She must keep you on your toes."

"No more than you do, except her mischief is not in public, if she can at all help it." He whacked Jordan on the shoulder. "I haven't decided if I'm envious or relieved that it's you and not me."

"It's a little of both." Jordan flushed. "The... uh, welcome to the family party was a sight to see." He turned to Elunara. "Tulani was a little confusing though."

"Nah, you did well. She's still working on how she wants to participate." Elunara smiled. "Just don't try to stick your dick in her, and everyone gets along."

Renwa stared at them both, eyes wide. "Tulani got involved?"

"She does from time to time. But, she doesn't like dicks. A finger, your tongue... she's happy."

Renwa sighed. "Ah, damn."

"What are you damning?" Zelinnia cocked her head to the side.

"The mass orgies at my house, want to came by and join some time?"

"Only if I get Tulani." Zelinnia sighed. She smacked her mouth and stomped her foot. Face as red as a beet, she turned and fled.

With a laugh, Renwa sighed and chased after Zelinnia.

Jordan and Elunara looked at each other before breaking into hysterical laughter.

"What's so funny?" Tulani cocked her head to the side and shifted her basket. She had Darguni by one hand and the leash wrapped around her waist.

"Zelinnia embarrassed herself again."

Jordan bent down and picked up Darguni.

"Ah." Tulani sighed. "She will never break that habit."

"It's Renwa's fondest wish that she doesn't." Jordan grinned

"Well, it IS adorable how her entire body flushes like that." Tulani smiled serenely.

"Does it now?" Jordan's eyebrow shot up.

"Oh, yes, every little part of her." She grinned. "It's very adorable."

Elunara unwound the leash and scooped up the kitty. "I can't believe you manage all of this at once."

Jordan hefted Darguni on to his shoulders, an act which brought the child much glee.

They followed Tulani to the house.

Tulani shrugged. "It was you who taught me strength." She yawned. "Though I figured I'd get Darguni down for a nap, and then take one myself. Eloise is pressing over time to get Zelinnia's dress and the wedding party fitted."

"How big is this thing?"

"Well, you and Grogek and I will wear modified versions of our wedding clothes. Jordan and Renwa were not sent formal wear with their new uniforms. We guess Stormwind didn't see fit to do so. Zelinnia's dress of course, and then some of the guards want new uniforms for it." Tulani yawned again. "We've been so busy."

"Do I need to take Darguni from now on?"

"Oh, no. Eloise likes to use him as an excuse to take a break. Though Yoona got loose and destroyed some work."

Elunara winced. "I'll pay for it."

"I already took it out of your funds."

"Good girl."

Tulani pushed open the door. "But it is Darguni's naptime, so I wanted to get him down. And tie up that nuisance." Tulani eyed Yoona.

"First thing tomorrow, I will start working her some obedience training into my day. Sabres are considered our friends. She will be a great companion for Darguni."

"Gods, you'd think I fucked his wife or something." Terry rubbed his sore neck.

Roger snorted. "No, he's much nicer to men that have fucked his wife." He stretched out and rubbed his back.

"Wait, men?"

"You're new, but you'll figure it out. Elunara, Grogek's wife is the... leading expert on all sexual encounters. You'd have a harder time finding a man who hasn't done something with that woman."

"You mean like a prostitute?"

Roger cracked Terry across the face. "Say that again and you'll get us BOTH killed."

"Dude, that was a bit harsh." Terry winced and rubbed his face.

"You haven't lived here. Don't pissed Elunara off, your life depends on it. The last guy got dagger through his skull, and another is the shit cleaner. The one with the scars? She gave those to him, while the entire town watched, and then dumped salt water over his head."

Terry snorted. "No way."

"Dude, I was there. I watched her shove a pair of knives down on his balls. The healers refused to heal him. That's why he looks the way he does."

"Fucking man hater." Terry winced.

"Not at all. If you keep her happy, man... she can give you the most amazing experiences..." Roger sighed. "Too bad Steve is sick today, he'd tell you."

