tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 106

For the Whored Ch. 106


Elunara sat on the platform, drawing to her heart's content.

"It's always so fascinating to watch you do that." Zelinnia commented.

Renwa nodded. "It's impressive."

Elunara put her pencil down and smiled up. "I don't see you out of uniform that often."

"Yes, well, it was pointed out to me, that I don't take enough time for just the family."

She sat her board to the side and stood up, rubbing a hand on the baby's back. "Yeah, I know what you mean."

Renwa surveyed the troops. "Is that John out there?"

Elunara looked over and nodded. "I want to get him back in shape, so I put him back in training. He spent too much time as an unwanted beggar."

Renwa nodded. "Good."

John wiped the sweat off his brow and sighed. He was still woefully out of shape. A glint of steel caught his attention and he stared at the blade rising off of the rack. "ELUNARA!" He yelled.

She looked up and saw the sword. Without thinking, she dove in front of Renwa. Zelinnia screamed, and Elunara looked down at the stretch of blade coming through her chest. Her hands rose up. "Well, that's going to leave a mark." Was all she said before she hit the ground.

Chaos broke out among the soldiers and the townsfolk. The soldiers dropped their weapons and ran over to the side, bystanders and observers mobbed the base of the platform.

Renwa pulled Elunara into his embrace. "NO!" He screamed.

Grogek reached the platform first and tugged Elunara out of Renwa's arms. "No! No, my love, my beautiful she wolf. Come back to me." Tears streamed down his face as he held her body.

Jordan reached out and pulled the weapon from her body. He collapsed to his knees, blood stained sword in his lap.

Elunara groaned and looked around the inky darkness.

"Oh, no. This certainly won't do."


The pretty Night Elf walked over and laid a hand Elunara's forehead. "You see, I have far too many plans for you to die like this."


"Get back in your body." Elune shoved Elunara backwards.

Elunara coughed and blood came from her mouth. One hand rose up.

"Elunara, my love?" Grogek held her tighter. His tears pooled on her face.

"It... it..." Elunara choked out. "FUCK! FUCKING SHIT, IT HURTS!" She began to scream and writhe.

Grogek opened his arms in shock.


A ring of light surrounded Elunara and she began to rise in the air. Everyone looked up and gasped. Elunara blacked out from the pain.

"Is that a Naaru?" Someone whispered.

Grogek and Jordan grabbed Elunara's body, and Zelinnia grabbed her arm.

"YOU CAN'T HAVE HER!" Zelinnia screamed in desperation.

A soothing song went out across the town. Their minds were filled with the chiming music of the Naaru. "I am not trying to take her. I have come to heal her." It chimed. "Her energy will not be enough on its own. Lend her your energy and I shall help her body heal."

At once, the three of them let go. Elunara was lifted into the air and surrounded with the energy of the Naaru. Everyone who heard the words began to pray for Elunara. All throughout the town, those loyal to her, knelt where they stood.

Elunara put a hand on her head and groaned. With a frown, she looked down at the blankets of her bed. "Elune, fucking hell, can I NOT get STUCK IN THIS STUPID BED?" She flopped around and flailed her arms.

Grogek put his hands on her shoulders. "Stop. Stop it right now."

She glared at him as the tears streaked down her face. "How many fucking days?"

"You've only been here a few hours."

Some of the tension went out of her body. "Ok, that I can live with."

"Is she safe?"

Grogek backed away. "She's just cranky."

Ina climbed on the bed and put her hands on Elunara. "Well, I can say for certain, Naaru do a hell of a job."


"Yeah." Ina chuckled. "One showed up to heal you."

"I guess that's better than Elune shoving me back into my body."

"Is that how you did it then?" Ina put her hands on her hips. "Fascinating."

Elunara sat up and yanked the blanket down. She examined the scar. "Well, it's one of the nastier ones."

"You have a match on your back." Ina snorted. "Gonna have to update your books."

"Guess I am." She sighed. "I'm a goddamned puppet. Elune wants me alive, and the Naaru are grateful for my treatment of their people." She put her head in her hands. "I'm not allowed to die on their watch."

Grogek stroked a hand down her back. "I, for one, am grateful to them." He kissed her temple.

She wrapped her arms arm his neck. "I'm not exactly complaining, I'm just kind of tired."

"I heard yelling." Jordan stuck his head in the door.

"She is awake."

"Oh, thank the Naaru." Jordan jogged over, but stopped short and sat on the edge of the bed. "How are you feeling, Baby?"

"Hungry. Ridiculously hungry."

