tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 082

For the Whored Ch. 082


Elunara took her next book up to the Healer's Building. "Hey Ina, I got you a new one."

She flipped through it. "Nice enough. Not many new ones?"

"Not lately." She sighed.


"I'm going to have to go deal with it." Elunara sighed.

Savage had become her constant companion, and Yoona was starting to fall in. Elunara went through and grabbed some of her older work and her board. She loaded up the board and grabbed a book, heading down to the training yard. She strolled past everyone and climbed on to the platform. Holding her board in the air, she called out.

"ATTENTION EVERYONE!" She waved. "For all of you new folks, my name is Elunara. Yes, I am THAT Elunara! For your information, the rumors are TRUE! I'm a mean ass bitch who will slit your throat and forget you exist."

Several residents chuckled.

"Oh yeah, I also have probably fucked half this town."

"Half?" Someone cried. "Isn't that number a little low?"

"I was TRYING to be POLITE!"

Many laughed at that one.

"ANYHOW, my main profession in this town, aside from that other thing, is portrait and body recognition pictures." She popped her board up and pulled out some papers. She held the book up high. "You see, I started a project a few years ago, in which I draw detailed reference pictures of soldier's bodies. We start off with a nice tame little portrait and I then have you take off your clothes and I do detailed reference sheets. I then take these sheets to Ina, in the form of a book. When you get injured, or sick, or die, she can look in these books and see you at your healthiest in order to help you. I have done HUNDREDS of these, and they have helped many. Should you become dismembered, I would still be able to return you to your families."

She walked back and forth. "I have brought you many examples so that you may see what it is I do. If you are married, gay or just plain not interested in me, this is not a problem. I ONLY give the full treatment to men, and the occasional woman, who ACTUALLY want it. I do not have to hunt for prey; I get enough to eat as it is. You don't want me, then I don't give a damn about you. I am only doing this to help out Ina. No matter what your body is like, you need not be embarrassed, these are all PRIVATE. You can ask anyone, they will tell you I stick to my word."

She shuffled her papers. "There are many men who have had this done, that I have not touched. You can ask around. I have done some of these for married couples; I have done them for children whose parents wanted a keepsake. I am gentle and I am kind. Nothing on your body will freak me out, I've seen them all. Any of you who show up and think they deserve a blow job, and I will rip your nuts off and stuff them down your throat. I am performing a service in the name of helping people. I don't want some dickless asshole thinking he's got the best package I've ever seen. OK? Thank you for your time."

She sat down and spread he pages out.

"Not many new people showing up?" Jerry hoped on to the platform and sat next to her.

"Yeah, I've got about ninety percent of all residents done, but none from the new load."

"That sucks. You do good work."

"Thanks. How's Louis?"

"Gotta head cold. Nothing for it."

"Hey, I got a question." Jerry whispered.


"Louis and I got into an argument that only you can settle." He blushed.

"Spill it."

"Who's better? Grogek or Jordan?"

She giggled. "Grogek is built for power, and endurance. Jordan is the slow, attentive type, but he's built for speed and agility. Between the two of them, there's no way TO compare them. It depends on what I want."


"Who was your bid?"


"Yeah, but doesn't Louis have a major crush on Jordan?"

"This is true." He sighed.

A man broke off from the pack and came and peered at her pictures. "You drew these?"

"Every one."

"Damn. That's impressive."

She handed him the book and he began to flip through them.

"You know, I was at Harvard's room yesterday, and I saw that picture you did of his kid."

"Bradly's a good kid."

"Harvard's a little brain struck by how much he's kid's taken a liking to you."

"He's not the only one." She scoffed.

"You think I could get one of those portraits for my wife?" He sat the book down.

"I'll set you up." She grinned.

When he walked away, Jerry sighed. "I need to ask you a favor."


"There's a soldier, Lucy, who came through with this batch. She came through with a woman named Terica whom she calls her sister. They don't act like sisters." He shook his head. "But they refuse to acknowledge themselves."

"Why sisters?"

"Because you can pull relatives through, but not a lover you don't claim."

"Well, if they don't want to come out, that's their problem." She raised an eyebrow. "How long were you and Louis hiding it?"

"Well, I don't want to out them, but I think they could use a friend." Jerry shrugged. "When we were still hiding it, it was nice to have you to talk to."

"Ugh, I hate when you puppy me." She sighed.


"When you act like a cute little puppy." She sighed and gestured with her hands. "The big soulful sad eyes, please love meeee."

