tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 083

For the Whored Ch. 083


She sat at the top of the hill, drawing the scene below her. A sound caught her attention and she looked over the ridge. She closed up her board and waved to Grogek. Making her way down the hill, she met the procession.

"What's the deal?"

"Elunara, one of the many people I need to deal with." Varian frowned.

"What am I accused of this time?"

"I want my son returned to me, NOW!" Said a voice.

"Over my dead body, you bitch." Elunara growled.

"We will take this to Renwa's office." Varian growled back.

"Sure, I'll lead the way. He's gotten a major renovation since you were here last. In fact, he has a wife and child."

"I am pleased to hear that. Renwa is a good man, deserving of such gifts."

"Yeah, his wife is the Blood Elf."

"A... seriously?" He stared at Elunara.

"Yeah, things have gotten a little wild. Did you know that General Jordan is now living with me?"

"What of Grogek?"

"He's still my husband, Tulani is still my wife. Our kid Darguni had age spike jumps when we went to Darnassus."

"Yes, your mother, Tyrande said you had repaired your relationship in a strange way."

"Yeah, apparently all those guys I've fucked? I absorb energy from them. Any energy they willing give me, I... eat."

"Even me?"

"Even you."


"Wait, you've had sex with this woman?" Barbara scoffed.

Varian looked back. "A couple of times, actually."

"Officially admitting to it now?"

"You no longer work for the SI:7, which declassifies you, and strangely, everyone who has come back from this place, speaks of you in revered whispers. I have been tended to by Elunara is something of an honor."

She groaned. "I should just kill myself and be done with it." She knocked on Renwa's door.

There was a pause and a shuffle, followed by "Enter!"

Elunara opened the door and grinned at the disheveled Zelinnia. "Getting use out of those bigger tits, aren't you?" She pointed.

"Hush." Zelinnia flushed.

Zelinnia's eyes went wide and she ducked under the table.

Renwa stood up. "Sir! Had I known..."

Varian held up a hand. "I came on a very important matter. This woman," He gestured. "Claims that she was trying to return to Stormwind with her child, when Elunara interrupted and physically assaulted her."

Renwa shook his head. "It is my understanding that Barbara and Captain Harvard were having family problems and had decided to split. Barbara wanted to go back to Stormwind and Captain Harvard wanted to stay here for training. They decided to split, leaving their son, Bradly in limbo. When it came down to it, I asked the boy where he wanted to go, and he said stay here. The portal was cast and all was set to go according to plan. Barbara there went back on her word and decided that Bradly was too young to make his own decisions. She got physical with the boy and Elunara stepped up to intervene. Things were said, and Barbara got physical with Elunara, who is... as you know, not one to trifle with. In the end, Elunara helped Bradly exercise his right to choose."

"Where is Captain Harvard?"

Renwa sighed. "He died two weeks ago, killed while trying to protect another soldier in his duty."

"What? Why did no one tell me? Where are his things, why did I never get them back? Not one person in this backwater town has the intelligence to send me any message, or return his things to me?" She stomped her foot and shook her head. "While we're at it, WHERE IS MY SON?"

"Like you give a damn about him." Elunara growled.

"Where is the boy?" Varian interrupted.

"Elunara has taken him into her family." Renwa said quietly.

At the knock on the door, Elunara opened it. Darguni stuck his head in. "They said the King of Stormwind was here, I wanted to see him, Momma."

"Sure. Knock yourself out."

Darguni ran in and stared. "Whoa, your armor is COOL!"

"See, I told yo-" Bradly froze, fear and dread in his face.

Before he could run, Elunara reached out and grabbed his shirt. "Nope, you gotta face this."

"NO! Don't make me go back, Momma Elunara! Don't make me go with her!" He wrapped his arms around her waist. "Please don't send me away!"

Elunara stooped down. "Honeypot, they'll have to drag you from my cold dead hands. I'm not letting you go."

Darguni put himself in between Barbara and Bradly, showing his teeth. "You can't have my brother!"

Varian watched the exchange with complete fascination.

"Oh, this is just ridiculous! I am your mother. This whore has warped your mind. Just come back to Stormwind like you wanted before SHE got to you. Back to your friends and your place..."

"NO! My friends are here! That's not MY place, it's YOUR place, and you don't even like me IN it!" He stomped his foot. "Here, I have lots of friends, and I have a brother. No, I'm tired of being smacked just for disturbing you. Momma Elunara's house may be weird, but it's the best kind of weird." He crossed his arms and glared.