Grogek chuckled. "Yeah, I felt the same when I woke up."

"I have already ordered Tippy to make as much food as she can." Jordan laughed. "Dying is hungry work." He ran his hand down her chest in between her breasts. "Baby... look at you..." He whispered.

"Eh, I was just so jealous of you guys, I had to make it spectacular."

"Remind me to never get jealous." Tulani sighed from the door.

"So why aren't you people plowing into me?" Elunara crossed her arms.

"Because four hours ago, you were dead." Jordan brushed her hair off of her shoulder. "Usually, you're out for days. We're just all so worried we might hurt you again."

Elunara yanked out her pillow, shoved it to her face and screamed until she was hoarse.

Grogek laughed and pat her back. "I know you're frustrated my love, but if you could just take it easy for once..."

Elunara shoved at him and climbed out of bed. "I am FINE!" She twirled and glared at both men. "FINE, FINE, FINE!" She stomped her foot. "So, I have a fun new scar, big goddamned deal.

"I hate agreeing with her." Ina sighed. "But, the Naaru do good work. Her body IS healed. I, too, wish she would take it easy, but any restriction we try to put on her is JUST going to make her meaner and more likely to do something awful to herself." Ina took Elunara's hands. "Please, PLEASE just this once, take my advice and relax for a few days. I'll even set up my soak tubs."

Elunara frowned down at Ina. "I feel fine."

"Yes, but your body took a massive shock. Regardless of what the Naaru can or can't do, just... a few days?"

"I've... never seen you like this."

"You broke my heart. Even for the short period of time you were gone, you shattered my heart, girl."

"But, you weren't even-"

"I knew." Ina was quiet. "I just knew."

Elunara knelt down and wrapped her arms around the woman. "I'm sorry."


Elunara looked up at the two boys hiding behind Tulani. "Come here." She held open her arms.

Timidly, both boys wrapped their arms around her neck.

"We were there when it happened." Tears ran down Bradly's face. "We saw you die." He whispered.

She sat on the floor and pulled them into her lap. "Yeah, but I came back."

"It was awful." Darguni cried.

With a sigh, she hugged them tightly. "I'm so sorry." With a pat to their backs, she smiled. "Come on, let me get some clothes on, and we'll let everyone know that I'm ok." She turned to Ina, and yes, I will "take it easy" for a few days. Though I hope you don't mean I can't feed..."

Ina laughed. "I learned my lesson on that one."

She found Renwa downstairs, pacing. He wrapped his arms around her. "Oh, Gods! Elunara!"

"Why do people forget I need air to breathe?" She whimpered.

He let go and grabbed her by the arms. "You saved my life! You... GAVE your life for mine!"

"It was a fluke."

"No, it wasn't." Zelinnia sat on the couch, blood stained sword in her lap. "I may not be the best mage in the universe, but even I can do a simple magic detection spell." She ran her hand over the blade. "Someone cast a spell on the blade to seek out Johnathan."

"Wait, actively?"

"Yes. They were present."


"That I don't know." She shook her head. "I checked the arrow, same spell."

"Ugh, I wish people would stop acting so somber around here." Elunara sighed and crossed her arms.

"When you died... everything... dimmed." Zelinnia pushed the blade out of her lap and laid it against the couch.

"Yeah, but I'm fine."

"I think we're all just trapped in shock. That, the great and mighty Elunara, was felled by the blade." Zelinnia wrapped her arms around Elunara as she shuddered.

"Sweetie, don't cry." Elunara wrapped her arms around Zelinnia. She sighed. "Take me to the training yard."

"What are you going to do?" Grogek frowned.

"Bring the light back to the town."

She stood on the platform as all the men, women and children of the town gathered into the training yard. A quick scan and she couldn't tell who would be the attempted assassin. She had her family lined up behind her, as well as Renwa's little family.

"I think you should all be aware by now, that I died today. Zelinnia told me that when that happened, the world seemed to have dimmed. I can't disagree with her; it looks pretty gloomy out here. I am obviously alive, and I am obviously well. My death isn't actually important."

Most of the crowd gasped, but she held up a hand.

"What IS important is that someone is trying to kill Admiral Renwa. Admiral Johnathan Renwa used to be my lover ages ago, then he was my commanding officer, and then he became a friend. I care more about Renwa than I do most people, and I consider him and his wife to be part of my family. So believe me when I say, that whoever is doing this, I will hunt you down and rip you apart, piece by piece." She glared into the crowd.

