tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFor Your Viewing Pleasure

For Your Viewing Pleasure


Donna Ladon was a very attractive 24-year old with a fantastic body that she loved to flaunt. She was a tall brunette with long, straight hair. A cute face and a 38,DD -- 26, 36 figure. Donna loved the way men watched her walk down the street, knowing that their eyes were usually glued to her shapely bosom as it jiggled against the constraints of her bra.

When Donna received a webcam with her latest computer she got the idea to show off a little more. She created her own webcam site and allowed people to watch her during all hours when she was at home. Even though she offered no true nudity her site was becoming quite popular on the net. Donna did occasionally show her bare ass. And sometimes revealed her breast as long as she had her nipples covered. But mostly she was dressed in a very revealing manner. Or in sexy lingerie. Donna would also exorcise on-line and her fans were always tuned in to watch her doing jumping jacks or running in place, or anything else that allowed her to bounce her large tits up and down for their viewing pleasure. Of course, she never wore a bra for any of this.

Donna began each session with the typed message: 'For Your Viewing Pleasure'. It became her signature trademark on-line. She even took live requests from her fans, and would sometimes accept private video-chats for the purpose of cyber sex. But even then she was always careful about what she revealed.

In most cases she would sit in front of her monitor showing herself from the waist up while wearing a sheer bra and playing with herself below the camera's view. Her partners could see her facial reactions and watch her chest rise and fall as she climaxed. For her part, Donna enjoyed watching some of the men jacking off to her. She also found it very erotic thinking of the number of men who were doing the same while watching her daily. Even when she slept the camera was on. Allowing viewers the opportunity to gaze at her sexy form as she lay in bed.

What Donna didn't know was that one of her viewers was living just down the street. He had seen her walking home from the bus stop one afternoon and followed her home. Donna claimed to live in another state on her website in order to avoid any unwanted attention. But she was soon about to receive it anyway.

John Rogers was a 21-year old college Junior. He was an average looking guy who was currently between girlfriends. He had been watching Donna occasionally for three weeks when he happened to see her walk past. After following her home he began keeping an eye out for her at the bus stop and quickly verified that she did indeed live there.

John shared this information with three of his friends. George and Chuck, two freshmen who had a penchant for getting into trouble. And Gary, a 22-year old senior who also had seen Donna on-line. The four of them were out drinking one night when Chuck suggested that they teach her a lesson for teasing men. After a few more beers the rest of them agreed with him.

A little more research let them know that Donna lived alone in her small ground level condo. Her patio faced the woods and her room was next to the storage area. So the nearest neighbor was directly upstairs. Through careful observation they learned that the upstairs neighbor worked 12-hour shifts three days a week at a local hospital. That gave them plenty of time on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday to act on their plan. It was soon decided to pick the following Friday.

When Friday came around the four of them cut through the woods to Donna's condo. They went downstairs. Once in the hall they donned masks and George knocked on her door.

Donna was in the middle of her evening exorcise routine when she heard the door. She was wearing shorts and a tank top and her hit counter showed over 300 viewers and growing. She typed in a message telling everyone that she would be right back and rushed to the door. In her haste she opened the door without checking. Even though the guys had come up with a reason to get her to open the door they were surprised when they heard the lock unlatching and the door opened.

"Now." George said as he rushed forward. The other three followed immediately.

Donna screamed and tried to slam the door shut but was quickly overwhelmed by the four masked intruders.

"Wh-what do you want?" She asked, knowing already what the answer would be.

None of the four spoke. Instead they grabbed her securely and lifted her struggling body by her arms and legs and began carrying her into the bedroom.

Donna was both scared and relieved by this. Scared because this verified that her intruders were planning on raping her. But relieved because she knew that her viewers would see what was happening and someone would summon help. Then she realized that none of them knew where she lived.

She began screaming again as they tossed her onto the bed. John grabbed the neckline of her tank top and tore it from her body, allowing her 38-double D tits to burst free. Then Chuck and Gary held her down while George pulled her shorts and panties down over her shapely legs. Donna was held secure on the bed with her legs spread so that the four of them, and anyone watching on-line, could see her bare tits and her shaved cunt. She looked at her monitor and saw messages scrolling on the screen. Donna was shocked to read such things as, "Alright, it's about time you gave us a real show!", "Great, a rape fantasy, way to go girl!"

