tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 092

For the Whored Ch. 092


Slowly but surely, she had more kids to add to her training routine. As word got out of the impending party for the children, Tulani found herself with several orders for new party dresses. Ina was having a field day party planning.

Bradly folded his arms and grumped. "This is stupid."

"Oh, hush, having a nice outfit for a nice party is a good thing." Elunara sighed.

"But it'll be dumb."

"Bradly, you're being dumb." Elunara rolled her eyes. "This is NOT Stormwind, this is NOT going to be one of those stupid stuffy deals back in Stormwind. It's just an excuse for the girls to wear something frilly and pretend they're not trapped in one of the roughest worlds we've ever faced. You can be silly for a night." She shook her head. "Besides, I only organized this stupid party so that Lydia could show off her legs. She just wants to dance at a party. The only little girls were mean to her back home and she had to sit all by herself. Do you want to be mean to her and not attend her party?"

Bradly sighed. "No, Momma."

"Then put the stupid outfit on and get your ass out there." She put her hands on her hips. "Besides, how else am I going to show you my warrior goddess outfit?" She turned and walked out, patting Darguni on the head.

"You know, you never did get the blood stains out of that." Grogek raised an eyebrow as he looked at her over his book.

"They give it character. You know I like character."

"How come Papa doesn't have to go?" Darguni frowned.

Elunara eyed Grogek. "Valid point. All the parents are going to be there, you should make an appearance."

He sighed and sat up. "Fine. For a little while."

"Good man." Jordan grinned. "Let's go to a silly party." He scrubbed his hand on Bradly's hair.

It turned out, that everyone who could toss on a nice outfit showed up to enjoy a party. They had all gathered in the center of town, around the fountain. The kids were running around their parent's legs, and anyone who could play an instrument set up and began to play for the crowd.

"You certainly come up with the best ideas." Zelinnia grinned.

Renwa laughed. "Don't tell her that, it'll just go to her head."

"See, the best thing about our wedding dresses, is we can use them however we want." Elunara grinned.

"The blood stains just add to your look." Zelinnia took a drink.

"That's what I said."

Renwa eyed the crowd. "I've made a point of letting people know this was your idea."

She sighed. "Oh, don't do that. People will think I'm likable or something."

"Given the fact you did this for a disabled child?" Renwa murmured.

"She isn't any more."

"Again, thanks to you."

"Wouldn't matter." Zelinnia gave her a cat smile. "Your Linda has been telling them all as well."

"BAH!"She stalked off and made her way to the musicians. "Hey, you do requests?"


She began to sing. Following her usual habit on the stage, she sang for quite awhile, keeping to the happier jaunty tunes, along with some of the sillier antics. The musicians were having a field day trying to keep up with her.

He found his way through town, nursing his injuries. Listening for the sound of people, he found the town square decorated up, the people of the town dressed in finery and flippery. She was standing in the center, commanding her audience. She sang and she danced, and she called for the enjoyment. She grasped hands with a small child and danced around. Had he not already known he loved her, he would have fallen in love with her over this. His goddess of war, wearing garments splattered with blood, was dancing with a small child, bring joy to her face.

She spotted him, but didn't flinch. She made her excuses to slip away. Grogek noticed her direction and she nodded to him.

"Well, this is a familiar scenario. Me in this outfit, you interrupting."

"Forgive me my goddess, we had just returned. I had to see you."

She put her hands on his chest and poured her energy into him. "Why do you never arrive to me healed? Are your healers so unsatisfactory?"

"No... I'm usually so impatient to see you, that I escape their hands."

She sighed and brushed her fingertips under his chin. "If you died on the way to me, what point would that serve?"

He let out a breath he was unaware he was holding. "It brings my heart joy to know you worry for me." Timidly he brought his face closer to hers. When she bent upwards, he wrapped his hand around her hip and kissed her with passion.

She broke the contact and brushed her fingers on his cheek. "You've arrived at a bad time. This party is important in its frivolity. Since you saved my Bradly, you may stay. But I will not speak of war... that will be for tomorrow morning." She grabbed his hand and pulled him forward.

Everyone stopped and stared. She led him to the center and pushed him into place. He stood there completely bewildered.

