tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored: Stormwind Ch. 38

For the Whored: Stormwind Ch. 38


"King Wyrnn respectfully requests Goddess Elunara and General Jordan come to the Keep."

Elunara and Jordan stared at each other. "Since when does he send official requests?" She blinked.

The man shrugged. "I'm just the messenger."

Jordan linked his fingers with hers, as they walked up the pathway. "Well, whatever it is, we'll find out soon enough."

"It's just so strange of him."

"Well, he doesn't often call us at the same time."


"Ah, there you are." Varian motioned his head. "Please follow me."


He held up a hand. "Forgive the summons, but this is an extremely delicate matter." They entered his office. Once the door was closed, he sighed. "You remember your little pain in the ass, Cindy?"

Jordan tensed up and tightened his hold on Elunara's hand.

"She's dead."

Jordan let out a sigh. "Oh, thank the Gods."

Elunara ran her hand down Jordan's back.

"It doesn't end there."

Jordan tensed up again. "What do you mean?"

"Elunara, you remember Barbara?"

"Bradly's womb, how could I forget that bitch?"

"Yes, well, it was decided, that putting Cindy in the same cell as Barbara was quite fitting, as both women's past antics synced up rather nicely. It seems the two women became quite close. So close in fact, that no one knew the truth until it was too late. You see... Cindy was pregnant."

Jordan jolted and stepped backward. He clung to Elunara like a life line.

"Apparently, Barbara helped Cindy hide the pregnancy, fearing, rightfully so, that once the baby was born, it would be taken from her. They had a plan to raise the child, perhaps escaping with her, and raising her away from here. However, the Stockades aren't an ideal place to give birth. Cindy lost too much blood." Varian rubbed his neck. "Even then, Barbara continued to try and hide the secret, claiming that she had stabbed Cindy. One of the guards heard the baby cry..."

"And here she is." Ina stepped into the room, holding a bundle.

"But it can't..." Jordan's voice was hoarse, and his throat closed on him.

Elunara gestured to Ina. Ina walked over and tugged the blanket back. Putting her hand on the newborn, Elunara concentrated her energy into both of her hands, forming a bridge between the child and Jordan. With a sigh, she straightened up. "She's his."

Jordan jerked backwards, and backed into a table. "No! No, no, no. This... this can't..."

Elunara clamped a hand down on his arm. "Can we get a few minutes?"

Varian bowed his head and motioned to Ina. The pair left the room with the newborn.

"Jordan, stop panicking." She grabbed him by both of his arms. "You will calm down."

Tears streamed down his face. "I can't do this."

"No one is saying you have to."


"We have several options here, and I want you to calm down and listen to me. Not one person here is going to judge you for this. Your family doesn't actually have to know about this. She's not our blood. She is yours. You are our family and we will always support whatever you decide. We can send her away, so you never have to see her again. I'm certain I could find a family to take her. Or, you could send her to the orphanage here, and I'll do everything in my power to make sure she is taken care of from that point, but again, it would be YOUR option to look in on her ever so often. I could find a family here and they could keep her. I bet Chrissy would still love that baby she wanted so badly. Or, we could take her. She is yours, so she is ours. I can make any of these options work; you just have to tell me."

"I... I..."

"If you want a few days to figure it out, I could ask Zelinnia for help. She wouldn't ask me why."

He buried his face in her neck and hair. "You think this stuff through too fast."

"Sweetheart, mission specialist... top of the top? I've been training people to see the angles I see instantly in my head. If you want, we could have Ina bring the baby back in here... spend a little time with her, or you can never see her again." He crumpled to the floor, and she knelt down. "Oh, Jordan..." She tugged his head into her lap and ran her fingers through his hair. "You get into the worst messes."

Tugging a sheet of paper off the table, she scribbled on it, before wadding it up and letting it burn. Ina stepped in shortly after.

"Jordan's out for the count. I just wanted to see her."

"Of course." Ina handed the baby over.

"Oh, look at her." Elunara sighed. "She's going to look just like her daddy."

"How could you know that?" Ina shook her head. "She's hardly a day old."

"Because..." Elunara trailed off. "Shit. I'm doing it again."

"New power?"

"New fucking power. Though, I can't guarantee I could do it to someone else's kid. Jordan is mine, and she is Jordan's." Elunara sighed. "Oh, whatever he chooses, I'll do my best to see she has a decent childhood."


