tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 078

For the Whored Ch. 078


Elunara flipped through the papers when she heard the knock. Opening the door, she frowned. "You better have a lovely explanation for why you have your hands on my child."

The woman let go of Darguni's arm. "He punched Bradly!"

Elunara raised an eyebrow and crossed her arms. "Why?"


"Darguni, you will answer me or you WILL find out why half this town is afraid of me."

"He called you a whore."

The woman turned scarlet. "Is this true?"

"Yeah." Bradly mumbled.

Elunara pointed. "You! Do you know what that word means?"

"I don't think-"

Elunara pointed at her. "You be quiet. You." She pointed to the kid. "Do you know what that word means?"

"No." He admitted.

"YOU, don't use words you don't know the meaning of." She pointed at Darguni. "YOU, don't get upset over things that aren't actual insults. Next time, come to me and ask if it's an actual insult."

"Yes, Momma."

"For that, you can't play outside. You will be helping me in the library." She slammed the door in the face of the lady.

"Aw, Momma."

"Listen, you need to understand something really important. The reason I don't get upset over insults, is that I spent my entire life being called the worst possible names that people could come up with. In the end, I made something of myself, and those same people now respect me, love me. I never stopped being who I am, just because everyone else thought I should." She sat her papers down. "You see all these books? I wrote every single one of them. Every minute of every day, I have put into these books."

"All of them? There's so many."

"While my books aren't exactly... kid friendly, you should understand that each and every one of them contains the meanness that people can have." She pulled down a book and flipped it open. "My own mother banished me, because I was who I was, and not once apologized for it." She sat the book down. "Recently, she not only accepted what I had done, but she now accepts me, welcomed me home." She picked up another book and opened it, laying it beside each other. "This... is me." She put her first on the first book. "This is the worst moment of my life. This is the moment when my own mother called me an irredeemable whore, and a disgrace to Darnassus." She put her hand in the second book. "And this is the moment where it all came together. Where she apologized to me, for never understanding me. Do you know how many years were in between?"

"A lot?"

"Thirty years. Thirty years of my life, and not ONE person could make me feel as bad as I did on that day." She kissed his cheek. "Don't let the words of the uneducated; of the "normal" ever bring you down. Nothing they could say could ever hurt me. Don't defend me, son. That would be the insult. Don't insult yourself or me by giving in to their silly, childish nonsense."

Elunara was on the way home from a portrait delivery when she heard the childish, "My dad can beat up your dad!" She rolled her eyes and peered around the corner.

"My MOM could beat up YOUR dad!" Darguni declared.

"Pfft, my dad could beat up your mom AND your dad." The infamous Bradly declared.

"You know, I have walked in on really dumb conversations before, but this one deserves an award." Elunara snorted as she leaned against the building

All five kids froze in place, obviously caught.

"Are you not aware that his dad is General Grogek? Trainer of all men who come through the portal?" She shook her head. "As for the rest of that statement, I haven't met a man yet I haven't bested in combat. Just because I haven't done a demonstration, doesn't mean I've gone soft."

Darguni crossed his arms proudly.

"Who is your dad, kid?"

"Captain Harvard." He wiped his nose.

She shook her head. "Must be from the newest load. I haven't had him in my studio."

"Mother says he better keep it that way."

"Ah." She tapped a finger to her chin. "Come on, kiddies, I have the urge to beat the crap out of something." She led the way to the training yard. "For the record, the best view is on that hill." Once they scurried up the hill, she made her way to the weapon rack.

She picked up her staff and all training stopped. The men helping to train newer recruits signaled a halt. Like the parting of a sea, they all scattered to the edges of the training yard. Grogek turned around with a grin.

"You know, it HAS been awhile." He called.

"Don't mind me, Sugarbear, I just like proving a point."

He shook his head. "I'll ask you later what that means." He flexed his hand and grabbed his axe out of the air.

"That's my Momma and my Papa." Darguni grinned.

"Did you know... that there are people in this town who STILL think calling me a whore is an insult?"

"Must be new here." He shrugged.

Jordan jogged up to the ring. "Hey! You didn't invite me?"

Elunara grinned. "Oh, are we going for a twofer?"

Jordan unsheathed his sword. "I know how you like it from both sides."

She made a gleeful shriek. "And it's not even my birthday!"

Darguni leaned over to the nearest kid. "That's Uncle Jordan."

