tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 074

For the Whored Ch. 074


The next day, Tyrande had the mages set up in Rut'theran village.

"I wish you'd stay longer."

"I have to get back. I'm going crazy here. Maybe I'll come back to visit another time. Jordan and Zelinnia must be worried sick. Knowing Zelinnia, she's driven herself into a psychotic frenzy. Can't be healthy for the baby."

"Can't be healthy for Renwa." Grogek snorted.

Elunara hugged Tyrande. "Thank you."

"Come back to me, my child."

"Eh, I already did it once, I can do it again."

Elunara held Darguni this time. Tulani stepped through first, followed by Elunara. Grogek looked back. "It's been an honor." Holding his breath, he stepped through.

Elunara helped Tulani stand up. "I must have tripped on something."

"Happens sometimes with these things. Is it COLDER to you?"

Grogek appeared, and they started walking to town.

"Is it colder than when we left?"

Grogek sniffled. "Yes, it's the beginning of winter."

"That can't be right." She sat Darguni on the ground and took his hand.

She saw Jordan at the top of the hill and she waved her arm. He dropped off all of his armor and ran down the hill. Once he reached her, he scooped her up and spun her around. He kissed her soundly.

He ran his hands through her hair and across her cheeks. "Baby, I've missed you so much."

Elunara laughed. "I was only gone a week."

"No. No, Baby you've been gone almost two months."

"Fuck that time warp shit."

"Unca oran!" Darguni tugged at Jordan's shirt.

"The hell? Is that Darguni?"

"The portal there made him jump severely, I have no idea what coming back will do to him."

Jordan took a deep breath. "Well, everyone's been going crazy to know what happened."

She wrapped her arm around him. "It's really complicated; I might have to just do a town meeting. How many did we design Renwa's office to hold?"

"About fifteen. Also, your prisoner has become obnoxiously irate that he hasn't been allowed to speak to you."

"Ugh, I forgot about that asshole."

"We have not told him that you were gone, because we feared he would try something. We've told him you've been commanding your troops."

"Hah!" Elunara shook her head. "I've been possessed by the spirit of Elune. I wish that was a euphemism."

"Now I really want to know."

"I require you, Renwa, Zelinnia." She tapped her cheek. "Those are the most important to know, but I'm wondering if it's worth leaving it to rumor, or if everyone should know. I need Ina, Leslia, and Tulani can tell Eloise if she so feels it. The Finisters need to know... Mostly because of Darguni."

"inister!" Darguni clapped his hands.

"That is freaky." Jordan shook his head. He bent down and picked up the pieces of his discarded armor. He looked back at Grogek and Tulani. "Ah, forgive me." He put his hand on Grogek's shoulder. "Welcome back big guy. And I missed you too Tulani." He kissed her on the cheek.

Grogek whacked Jordan on the back. "We can forgive your enthusiasm."

"We would do the same thing." Tulani smiled.

"Gods it feels good to be back. I'm already..." She was near tackled by Jerry and Louis; it took Grogek pushing her back on her feet. "Well, now I really feel the love." She snorted. "Guys, I need air to breathe..."

They backed up. "I'm sorry; you were just gone so long."

"So I've been told."

The pair of them saluted Grogek.


Elunara pointed. "Jerry. Louis."

"Erry! Ouis!" He clapped.

"Is that Darguni?"

Elunara sighed. "It's going to be a long day. Let's put our stuff in the house, and then I'm going to Renwa's. Let's start the explanations with Renwa and Zelinnia and us, might as well get Ina and Leslia since they will need to know what happened. Jerry, Louis, you round up Mark and Gerald. Grogek will need to discuss the missing time with what you guys have been doing. I will also offer you guys some basic explanations. I'm going to need the WHOLE town to recognize Darguni as he is, and as he might change in the next few days. So start telling anyone who asks; that Darguni aged rapidly due to the portal time warp thing.

"Your call." Grogek shrugged.

"Ugh, my head hurts all over again."

In Renwa's office, Elunara chose a seat and closed her eyes, leaning back.

"Are you alright?" Grogek brushed her hair out of her face.

"My body is still out of whack. I'm getting... influxes of energy, but they're being sucked into storage. Does that make any sense?"

"If I understood the explanation, then yes."

"Alright. I also think the portal and the time change has thrown of my sense of balance." Her eyes popped open as Zelinnia landed in her lap.

"I was SO worried!" She cried.

"Oh, sweetie, don't cry."