"What else should I know?"

"General Grogek and General Jordan are both hers. So is the Draenei tailor, Tulani. The four of them live in a house with a half orc baby and a sabre cat."

"Wait, she's fucking two Generals and whoever else catches her eye?" Terry shook his head. "Ok, it was cute at first, now your bullshit is..." Terry watched in fascination as a Night Elf woman stood at the end of the ring, a sabre cat on a leash.

Grogek walked over and kissed her. "What's going on my love?"

"We're taking Yoona and Darguni up to the little park they cleared out. I'm going to work with them on obedience training. I'll be there if you need me."

He wrapped his hands around her waist and devoured her mouth. "I always need you." He whispered as he slid his hands down the back of her pants. "South Orchard?"

She purred. "Sounds like a plan. Remember to tell Jordan if he's allowed to come out or not. I'm always up for fun, but if you want it to remain ours, it will remain ours."

He shook his head back and forth. "I will give it some consideration and tell both of you before we head out."

"Alright Sugarbear, until then. Meanwhile, why don't you work up an appetite on these whelps?"

"That's what I've been doing." He grinned.

Jordan showed up, Darguni on his shoulders. Darguni had a little bowl he was happily eating out of. "Sorry, I got him some of that new dessert."

Elunara kissed him. "You softy."

Grogek dislodged his hands from Elunara's ass and ran a hand on her cheek. "Jordan? You're aware of South Orchard, correct?"

Jordan turned red. "Yeah."

"You're welcome to join us tonight, if you want. Be aware, there's always a crowd."

Jordan narrowed his eyes. "Maybe I can prove once and for all where my tastes lie."

Elunara laughed. "Oh, Lollipop, you may yet regret that decision."

"I call no on Lollipop." Grogek laughed. "That's just plain awful."

Jordan rolled his eyes. "I agree with the Orc." He snorted.

Elunara cackled and slid her hand down the front of his pants, brushing him softly. "I figured with as much as I suck on you..."

He shifted uncomfortably. "Ok, that was evil."

Grogek grinned. "We're just going to have to punish her."

Elunara giggled wildly. "I can't wait t see what you plan." She looked around and spotting the man she was after she waved and got his attention. "GERALD!" She waved at him. "SOUTH ORCHARD TONIGHT." She grinned at the now flush Jordan. "You may punish me later."

Grogek shook his head and wrapped an arm around her waist. "You are insatiable."

She grabbed a fang and pulled it to her face, kissing him soundly. "That I am, Sugarbear."

She tugged at Jordan's pants. "Come along now, we have a sabre to train."

"The cub? Or YOU?" Jordan muttered, still trying to get his erection to behave.

Terry turned back to Roger. "Ok, I believe you. What is the south orchard?"

"You sure we should be doing this?" Terry whispered.

"Keep your voice down, she will flip her ever lovin' lid if she hears us." Roger hissed. They met up with Gerald. "What are the bids tonight?"

"Well, we got our usual list, but today we got a surprise contender." Gerald jerked his thumb. "Seems Jordan is joining in on the fun tonight, boys."

"Gods." Roger peered over the hill. "That's never happened before."

Gerald shrugged. "That opens a whole new list of biddables. I hear tell that the... "Welcome to the family" party actually included Tulani. Who even knows what THAT means?"

"Tulani?" Terry whispered.

"Tulani is Elunara's girlfriend/wife. You know; the Draenei tailor. She's what they call a "female set". Set on being with a female. That she joined..." Roger shook his head. "I don't know."

"Ok, button it." Gerald jerked his head. "Bets on the table boys, the show's gonna start soon."

Jerry and Louis came scrabbling up the hill.

Gerald raised an eyebrow. "Thought you two quit the game."

Louis flushed, but Jerry answered for him. "Louis has always had a crush on Jordan. So we came to take a peek. No bets."

Gerald shrugged. "Suit yourselves; you're here for opening ceremonies."

"This is completely bizarre." Jordan shook his head. "I don't know why I decided to come down."

