tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 068

For the Whored Ch. 068


The town looked amazing, as it always did when Ina planned a wedding. The entire town was in the center, waiting for the bride to walk down the aisle.

The bride in question was in Elunara's house, having a major panic attack.

"Oh Gods, why did I agree to this? I'm going to trip and bust my face and then I'll have to get married with a bloody face."

Elunara rolled her eyes. "I love how your mind works."

"It's going to be a disaster, I just know it. Something is going to go wrong."

"Then get your ass out there and make it go wrong so I can get to fixing it."

Tulani giggled. "I love how both of your minds work."

Elunara grabbed Zelinnia by the shoulders. "Is your dress perfect?"

"It's the most amazing thing I've ever seen."

"Is your hair perfect?"

"Well, I guess so."

"Is the groom perfect?"

"Well, I haven't seen him in his outfit yet."

"No, you dimbulb, is HE perfect?"


"Then get the hell out there and marry him already. No matter the trauma you inflict on yourself, it will ALWAYS be perfect because of the man you marry, now get your ass out there before I fling you over my shoulder!"


"Would you stop worrying that man? I will bring him into my own harem if you don't steal him away."


Elunara pushed Zelinnia out the door. "NOW, Zelinnia."

"Alright, alright. " Zelinnia started stomping towards the center of town.

A gunshot had them both ducking.

"Johnathan." Zelinnia whispered, before she yanked up the hem of her dress and ran.

The town was turning around in a panic, as there were gunshots and noises of fighting outside the town perimeter. Zelinnia ran through the crowd, collapsing into Renwa's arms. "What's going on?"

"I'm not sure." He looked around and frowned. "It sounds like outside fighting..."


Everyone froze and turned towards the newcomer's yell.

Standing in the center of town, a human woman with wild blonde hair, stood beside a large brown orc. She was covered in war paint and her clothes were tattered bits.

Grogek's eyes went wide. "Charnak! Brother! What is the meaning of this?"

Elunara looked up. "Brother?"

"You are no brother of MINE!" Charnak roared. "Look at what they've done to you." He sneered.

"Who is THAT?" Grogek pointed.

"I found this... woman, living in the wilds. She told me of how there was a brown orc in this town, tamed by a Night Elf creature."

"Is that Kathleen?" Zelinnia stared.

"I made it to your "wedding" after all!" Kathleen sneered as she held up a spear.

Grogek took off his ceremonial garb and passed it to Tulani. He marched forward. "What are you doing here?"

"With the information given to me by this woman, I am taking this weak little town, and taking it in the name of the Warsong!"

"Kathleen, you nutter!" Zelinnia yelled. "You can't have him!"


"THAT'S ADMIRAL, YOU BITCH!" Zelinnia lobbed a fireball at Kathleen.

Charnak stepped in the way and took the blast without a flinch. "Your attacks are weak."

"TO ARMS!" Yelled Renwa.

"TO ARMS!" Bellowed Grogek.

Soldiers jumped up, and many ran for their weapons.

"I need my axe." Grogek growled.

"Oh, damn, I forgot to tell you."

Grogek frowned at Elunara. "What?"

"I've enchanted your axe like I did my dagger. It was a little bit of effort, but you can reach your hand out like this..." She flexed her hand and the dagger appeared. "Same deal."

Grogek flexed his hand and grinned. "Now, that's amazing."

"It only works when it's in the cabinet. Later, I'll finish the enchantment to your actual hand. It requires tattooing with special ink." She shook her head. "I'll explain it then."

"Cute trick with the axe." Charnak growled. He grabbed Kathleen up and leapt on the back of a great grey wolf and charged out.

"COWARD!" Grogek yelled.

"That's a trap." Elunara sighed.

"And yet, we have to meet it."

"I know."


"Yes, Mrs. Finister?"

"I have the baby and the cat; I'll go to your house and set up the safeguards like you showed me."

"Good woman." Elunara patted her arm. "Keep my baby safe."

"Grogek, give me your hand."

He held out his hand in confusion. Elunara grabbed it and, using her dagger, craved a design into his hand. She put her hand over his and prayed.


She looked at the pale pink marks and nodded. "Your axe is now bound to your hand. Should you lose it, just flex. I'll do the tattoo another time, this will work for now."

He stared at his hand and then nodded to her. "Get the villagers safe, and then join me in battle."

"Can't keep me away." After Grogek ran away, Elunara began directing people. Admiral Renwa took over as she made his way to her.