"We have found evidence now that there have been two attempts on his life, and I know that I will find you soon, you asshole. The arrow from the training "accident" and the sword that pierced my body were actively cast on. Yes, I took a blade to the chest to save Renwa's life." She yanked her shirt off. "Thank you for the lovely new scar, it's actually kind of cool looking." She turned around and showed her back. She faced front again, still holding her shirt. "Thanks for letting me win the scar war, I was totally falling behind."

Several people chuckled.

"The end result is, I would do it again in an instant, and I will ALWAYS protect my family. I should let you all know, that I have agreed..." she rolled her eyes. "To take things easy for the next few days, just because. I haven't figured out what that means." She shrugged. "In fact..." She frowned and scanned the crowd.

"What is it, my love?" Grogek asked from behind her.

"Something isn't right..." She threw her arms out wide and felt her energy expand outwards. A hail of arrows stuck in the walls of the bubble she had cast, held there, wedged into the shield. With a growl, she sent the energy outwards, sending the arrows hurtling towards the ground. They all landed in an empty spot of dirt.

"The hell was that?" Jordan asked.

"First of all, I'm not even sure how I did that... second of all, I think our idiotic assassin just tried again."

John jogged over to the spot and collected a few arrows. He handed them up to Elunara, who passed them back to Zelinnia.

"Momma! That was cool!" Bradly bounced.

"Elunara! How did you do that?" Mark called.

"Fuck if I know!"

"The spell cast on these arrows was meant for all of us." Zelinnia frowned.

Gerald shook his head. "I thought your classification was rogue, not priest. You can't possibly be both!"

Elunara frowned. "I HAVE been doing priest things, haven't I?" She dropped her hands to her side and the shirt hit the platform. "Holy fucking cheese balls!" She put her hands in her hair. "It all makes sense. I should have been born a priest, but no matter how they tested me, nothing appeared. When I was... "unlocked", somehow the latent priest abilities came through." She started pacing back and forth. "Elune wanted me, but I was unable to access that part of me. I have trained all these years as a rogue, but perhaps..." She tapped her finger on her chin.

"Elunara, can you please put your shirt back on?" Renwa sighed.

"Oh, right. Sorry." She scooped the shirt up and tugged it over her head.

Jordan snorted. "Does Elunara EVER do anything normal?"

Elunara froze and found herself looking into the inky dark.

"Guess who just won a prize?"

Elunara sighed. "Hello, Elune."

"Oh, don't be that way. I did save you."

"And I am most appreciative."

"You've had the ability all along, but I could not reach you."

"So, I'm a priest now?"

Elune shrugged. "You are Elunara. You have and always will be who you choose to be. I quite enjoy that about you."

Elunara considered. "I guess, I don't mind."


"Well, the abilities have allowed me to save my husbands, and perform some crazy ass miracles. I guess all things considered, I can't complain..."

"Oh, you've done plenty of complaining."

"Yeah, well, I have to be me." She shrugged. "In any event, I guess I have a lot to be grateful for. So, thank you."

"You're welcome." The other Night Elf smiled. "Though, most of that you've been doing on your own. I just like giving you little shoves."

"Do I have to... worship you?"

She shook her head. "Just continue being you. Now, get out of here, everyone is staring at you."

Elunara blinked at Grogek's face in hers. "My love? Are you alright?"

"Just one of Elune's little chats." She turned to the crowd. "Yeah, so now I'm a disciple of Elune. Weird, right?"

"Does that mean you're going to start wearing robes and hanging out in the healer building?" Gerald snorted.

"Hells no." Elunara snorted. "I will never stop being me. In fact, that's why I came out here. To show all of you that I am fine, and that nothing has changed! Ok, well, having priest abilities is kind of new, but I've been doing that for awhile, haven't I?" She shook her head. "No, I'm fine, and if I am to understand her correctly, Elune herself, along with the assistance from the Naaru, won't allow me to die until I have done whatever the hell it is they decide I'm need for." She shrugged.

"Yeah, but you still scared the living shit out of us!" Gerald hugged his wife.

"Well, I damned well didn't mean to. There is an attempted assassin out there, and he or she is gunning for Renwa. They have magical capabilities." Elunara took an arrow. "These weren't enchanted, these were magically cast on. Do not panic and don't do anything stupid, but be aware of what is going on. We must find this person before they can do something awful. Renwa is MINE, gods fuck it all, and I won't let some fuck nut take him." She snapped the arrow.

Zelinnia put her hands on her hips. "Uh, excuse me?"

Elunara turned and grinned. "Oh, please, you know the rumor; I'm only letting you borrow him."

