tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 103

For the Whored Ch. 103


Jordan stepped into Renwa's office. "Admiral Duchie, I know you've been after me to show you what I do here. Well, I've managed to make some time, if you'd just follow me."

Duchie stood up. "Uh..."

Renwa waved at him. "Go on ahead. I still have to finish this paperwork."

Once they were out of the way, Elunara slipped into the office and closed the door. "Sir, I've been meaning to speak to you privately."


"It's about Admiral Duchie. Quite frankly I think he's a moron and an asshole. My original plan had been to introduce Charnak and possibly make him Duchie's new trainer for the new area; however, I don't think he's qualified..."

Renwa held up a hand. "Duchie IS a moronic asshole and I'm quite sick of dealing with him."

Elunara let out the breath she'd built up.

"Some years ago, he used to be a friend. Now, I realize that I didn't spend enough time with him to understand what a useless asshole he is." Renwa walked to the window and peered out.

Elunara snorted. "If he didn't have such pull with-"

"I'm going to stop you again. You have more pull with King Wyrnn than Duchie will ever have, and it pisses him off endlessly. How many times has he read your books?"

"Twice each, though some he has read repeatedly."

"Can you tell which ones he's re-read?"

"Yes. I keep detailed records of every book and who has read each one. Except for Zelinnia," She eyed the Blood Elf. "She yanked so many books over and over, that my system doesn't know what it's doing."

"I was cross-referencing."

"Yeah, I know."

"Find those books; tell me what he was trying to figure out." Renwa shook his head. "All of that reading, and he was shocked as shit that your mother was Tyrande."

Elunara rolled her eyes. "I manage to not be surprised."

"He does not speak to me unless spoken to." Zelinnia flipped another page. "I've decided I'm fine with that."

"You know that bothers me." He sighed.

"Elunara taught me better." Zelinnia gave a cat smile.

"He also refers to her as "that Blood Elf" instead of by her name." Renwa grit his teeth.

"Any idea what he plans?"

"I'm hoping your books might give us leads. The end result is, he should have been outside starting his own town months ago. Yet, he sits in my office as if it is his and he's rude to pretty much everyone I consider a friend. Everyone has to call him Admiral, even me."

"Lame." Elunara tugged a sheet out of her pocket and handed it to Renwa. "John brought me this."

Renwa frowned at the paper. "I'd heard you were using him. This... makes no sense."

"It took me several tries to understand it myself. Duchie is privately recruiting, but doing a shitty job of it. John caught him several times offering bribes and incentives to get people to leave here, but he's done a poor job of selecting. This is a tally sheet. If you follow these lines here..."

Zelinnia walked over and snatched out the sheet. She studied it for several moments. "That fucking asshole." She marched to a cabinet and began yanking seemingly random sheets. She laid them out on the conference table. Once she was done, she gestured. "That stupid bastard has been trying to siphon funds."

Elunara put her hand on a sheet of paper. "Well, shit."

Renwa blinked at it several times, turning his head this way and that. "Zel, my love, I have no fucking idea what you just did."

Zelinnia groaned. "It's actually very clear." She went into lecture mode and spent several minutes detailing what she had put together.

"See, this is why you're perfect." Renwa brushed his lips against hers.

"But, WHY is the question."

Zelinnia shrugged. "This note is only part of the issue." She gathered the sheets together and started re-filing them.

"How did John get this?"

"Duchie wadded it up and threw it in a bucket. If John hadn't heard him earlier, he wouldn't have bothered. As it was, he thought the page would please me."

"I see why you want to work him. Very well, keep me informed. You're his trainer now."


"For now, we keep this business between the three of us. I know how you are Elunara, but your family needs to be in the dark for now."

"They think I'm using John for a different purpose. Jordan has an idea, but he thinks I'm just here to complain about Duchie's incompetence. I'll deal with John's involvement." She tucked the note back into her pocket.

Renwa nodded. "Good. I don't have to tell you about keeping this to the vest."

The door slammed open and Duchie marched in, followed on his heels by Jordan. Duchie froze and stared at Elunara. He narrowed his eyes and sat down. "Your HUSBAND deliberately humiliated me in front of the troops." He turned to Renwa. "I DEMAND an apology."

"Ok, first off, how? Second off, why? Third... Well, you get the idea." Elunara smirked.