"Everyone, this is Charnak. You may have seen him skulking around the edges of town. He currently leads my orc army that waits outside the barrier for my command. He has been working tirelessly to earn my favor and has proven his loyalty to me. Recently, someone tried to kidnap my Bradly and take him away from me. Charnak hunted the bastard and returned my child to me. I suggest you all treat him favorably."

"Barbara tried her shit again?" Someone asked.

"Yeah, she hired a man to take him from me."

"Goddamn, Varian should do something about that bitch."

"A rather angry letter has been sent. I await his response. In any event, that bitch won't take MY son!"

The crowd cheered. "Thank the Gods for your assistance, Charnak." Someone cried. The crowd cheered again.

"Now that THAT's out of the way, we have a party to enjoy!" She tossed her hands in the air.

Charnak just sat on the fountain in awe.

"You may stay there if you wish." She stepped forward again and began to sing.

He sat and listened to her for the longest time before she stopped and ran over to the refreshment table. He got up and followed her. "My beautiful goddess, I feel... out of place here. I am going to return to my people."

She brushed her fingers under his chin and he closed his eyes in pleasure. "Take care. I will see you tomorrow."

He started to kiss her again, just for the sensation, but he spotted Grogek and Jordan watching him. He backed away and scurried out of sight.

"I used to be like that." Jordan smirked.

Elunara grinned. "I have trained him well. Perhaps..." She ran a finger over her lips.

"What are you thinking, my love?" Grogek brushed his hand down her back.

"Tomorrow night, south orchard."

Grogek grinned. "Breaking him in right, then?"

"You bet your sweet ass."

Jordan laughed. "I'm going to back out of that one; perhaps another night." He kissed her temple.

"You just don't want to have to declare your penis again." She grinned at him.

"Damned right."

Gerald wandered over. "You throw a hell of a party, Nara."

"The fuck do you keep calling me that?"

"Cause it annoys you." He grinned.

She rolled her eyes. "South Orchard, tomorrow night. I'll be expecting company." She grinned.

"The orc?"

She gave him a toothy grin.

"Oh, man."

"Aren't you married?" Jordan snorted.

"Aren't you?" Gerald grinned back.

"Two orcs banging a Night Elf, won't that be something to see?" She licked her lips.

"As the Night Elf getting banged, you get entirely too much enjoyment out of the spectacle."

"I like em big and juicy, who can blame me?"

"How do you explain Jordan?" Gerald jerked his thumb back.


Elunara laughed. "He's delicious; a little sweeter than most. It's a trait I've been heavily investigating."

Gerald slapped his face. "Gods, I did NOT want to know that!"

"How's Chrissy anyway?"

"She's around here somewhere."

"I'm here." She blushed.

"How are things going, little dove?" Elunara grinned.

"Quite well, thank you."

Gerald wrapped his arm around the woman in an absent gesture.

"Swing by in the next few days, I got a new design you'll want to try."

"OOooo really?"

Gerald rolled his eyes. "I swear, you never stop, do you?"

Elunara snorted. "I got you what you wanted, and now you're rude to me. I see how it is."

Chrissy giggled. "Don't listen to him; he worships the ground you walk on."

"Chrissy!" Gerald hissed. He blushed as everyone laughed.

"See, it's not so bad when people like you." Linda smiled, pretty in her new dress.

"Hey Linda, nice dress."

"Your Tulani does amazing work."

"Linda, this is Gerald, he was my spotter in the SI:7, and his wife, Chrissy."

"Elunara put us together." Chrissy grinned. "Isn't that nice?"

"It seems Elunara does all sorts of nice things." Linda smiled. "She gave my baby the use of her legs." She wiped a tear. "Dammit, I swore I wouldn't cry again." She wiped her eyes.

"Ugh, Gods. Make her stop." Elunara grumbled as she drank her punch.

"Oh, stop being a snit." Jordan laughed.

"What's the matter?" Chrissy bit her lip.

Gerald shook his head. "Elunara has spent her entire life cultivating a reputation for being a mean ass bitch that will slit your throat and forget you ever existed. This "giving" side of her makes her cranky. Which doesn't matter, because we're all utterly terrified of her anyway."

"You're only saying that because you don't want me to rip your balls off."

"You're damned fucking skippy." He shook his head. "I've been getting quite a lot of use out of them now, thank you very much." He pointed at her. "You left a scar."

"Oh, it's tiny." She waved her hand.

"MOMMA!" They called in unison.

"Momma, come sing again!"