"Elunara, talk sense into my soon to be wife..." Renwa sighed.

"That BITCH ruined my wedding!"

"Zelinnia, get your head out of your ass and go to my house. I NEED you to protect Mrs. Finister and my baby. Tulani will be there, but she can only heal. You're the only one with actual battle experience. Someone breaks in, you start shoving fireballs up their ass."

"Right!" Zelinnia hiked up her skirts and started running.

Renwa put a hand on her arm. "Thank you."

Elunara shrugged. "Know what buttons to push to get the result you want." She looked around at the mess. "So much for the perfect day."

"Sir!" Jerry rushed in. "We're surrounded on all sides; no one can get in or out. We've had numerous casualties around the perimeter. However, the main forces are all to one side. Their leader paces up and down the ranks, as if he's waiting for something."

"What he's waiting for, is Grogek's foot up his ass." Elunara snorted.

"They snuck in, knew where some of the guards were stationed, took them out. Now they wait on the edges, trying to take out anyone they reasonably can."


"I heard. Let's do this right."

While they planned, Elunara helped get people into their homes, and directed the injured to Ina's healers. Once Grogek and Jordan headed out with their men, Elunara followed along beside them.

"What's going on?"

"We need to take down Charnak, bring him down and the rest scatter. He showed up in town just to show off. We have no idea how much Kathleen affects his judgment."

"She's looking pretty rough."

"And as unstable as ever."

"Unless he fell in love with her, she doesn't have the training or the intelligence to control a behemoth like Charnak. Our two main options, take her out quick, and he goes wild and stupid; or take her out, he laughs and we're no different than before. The final option is to just ignore her."

"I plan on ignoring her. She's not worth my time."

"I'm fine with this. I'll take her out nice and quiet after he's distracted by you. We need his information line cut off. I won't risk her coming back again."

They reached the outskirts of town and stepped forward. The men Grogek had ordered for came out of the streets and collected behind Grogek.

"HOW THE MIGHTY HAVE FALLEN!" Charnak roared in laughter. "You were hand chosen by Grommash himself to lead his armies, and look at you now, leading a bunch of insects that slipped through the dark gates!"

"Says the man led by a wild woman with no home of her own. How long did you have fun with the bitch before you decided she might have something interesting to say?"

"You want to speak of being led around by bitches, yet there you stand with yours."

"My WIFE is a warrior she-wolf, stronger than the finest men in your entire camp! We shall see who is superior!"

"BRING ME THEIR HEADS!" Charnak cried.

Both armies went for each other. Grogek began slicing down his combatants while Elunara jumped and leapt, bringing dagger down in shoulders and necks. She disappeared in the chaos and snuck towards Kathleen. Elunara snuck up behind the woman and grabbed her by the hair. Kathleen yelped and struggled.


"KILL HER! I don't give a damn! I got what I wanted!" Charnak bellowed in laughter.

"No!" Kathleen screamed. "No! You can't! You can't!"

With a shrug, Elunara slit Kathleen's throat and dropped her to the ground. "Thanks!" Elunara called. "I've been wanting that kill!"

Charnak laughed. "I see why you like this one!" He called.

Grogek made his way through the enemies, cutting them down one right after another. He finally met Charnak in the center.

"Brother, don't do this. Join us! You see my men are destroying yours. Together we could raise an army of miraculous proportions."

Charnak continued to attack Grogek as they spoke. "Bah, I won't cow down to these tiny weaklings. I know all about your little "Family". When I get through with you I'll rip apart your wife, and I'll tear this town down one by one until I find your mewling little brat and the slut that cares for him. I think I'll keep her alive for awhile, just to play with."

"Brother, you follow the words of a deranged woman. Don't let her words poison you."

"That little gutter trash? She was barely worth the effort of getting hard for." He laughed. "It was only during her incessant screaming that she mentioned you. At your name, I just had to learn more. Her tune changed, but the song was unimportant."

"I can't believe you're so pathetic. I wonder, have all Warsong become this disgusting, or am I only just becoming aware of it?"

Elunara started making her way down through the throng of fighters, helping bring down tougher opponents along the way. As she cleared one soldier to fight, another would find himself overwhelmed and she'd work her way over, always keeping half an eye on Grogek. The stream of Warsong warriors seemed endless, but she knew it had to have a limit somewhere. She spied an axe thrower.

"GROGEK LEFT FLANK!" She yelled.

He dodged the axe, but she had missed the archer, and the arrow sang true. It jammed into Grogek's shoulder. He roared in pain. He was struck in the side by another warrior, and several more advanced on him, their blows weakening him.