She held her stave to the side. "Bring it, lovers." She launched herself at Grogek, neatly ducking out of the way of his blow. She dodged backwards from his next shot, but had to bounce up in order to avoid Jordan's lunge. She flipped over Grogek's shoulder and cracked him in the side, before bounding back and stepping on Jordan's shoulder. She leapt off of him and barely avoided getting smacked by Grogek.

She brought the staff down on to Jordan, but he dodged out of the way before she could connect. She bounced backwards and did a back flip, going over Grogek's shoulder. She ran, jumped and came down in between them. She shot out and hit Jordan in the thigh. Her foot came around Grogek's and she tripped him up, but his hand shot out and grabbed her leg and she went crashing down with him.

She slithered out of the way of Jordan's blow and caught a cut to her hip from Grogek. She spun and Thrust out her staff, cracking Grogek in the chin, but taking a slice from Jordan for her trouble. She swore and dodged both of their next attacks. They began attacking in sync with each other, causing her to go on the defensive. Seeing her chance, she jumped up and landed on the wide side of Grogek's axe, running up it as she dodged Jordan. Jamming her staff down into the pressure point of Grogek's shoulder, she caused him to drop the axe.

As Grogek swore, Jordan continued his attack, and she dodged him effortlessly for a time. Without warning, his foot caught the back of her ankle and she tumbled backwards. He caught her and pulled her in for a kiss. The crowd cheered and she gave him a quick smack in the head.

"Hey!" He grabbed his head.

She giggled. "You left yourself wide open for that one!"

He dropped his sword and grabbed her, dipping her over and kissing her silly.

With a laugh, she pushed him away.

"I wish I'd thought of that." Grogek grumbled.

She laughed and checked his shoulder. "Hold on." She jammed her thumb down into his shoulder. "There we go."

He flexed his hand. "I hate when you do that."

"But it's the most effective way to disarm you. Hey, I could go for the armpit, but then you'd be out longer." She pressed her lips to his.

He grinned and ran a hand over her hip. She hissed in pain. He frowned. "I cut you deeper than I intended."

"Nothing Ina can't fix."

Darguni leapt on to her sore hip. She winced in pain. "That was AWESOME!" He beamed at Grogek. "You too, papa." He looked up and grinned. "And you Uncle Jordan. But Momma was best."

She winced. "Can you hug the other leg?"

Darguni patted her hip. "You're bleeding."

"Occupational hazard." She grinned. "In fact, they both managed to get off a few good shots." She frowned at her torn shirt. "I'll ask Tulani to fix it."

"I TOLD you my Momma could beat up your dad." Darguni stuck his tongue out at the kids that ran over.

"How did you DO that?" Asked one girl.

"That doesn't prove anything." Bradly crossed his arms.

Gerald wandered over. "You know Elunara, you are good for business." He dropped some coins in her hand. "Your cut."

Grogek narrowed his eyes. "You bet against us?"

"No, I told Gerald he could start betting again if I got a share of the winnings." She tucked it into her pocket.

"She keeps me honest." He sighed.

"Why did you kiss both of them?"

Everyone looked down at Bradly.

Gerald threw his hands up. "I am SO out of that discussion." He wandered away.

"Because I love both of them." She laughed. "Come, let's move off the ring so the men can return to training."

She sat down on the platform. Darguni sat down beside her and Grogek and Jordan sat down behind her.

"How long will this numbness last?" Grogek muttered.

"Sorry, Sugarbear, about an hour-ish."

Jordan laughed. "So you'll be fine by tonight at least."

"I'd never do permanent damage to either of you." She reached back and rubbed their legs.

"Hey, Baby, you're not going to be happy about this one..."

She turned around and frowned. "What?"

"Your hip healed itself..."

She looked down and sighed. "Oh, for the love of..."

"Why is that a bad thing?" The girl from before asked.

Elunara sighed and ran her fingers through her hair. "It's complicated, but I recently have developed strange powers. I never know when a new one is going to show up."

"So you're really powerful?"

Jordan and Grogek broke into laughter. "She's the meanest, toughest thing in this whole town." Jordan wiped his eye. "She proves it just about every time she turns around."

"My mother says that women shouldn't be fighters." Bradly crossed his arms.

"Honey, your mother's limited view of the world hurts my heart." Elunara sighed.

"A woman should do what best pleases her." Grogek nodded. "Even if it means I've lost feeling in my fingers for the next hour." He grumbled.

Elunara turned around and began to massage his hand. "This should help."

Jordan shook his head and began to examine the cuts on Elunara's body. He wiped one clean. "They're all healed."

Elunara groaned. "Well, I guess it's a good thing my body can heal minor wounds." She shrugged. "It'll come in handy."