"Alright, alright. My audience awaits!"

She stretched out as she made her way down through the barrier. Last night was practically a feeding frenzy of good will and all that yadda yadda. With such an unexpected outcome, maybe she'd do it a little more often. Walking down to the challenge ring, she saw Charnak standing on a platform barking orders. She watched him with interest.

"I guess I only just noticed that you have quite a beautiful body yourself." She grinned when he almost fell off in shock.

"My Goddess! You're here."

"I was just watching you work. Not bad I'd have to say." She ran a finger down his arm. "I see you had your wounds tended to."

He ran his hands down her arms. "How I longed for you last night."

She cocked her head to the side. "I have to wonder, did you find a substitute pussy, or did you sit in that giant throne you made for me and pump your dick?" She gripped his arms. "Or perhaps you just humped your bed, imaging me in the soft furs." She purred.


"I think I'll go with the bed..." She whispered.

"How did you..." He gasped, and his face went red. "My goddess knows all." He knelt as she grinned.

She ran her fingers over his shoulder. "Rise, my champion. You shall only bow to me when I am pissed."

"It is my greatest honor to stand by your side." He scrambled to get up.

"I would not be offended if you found someone to suit you while I am occupied. Though I will admit that if you do so against her will, it is also against MY will. I value women above men in all things."

"I couldn't possibly..."

She looked back and ran her fingers under his chin. "As you would. But, should you chose to take on such a person, I would not find offense. Remember my champion, I am the goddess of sex. I believe you should find some enjoyment beyond my own."

"I..." He swallowed "I'm not sure."

She turned and put a hand to his chest. "Your faithfulness to me is pleasing." She stood up on her toes and brushed her lips against his.

He pressed down and wrapped his hands around her hips. Her fingers trailed back across his neck and into his hair. He pulled her into his body, taking her mouth for his own. Several orcs stopped and just stared.

She pulled her face away from his and licked her lips. Running a finger on her swollen lips, she grinned. "Oh yes, you missed me very much." She breathed.

"Come to my bed." He begged quietly.

"That was my next stop." She winked.

It wasn't much longer before she was sitting in the ridiculous throne, directing his mouth. Pumping his fingers in and out of her, he drove her up and over. When she clamped down on his fingers, he pulled them out and replaced them with his dick. He slid a slick finger into her ass and groaned.

"I love you." He groaned as he released himself into her. "I love you." He whispered into her ear. He wrapped her legs around his waist as he continued to slide in and out in a soft rhythm. Leaning back, he fell and pulled her down on top of him.

With a giggle, she landed, his dick still in her. He began to pump her hips up and down. "I could never love another woman like I love you." He slammed her hips down on him and groaned.

She rubbed her hands on his jaw. "You should know... I am no longer capable of children. Darguni is the only child to be born from my body. Should you ever want a sire..." She shook her head. "I cannot give it."


"When Darguni was to be born, he was too big. They weren't certain they could save me. So I slit my own belly open. The later, when..." She shook her head. "A zealot bastard took me. When I refused his advances, he threatened to kill the Blood Elf. I gave myself to him to save her. I didn't want his putrid hands to stain me, but I had to save her and used the only choice I had at the time. When I found out that I might be pregnant from the encounter... I ripped my own body apart. I took my dagger and I cut it out. I have nothing to have children with."

"Oh, Gods." He put his hands on either side of her face. "My goddess of war and mercy. To save another's life, you gave up your own body, and a chance at future children." He sighed. "How noble, how... aggressive." He laughed. "What a puzzle you are! To destroy your own body to make a point!" He laughed and rubbed his hands across her belly. "And to have healed so well..."

"Even then, the healers called it a miracle of insanity." She grinned. "Would you like to see something really crazy?"

"What is that, vicious little she-wolf?" He grinned.

She flexed her hand and summoned her dagger. She dragged it across her stomach, causing blood to drip down her belly. He gasped in horror. Releasing the dagger, she rose her hands in the air and closed her eyes. She focused on the healing energy.

With a grin she looked back at him. "Yes, I will destroy my own body just to prove a point."

He ran his hands across her belly. "Amazing."

"Most of the time, my body does it without me knowing. Just to speed up the process, I focused it."

"If I were on my feet, I would surely drop to my knees."

She stretched out and smiled, before standing up. "It helps when I have a crowd of worshipful followers. Last night's party was an all you can eat buffet of loving energy." She laughed. "Tonight's meal will be far more substantial."