Renwa was just staring, completely speechless.

She walked back and took both of their hands. "You are my family. Regardless of how you fit into my life, you are all still family to me. I won't let anything happen to you."

"As long as they don't move in." Grogek snorted with a grin.

"Ugh, lord no, getting ready in the morning is already a beast." Elunara raked her fingers through her hair. "After I finish, I'm going to take time to spend with each one of you, Ok?" She rubbed her hand on Grogek's cheek. "I know this has been a mess, and today was just awful, so after I deal with immediate need, we'll all take our time together, alright?" When everyone nodded, she turned back to Renwa. "Where's Duchie?"

"I..." Renwa blinked. "I haven't seen him all day actually."

It took a fair amount of searching, but they finally found him in the center of the eastern fields, just standing there.

"Admiral Duchie, there you are!" Renwa called out.

Duchie turned around and looked confused. Elunara and Renwa looked at each other before heading down to him.

"What brings you out here?" Renwa stepped forward.

"I... uh, I was just seeing how the harvest was coming along, that's all."

Renwa frowned down at the newly sprouted blubs.

Elunara gently pushed Renwa out of the way. "Admiral, your portrait for Ina's books has been completed. If you'd be so kind as to follow me, I need your final approval. If they're incorrect, I'll have to start over."

"Yes, yes of course."

They led him back to the healer building. Elunara stuck the book in his hand and pulled Ina to the side. "I need you to check his brain. Something isn't right."

Ina nodded and climbed up on the bed, placing her hands on Duchie's shoulders.

"What's she doing?"

"Standard check up." Elunara shrugged. "Anyway, as you can see, I have full detailing on all of your scars." She pointed to the book.

"That can't be right." He pointed around. "Where are all these from? I don't have those on my body. You'll have to do a new one."

She yanked up his sleeve. "You mean this one?"

He stared at his arm as if he'd never seen it before. "Now, why would you do such a thing?"

Renwa and Elunara shared a look. "Now, Duchie, why don't you take the day off?" Renwa smiled. "You never seem to."

Admiral Duchie straightened up. "No! I am needed in my office." He waved a hand at Ina. "Stop your fussing, woman. I have paperwork to deal with." He stood up and marched out.

Ina frowned, her hands on her hips. "I agree with you. He has significant brain damage. I couldn't get to all of it, but it's half rotted."

"Can it be fixed?" Renwa asked quietly.

"Nay. Not that. It is wonder he knows his own name." She shook her head and jumped down.

"I'm not so sure Duchie is our assassin anymore." Elunara sighed.

Ina sighed. "He might still be involved. I checked him when he arrived and he did NOT have that kind of brain damage before. He had some... age related wear, but nothing like I just detected."

Renwa frowned. "Could it have been magically induced?"


Outside, Renwa wrapped his arms around Elunara. "I never got to thank you for saving me. Lu, I can't believe you were dead in my arms." His voice was thick with emotion. "I never knew you cared so much about me."

She sighed and returned the embrace. "We've had a long, hard road, but I stick to what I said, we are family."

"Good." Zelinnia wrapped her arms around Elunara. "I kind of always wanted a sister."

Elunara laughed. "We have one warped ass family tree."

"Don't we just?" Renwa laughed.

"Where's the baby?"

"I figured busybody Mrs. Finister could handle a baby for a few minutes." Zelinnia wiped her eyes.

"Don't cry my sweet thing." Elunara kissed her tears.

"I almost lost you, and then someone's trying to kill us. I feel entitled to cry."

Elunara sighed. "Go hug your baby; that always made me feel better. In fact, I'm going to go do so right now."

Walking in her door, she found everyone sitting downstairs. They all turned to watch her walk in the door, as the boys sat in the floor and played with Yoona.

Tulani smiled. "Sorry, we're all still a little shaken up."

"Nah, it's fine." Elunara sat in the floor. "I'm still figuring things out. We found Duchie in the middle of one of the fields, dazed and confused. Ina says he has taken sudden and traumatic brain damage, from where we don't know."

"Shit." Frowned Jordan.

Elunara reached over and tugged Darguni into her lap, hugging him tightly.


"I'm sorry, I'm just freaked out right now, and Bradly's out of range."

Bradly climbed into her lap. "I'm right here, Momma."

She wrapped her arms around the both of them. "Things are just so crazy right now. I don't know what's going on, and I just wanted to hug my boys."

Bradly wiped her cheek. "You're crying."

"Yeah, I am. Happens sometimes."

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