"I can't help it." She muttered. "I'm pregnant. The wrong color flower makes me burst into tears."

"She's telling the truth." Renwa sighed. "But she has been driving me batty since you left."

Elunara wrapped her arms around Zelinnia and buried her face in Zel's hair. She took a deep breath. "That feels good." She murmured.

"Where is Tulani?"

"Tulani will be along shortly." Grogek nodded "She had to see the Finisters about Darguni's condition."

"Condition? Is something wrong? Nothing happen to him did it?"

"Zel, if you don't stop squirming, I might smack you. Darguni is fine; you'll see him in a minute."

"Are you alright?" Zelinnia backed up and frowned.

"I think I need to fuck something." Elunara grumbled.

"Love, are you OK?"

"I don't know what's wrong. When we left I was fine, eager... now it's like I'm just so tired. I wonder if I..."

Zelinnia frowned and wiggled out of Elunara's lap. She poked Elunara. "What's wrong with her?"

Grogek peeked into her eyes. "Damn, she's gone into another trance."

"Another?" Asked Renwa.

"You idiot."

Elunara looked around and sighed. "What NOW Elune?"

"You're blocking your own power."


"You're so afraid that your ability might hurt the people you love, you're refusing to use it. It's literally bouncing off of you instead of absorbing it."

"But, Zelinnia's pregnant, and no one agreed to it..."

Elune sighed. "Stop being stupid. Nothing has changed. You never hurt anyone with it before, AND it is energy freely given to you. They don't have to know that they are, because they already DID. When they shower you with love, they are giving you that energy. Here they are, practically forcing it on you, and you're refusing to eat. Now you're tired and cranky. Eat, little one. Or the energy is wasted into the nether and nobody is happy with you."

Elunara sighed and opened herself to it. She absorbed the energy floating around her. "That... that does feel better."

"Good girl. Now, stop blocking yourself, I don't want to have to come back just to lecture you again."

Elunara blinked and shivered.

"Are you cold, my love?"

She looked around the room at the people she'd ordered gathered. "No, but Elune did just slap me for blocking my ability."

Grogek seemed to relax. "Oh, is that all. Wait, why were you blocking?" He tensed

"Because I didn't want to hurt anybody, but she said I didn't have the capacity. That I'm just eating what's given to me."

"Whaaaat are talking about?" Zelinnia backed up a step.

Elunara stood up and stretched. She did feel loads better. "Renwa, you're going to love this..." She sighed. "It turns out, that, all of my life I have had an ability. I... convert the affection, attention, positive energy directed at me, into fuel for my body. All of this time, when I have sex with someone, or have positive interactions, and physical intimacy, I absorb that energy as food. I cannot feed on an unwilling target, nor can I glut myself on a willing one. I can never take more than they themselves have already given."

"So all those missions I sent you on..." Renwa began.

"It was so nice of you to buy me dinner." She grinned. "Just now, I was worried that my ability might hurt Zelinnia, so I was blocking. But, all I was doing was preventing myself from absorbing the energy she had already given out. Giving me a nasty headache."

"How did I give you energy?"

"By showing me affection. You would never feel me taking it, and I could never take more than given, even by accident. It... doesn't work like that. Or so Elune says."

"You speak as if she spoke to you directly." Leslia frowned.

"She did." Elunara shrugged.

"In fact, at one point, Elune used her to speak." Tulani nodded.

"To make a long story even more confusing, apparently Elune has always had an interest in me, because the ability I have is only ever seen in its various forms, in beings like her. She was fascinated with how I absorbed energy and how I chose to manifest this ability. She has been watching me from the start. When I used my storehouse of energy to save Jordan, this interest grew. When I used the energy to save Grogek, I opened myself to something called a dark star. The dark star found my freshly tapped energy well and how I consume energy to be to its liking."

"A dark star would have eventually corrupted her body and destroyed us all." Tulani sighed.

"So Elune came into my body and tried to help me fight it until something else could be done. Once the Dark Star was removed, she explained everything else to me."

"The combined might of her family, was able to destroy this entity in the Temple of the Moon in Darnassus." Grogek nodded. "I think Darguni's energy was the tipping point."

At his name, Darguni jumped up and climbed in Grogek's lap. "Papa!" He declared proudly.

"My heart leaps when he says that." Grogek grinned.

"What happened to him?" Zelinnia frowned.

"I think the portal had something to do with it. I fully expect him to jump again soon." Elunara ran her hand over his mop of white hair.