"I have never done that!"

"Yeah, huh! Momma Elunara doesn't say mean things for no reason. She says you shouldn't say or do things you don't mean, because they'll be out there forever and you'll just feel stupid later."

"GODS! Stop calling her THAT. You sound completely stupid. I'm your mother!"

"No." He narrowed his eyes. "Momma Elunara is my mother."

Elunara's eyes went wide and her mouth dropped open. She had the strongest urge to pull a Zelinnia and run. Instead, she struggled to talk past that lump in her throat.

Varian had a keen interest in Elunara's reactions. By his guess, she had no idea the little boy felt that way. It was obvious he had been misled.

At the sound of a baby crying, Zelinnia scooted her chair over and picked up the infant.

Varian shook his head at the child and returned to the matter at hand. "I believe I've heard enough."

Barbara seemed to sigh in relief.

Bradly pointed up at him. "If you make me go back with her, you're a bad king. Momma Elunara loves me. She saved me when I was lost in the wilds, she saved me again when SHE," He pointed to his mother. "Refused to listen to my request, and she saved me again when my dad died." Tears welled in his eyes. "She drove dad away, she who said mean, hateful things while dad was away training. She who hated hearing my footsteps in the house. Who told me to find lunch on my own, but never gave me any money to pay with. Call me stupid, call me slow, call me waste of energy, but never say Elunara is bad, because Elunara is the best." He re-crossed his arms.

Varian raised his eyebrows. "I actually had no intention of making you go back. You seem to know what you want, well enough."

"Elunara says I should learn my heart, so that I can follow it when I need to."

"She has been known to say wise things from time to time." He grinned. "But your words make it more obvious that coming here was a waste of my time."

"You can't be SERIOUS!" Barbara gasped.

Satisfied the crisis was over, Darguni turned to Elunara. "Can we take Yoona out?"

"Get to it." Elunara jerked her head.

Bradly gave Elunara one last hug before running out.

"This is BULLSHIT!" Barbara screamed. "That is MY child, NOT yours! I gave birth to him, not you!"

"Being a womb doesn't make you a mother." Elunara rolled her eyes.

The two boys happily lead the bouncy cat down to the training yard. Grogek was on the sidelines, watching a pair duel when the boys came up.

"Whatcha doin, papa?"

"I have to watch them fight, in order to know how to tell them to improve."

"When can we fight?"

"I'm thinking of starting up a junior training yard." He grinned.

"I want an axe like you, papa." Darguni grinned.

"I might want a sword, like my dad had." Bradly considered as he looked around. "But maybe I'll just try them all out, so I can figure out what I like best."

Grogek scrubbed his hand on Bradly's head. "That's a good thing to do."

"Yeah, Momma can do some serious damage with a staff." Darguni laughed.

"Elunara is one of a kind. Don't expect too much with a staff." Grogek laughed.

"Come on; let's get walking before Yoona chews through the leash." Darguni started walking away.

"Ok, bye Papa Grogek." Bradly grinned.

Grogek froze and stared at the boy.

"This is ridiculous!" Barbara screamed. "He is MY son! How DARE you keep him from me! I want her punished!"

Admiral Duchie had come in and was listening to the mess. "You know, I've been hearing all kinds of things about this Elunara, and I've been trying to figure out, why you haven't punished her for any of it."

Renwa sighed. "Fine, come with me." He stood and walked outside. He turned to a runner. "Collect all the townsfolk into the center of town. My orders. I don't care what they're doing, they better drop it. This will only take a minute or so."

He nodded. "Yes, sir."

The group made their way to the center of town, and Renwa and group stood in front of the fountain as everyone gathered. Savage flopped down by Elunara's feet. When he was satisfied by the size of the crowd, he nodded and stepped forward.

"Elunara put your back to them."

With a shrug she turned around. "I'm curious as to where you're going with this."

"Forgive me!" He called over the crowd. "For I needed to borrow you for a quick demonstration. I would like complete honesty; nothing said or answered here will go beyond this moment. WHO here finds Elunara's actions reprehensible?" He nodded as about fifteen hands shot up. "Now, who would like to see Elunara punished for her actions?" He grinned as only eight people put their hands up. "Finally, how many of you swear your unwavering loyalty to her?" He leaned over. "Turn around."

She rolled her eyes and turned to the crowd. Her hands dropped to her side and she just stared at nearly the entire town on one knee.

"And THAT is why Elunara does not see punishment for her actions." Renwa grinned.

