She swore again and checked her phone for what felt like the hundredth time. Still no more battery than the last time she had checked. Kicking the tyre of her stationery car she rummaged in her bag for her packet of cigarettes and lighter. Inhaling deeply she looked up and down the deserted road and cursed her mum and stepdad for moving her to such a god forsaken place. After falling in with the wrong crowd in her old school in London they had forcibly relocated her to the Dorset countryside.

Pulling her thin jacket tighter around herself she shivered and took another practiced drag from her cigarette. She stamped her feet in her heeled, leather, knee high boots trying to keep herself warm. Checking her phone once again she growled in frustration at the lifeless screen. From the corner of her eye she spotted lights coming down the road towards her. Letting out a small yelp of excitement she leant across the passenger seat to flick her hazard lights on and quickly crushed the butt of her cigarette under her heel.

The unfamiliar car came slowly to a halt next to her and the window slowly lowered to reveal a young man, he looked to be in his early twenties, with red hair that looked almost golden in the soft glow from his interior light, freckles covered his nose and cheeks and his green eyes danced as he took in the young girl stood before him.

"Thank god you came along," she began in a breathy voice leaning into the car slightly. "My car broke down and I have no battery on my phone to get hold of anyone, do you think I could borrow yours to ring my parents?"

He smiled and she felt her stomach perform a slow flip, he was beautiful.

"Course you can use my phone," rummaging in the pocket of a laptop case next to him he pulled the thin silver phone out and handed it to her. She smiled gratefully and turned to punch in the number, while she wasn't looking he took the opportunity survey the perfectly rounded ass in black jeans that seemed to be painted onto her, the heeled boots emphasised her shapely legs and just above her jeans he could see the beginnings of a tattoo before her thin, black, leather jacket cut it off. She turned back a look of despair on her young face.

"There's no signal." She looked so lost he smiled softly and got out of the car.

"If you want I can have a quick look, I was just on my way up to my cabin, it's not fair from here and there's a phone. You can ride there with me and then call your parents from there." He saw the doubtful look mar her soft features and quickly backtracked. "Or you can give me the car details and I can call a tow truck and have them pick you up from here if you would rather wait with your car?" She glanced doubtfully up and down the road before shaking her head.

"No, I'll come with you if it's not too much trouble?" He shook his head.

"No trouble at all."He waited as she locked her car and slid gracefully into the seat beside him, as she pulled she seatbelt across her his eyes were drawn to her large, firm breasts pressing against the fabric of her too small strappy top and the sparkling gem in her bellybutton. Shaking himself he restarted his car and continued his drive with his new passenger.

"You know you're lucky I came along. Not many people use this road at the best of times, especially not this late. What were you doing out here?"

"I'm new to the area and just wanted to explore you know, I got lost a few hours ago then my car died. I've been waiting there for almost two hours now."

For a minute she said nothing then shifted in her seat to speak to him again. "I'm sorry, I don't know your name."


"Spanish yeah?"

"Yeah, how do you know?"

"My mamma's part spanish, I'm Annabella, but Belle, Bella or Bells is fine."

"That's pretty."

"Cheers, my mamma's part Italian, she didn't want me to have a traditional Italian name but thought that sounded close enough."

He laughed softly. "Can't argue with that."

No more was said until he slowed to a halt outside a wooden cabin straight out of a western movie, a pile of logs was stood outside the door and as they went in he grabbed an armful. Walking through the door she smiled at the simplicity of the cabin. A worn leather sofa stood in the middle of the room in front of a large fireplace, two equally worn leather armchairs stood either side of the sofa, behind them was the kitchen area and a corridor that led off to what she assumed was the bedroom.

"This is real cute."

"Yeah it's not too bad, it's quiet, easy for me to get my work done." He moved through to the kitchen while she perched on one of the armchairs and watched him. He picked up the phone and dialled quickly. She heard him speaking and went back to staring round the interior of the cabin.

"Ok that's great," he hung up the phone and came back to where she was sat. "He said he'll be here in about twenty minutes."

"Thank you so much for doing that."

"Don't mention it," he picked up some of the logs from the pile he had brought in and headed through to the back rooms. "I'll be back in a second." She nodded and moved to the window. Much as she missed London watching the stars was something she could get used to. She didn't know how long he had been gone but she jumped when his hands appeared either side of her own on the windowsill and his hard body pressed against hers. She shuddered at the sudden contact and pushed back against him, grinding her ass against the hard ridge in his jeans without thinking.

"It's beautiful isn't it?" She nodded unable to talk as he slowly humped against her. Trailing one hand up her arm he knotted his fingers in her short hair and pulled her head back to gently licked her neck. His other hand moved across her stomach and down to the heated apex of her thighs, she sucked in a breath and rubbed against his hand her pussy already wet as she tried to prolong the contact. He slid his hand between skin and denim and over her soaked panties until he held her in one large hand. With a skilled finger he found her clit easily and stroked making another shiver run the length of her body. The whole time her gorgeous ass had not stopped it's grinding motion against his groin and he could feel his cock getting harder by the second as it almost seemed to try and get free from the denim and cotton encasing it.

He moved the soaked lace of her knickers away from her dripping pussy and with his thumb began a circling motion over the nub of flesh. She moaned and her hips worked even harder as her breathing became panting, he slid one finger inside her and a shriek escaped her throat. She fucked his hand lost to everything but reaching the orgasm she craved, he smiled and added another finger as the sexy young girl fucked herself on his hand her ass still pressed tightly against his erection creating a wonderful friction.

A knock on the door made her freeze and her eyes fly open, she tried to move away from him but the movement only made the fingers still inside her harder to resist and she humped down again for a another second before forcibly removing his hand and stepping away panting. Looking straight into her eyes he licked his fingers clean of her juices and went to answer the door.

She waited just behind him until the mechanic finished explaining that the car was fixed, a busted fan belt that would cost less than a tenner to replace and had already been taken care of, her car was then unhooked from the back of the truck and Alejandro watched as the young girl drove away. Still smiling he went back through to the bedroom, freed his cock from his jeans and stroked it thinking of her taste and rounded ass coming in less than a minute.


Monday morning saw him sat back at his desk, loud conversations and childish laughing made he look up and kick the leg of his desk violently.

"Settle down kids. It's just another Monday and we need to start class."

"Ahh, do we have to sir?" Lucy spoke up from the front row, she leant forward attempting to show as much of her cleavage to him as possible her blonde hair cascading over her shoulder as she licked her lips sensually.

"Funnily enough yes we do, now if you could all..." The sound of the door opening made him look up impatiently yet again. A young girl walked in, she had short bright red hair, caramel skin, a perfect button nose, full pouting lips, she wore a White shirt, black a line skirt, black knee high socks, ankle high, heeled black boots, a black tie and had dark expressive eyes that were now wide with horror.

"Good morning, my name is Mr Garcia. You must be the new student."

"Yeah, I'm Annabella, but Belle, Bella or Bells is fine."

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