He wrapped his arms around her arm. "PLEEEAASE? DO it for MEEE?"

"Oh gods, stop." She shoved his face. "Stop! I may barf!"

"You two make me sick."

Elunara looked up. "Oh, Hi, Hammer."

"Can't keep your filthy hands off of anyone, even if your husband watches you."

"Pftt, he likes it when I let him watch. Besides, Jerry is my friend, and I don't have to justify shit to you. Do you want a portrait or not?"

"Yeah, I'll sign up for your little... project. It sounds like fun." He sneered.

After he walked away, Jerry hissed in her ear. "Don't do it. This guy sounds like... you know."

She rolled her eyes. "Don't worry." She patted his head. "You forget who you're talking to."

Elunara pulled out a chair and plopped it next to the two women. "Howdy."

"Uh, hi?" Said one.

"Names Elunara. Was told you're one of our troops."

"Yeah. I'm Lucy, this is my... sister, Terica."

"If you say so." Elunara shrugged. "You should join my project." She held out pages. "These are the ones I did for my wife Tulani. She said I could show you since you're female. I don't show these to the men, and I don't get that many female troopers."

Terica eyed the pages with some interest. "Your wife?"


"I'm surprised you're so open." Terica gave a pointed look to Lucy.

"Well, technically, General Grogek is my husband," Elunara began to tick off points. "Tulani is my wife, the three of us got married in a ceremony in the middle of town, was gorgeous. General Jordan is my lover, Darguni is mine and Grogek's child, but Tulani did all the mother stuff cause I suck at it." She sighed. "We're the weirdest family you'll ever meet." She grinned.

"That's... a lot to take in."

"Might as well. It's public knowledge." She took the pages back. "Anyhow, I'm gentle as a lamb and very respectful. Honestly, I tend to not prefer females other than my wife. I only have sexual experiences with women who desperately want to give it a go, but I don't think you're one of them." She smiled. "So you're safe from me. Oh, there's Tulani now." Elunara waved.

Tulani stepped over and smiled. "Hello." She said quietly.

"Tulani, I was just telling them that I'm gentle at my job."

Tulani brushed a lock of hair out of Elunara's face. "Well of course you are. You have given the bodies back to rape survivors." She looked at the two women. "That's how we met. I was rescued from sex slavers by a band of adventurers and I heard about this woman who drew bodies for identification. Me and three others came and she drew us. She gave us our bodies and our spirits back. When they discovered the kind of person she is, they became cruel and treated me badly." Tulani sighed. "She had done them a great service, and given then new clothes to wear, and they were just so hateful because of her bizarre past." Tulani stroked a hand down Elunara's hair. "She saved my life. She gave me a job, taught me how to just live. You'll never meet a sweeter person."

Elunara sighed. "Tulani..."

"I'll never take it back." Tulani bent down and kissed her. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to pick up Eloise's sandwich order." She smiled, bowed slightly and walked away.

Elunara watched her for a bit. With a sigh she turned back to the women at the table. "Anyway, if you want to join the project, just let me know." She smiled and got up. Walking over to Tulani, she ran her hand down her hip. "How's your day going?"

"Better, now that that cat of yours isn't shredding my fabrics."

"You're never going to let me live that one down, are you?"

Tulani ran her fingers across Elunara's lips. "Probably not. At least Darguni is enjoying the responsibility now."

Tippy came out and handed a Tulani a box. "Would you two get off my counter? I'm jealous enough of you two as it is." She sighed. "When are you going to come through on that promise of an eligible bachelor?" She pointed at Elunara.

"Honey, I haven't found one that would appreciate you like he should. If I don't find a candidate soon, I'll have to petition Varian to send me some men."

"Would he?"

"I don't know, how fondly does he remember me?" She winked.

"Ugh, knowing you..."

"It could go either way." Tulani laughed.

"I still can't believe you got Gerald married off. Do you KNOW how long I worked on that boy?"

"He wasn't to your tastes anyhow. I found him someone more his speed."

"You need to con Jerry and Louis into getting married."

"Whatever for? They're happy enough as is."

"Those boys fawn over each other like nobody's business, but I want a wedding to cry at, dammit."

"Pfft, you just like the catering business." Elunara waved her off.

"But they're so damned cute."

"You don't HAVE to be married to enjoy someone."

Tulani sighed. "Here she goes again. I need to get back."