"What action is Elunara in trouble for?" Someone called.

"She stole my son from me!" Barbara called in a shrill voice.

"Aren't you that bitch who told him he was too stupid to think for himself?"

"He is JUST a child."

"He may be a kid, but you don't have the right to call him names for wanting to stay with his dad." Someone snorted.

"Besides," Someone else started. "Elunara has shown that kid more love in the last couple of weeks than we ever saw out of you."

"Yeah!" Someone called.

"You don't know what goes on in my house!"

"Don't have to." Someone snorted. "It was enough to see the bruises on that kid, especially when his dad was at training all day."

"How DARE you!"

"No, how dare YOU, lady. Do you know how sad it is, to see a kid happier with a near stranger than he ever was with his own family?"

"Yeah!" Called several people at once.

"Yeah, Elunara does some weird shit, and has a temper like a fire elemental, but she'd never hurt her own kids." Gerald crossed his arms.

"How many times have I slipped that kid some food, because you conveniently forgot to give him any money? How many times did I go to you and ask you to pay the tab, and you tell me you never gave him permission to eat at my place? Say what you will about Elunara, but I've never seen a more loving and devoted family"

"She didn't even hesitate." Said Steve. "She tried and tried to revive Harvard, but it was already too late." He shook his head. "She pulled that boy into her arms, made him understand the grief, and then turned and said "He has me." It was... it was amazing." He said quietly. "The boy had just lost everything, and she claimed him as her own."

"And our family grew by one." Grogek nodded.

"Take your bitchy ass back to Stormwind and never darken our town again!" Someone shouted.

"YEAH!" Yelled the crowd.

Varian's eyebrows shot up. "I see where THIS is going." He shook his head.

Duchie turned to Renwa. "ONE person inspires this much loyalty?"

"This is why Elunara does pretty much what she wants to."

Bradly and Darguni ran up and wrapped their arms around Elunara. She dropped her hands down on their heads.

"You won't take me away from Momma Elunara!"

"You can't take my brother!"

"No one can get through me." Elunara grinned down at them. "Where's Yoona?"


Elunara narrowed her eyes. "Where is that bloody cat?"

Both boys put their hands behind their backs.

"Well," Started Darguni.

"It was an accident." Said Bradly.


Savage took off and leaped through the crowd. Everyone scattered, but Savage made his way back, cat in mouth. He dropped the cub to the ground and laid on top of her.

"She broke the lead." Bradly laughed nervously.

"We were chasing her down when we spotted the crowd,"

"And she got out of sight for a moment,"

"So we thought we could find you"

"And have you help us get her back."

"Where is the bag?"


"Took it."

Elunara groaned. "I'd drag that thing back to Darnassus if I wasn't worried about the time issues."

"You can't even control your PET, you let MY child take care of YOUR animal. Yet you think you can take care of MY SON?"

Elunara snorted. "Mine. You didn't deserve him." She bent down and snagged Yoona out front under Savage's belly. "Come on, Let's see what we can do about a chain leash." She sighed.

Barbara lunged at Elunara. Elunara popped Barbara with the back of her fist, never looking back.

Renwa shook his head. "I think it's time you left." He grabbed Barbara by the arm and shoved her into the hands of two soldiers. "Take her to the portal drop off. Make sure she waits there for the king." He watched the crowd disperse.

Varian shook his head. "I do believe I am done here." He laughed. "I could not have imagined Elunara as a mother."

Renwa laughed. "You and me both." He shook his head. "But, I couldn't imagine Elunara as married, even when I wanted to propose. Now she's married an Orc no less, and a Draenei woman, and now Jordan takes up residence in her house."

"It's hard not to love that woman." Jordan sighed.

Renwa clapped Jordan on the back. "Haven't seen you in a few days."

"Been helping Grogek with the new arrivals."

"General Jordan, it's been quite some time."

Jordan bowed. "My king. It is good to see you well."

"I'm to understand that you call yourself Elunara's lover?"

"Yep, I live in the house, I get to... enjoy her company." He grinned. "Though, for awhile there, everyone seemed to think I was with Grogek." Jordan shuddered. "Leave it to Elunara to deal with all rumors." He laughed.

"That IS a disturbing mental image." He shook his head. "I'm not sure I want to know how she fixed the problem."

"By being Elunara." Jordan grinned.

"And you're fine with her... being her?"

"Hey, you want to give that a go before you leave, I'm sure she'd be thrilled." Jordan giggled.

Varian stopped, stared and just blinked at Jordan. "I'd say you are." He managed.