"Tonight?" He had hope in his voice.

"Yes, there's a particular ritual that Grogek and I do..." She shrugged. "Anyway, the moons always add that touch of beauty to it."

"You'll be outside?" He whispered.

She pulled her clothes on. "How else will I get what I need?" She shook her head. "Anyway, you must tell me what spoils you brought for me." She grinned.

His goddess was being pretty vague, but it didn't take much for him to understand that he would have to see for himself. He found his way into the orchard and snuck to the center clearing. Grogek had her against a tree, his face buried in her soft wet folds. He licked his lips and watched in envy as Grogek drove her completely crazy.

Grogek grinned as he buried his fingers in her.

"Ah, no one can compare." She groaned. "He's here." She whispered.

He tugged his fingers out of her and she dropped her legs. She turned over and purred at him. He buried himself into her soft folds and pumped in and out. He bent forward and went for that soft spot in her neck. She closed her eyes and gasped in appreciation. He slammed into her, over and over again, driving her up and over.

"I know you're there." She peered through the darkness. "Come forward."

Licking his lips, he stepped out into the clearing. He knelt on one knee. "Forgive me my goddess."

"You know, that puts you at the perfect height." She strolled forward and put a foot on his knee. "Please your goddess."

Eagerly, Charnak buried his face in her slick wet folds.

"Are you serious?" One guy commented.

Several hands clamped over his mouth. "SHH!"

Grogek stepped behind her and began to play with her breasts, licking that sensitive spot on her neck. She groaned and leaned back, gripping Charnak's hair. She gasped and shivered under their touches. She tugged on his hair. "Stand, and fuck me." She growled.

"Yes, my goddess." He stood up and shoved off his pants.

Grogek lifted her and helped slid her down on to Charnak's dick. Grogek pressed himself into her ass. With a grin, he put a hand on Charnak's shoulder. "We fuck her together." Holding her around the waist, they slid her up and down and their dicks, as they bucked their hips.

She arched her back and growled. "Yessss, give me more." She bent forward and bit Charnak on the shoulder. She rode him like the possessed, Grogek trying to keep up from the back. With the sensation of pressing against each other, they both filled her near the same time. She groaned as they both slid free.

She walked and stretched her body. "Now that's what I call tasty. Why didn't I think to get a second Orc dick before?"

Grogek laughed as he cleaned himself off. "Because none other would put up with you?" He grinned.

She gave him a toothy grin back. "You only get to say that because I love you."

"Brother, you are fine with sharing her?"

"If I wasn't, we wouldn't be where we are." He tugged Elunara into his lap. "Besides, no one tells Elunara no. No one. It was get used to it, leave, or make the best of it. Now, it turns me on to see her fuck someone else. In fact..."

Elunara crawled across the distance, slinking her body. She got up on her knees and slipped her mouth over Charnak's sticky dick. He groaned and leaned his head back, grabbing her hair. With a chuckle, Grogek grabbed her hips and pulled her up, slipping easily in. Charnak couldn't believe what he was seeing or feeling. When he finally released again in her mouth, she licked him, but let it dribble down her mouth. She discretely barfed it all up.

Gold changed hands on the top of the hill.

He collapsed to his knees and stared at her.

"Goddess of sex, remember?" She licked her fingers. "Not half bad in taste. In any event, this gives me a wonderful charge. I feed of the men, remember that." She tossed her arms wide, showing her golden wings. "The battle charges me, the sex feeds me, and the mercy... is just a release of excess energy. I could decimate you and your little army." She grinned. "But you have earned my favor, so instead, I will keep you." She ran her fingers under his chin and leaned in close. "You are one of my chosen champions. Be proud of your place. Perhaps I shall join you on your next assignment, so you can see me when I am the most furious. In fact... the Draenei are having issues with those pesky demons again. Let me show you..." She brushed a kiss across his lips. "We ride in two mornings. Prepare my army."

She stepped away to Grogek. Charnak looked up at her in desirable supplication. She looked over her shoulder. "Well? Go."

Charnak scrambled to get his pants on before he ran away.

She watched him go with a grin. She licked her lips. "I guess I have to prepare to go on a mission."

"I wish I could see it myself." Grogek grinned.

"Come, my beloved. I wish to head to bed."

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