Elunara straightened up and wrapped her arms around Tulani, kissing her thoroughly. She ran her hands down Tulani's ass and grinned. "Maybe tonight we can have a similar... discussion."

"Oh, you're always such a cunning linguist." Tulani giggled, before she turned and jogged out.

Eloise sighed. "You did that just to annoy me. How the hell do you have THREE of them at home? This is killing me."

"Well, I'd have five, but Zelinnia and Renwa are just too in love with each other." She giggled.

"I still say you should make an honest man out of Jordan and marry him too."

"Ugh, you and weddings. Jordan doesn't NEED all that from me."

"But he'd sure as hell like it."

Elunara groaned. "You're not there at night, lying in our bed, having this conversation. You don't know WHAT he likes."

"But you've HAD the conversation!" Tippy pointed.

"I've ASKED him if he misses it, and he gives me this confused look and..."

"Misses what?" Jordan raised an eyebrow. "Are you debating with Tippy over weddings again?" He gripped her ass.

"YES!" Elunara threw up her hands.

"The wedding debate, huh?" Zelinnia slipped under Elunara's arm and leaned against the counter.

"I'll be back with your sandwich." Tippy left the room.

Elunara slipped her fingers under Zelinnia's chin. "You're looking well today, darling." Elunara kissed her nose.

"Mommy life is agreeing with me I think." Zelinnia held open the front of her dress. "Look! Boobs!"

Elunara peered in, slipped a hand down and cupped one. "Your tits were already beautiful sweetie, now they're just larger." She moved her hand out.

"I wish they'd stay this big." She sighed.

"You'd figure they'd have a spell for that." Elunara considered.

"I've TRIED. Ugh, you have no idea." She sighed. "Yours are nice, good size."

"Meh, they serve their purpose."

"Don't taste half bad either." Zelinnia muttered.

"Five, four, three..."

Zelinnia turned bright red and laid her head on the counter. "DAMMIT, I thought I stopped that."

Elunara laughed and rubbed a hand on Zelinnia's back. "Sweetie, don't ever change."

Tippy came out with a box. She frowned. "She said something else didn't she?"

"It was a doozy."

Tippy put her hands on her hips. "Dammit!"

"WHY does everyone expect this of ME?" Zelinnia cried. She took the box, dropped the coins and took off running out of the door.

Jordan snorted. "That never gets old." He sighed. "Have to admit, they were pretty nice tits."

"You know, she going to see you one day, and have it dawn on her that she did that."

"She flashed him too?"

"Technically, she flashed ME, Jordan just happened to be standing behind me."

"I miss all the fun!" Tippy tossed her hands up.

"Alright, I need to head back."

Jordan kissed her and gripped her ass with both hands. "Love you."

"Love you too, sugar." She grinned.

"Oh Gods, you people are so freaking sappy. I swear if I spent the night, I'd probably throw up." Tippy sighed.

"No, you'd probably join." Elunara winked and walked out.

Tippy scrubbed her hands across her face. "I'm straight, I'm straight. I do not want Elunara."

"Give up, and give in. That's all anyone can do around here." Jordan grinned.

Terica sighed. "You can't get any stranger than that family." She stirred her tea.

Lucy just flushed and drank her coffee.

Elunara whistled as she finished up the final lines on her newest commission. She might have another one for Ina's book after she finished this. A knock on the door interrupted her. She dropped her pencil and made her way to the door. Savage stood by the door.

"You're such a funny kitty." She grinned as she scratched his head. She opened the door and smiled. "Hi. Terica?"

She stepped in. "Forgive me for intruding."

"Nah, its fine. If my sign isn't up, you can knock."

Terica eyed Savage. "That's not a Darnassus cat."

"He's from here. He's a sweetie."

He made a chuffing purr towards Terica.

"Come, sit." Elunara gestured to the chair. "Forgive me while I get my board." She came back in and smiled. "I have to keep my hands busy. Feel free to say what's on your mind."

"I have a feeling that you knew we were not sisters."

"First, I was alerted to you existence by Jerry, who is in a relationship with Louis and they're from the original load over. Second, once I got a look at the both of you... pfft it was obvious. Your facial structures aren't even in the same range. I know faces, I know bodies. You two aren't related."

Terica sighed. "I often wonder how many people put it together so fast."

"More than you think and less than you think." Elunara shrugged. "Most people ignore things they aren't looking for."

"Lucy thinks that we should hide. That the only way they would have accepted her into the guard was to be straight."

Elunara shrugged. "I take it you don't like it."