"He wanted me to address the troops, so I went through the motions..."

"HAH! You set me up!"

Jordan shook his head in disbelief. "How was I supposed to know that the band on your pants was broken?"

"Am I to understand that one of my best and most reliable officers, PANTSED a superior officer in front of the troops?"

"I did no such thing."

"It's all because of HER!" Duchie pointed at Elunara. "Ever since she came to this town and taken it over, the morals of this town have all but disintegrated. Her so called family is no different. Nothing but disgusting perversion. " He crossed his arms. "A severe lack of discipline all around. I'll be writing to King Wrynn, mark my words."

"So marked." Elunara smiled politely. She slipped an arm around Jordan's. "Come, my HUSBAND, let's go do more perverted things."

"I'm always up for that."

Once outside and out of ear shot, she dropped her arm and took his hand. "Alright, now I have to know how you pulled it off... literally."

"I actually didn't. One of our stops was over at the leatherworking shop. Lucy was finishing up his belt order, putting some finishing touches in the design. Admiral moron began berating Sam for letting an untried novice finish his belt. Then started going on about how she was a disgrace to the army for quitting, and how he would see to it that King Wyrnn would have her shipped back to Stormwind, followed by how absurd it was that Sam would let Lucy even work there, on the words of a disgraced whore. By his first insult, Lucy started digging too deep into the pattern, by time he was through; she'd punched a series of holes so close together they made a break line. All I had to do was wait for a fun moment and..."

"Oh, that is priceless."

"Our men are disciplined enough to not laugh at superior officer... unless signaled to beforehand."

"That guy is a complete and utter asshole. Even Renwa hates him."

"That's good to know."

"Renwa wants a way to be rid of him, without giving him a town to lord over."

Jordan snorted. "He couldn't buy loyalty if he tried. He's also a lazy shit; he doesn't have what it takes to be Renwa."

Elunara stopped. "That's it. He's not after his own town, he's after THIS town."

"Not going to happen."

"Maybe not..." She dropped his hand and ran back home. Not bothering to check the door, she bolted into her library and started digging in her desk.

"What's the matter?"

She found her log book and held out a hand. Several books began to glow. She snagged them all down and began flipping through. "Duchie has read every book in here twice, and then picked out several he's asked for a number of times. After all of that reading, he's still shocked over certain details, like my mother being Tyrande."

"Uh, that's a pretty big detail."

"My log book is enchanted to tell me what books have been touched by whom, and for how long. Look, this one is my earliest contact with Renwa, this one is the time period where we were lovers, and then next few are all in relation to Renwa in some way, according to the log book, he was especially interested in the encounter that broke Renwa's obsession."

"But why?"

"Because this is Renwa's town. Sure, people went all hero worship on me, but that'll fade over time. The real heart is Renwa." She tapped a finger on the book.

"You don't think..."

"Possibly? I need more. This is where John will come in handy." She shook her head. "I don't trust that little shit Duchie as far as I can throw him. He's up to something, and he's either not very good at it, or the bumbling is an act."

"We need to tell Renwa."

"I will, I have an appointment with him in a couple of days."

"So you finally started scheduling again?"

"Yes, actually. I still needed to contact a few people, but they're already lining back up."

He pressed his mouth to hers. "That's my good girl."

"Hey, that's my line!"

Elunara jogged over to Tippy's and found herself a seat. Tippy started to walk over, but Elunara help up her hand. John came in, his head down, his shoulders hunched, as he made his way to Elunara's table. She noted how everyone glared at him.


He slid the package over.

She perused the packet and nodded before she signaled to Tippy.

Tippy eyed the both of them. "Well?"

"A pair of sandwiches."

"I want to know what's going on in my inn." She put a hand on the table and a fist on her hip.

"I'm training John."

"Training him for what?"

"To make something of himself. Now, are you gonna feed us or what?"

Tippy harrumphed before walking away.

"Oh, please don't upset her."

"Nah, I'm just speaking in a language she understands, it's called sass." Elunara clapped him on the arm. "When dealing with people, you have to learn how each person's mind works, before you can get in and do your job. You've spent your life at the hands of your crazed sister. Then, you were stupid, and now you're living on the outskirts of life. You should have picked up something about people, when as you dodged them in fear. For what I'm teaching you, you need to listen, observe, and stay hidden. You've learned how to hide, now we work on the rest."