Elunara laughed and popped a grape in her mouth. "You still have time to back out."

He shook his head. "It's just a little weird."

Grogek shrugged. "With Elunara, you get used to it, or you find an alternative. You don't even have to be here. Elunara and I usually have plenty of fun on our own."

"Well," Jordan flushed. "I want to do it the once, and then..." He scratched the back of his head.

Elunara sat up and on all fours, crawled over to Jordan, placing her head on his chest. Grogek grabbed Elunara's hips and tugged her pants halfway down. He slipped the tip of his thumb into her folds. With a gasp, her cheeks went red and she grinned. "You have about five seconds to run or be pulled in."

Jordan let go of a shaky breath. "I was already pulled in." He scooted closer and let her pull off his shirt. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him, deep and passionate.

Grogek was using his fingers to play with her wet folds. He buried his face in there, licking and slurping at her insides. Using his fangs he tickled and teased the insides of her legs.

With a gasp, she released Jordan and tugged at his pants, freeing his hardened dick from the confines. She licked the tip and ran her hand up and down the shaft of him. He groaned and laid back. Sucking on the tip of him, she slipped her hands in his pants and caressed and played with his balls. As Grogek buried his face in her crotch, she took the full of Jordan into her mouth. His hands gripped the soft grass.

Grogek moved back and got up on his knees before plowing himself deep inside of Elunara. With a groan he began to move in and out, slapping his balls against her front.

Elunara groaned on Jordan's cock, adjusting her jaw and wrapping her tongue around him. He grabbed at her hair, her ears, and her head. The motion of Grogek pounding into her caused her to rock back and forth, still clenching Jordan. He had a fistful of her hair, but couldn't stop.

Grogek's fingers dug into her ass, and he pumped her hips on and off of him. Finally, he pulled back so only the tip of him had slid between those soft lips, and he rammed himself in completely. Elunara gasped and clenched, causing Jordan to grab wildly as he came in her mouth. Grogek gave a low chuckle as he continued to pump himself at a lazy pace.

Elunara let go and gasped for air. She swallowed a little and looked back at Grogek. He reached forward and pulled her up. With one hand, he turned her head slowly to his and kissed her. His tongue mated with hers as her hands came up and wrapped around Grogek's neck and head.

"Only him." Grogek murmured. "He is the only other I will allow." He moved his hands down to her breasts.

Jordan pulled himself up and knelt in front of her moving his hands across her chest, as he waited for Grogek to move his hands. Grogek nodded and moved his hands to Elunara's hips and gently, he bucked against her, sliding in and out. Jordan cupped her breasts and played with the nipples. He tugged and teased at one, while sucking on the other. Elunara shuddered against them. Jordan moved his hand down and played with the lips wrapped around Grogek's dick. Somehow, this didn't bother him. It wasn't him touching another man; it was him teasing Elunara while she had another man.

Grogek slipped himself out of Elunara and laid her on the ground. She grinned up at him. Jordan moved down, kissing and licking at Elunara's belly, shifting his way through her soft hairs, and finally finding those slick wet folds. He didn't mind the mess in the way, and instead used the wet mess as lubrication of his fingers into her folds. He was content to just play with those beautiful inner lips, kissing and teasing as she wiggled and moaned.

Grogek was still kneeling above her, so she reached up and grabbed his leg. She began to play with his balls, tempting and teasing, sucking on him and feeling his testicles in her mouth. He groaned and leaned forward. She tugged at his dick, rubbing and massaging where she saw fit. His hands came down and held him up as she slipped her mouth over his dick. He groaned and began to play with her tits with his free hand.

Jordan was quite enjoying sucking the lips and folds of her. He pushed in one finger, and then the second. His own erection was working its way back, seeing Elunara sucking on Grogek. Jordan sifted and cupped Elunara's ass and after a bit of wiggling, was able to bury himself into her. He rocked and bucked his hips against her. At Grogek's telling grunt, Jordan shifted Elunara up, her head still pressed to the ground as Grogek filled her mouth. Jordan bounced Elunara against him and he was able to release himself once more. Jordan let go of her with a little gasp.