"Mrs. Finister has agreed to make sure it's well known that this is what Darguni looks like now. Perhaps he can find some friends in the children here." Tulani sighed.

Darguni pointed to Elunara. "Momma!" He pointed to Tulani. "Momma Tuly!" He pointed to Grogek. "Papa!" Finally, he pointed to Jordan. "Unca Ordan."

Elunara pointed to Renwa. "Renwa"


She pointed. "Zelinnia."


She pointed. "Ina"


"He has much to learn, including pronunciations. I'm not sure how far behind he is on that. We'll just have to see."

"He's actually pretty smart. I think he'll catch up faster than you think." Tulani shrugged.

"I still find it hard to believe that Elune communicated through you." Leslia sighed.

"Well, Tyrande believes it; would you like to take it up with her?"

Ina sighed loudly. "Don't make me break you two up again."

"I just find it hilarious that, all this time, we thought Elunara was "the whore" and she was actually EATING." Jordan shook his head. "Gives whole new meaning to "eat you out"."

Elunara started laughing so hard she tripped backwards over the chair. She landed on her ass with a thud. "Don't interrupt me while I'm eating!" She called.

"Going for a light snack!" Jordan called out.

"I'm feeling a bit peckish!" She laid back and continued to laugh.

"Only a nibble!" Called Tulani.

"I could eat a cow!" Jordan bit his lip.

"Someone pass me the tauren!" Elunara cackled.

"FAST FOOD!" Grogek cackled.

"A feast for the senses!" Called Elunara.

"Time to make a sandwich!" Jordan dropped down into a chair and continued to laugh.

"Peanut butter?" Elunara snorted.

"EWW!" Jordan shook his head.

"Alright you lunatics!" Renwa called. "Enough with the food jokes."

"Oh, don't starve yourself." Elunara called out. The four of them burst into laughter.

"Lu, get the hell out of my floor." Renwa sighed.

"Alright, alright." Elunara climbed up into the chair. "Spoilsport."

"Does this change my town any?"

"Not a bit. All it really did was explain some things. On a fascinating note, if I'm to understand the situation right, then south orchard is a buffet table for me. The positive energy spilling off that hill... yeah." Elunara shook her head. "I didn't understand any of this until Elune showed it to me. Suddenly, all kinds of strange things make sense. And, it appears that if I dump my energy into it, I can rez people? Maybe? I don't know how that works, even Elune couldn't explain it to me. She thinks I have to have a personal connection with them."

"Well, if you're all better now, perhaps you can help me with my little prisoner problem?"

"Yeah, that guy..." Elunara sighed. "Has he given you anything?"

"The first few days after you left, he ran his mouth. Then he requested to see you, and I couldn't give it to him. Then he became belligerent and been completely useless."

"Fine then. Let me have a chat with him. Jordan, Grogek, I need you."

"Of course."

Elunara grabbed her board and headed down. She marched down to the jails and Jordan brought out her chair. She sat down. "You know, I can't come down here every time you have a whim." She started working on her board.

"Goddess, I know you've been busy, but spare a man just a moment of your time."

"Why? Why should I waste my valuable time on you?" Working on her lines, she decided that he was actually a nice little meal.

"I, Charnak was a leader of a Warsong clan. One of the mightiest warriors our clan can produce. I gave myself to your servitude, and all you've asked of me so far, have been menial and insulting tasks."

"That's the point, dumbass. How dare you expect anything from me. You will work your way up before I let you do anything worthwhile."

"Did he?" Charnak gestured to Grogek.

"In fact he did." Elunara tapped her pencil on her board. "I only kept you because you appealed to me. Perhaps you need exercise. All pets need exercise, don't they, Grogek?" She didn't look at him. "Fine, you sit here like a good little boy, and in three days time, I will put you in my ring and test you."

"Against these pitiful swine? Bring it."

"Against me." She showed her teeth.

His eyes went wide and he grabbed the bars. "You?"

"Her favorite hobby." Jordan grinned.

"I wouldn't look so pleased about that." Grogek snorted.

She snapped her board closed and turned to leave.

"Wait! Another?"

She looked over her shoulder with a glare. "You didn't earn it." She flipped her hair back and left.

"Are you sure about that?" Grogek rubbed a hand down her arm.

She vigorously shook her head. "That was practically a sit down dinner, the waves of admiration and affection coming off that lunatic." She stopped and turned around, placing her hands on both of their chests, she grinned. "I have two months to catch up on with you," She grinned at Jordan. "And then the usual compliment of both of you... well, I think I can cram enough into me to beat the hell out of that asshole."