Tippy dropped a pair of plates on the table.

Elunara handed her some money.

Tippy eyed the sum, before turning and walking away.

"The only way you can redeem yourself at this point, is to be seen in my company. Even if that has its own connotations." She bit into her sandwich. She swallowed her bite. "Why are you crying?"

"Because I can have one of Tippy's sandwiches." He very slowly and carefully ate every bite and crumb.

"If you make me happy enough, I might even convince Zelinnia to aid in this... recovery."

"You really mean it?" He ran his fingers along the plate.

"Yes. Now get back to work." She plucked the plate out of his hands.

Tippy marched over. "What exactly are you training him to do?"

"Eventually, I plan on making a mission specialist out of him. He's got good potential. Right now, I'm having him transcribe notes, write down observations. Cheesy things. He spent time in the army, but had so many absences he became useless. He lived under his sister's thumb so he became cowardly. Man like that requires a strong female influence to keep him on track. I'm just starting him off." Elunara handed the plate up to Tippy. "Plus, he cries over your food." She whistled as she walked out.

She frowned down at her unfinished work. It just wasn't her style to leave it this way. Gathering up her pages into her board, she took the bundle outside and was met by John, who was struggling to breath.

He held up a sheet of paper. "I thought this would interest you."

She frowned and took the page. Her eyes widened. "This is accurate?"

He nodded as he tried to catch his breath.

With a groan, Elunara stepped back into her house and put her board on the kitchen table. She stepped out again. "Good work, return to it." She rushed past him.

She knocked on Renwa's door.


She stepped in and looked around, before locking the door and approaching his desk. She put the page down.

"Terrance is Duchie's son?"

"According to this conversation. As for the other thing? All of the entries he has returned to are about you. Our first interactions, when we were lovers, including the interaction that broke your... fixation. Of course he doesn't remember anything pertaining to me, he's after you."

"But, whatever for?"

"He doesn't want his own town, he wants this one."

"Previously, I'd have told you that you've lost your mind. At this point? I don't even know any more."

"I'm going to have to have a talk with Jenny." Elunara tapped her chin.


"You know me. Plus, her and Mark are my clients."

She stopped by home and snagged her board before heading out and making house calls. She worked her way around town, setting up sessions and filling in fine details on her boards. A direct attack would be too obvious, so she meandered. She knocked on the door.

Mark opened the door and brushed a hand through his hair. "Oh, Elunara. Come in. Maybe you can help her."

"What's wrong?" Elunara stepped in and closed the door.

"She won't stop barfing." He sighed. "I hope she didn't eat something wrong. You never know with this stupid planet. I once ate some berries that made me lose my eyesight for a week. It was horrible."

"Just show me."

He led the way to the back room. Jenny was curled up on a bed, clinging to a bucket for dear life. Elunara passed the board to him and made her way over. She laid a hand on Jenny's side and channeled energy into her.

"That should ease the nausea. The good news is; you're not dying. The... "I'm not sure how you're going to take it" news, is you're pregnant." Elunara jumped when her board clattered to the floor.

"We're going to have a baby?" He whispered.

Jenny moaned. "Why does no one tell you it'll be like this?"

"Because it's usually not." Elunara rubbed a wet cloth on Jenny's forehead. "I hate to inform you, you might wind up with the same sickness I had. I couldn't function. But, since you're a pair of humans from the same time, I doubt you'll have the size issue. This world just doesn't like your body. The nausea SHOULD pass by the third month of this."

"Three months?" Jenny whimpered.

"We'll talk to Ina about getting you a midwife, or someone who can help ease the nausea and keep you on track while you deal with this." Elunara cocked her head to the side. "I might know somebody."

"Bless you." Jenny sighed.

Mark climbed into the bed and put his hand on Jenny's stomach.

Elunara chuckled. "I have yet to figure out why people do that."

"But, you were pregnant too." Mark frowned.

"Honey, I still don't get a lot of things about pregnancy and childbirth and babies and shit. Tulani did most of the work, because I was at a complete loss." Elunara laughed. "But it was ok, Tulani had always wanted a baby, but could never have one."

"Yeah, I guess with her being female set..." Mark frowned and rubbed Jenny's hip.

"Hey, Jenny, I know this is an awful time, but I had a question."