"NO!" She screamed. She took off running, dodging arrows and axes. In some cases she had to jump over angry wolves. Soon the onslaught of attackers felled Grogek to his knees. "NO! NO! NO! NO!" Screamed, over and over, as she watched helplessly.

"FINALLY!" Charnak roared. He cleaved downward and took out Grogek.

"NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She screamed at the top of her lungs, the shrill sound piercing everyone's ears.

Somewhere in town, Renwa fell to his knees. Tulani began to weep, as she took off running through the house. Not stopping to think, Tulani began to run for the battle.

Elunara continued to scream as she ran. Many dropped to the ground holding their ears. She slashed wildly, taking down every orc in her path. She reached the clearing and dove on top of Charnak. He couldn't fight her off as she rained down the blows of her fists, the cuts of her blades. She ripped him to pieces, but kept him alive as she completely paralyzed his body. Her anger was raw and fierce as she turned to the remaining orcs and began to make her wrath known to all who had landed a blow on the body of her beloved. She continued to rage and scream even as the Orcs began to scramble away in fear and terror.

Tulani body slammed Elunara into the ground. "Stop! You have to stop!

Charnak struggled to move his limbs, and found that he could not. He turned his head and watched in horrified fascination as this Night Elf creature tore through the rest of his men, only to be stopped by a flash of blue.

Elunara struggled to get free of the tangle of limbs. She finally realized who she was fighting. She stopped and shuddered. "Tulani?" She whimpered.

"They've left. They've run. Please stop fighting."

Elunara crawled over to Grogek. She pushed him over and wrapped her arms around his body. "Oh, my love. My sweet love." She whimpered.

The men ran through town, calling for all of the healers to come save Grogek. In some cases, the stronger men simply scooped up a healer and ran with them to the site.

Charnak watched, completely fascinated by the commotion.

"Please." Begged Elunara. "Please save my husband. Please." She whimpered.

"Elunara..." Leslia put her hand on Elunara's shoulder. "I don't think we can."


"Please." Tulani looked around. "Please, we have to try."

"Aye. We will do our best." Ina went to her knees and laid her hands on Grogek's body.

One by one the healers laid their hands on Grogek.

"OFFER YOUR ENERGY!" Elunara cried; her face covered in blood and tears.

All around, the men began to put their hands on the shoulder of the nearest healer. Each person who claimed loyalty to Grogek or Elunara began to join together. Charnak could only watch as a pattern of arms and bodies connected around him. Ina and the other healers began to cast their strongest resurrections.

Elunara wrapped her arms around Grogek's neck and she prayed. Her heart ripped to pieces and her anger knew no bounds. She had avenged her lover, only to have him dead in her arms. Well, she wasn't fucking having it. She began to scream. She screamed and screamed as she poured her entire body and life into Grogek. She couldn't live without him, she didn't know how. They couldn't take him. Elune help her, she didn't give a shit what the fates wanted, and they weren't taking HIM. She would go there herself and drag him back if she had to.

What she did not feel, yet everyone saw, was the glowing presence. It started down below her; a ring of light so bright it was near blinding. A tendril of light came forth, followed by another, and another. Soon her whole body was covered in lighted tendrils. The tendrils reached out and wrapped around Grogek. Still the healer's channeled, afraid to stop. A beacon of light showered down and both were pulled into the air. Elunara's arms clung to Grogek as her whole body filled with this light that she channeled into him. Her hair flew about her head, and her eyes and mouth glowed brightly as she screamed and screamed.

No one could be sure, as the Night Elves believed the essence of Elune reached up and filled her, and those that believed in the Light believed it poured from her. Still others saw the Naaru offering their assistance. It continued on and on in an endless circles until at last the light let go. The tendrils sunk back into the earth and the beam returned the sky. They both came to rest on the ground. Elunara knelt, and Grogek's head was in her lap. At last the spell was complete.

Grogek groaned as his eyelids fluttered. "What?"

Elunara cried in joy as she wrapped her arms around his neck. "I did it." She whispered.

As they began to realize what happened, everyone cheered. Runners went through to tell everyone what had occurred.

"That..." Charnak gasped.

Everyone looked over at him. Men raised their swords.

Elunara glared. "I kept you alive, so that I could kill you slowly." She growled.

"No. Please." He struggled. "That was... that was beautiful. Tell me how you did it."

"Did you..." Grogek gasped, his body was still in pain. "Did you do another miracle?"