Elunara laughed and swallowed, and after sitting up, pulling out the little towel she brought. She cleaned her face off. Jordan laughed and wrapped his arms around her and kissed her, smearing sticky wetness all over her again. Grogek laughed and did the same.

"Ack! The both of you!" She wiped her face again and tossed them both a towel.

"Aw. Are we done?" Jordan asked.

"Oh, hell no." She snorted. "I've got to let the both of you recharge for a few minutes, or it won't be as fun."

Grogek tugged her into his lap. "Doesn't mean we can't play with her while we wait." He slipped a finger into her and licked her neck.

Jordan shrugged. "I can watch for a minute..." He winked.

Grogek grinned and pumped his finger in and out of Elunara while she gasped and wiggled. Grogek had one arm wrapped around her waist hand on her belly, while the other went through her wet folds.

"Ah, hell with it." Jordan threw his hands in the air. He fondled Elunara's breasts and slipped his tongue in her mouth. While Grogek had Elunara pinned, he pumped his fingers, licked her neck and scraped his teeth across tender flesh. Jordan knelt in front of her capturing her mouth and making it difficult for her to wiggle against Grogek. Using his hands, he cupped her breasts and teased her nipples. One hand wandered down and joined Grogek's hand in playing with her. Spreading her out and letting them both have fingers in her. She grumbled and groaned, thrashing wildly as she came and made both of their hands a mess.

When Jordan released her mouth, she gasped. "I guess that was my punishment from earlier." She sighed.

"You are quite mean when you have a mind to be." Jordan nodded. He kissed her lightly. "That was certainly not something I would have expected to do." He eyed his sticky fingers a minute before licking them. "Enjoyable though."

"I have one more surprise." Grogek grunted.

Elunara stretched. With a little eep of shock, she stared at the rope around her wrists. "Oh, really now?"

Grogek tossed the length of rope over the tree branch and secured it. "Really."

Jordan cocked his head to the side. "What, pray tell, is this?" He pointed at the rope.

"Oh, just a little something she enjoys." Grogek put on hand on his hip and pointed up. "The rope keeps her hands occupied. If you're stupid enough to think she can't get out of it, we'll just stop right here."

Jordan held up his hands. "I had no illusion on that."

"Good man." Grogek ran a hand down Elunara's chest and across her stomach. "You see, the idea here... is that our little beauty likes both sides at once. This just makes it easier on the both of us." Grogek shrugged. "You can start in the back; I like to finish with the back."

Jordan shook his head; still in shock that he was having this conversation. "Well, you got here first; you can do as you please."

"And do wipe your dick with the towel before you return to the front." Elunara motioned her head. "I don't like cross contaminations."

"Are they seriously discussing her like she's meat on a hook?" Terry whispered.

"Don't question Elunara." Gerald whispered.

"Oh man." Mark whispered. "THIS, this is the thing the three of us did with her that day." He shivered. "It's the most amazing feeling. I am not lying."

Grogek slipped himself inside of her and began to slide in and out. "There we go." He growled as he ran his hands down her body. He gripped her ass and motioned to Jordan.

Jordan slipped around behind her and put his dick against her ass. He slowly pushed his way inside. "Oh. Oh, that's... fascinating."

Elunara tugged at the rope. "Oh, praise Elune. I was worried we wouldn't do this again."

Grogek licked her throat. "My vicious little she-wolf, you need only ask."

"Wait, you got to do THAT?" Gerald stared.

Mark nodded. "Grogek had one rule. If you came in her, it had to be the ass, but if you went in the ass, you were done. No crossing. The front was his." Mark groaned. "I'd so go again, but not at risk of my Jenny."

Jordan clung to Elunara's back. "Sorry, that was a little sudden. We... ahh we hadn't gone for there yet." Jordan flushed.

"Aww, its ok stickybuns, it happens."

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