"It's Jordan's decision. No matter what he chooses, I will follow through. If he wants me to toss her through the dark portal, I'll try to cushion her landing."

"I guess I have to then." He groaned.

"You don't have to do shit, Jordan. Follow your heart."

"But, if I choose to keep her..."

"Then she will be part of our family. You know they will all do what you wish."

"What do we tell people?'

"There's any number of things... from the truth, to a bald faced lie. Unfortunately, it's a widely known fact that both Tulani and I can't give birth. She has to be someone else's."

"Gods, I don't want people to think I cheated on you." He held his hands out.

Elunara put the child in his arms. She brushed a hand over the child's head. "Oh, you silly man. The answer is right in front of you." With a laugh, she kissed his nose. "Simple. Thinking that I could be rid of the tart, I agreed to a threesome, believing that I could intimidate her away from you. So, you DID have sex with her, under my direction. It was just one of my extremely few failed plans, because it made her more obsessed with you, ending in her attempt to kidnap you."

Jordan blinked. "That's impressive."

Shrugging, she grinned. "Only our family needs to know the truth. In the end, no one knew she was pregnant, which is true enough. If she had ANY idea, she would have tried to use it against me. No, this was just poor planning."

He tugged her forward, pressing his mouth to hers. "Thank Elune for giving you to me." He whispered.

"What is your decision, Jordan?"

He looked down at the child, quietly staring at him. "I'll take her."

"You have to promise me, Jordan. You have to promise, that no matter how you feel later, you will not blame her. She didn't choose to be born. She didn't choose her circumstances."

With a nod, he sighed. "You'll keep me together."

Elunara turned to Ina. "Does she have a name?"

Ina dabbed at her eyes. "No. Even Barbara was just calling her "little baby"." She blew her nose in a tissue. "I hate how often you make me cry."

"How about Lulu?" Jordan ran a finger over the baby's head.

Elunara rolled her eyes. "Will I ever escape that nickname?"

Jordan grinned. "Nope."

Ina sighed. "I'll never stop crying now."

Elunara stood and opened the door. She jerked her head, and Varian stepped in.

"I take it you've come to a decision?"

"We're going to keep her."

Varian nodded. "You're a good man, Jordan. Better than most."

"With as crazy as our family is, Little Lulu will fit in fine." Jordan stood up.

"Lulu?" Varian grinned.

"Yeah, Lulu." Elunara snorted. "At last, now if people try to call ME that, it's just weird."

"Might as well explain what Elunara came up with. So we're all on the same page."

They made their way down to the training yard, Jordan still holding the baby. Grogek walked over with some curiosity.

"Cindy was pregnant." Elunara whispered. "I want the whole family to head home."

On the way home, they passed Renwa and Zelinnia walking with their kids. Both looked at Jordan with raised eyebrows.

"They are family." She whispered.

"Yeah, they are."

"Guys, follow us."

"But... you didn't want to."

"Bradly, you of all people know that pregnancy and childbirth have nothing to do with want."


"Cindy did a cruel, horrible thing, and Jordan has to live with that. However, we can't hold Lulu's origins against her, or we might as well hold all of our pasts against us. That's just how this works."

"So why did... SHE want to keep her?" Bradly was concentrating on the information.

"Probably spite. She didn't even bother to try and name the child."

Lulu began to cry and Jordan held her out. "I don't know what to do."

Elunara took the child and held her. "I think she's hungry. But, I couldn't do that even for Darguni."

Tulani held out her hands. "I can try again. Though, I think the only way it worked for Darguni is because I was with you. There's a theory about hormones and things that Ina explained." She tugged her shirt down and went through the process. After a minute, she sighed. "No. Not happening."

Elunara frowned. "Damn. That would be the easiest fix."

"Well, I guess I can try." Zelinnia sighed. "I mean, I'm at the end of Nara, so I'm still producing." She held out her hands. All at once, Lulu's crying went from annoyed, to full out hysterics.

Elunara took her back and calmed the child. "Well, that was strange."

"She wants you." Jordan whispered.

She sighed. "Well, damn. I can't."

"You don't know until you try." Tulani sighed.

"Besides," Zelinnia snorted. "How many pregnant women have YOU dealt with lately?"

"A fuckton." Elunara snorted. "Fine."

"Here, let me show you." Tulani walked over and showed Elunara how to do it.

She openly stared as Lulu latched on. "Ok, now that's just not fair." She sighed.