"Hey, you haven't seen wild until there're four of you at it." Jordan Shrugged.

Varian blinked. "Tulani gets involved?"

Jordan shrugged. "Only twice. She and Elunara tend to keep their... events to just the two of them."

"Ah." Renwa shrugged. "I'm not surprised, given Tulani's past."

"She doesn't let it bother her any more. She just has no interest in men. She only gets involved to please Elunara."

"Makes sense." Renwa grinned. "Elunara can make anyone stronger, even someone with such a nasty past like Tulani."

"Like me?" Tulani cocked her head to the side, basket in hand.

"The slavers."

"Ah." She smiled. "Yes, Elunara gave me... well, me. As long as Elunara is around, I know that no harm will come to me. I know that I can stand up for myself and make a difference. And I know that dratted cat is going to shred my studio if I don't get back." She bowed. "Your majesty." She continued her jog back home.

Jordan laughed. "The one thing Elunara CAN'T control is that dumb Yoona." With a grin he turned to Varian. "Elunara is the single most confusing person to ever live. You either love her, or you hate her, but you can never break her." Jordan bowed again. "It's been good to see you, but I'm going to see if she needs me for... anything." He winked and walked off.

"This is a strange town, you got here Admiral Renwa." Varian grinned. "I leave it in good hands."

Admiral Duchie sat in Renwa's office and sighed. "You can't possibly tell me I have to get my own Elunara to make a town successful."

"There's no Elunara other than the one we have, and she's not leaving." Renwa grinned.

"I'm still having difficulty wrapping my head around all that you claim has happened."

"Read Elunara's books." Zelinnia shrugged. "They're the most honest account of everything. At least from her view." Zelinnia leaned back, smiling as she fed Abigail. "Elunara keeps a near minute by minute record of everything ever. She'll let you read her books. Just ask."

"At the very least you should get yourself in Ina's body books." Renwa reached for a stack of paper but Zelinnia smacked his hand.

"Not that one, the other one."


Duchie chuckled. "How does she do that?"

"She's never tried to explain." Renwa shrugged.

"I see things in colors and shapes, instead of the normal ways."

Renwa blinked. "That... doesn't make sense."

"I told you it wouldn't." She shrugged.

"Anyway, go see Elunara, ask to read her books. You can start from the beginning or you can start from her arrival here. She'll let you do whatever. If you wish to know her, you should start from the beginning."

"I guess I'll go take a look." Duchie stood up and walked out.

"Mind her signs, she can get really pissy." Zelinnia called.

Duchie shook his head as he walked through town. The pair of boys were currently showing off the cat to their friends. He shook his head at that one. He approached the building and reached up to know, but saw the "Do Not Disturb" sign, followed by "Not even Grogek." sign. He scratched his head on that one.

The door opened. "Oh, Uhhh Duchie, right?"

"Admiral Duchie." He frowned.

She snorted as she flipped her signs. "Whatever." She shoved him backwards. "Forgive the man; he doesn't know how this town works yet." She smiled politely in the house. A man and woman, flushed red scooted out of the house. "He should be smart enough to understand the delicacy of your situation. Now, shoo. Don't worry. I highly doubt he's a gossip monger."

"Oh, um... if I can't figure out... the thing, can you come and show me?" The woman's blush deepened.

"It's pretty straight forward, but if you need anything at all, just let me know."

"T-thank you."

"What was that about?"

"Admiral," She started with an air of snot. "I do not discuss my client's private business. Now, what do you want?"

"Admiral Renwa said that, in order to fully understand this town, I must read your books about the events that have happened here."

"Ah, well, you have two options, you can borrow my books one at a time and return them when you're done, or you can sit in my library and read them during free days. You have to observe my signs, or there will be consequences."

"I believe your attitude is too forw-" He blinked at the room filled with books. "Are these all yours?"

"Wrote every one. This is my entire life." She walked over and tugged out a book. "If you wish to start with the founding of this town and my mission into Iron Horde territory, you want this one. You can start wherever you damned well feel like. They're all numbered by date. Try not to get them out of order." She sat the book on the desk and walked out. She tucked her head in. "As for my attitude? I don't even call Varian "king", he's just another guy in my books." She left.

He stood and stared at the massive room full of books. He picked up the one she'd left out and flipped through it. He winced at the pictures, but found himself interested in the writing. He sat the book down and pulled out random books, flipping through. He tried some of the more recent books. With a great deal of interest, he found himself picking up books numbered one through five.

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