"Yeah, especially when you decide to duel again." Jordan rubbed her hip and smiled.

Elunara moved Grogek's hand on her shoulder as she worked along his arm. "You know me, I can't stop myself."

"If there is a person alive who can stop you from doing anything, I'll be sure to shake their hand." Jordan laughed and kissed her. "I have to get back to work." He stood up and climbed off the platform. "Love you."

"Love you too, Sugar." She leaned over and kissed him again.

He rubbed his hand on Darguni's head. "Stay out of trouble, kiddo."

"Ok, Uncle Jordan."

"You still didn't answer why you kiss both of them." Bradly pouted.

"I told you. I love them both. Grogek is my husband, Tulani is my wife, and Jordan is my lover. Jordan is special to me, and that's why he lives with us." She worked her way up into Grogek's shoulder. "To explain it any more detailed and I think your parents would be angry with me." Elunara shrugged. "We are a strange, but happy family. What works for us, would never work for any others. If Grogek wasn't who he is, or I was not who I was, none of it would work at all. Instead, we form a family unlike anything anyone has seen before. That makes us strange and weird, but it does not make us bad." Elunara went back to Grogek's hand and smiled.

He lifted his hand and put it on her cheek. "I love this woman and would do anything to make her happy. But I also love Tulani, for she is sweet and kind and makes Elunara happy. Jordan is my friend, and we share a love for the same woman, but do our best to not step over each other. Elunara directs us all. We live by her word."

She laughed. "You make me sound like a dictator."

He tugged her into his lap. "It makes you my wife." He pressed his mouth to hers.

Darguni climbed in the pile. "It makes you my Momma and Papa." Darguni declared proudly. "And Momma Tuly and Uncle Jordan." He grinned.

Grogek patted Darguni's head. "Yes it does." He grinned.

"You guys are so adorable I could barf." Zelinnia sighed as she leaned against the platform.

"In two more months, you're going to be just as barf worthy." Elunara pointed.

"Gods, I hope so." She sighed and rubbed her belly. "So why are you playing babysitter?"

"I'm not. I had an itching for duel, and then Jordan got involved and things went... well, you know it is with me. Why are you out here?"

"Oh, Johnathan wanted me to find you. He says that Orc you let go? He's taken over a couple of settlements, and is building an army. What do you make of it?"

"He better be building ME that army, or I'll lop his nuts off and stuff em down his throat. He comes at me again and I won't be so merciful."

Several kids gasped.

Zelinnia laughed. "Classic Elunara." She sighed.

"So how's Renwa handling impending fatherhood?"

"He's so desperate for distraction; he's broken into my paperwork."

"Ooo. And he still lives, how?"

"By the skin of his teeth." Zelinnia laughed. "Where's Tulani been holing up?"

"In her studio. She has been designing some GLORIOUS dresses. She's been shipping them back to old world, and making a killing. While Eloise supplies US with stuff, Tulani... wow. You should see the things she comes up with. I swear she's competing with me for daily paper usage. Still helps Eloise out though."

"Speaking of clothes, why are yours torn?"


"But I don't see any cuts."

"They healed themselves."

"Seriously? Lucky bitch. I swear, you get all the good stuff." She snorted.

"Are you a Blood Elf?" Bradly frowned.

"Yeah? What of it?"

"Kid, you're talking to Admiral Renwa's wife. I wouldn't piss her off."

"Is anybody NORMAL in this town?" Bradly snorted.

Elunara sighed. "They teach bigotry so young these days."

"Be as rude as you want little man," Zelinnia snorted. "It's the weird ones that own this town."

"Meow, Zelinnia. You're in a mood."

"I'm going with pregnancy hormones. Where is that cat of yours anyway?"

"Yoona's taken a liking to Tulani." Elunara rubbed Darguni's head. "Especially since dinky boy here won't listen to me and take over her care. I keep telling him she'll be a glorious mount, but he's all wah, wah I don't want responsibility, I want friends." She snorted.


"Sabrecats are loyal and amazing to have, you should feel lucky to have one to grow with." She sighed. "Besides, the choice of friends in this town are pretty lax." She eyed Bradly. "Have to say, I approve of this chicky here." Elunara gestured with her thumb.

"Lucinda, Ma'am."

"Yeah, she's a good one. Just pours out the affection."

Zelinnia laughed and rubbed her belly. "High praise indeed."

Elunara pointed to a boy. "You?"


"Kinda like you too."