"Don't worry, I'll still help you." Tulani gave Elunara a sad smile.

"Well, she's Jordan's so she's mine."

Grogek ran a finger on the child's head. "She is all of ours, now."

Jordan wrapped his arms around Elunara and buried his face into her back. "I am so, so sorry, Baby."

"What's done is done." Elunara shrugged. "We'll have to get her a room set up. The upstairs one is best."

Jordan hated himself, because he could hear the pain in her voice. "We'll get it ready." He said quietly.

Tulani helped Elunara shift the baby around. "That'll do it." She put a hand on Elunara's cheek. "Hey, boys...."

"Yeah, Momma Tuly?"

"How about you go tell people about your new baby sister?" Tulani smiled back at them.

"Hey, that's a great idea." Darguni bounced up.

"Let's tell Lydia first."

Darguni rolled his eyes. "Of course."

After they left, Elunara collapsed to her knees, still clutching the nursing baby. "Why? Why not my own child?" The tears streaked down her face, and she couldn't free a hand to wipe them.

Tulani knelt down, and pulled out a cloth. "I know it's not fair." She wiped Elunara's tears, while she wanted to shed a few herself.

"I just don't understand. Why this child and not my own? I don't know this child, I didn't..."

Renwa and Zelinnia just frowned at each other.

"Baby, I'm so sorry." Jordan stooped down and put his face on her shoulder. "This is all my fault."

"NO!" She shoved him. "This is NOT your fault. This is NEVER YOUR FAULT!" The baby began to cry, and Elunara switched her attention. "No, no sweetheart. Don't cry. I'm sorry. It's not your fault either." She hugged the child. "It's this worthless body." She rubbed her cheek against Lulu. "Stop trying to take blame for something that isn't your fault. It's that worthless bitch, Cindy's fault. Who should be glad she is dead, because I would cut her to pieces right now."

"We'll help you." Zelinnia stooped down and put a hand on Elunara's shoulder. "You know that, right?"

"You can start by making Jordan stop trying to take blame for this." She muttered. "Just... stop. Because I can't take this emotional overload, and I don't know what the hell to do, and it's not made ANY better by misplaced blame. Lulu can't help the circumstances of her birth, and I highly doubt she can help the fact that, for some, unknown, fucking reason, I couldn't nurse my own son, but I can nurse her."

"She's asleep." Jordan murmured.

"Hell, maybe it's the goddess thing." Elunara sighed. "People in close contact with me are usually easily calmed by my touch." She shook her head. "Whatever the reason, we're here now, and we will make this work."

The next day, she sat on the couch, nursing the tiny baby. "Do you think I'm your real mother? Is that what this is?" She whispered. At the knock on the door, she sighed and stood up. "Oh, hey Chrissy."

"So it's true." Chrissy sighed.

"Come in." Elunara walked back to the couch and Chrissy closed the door.

"Gerald said that Jordan had an oops."

"That's an understatement."

"The thing is... you guys always say that Jordan can't get it up for anyone but you... so I have to admit I'm confused."

"Chrissy, I've kept an awful lot of your secrets, so it's time you kept one of mine. Because I can practically hear your envy screaming in my ear. Do no envy us."


"Jordan was taken by a little bitch with a succubus. Not only is this poor child an "oops", she's a "never should have been"."

"Oh, Gods." Chrissy whispered in horror.

"You cannot repeat that. We don't want the circumstances of her birth to change how people see her. Even more depressing, I was not able to nurse my own son, yet somehow this child latches as if I've always done it."

Tears shimmered in Chrissy's eyes. "That's completely cruel." She sighed. "Oh, gods. I was feeling so jealous, and now I don't ever want to have to be in your position. You're such a special person, that you would ever consider keeping her, let alone..."

"Yeah." Elunara shrugged. "This is who I am, I guess. Everyone is out trying to figure out emergency baby supplies." She sighed. "Please do not treat the child any differently."

Chrissy sighed. "Then, may I hold her?"

"Yeah, soon as she's done. I forgot how much they feed in the first few months."

Chrissy snorted. "Like YOU get to complain about being fed."

Elunara stuck her tongue out. Handing over the baby, she readjusted her shirt.

"Oh, she's so pretty." Chrissy sighed. "I still kind of wish I'd had my own."

"And miss out on all the kinky sex you've been having lately?" Elunara winked.