"Oh, Sugarbear." Elunara put her forehead to his. "You died. I saved you."

"I guess... I can stop... being jealous of Jordan." He laughed.

Elunara sighed. "Have Charnak taken to holding. The points I attacked will take while to release, he's harmless for now."

"Come now; let's get Grogek to the healer building."

Elunara stood up and wrapped her arms around Tulani. "Thank you."

"I'll go tell Zelinnia what has happened."

Elunara stayed with Grogek and refused to let go of his hand while the healers tended to his deep wounds.

Jordan came in, followed shortly by Zelinnia and Renwa.

"I heard what happened." Jordan put his hand on Grogek's shoulder. "How you feelin', big guy?"

Grogek groaned. "From what the healers say, I'm going to have way better scars than you."

"Dammit, and I tried SO hard."

"What happened?" Renwa also put his hand on Grogek and the other on Elunara. Zelinnia threw herself at Elunara.

"He..." Elunara whimpered.

"It was amazing."

Everyone looked back at Mark.

"They... they surrounded Grogek and... well, he died." Mark straightened his back. "They got a few lucky shots off and Charnak went for the kill. Elunara just started screaming and the sound of it was painful. She just started cutting them down like grass, and then she dove on Charnak, and after she was through with him, she just went for every last one of them. Tulani sacked her to the ground. It was then that Elunara used that... ability and started screaming at the healers. It was... it was beautiful. She brought him back."

Renwa and Jordan just stared at each other before looking down at Elunara, tears streaming down her face.

"Oh, Gods, Elunara! I'm so sorry." Tears streamed down Zelinnia's face. "I'm so glad you could save him. That must have been awful."

"What should we do with the Orc in our hold?" Renwa frowned.

"I'll deal with him." Elunara growled. "But first, I think we have a wedding to finish."

"Oh, but we can't, you're hurt." Zelinnia gasped

"Fuck that. We were supposed to have a wedding today, I'm not going to miss it." Grogek groaned. He sat up and pushed himself off the bed. He smacked away the hand of one of the priestess. "I'll live." He turned to Renwa. "Gather the men and the town, MY orders. I'm the dead guy; they have to honor my last wishes before I died."

Renwa laughed. "Right away, then."

Elunara grinned at Grogek. "Sentimental fool. Was that really your last wish?" She murmured.

Grogek brushed his fingers across her cheek. "My love, my vicious little she wolf, soul of my life, my only thoughts were of you and my child." He shrugged. "If I had time to worry about it, I would have not wanted to miss the wedding of my best friend." He grinned.

"Come on you goofball, we have a wedding to catch."

They were all tattered and torn and a little worse for wear, but the wedding was reassembled, with Elunara escorting Zelinnia down the aisle, and Grogek standing at Renwa's side. Despite the difficulties, it was a beautiful wedding. Zelinnia and Renwa said their vows and exchanged kisses. Renwa scooped Zelinnia up into his arms. And everyone cheered and threw handfuls of flowers.

Before they could party, Elunara wanted to deal with their captive. Grogek, Renwa and Jordan all followed her down to the hold. She walked into the cell and, using pressure points, released him. While he groaned and stretched his limbs, she closed the jail door.

He shook himself like a dog and sat down on the bench. He held his head.

"You have a lot to answer for, asshole." Elunara flicked her hand and held her dagger. "You see, you almost robbed me of the most important thing in my life, and I swear to Elune that I will rip your goddamned throat out if you don't tell me what I want to hear."

He looked up in awe. "I have seen you. You are a vicious warrior goddess. I laughed when he called you a she-wolf, but now I understand. I have never seen such ruthlessness. It would be my greatest honor to be felled by a woman like you." He slid down on his knees, a fist in the dirt, and a fist to his heart. "If you will spare me, I will swear fealty to you. You, the goddess of war and rage." He looked up. "Then... then I have no idea what you did, you but COMMANDED the spirits themselves, and they LISTENED! What creature are you, that you can do such miracles?" He shook his head. "No, your judgment is my honor to fulfill." He looked to Grogek. "Brother, I see your wisdom now. I see..." He held up his cupped hands. "A miracle."

Elunara narrowed her eyes. Flexing her hand, she released her dagger. "Chain him, four men on him at all times. You can START by cleaning up your mess. Your kind you will strip of anything valuable, and dump their bodies in a pyre we will designate. Our fallen warriors you will treat with respect and bring them to town center. After that, I'll figure out if I care to keep you... as a pet."

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