She pointed to the other girl. "Lydia."

"Good enough." She pointed to Bradly. "You, you're a little shit. That's OK though, I don't blame you for how you were raised." She shrugged.

Zelinnia laughed. "Alright, I delivered my message; I'm going to go bug Tulani for something pretty."

"She'd be glad to fit you."

"Among other things." Sighed Zelinnia as she waddled away.

Grogek sighed. "Five, four..." He laughed as Zelinnia winced and picked up her pace. "She never fails to deliver."

Elunara laughed. "It's bad when YOU can count her off."

Flexing his hand Grogek stood up. "I'm going to get back to training the newest lot. They're a new kind of terrible." He sighed. "It's always the ones that earned rank before coming out that seem to have the biggest rock in their heads."

"You can blame Varian for that one." She tapped her chin. "You know, scratch that, things have gotten better since Varian came back. He's doing the best he can. It's the people who earned rank before he came back that are the biggest pains in the ass. They get stuck in their ways, as bassackwards as they are. I'm sure Varian will fix it."

"You seem to have confidence in him."

Elunara grinned. "You forget, he and I have done our time beneath the sheets. There's a man who packs some serious heat." She chuckled. "I wonder what he'd think if he knew the truth."

"Knowing you, he'd probably feed you." Grogek rolled his eyes.

She licked her lips. "Now there would be a meal." She laughed.

"You know the King of Stormwind?" Lucinda asked in awe.

"He and I go way back."

"Liar." Spat Bradly.

"It's not my job to make you believe a damned thing." Elunara shrugged. "Alright, you guys play nice, I have appointments." She rubbed her hand in Darguni's hair. "Mind the signs."

"Yes, Momma."

She got up and jumped off the platform, whistling as she went.

"What does "mind the signs" mean?" Lydia frowned.

"When Momma's signs are on the door, we're forbidden from coming in."


"Papa and Uncle Jordan won't enter either. No one is supposed to."


"Because when people get naked, they don't want people they didn't invite to see them." He shrugged.

"She's amazing." Lucinda whispered in awe.

"Ugh, get over it." Bradly snarled. "Nobody likes a whore."

Darguni rolled his eyes. "Did you ever learn what that word means?"

"Did YOU?"

"Yes. It was Momma's codename when she was a mission specialist in Stormwind. She said she chose it because it was hers to choose."

Lucinda ginned. "Guess that means you can't use that one anymore."

Bradly shoved Lucinda. "Shut up, you don't know what you're talking about!"

Darguni crossed his arms. "Don't you dare shove her."

Bradly shoved Lucinda again.

Darguni punched him in the face.

Next thing anyone knew, Grogek had both boys in each hand. "WHAT is going on?"

Darguni pointed. "Bradly wouldn't stop shoving Lucinda. Momma says I can fight if I'm defending someone else."

"Can't say I disagree with her."

"What is going on here?" Captain Harvard put his hands on his hips. "Why are you manhandling my son?"

"Why is your son shoving little girls?" Grogek deposited Bradly in front of his father. He put Darguni down in front of him.

"Why WERE you shoving a little girl?"

Bradly stared at his feet and refused to speak.

"Because Lucinda said she liked Momma, and he called her a whore, and I asked him if I knew what it meant and I told him about Momma's codename and Lucinda thought it was funny, so he shoved her." Darguni managed to say it all in one breath.

"Ah." Was all Grogek said.

"First of all, you're not to use language like that." Harvard sighed. "Second, you don't start fights with people because they disagree with you."

"I hate you." Bradly stomped his foot.

"Now that was just uncalled for."

"This is all your fault!"

Harvard stared in bewilderment. "What is all my fault?"

Darguni frowned up at Grogek. Grogek just shook his head.

"I want to go back to Stormwind." He sniffled. "I never wanted to come here, away from all my friends. You stuck me in the middle of nowhere with this half breed, a pair of girls, and a wuss. I want my old friends back."

Grogek put a hand on Darguni's shoulder.

"What's wrong with being a half breed?" Darguni cocked his head to the side. "Am I supposed to be ashamed because my parents loved each other? That I was born?" He shook his head and looked up at Grogek. "Papa, why is he so angry at nothing?" Darguni gestured. "He says mean things about people who didn't say mean things to him."

"Sometimes, people are just like that." Grogek shrugged. "You speak beyond your years. Perhaps we can convince your mother to let you learn a weapon."

"Can I have an axe AND a staff?" Darguni had returned to his happy childish self.

"Let's start small, OK?" Grogek grinned.

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