"It's one of those lies on a lie. She thinks we have to keep the lie going, or there will be consequences."

"Here, in the middle of bumfuck nowhere, we welcome weirdness and embrace our delinquent behaviors." Elunara grinned.

"Well, at least you do."

"Admiral Renwa is married to a Blood Elf. Jerry and Louis are gay, Mark married the sister of the man I near tortured to death, Gerald is married to a woman I helped hook him up with. I'm married to an Orc, a Draenei, and just about married to a Human. There's a Warsong orc running around that thinks I'm his blazing goddess, and some guy's kid calls me Momma Elunara. This place is pretty damned fucked up, sister." Elunara sighed. "Oh, and this wild tiger has decided I'm his new best friend." She scratched his head.

The door opened and Tulani walked in carrying her basket. She looked over and frowned. "I'm sorry, I didn't see the sign."

"I didn't put one out. We're just chatting." Elunara smiled.

"Where's that menace?"

"The boys have her."

"Then I'm safe to open my door." Tulani nodded to Terica. "Have a nice day." She stepped in and closed the door.


"Oh, I have a sabrecat that has a liking to Tulani's cloth. Keeps shredding the place." She sighed. "She's costing me a small fortune in fabrics."

"You have children?"

"Technically, I just have the one, but Captain Harvard's kid Bradly has taken to calling me "Momma Elunara" and now the boys are just inseparable."

"That's so sweet."

"It's freaking me out is what it is." Elunara grumped. "The end result is the same though, this town is weird. A pair of lesbians is old hat."

She tapped her chin and rearranged everything again. She wasn't sure how she would play this one, he was too volatile. She'd fly by the seat of her pants and call it good enough. When he knocked on the door, she smiled invited him in and flipped her sign.

"You may start either sitting or standing."

"I'll stand."

"Do you want a portrait first, or do the body recognition?"


She shrugged. "Alright, take off your clothes, you can sit them on the couch or in the chair.

He dropped his pants and kicked them to the side.

She rolled her eyes and reached for her board. His hand shot out and grabbed her by the throat. Shock kept her from reacting as he flung her across the room. Coughing, she tried to regain her feet, but he was quicker than before. He grabbed her by the neck and flung her backwards into the table. She was knocked dizzy by the blow and she tried to pour her energy into her self healing. Grabbing a handful of her hair, he yanked her up and slammed her into the top of the table.

"I said I was going to fuck you in the ass." He growled.

"Should have bought me dinner first." She hissed as she kicked back, catching his balls and dick with her foot.

He howled in pain and flung her by the hair into the wall. She bounced off of it and coughed. Her vision was blurry and she struggled to stand. He was on her in an instant, grabbing her by the throat and holding her against the wall. She flexed her hand and used her dagger into the side of his hand. He roared again and kicked her in the stomach.

The air was knocked out of her as she slid to the floor. She gasped and tried to stand again, only to have his foot catch her in the head. She was slammed back against the wall as he continued to kick. She swung her knife down and punctured the top of his foot. She vaguely heard the shattering of wood and wondered if he'd kicked her through the wall. She looked up, and was aware of Savage's massive paws on the back of Hammer's shoulders. He grappled with the cat and she stood up shakily. She jabbed him under the chin before kicking him in the chest.

He fell backwards, and Savage leapt off of him, quickly putting himself between the asshole and his master. He gave a ferocious growl.

"Good boy." She huffed. She went to the door and opened it, falling out.

Harvard saw her fall and he ran to her, pulling her into his lap. "What happened?"

"Get Grogek." She sighed as she tried to focus.

"Darguni!" He yelled. "Go get your father!"

Darguni took off running.

"Momma Elunara, what happened?" Bradly knelt down beside her.

"Stop moving so much, kid. I got a headache."

"Bradly, go get Ina." Harvard frowned.


"Hammer..." She pointed. "assholes are assholes."

Grogek arrived first. He knelt beside her and ran his hand on her cheek. "What happened?"

She pointed inside. Grogek frowned as he stepped in.

Ina arrived and started examining her. "She has a concussion."

"He's unconscious." Grogek growled. "What did that asshole do?"

"I think he was trying to pay me back. He said he intended to fuck me in the ass." She sighed. "I like it rough, but that just takes the cake."

Jordan jogged up. "Darguni said something happened to Elunara."

Grogek growled. "Take her to the healer building. Harvard, help Jordan while I haul this asshole out of my house."

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