More and more messages were appearing and Donna realized that her viewers believed this to be some sort of a show she was putting on for their benefit.

"Please let me go!" She begged.

"Not until we're finished with you." John said as he grabbed her right tit and squeezed it hard.

Donna cried out again as hands began groping her from all directions. Someone shoved a finger into her cunt while another hand was pinching her clit, causing it to swell. Her breast were being fondled and her nipples pinched and pulled as they grew hard.

"I want her first." John said as he got off the bed and pulled off his jeans and boxer shorts. Donna saw his 7-inch cock standing erect and began to beg them to release her. The other three men held her down as John climbed atop her. He pressed his hard cock against her pussy. The finger that had been probing her had started her juices to flow, but not enough to fully lubricate her pussy. So it hurt as John began forcing his dick between her lips. As his cock filled her she turned her head away from the webcam trying in vain to hide her identity.

John shoved his prick into her and began fucking her tight hole. Donna continued to struggle but it was a lost cause. She was in the beginning of what she knew was to be a gangbang. And worse, it was being broadcast worldwide on the internet.

John banged away in her cunt, enjoying the fulfillment of his fantasy with Donna. He moaned as he felt his cum rising. Donna recognized this and began begging again, "Please don't cum in me!"

John ignored her cries and increased the pace of his thrust. "Ahhhhhh!" He cried out as his cock erupted into her pussy. He continued to pound away for another minute then pulled out.

George read the screed. "Hey guys, we're being watched, and they're offering suggestions."

Donna rolled her eyes in shame when she heard that.

"Someone wants us to 'fuck those melons'." He said.

"I'll do it!" Gary said, climbing over her chest. Donna realized that the other three had stripped while she was being fucked. All they wore now was their masks.

Gary straddled her chest and lay his slightly larger cock between her boobs. He grabbed one in each hand and began fucking her soft tits.

George lifted her legs over his shoulder and thrust his pecker into her well-lubed cunt. Donna tried to resist but he was already gaining entry before she realized what was happening.

Not wanting to be left out, Chuck came around to her head and started slapping his hard cock against her face. "Open up and suck it!" He ordered.

Donna held her lips closed. The Chuck reached over and pinched her right nipple until she cried out. As her mouth opened he shoved his cock into it. Donna was unable to do anything else but comply as he began fucking her face.

She lay there with three cocks ramming her, wondering just how many men around the world were masturbating to the sight of her being gangbanged. Then she realized that many of them were probably downloading the video for future use. Donna panicked over the thought of this being broadcast over and over on underground websites.

She was brought back to the present as Chuck began to cry out with glee as he fucked her mouth harder. She could feel his cock swelling more and now it was ramming the back of her throat. She tasted the first drops of his salty semen as it dribbled onto her tongue. Then she felt it blast the back of her throat. She tried not to swallow but the rod in her mouth continued shooting more and more cum. Soon she had to swallow or choke, so regretfully Donna began gulping down the sticky fluid.

Chuck pulled out and Donna turned her face to see the purple head of Gary's cock pop in and out of view between her tits. She could see precum on the tip and knew that soon he would be spewing his seed onto her. Chuck grabbed her head and held it still so that she could not turn away.

"Oh fuck, yes!" George called out as he began filling her pussy with his cum. Donna clenched her teeth as she felt him blasting inside her.

Just then she saw the first volley of Gary's seed launch from his cock to her face. A second and third blast caught her on the mouth and nose before the rest released onto her neck. She could her the beeps on her computer as viewer after viewer sent their approval.

"You've had your fun, now get out." Donna said in defeat.

"Oh we're not through yet." Gary said, still sliding his cock between her tits.

John rolled her over and forced his cock into her mouth. Donna moved her head up and down on his shaft, tasting her own juices on his cock. As she sucked him Chuck got behind her and thrust his cock into her pussy. Since both men had already cum they were able to take longer the second time around. Much to Donna's dismay as she felt her pussy beginning to tingle.