"You keep channeling that anti nausea thing, and you can ask me any damned thing you want."

"What do you know of your parents?"

"Ok, that was a little odd." She put a hand to her forehead. "Momma was a single mother, and I don't really know much about my dad. I'm not sure I ever met him. A couple of times Ter... er, my brother told me that dad was dead, and then mom would yell at him. She said that he was in the army, decorated officer or something. My brother called her delusional; said she needed a man to straighten her out." She groaned. "He was always on about male dominance. Complete loon. Why?"

"He was ranting again. Figured I'd come get the truth."

"The truth is, my brother is completely crazy, I don't know why you let him live."

Elunara headed on down and knocked on the next door.

Terica blinked and let her in. "Can I help you?"

"How are things going?"

She smiled and clasped her hands together. "Things are going much better now that Lucy is finally happy with herself." She sighed. "She had been so miserable for so many years, it's almost bizarre to see her so happy at what she does."

"And how have you been?"

"Bored out of my mind. There's always so much to do in Stormwind, but here it's a little confining."

"How about a job or two?"


"Friends of mine, Mark and Jenny, just found out she's pregnant."

"Oh, how delightful! But what does that have to do with me?"

"Jenny's in for a rough one. She's going to need some help around the house until the nausea months pass. All you would do is run chores for her. She's really nice, just not doing well right now. Once her nausea passes, which I say might be three months? You would then head over to my friend Zelinnia and help her out. She's due with her second child, and is going to need an extra hand. Its day work, and it'll get you out of the house and help you make a friend or two."


"Give it some thought, let me know. I have other stops to make." Elunara gave Terica an absent kiss on the cheek before walking out. She stopped looked back, and sighed. "Shit, I'm sorry. I'm so used to Tulani and Zelinnia."

"Uh, no. It's... fine?"

Elunara sighed. "Again, sorry. Just a habit." She walked away with a grin.

Elunara stuck her head in Renwa's door. "Don't worry about sending for a nanny, I've found someone to cover it."

Renwa blinked. "You-"

She closed the door and walked down to the healer building. "Ina!"


"Jenny's going to need some help with nausea for awhile. She's knocked up, and having my time of it."

"Oh, damn." Ina sighed. "I'll send Tia over, that's her specialty."

"Thanks Ina, you're a peach."

"You're damned right I am."

Elunara gave Savage an absent scratch. "You're so well behaved. Though you're probably just happy I'm wandering around again." He made a purring noise and she giggled at him.

"That's a pleasing sound."

She turned around and smiled. "Hey, Sugarbear. I was headed down to see you."

"Had to change my shirt." They exchanged kisses. "It's good to see you out with your board."

"I've been rescheduling people like mad."


She took his hand and they walked back to the training yard. "Were you there when Duchie lost his pants?"

"I was nearby, yes."

"You know he's blaming Jordan."

Grogek rolled his eyes. "I'm certain the list of suspects is long and varied."

"Lucy did it." Elunara grinned. "She sabotaged his belt."

He barked a laugh. "Now, that's impressive."

"I wonder if he'd make his own mother call him "admiral"."

"Most likely."

She kissed him again and headed off for the top of the hill. Once comfortable, she began to draw again.

Elunara tapped her finger on the counter. "Hey Mitsy."

"Are you finally caving in to my offers of a makeover?" Mitsy grinned.

"No, he needs a haircut." Elunara jerked her head at John.

"Him?" Mitsy's nose wrinkled.

"He's in my employ."


"Ew, no." Elunara shook her head. "He's trying to earn some favor back by proving he's not a louse or a moron. I'm helping him. And quite frankly, his hair is a mess. How can he look presentable like that?"

"But... Zelinnia..."

"Has tentatively forgiven him, based on how useful he can make himself."

Tippy walked in the door and froze in place. "The hell?"

Elunara looked back at her. "Hey." She turned back to Mitsy. "Consider it that personal favor you owe."

Mitsy smacked her hand on the counter. "Fine." She jerked a perfectly manicured nail at Elunara. "And only because you asked me to."

"Elunara, I'm starting to think you're stalking me." Tippy put her hands on her hips.

"Mitsy, how often do I come into this building?"

Mitsy pouted. "Never."

"So, I would have to come into this building at some point to even know how often you come in here. I just want John to get his damned hair cut." She flicked it. "It's disgusting."

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