Chrissy ran a finger on the baby's cheek. "I'm surprised you didn't kill the girl."

"Now I wish I had." Elunara muttered. "None of us knew. I don't think she knew either, or she would have used it."

"That crazy bitch."

"See, when people call ME that... at least the crazy shit I do has some form of moral compass behind it." Elunara snorted.

"I couldn't do it." Chrissy sighed. "I couldn't take care of the child borne by the woman who raped my husband."

"Yeah, but it's not her fault." Elunara sighed and stretched. "I just keep telling myself, that it's not her fault she was born, and it was certainly beyond her control to be born how she did."

"Well, that's true... but as a constant reminder of what did happen..."

"Here's the thing... I tried to hand her off. She... freaks out when I try to get someone else to take her. It's like she knows when I'm just letting someone hold her, and when I'm trying to push her off. And my heart breaks a little for her. Maybe it's that stupid goddess thing, or maybe not. I don't know. She's mine now, and that's all I can do."


Elunara raked her fingers through her hair. "Yeah."

"Do... you mind if I come over every now and then? Just to help out, or whatever. Maybe if I spend some time helping with someone else's baby, I can get over the desire for my own."

Elunara grinned. "Go help Jenny while you're at it. Twins will cure you of all baby ills."

Tippy slapped her hands on the counter. "YOU WHAT?"

"Hush, not so loud." Jordan winced. "I just thought you were one of the people who should know."

"But, I thought you..."

"It was an accident, OK? I knew I should never have agreed to it." He sighed. "But Elunara's elaborate schemes rarely fail."

"But a BABY?"

"Stop screeching, you're making me regret telling you."

"I think it's admirable that he owns up to it." John rubbed a hand on Tippy's arm. "Plus, you're embarrassing him."

"Oh, I'm taking a trip down to Elunara. Don't think I won't!" She jabbed a finger in Jordan's face.

He rubbed the back of his neck. "Sure. But, if you do, can you take her some carrot cake? She deserves it."

The woman pounded on the door.

Cheryl blinked at Stephanie. "Aren't you—?"

"You're not going to believe this!"

"Believe what?"

Jennifer bounced up into the Keep. "Here you are, Misty!"

Misty sighed. "Here to tell me about your newest dress?"

"Isn't it fabulous? Picked it up today. You're not going to BELIEVE who has a dirty little seeecret!" She sang.

"Keep your voice down." Toppa hissed.

Jennifer breezed on. "General Jordan has an illegitimate child, and the great Goddess Elunara is taking care of it!" She giggled.

Varian visibly ignored the little gossip, but listened.

"They're trying to claim it was Elunara's doing... but come on. There are SO many holes in her little story. Five gold says she had NO idea about the little affair."

"Is that so...?" Misty bit her lip and considered. "But, would she cover up her husband having an affair?"

Jennifer shrugged. "Who knows with that weird chicky? But, there's something in the way they're trying to cover it up. What does it matter, if you can use it to your advantage?" She whispered. "That silly little family will fall apart eventually."

Varian grit his teeth and closed his eyes. Taking several deep breaths, he returned to his work. Elunara would just be annoyed with him if he tried to defend her from a gossip hound.

"Father!" Anduin jogged up. "I just heard a disturbing rumor."

"Ah. Here we go." Varian thought to himself. "Of?"

"There is a claim that Elunara's husband, General Jordan, had an affair and now has an illegitimate child."

"It was not an affair. I know."


Varian rolled his eyes. "Have you not learned by now that Elunara is always honest with me?"


Varian leaned against the table, his back to the gossiper. "Yes, Jordan had a child by someone else, no it wasn't affair, and yes, Elunara has claimed the child as her own."


"Yes. I know the details of that one, because I had the unfortunate task of telling them about the child." Varian sighed. "The little maniac had an obsession with Jordan, one that Elunara thought she could break." He shrugged. "It didn't work, and she went so far as to try and kidnap Jordan. Elunara hunted her down, and she was put in the Stockades. No one knew about the pregnancy. In fact, I'm having a few guards grilled on that point. The woman died in childbirth. When presented with the child..." He flicked the pencil by his hand. "Well, she didn't hesitate. It is his, so it is hers."


"The part to take from this... is Elunara's complete selflessness. A mistake was made, and Elunara said to Jordan, "Do not hold the origin of her birth against her."

Anduin frowned. "I..." He put a hand on the table. "I misjudge her too often." He turned and walked away.

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