"I have a feeling I'm going to have bruises in unmentionable places." Jordan grinned.

"Then we won't mention them." She grinned.

Grogek laughed. "Then I shall leave you two to it, and tend to matters down in the training yard."

Elunara considered. "Not going to join us?"

"Nah, Jordan gets some time with you, since he has been without you for two months. We can continue later." Grogek kissed her. "We have all the time in the world. I'm going to go yell at my troops and work up a good sweat for later." He grinned.

"Oh, I see how it is." She giggled.

"We won't be bothering Tulani, will we?"

"Nah, she took Darguni to be seen around. So people get used to him."

"Good." He grabbed her up and tossed her over his shoulder. "I've always wanted to do this." He nodded to the random villager standing there and kept on walking. She grinned and waved.

"I have to ask. To me? Or in general?"

"In general. I think it applies though." He opened the front door and closed it behind him. He made his way up the stairs and then sat her on the bed while he took off his armor and stowed it properly away.

She giggled. "I find it funny you're doing that."

"This way I don't have to worry about it for the rest of the night. I don't have to lay there going "you didn't do it right." In my head all night." He sighed. "Two months is an eternity of wondering what happened, is she alright, am I ever going to see her again?"

She stood up and walked over to him, laying her hands on his chest. "I am so, so sorry. We were only there a week, and I left the moment they cleared me for health."

He laid his forehead on hers. "I understand that. I also understand that this time warp thing is the reason it feels so long." He rubbed her hands on his chest. "But, baby, I missed you."

"I know you did." She put her hands on his cheeks. "I missed you so very much. I wondered what you were doing without me."

"The hand just doesn't cut it anymore." He chuckled.

"Mm, I bet."

"I won't lie; I went digging in your stuff and stole some articles of clothing until they stopped smelling like you anymore. I had them washed."

She laughed. "Good boy. I do have one question though."


"Why aren't we naked?"

"That's a really good one." He straightened up and yanked his shirt off.

She leaned forward and kissed his chest. Running her hands up and down his chest she purred. "Oh yes, I definitely miss you."

He laughed and hooked his fingers under the edge of her shirt, pulling it over her head. He cupped her breasts. "No, I missed THESE more."

She laughed. "I'll give you that."

He pressed his lips to hers and ran his hands on her skin to her back. Tugging her body close, he devoured her mouth. Softly, his hands slid up and down her body, before sliding down to her hips and pants. As he pushed the pants down, he used his hands to guide them to the floor. He kissed that soft spot above her hair. He brought a hand up and ran his fingers through those soft curls.

Laying her head back, she groaned as one of his hands caressed the curls of her hair, and the other worked their fingers through her soft, slick folds. Her hands came around the back of his head, and she raked her fingers through his hair. He opened her up and laid his tongue flat as he licked the outer edges. His nose buried in that soft point, he inhaled her scent. He darted one finger inside her and elicited a gasp. The hand in the curls slid up and around, gripping her hip. He stood up, still stroking the inside of her. He put his mouth to hers, and danced his lips along with her, darting his tongue in her mouth in time with his finger.

The hand came out and up, and he cupped both of her breasts. With one hand he teased and taunted the nipple, while caressing her breast. His mouth moved away from hers and nipped along her jaw and down to her neck. He moved his hand back down and slipped two fingers inside of her. He rubbed around and bucked his hand against her folds. Still with his mouth, he made his way to her neck, and that hollow in her shoulder he knew drove her nuts. Her hands came up around his back and she dug her nails into the flesh.

"Jordan." She whispered. She slid her hands down his back and to his pants. Shoving them down, she gripped his ass.

He shifted back and forth until the pants hit his feet. He stepped forward and moved his hand out of the way so that he could bury himself in her. He gripped her hips and groaned into her neck. "Baby, I've missed you so much." He murmured as he began to rock his hips, sliding in and out of her. She leaned her head back and he moved from her shoulder, down her chest, where his mouth found her other nipple. He sucked and licked the hardened nipple as he drove himself in and out of her. The other hand came down and he gripped her hips. With a shuddering groan, he released himself into her.

Elunara kissed the back of his head.

With a grin he raised his head and looked at her. Releasing the grip she had on him caused him to slide out of her. "Gods, I missed you. I'm not sure what was worse, staring at you every day and not having you, or knowing you were mine, but waiting for you to return." He laid his head on her shoulder. "It was awful anyway you look at it."

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