"I can't cum for them." She thought. But she could feel her body betraying her. It had been several weeks since she had last gotten off with a man. And even though she was being forced to have sex, her body was beginning to enjoy what was happening. She fought the sensation, but knew that she would be unable to resist for long. Even the knowledge that hundreds, if not thousands would be watching her humiliation first hand was beginning to arouse her.

John began bucking his hips and clenching his ass as his orgasm filled Donna's mouth. This time she took every drop and found herself pushing her hips back to meet the thrusts of Chuck's cock.

When John pulled out Donna began shaking her head back and forth, panting loudly as her own climax began. She fought it with all her might then accepted it as her body began to shake with pleasure. Her face flushed as she realized the webcam was capturing her look of pleasure as she got off. Chuck felt her juices flooding over his cock and that was all it took to bring him to release and he filled her cunt with his own jism.

Donna fell forward as Chuck withdrew his dick from her. Unable to believe that she had just achieved such a powerful orgasm while being raped. She realized in shame that she must really be enjoying all of this. Her pussy was still tingling and she now looked forward to the next prick to enter her hole.

Gary got on the bed next to her. "Ride my cock." He insisted.

Donna was no longer resisting. She climbed over him and lowered her cum drenched pussy onto his waiting shaft. As she started to ride him she heard another pop on her screen. This one caught the other three's attention so she turned her head to see what it said.

"Fuck her ass!"

"Please no!" Donna pleaded.

"Let's do her together!" George said, climbing on the bed behind her.

Donna started to get up but Gary grabbed her arms holding her down as George took position behind her.

"Please, I've never done that!" She begged as George's cock pressed against her virgin asshole.

Gary held still as George pushed his cock forward. Donna clenched her ass as tightly as possible, but found that this only added to the pain of his cock forcing its way into her. She screamed when his head broke through and he began shoving the length of his tool into her. Her body was shaking as both men began to fuck her simultaneously. She could feel their dicks rubbing against each other on both sides of the wall of flesh separating them inside her.

They began fucking her harder and faster. Donna's head was shaking back and forth as her body was suddenly filled with a bizarre mixture of pain and pleasure. Soon she was crying out load as her second orgasm overtook her. But the two men continued to fuck her. Donna climaxed a third time, then felt George spewing his seed into her ass. He remained in her butt after cumming while she continued to ride Gary's cock until he gasped and blew his load into her twat.

George pulled out of her ass and she rolled over off of Gary. Wondering if they were finished with her yet, and half hoping that they weren't.

Chuck replaced Gary on the bed and pulled Donna on top of him. She willingly mounted his cock and began to ride. Then John jumped behind her and filled her ass with his cock. It still hurt, but Donna was getting more pleasure out of the twin fucking this time. And soon she felt her body climaxing again.

Donna came twice more before both men blew their loads in her at the same time. After that they got off of her and the four of them began to dress. Donna looked over at her monitor and saw that the number of viewers had more than quadrupled since all of this had started.

She looked at each of the four men, unable to recognize any of them beneath their masks. Donna knew that it would be difficult to have them charged if they were caught after the way the world had just witnessed her getting off over and over again. So she decided not to even bother notifying the authorities. After all, it was embarrassing enough to know that she had just been viewed by multitudes: she wasn't about to freely give any more publicity to the event and have others actively seeking the many downloads that were no doubt already circulating the globe on-line.

The four men left the way they came and Donna lay on the bed. Her legs were spread and the webcam was in line with her open cunt and ass. She could feel the many loads of cum oozing out of both holes and heard her screen popping message after message of approval, with many of them demanding more.

She was blushing from head to toe. In an act of final defeat she lowered her hand between her legs and began playing with her pussy. If these bastards wanted more of a show she would give it to them. Donna fingered her sloppy hole with one hand while rubbing her clit with the other until her hips were rising and falling with one last orgasm. Then she got up from the bed and shut down her computer.

Donna never activated her webcam site again. But her video was seen by many: Eventually even by her friends and co-workers. Donna was never able to tell anyone the truth of what happened that day. But was able to pass it off as a case or youthful indiscretion. Eventually she even began to enjoy the knowledge that it was there. And that now even her male co-workers and the husbands of her female co-workers were sitting at home at night jacking off to her. It almost made her want to start her webcam site again...

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