tagIncest/TabooForbidden Fruit Ch. 01

Forbidden Fruit Ch. 01


School was piling up and I needed a break. I couldn't get my mind over the chapters of economics that I still had left do: the notes, the readings, and the understandings...ugh my mind just evaporates at the thought. Spring break is next week and instead of going somewhere warm, sandy, and sunny like all of my friends... I've decided to visit my Uncle Ted and Aunt Tina. I haven't seen them in such a long time. It has to have been at least ten years, well with a small get together somewhere in between then, but none the matter...way too long and I promised my aunt I'd go up to visit. I don't mind seeing them because she has always been the cool aunt. My dad, her brother, is quite the opposite. He's more the stiff hand. I didn't grow up in a liberal household. Everything was either black or white and if you fall out of line; you're out on your ass. So when I visited my Aunt Tina, it was like a glimpse of freedom...moments where I can breathe without suffocation.

Though I'd much rather be breathing freely; I know how to deal with a heavy schedule now because of my dad. I can go out with friends, work full-time, and go to school full-time. But yes...I get tired. I'm tired at the moment so now I have the perfect reason to visit my Aunt and Uncle, instead of silly little excuses. I have avoided going to see them because ever since I was younger I had a little crush on my uncle. Everyone in my family thought it was cute. I told my aunt that her wedding day to her husband was my wedding day, even though I was the flower girl. I'll never forget that he and I danced at the reception. I guess looking from their point-of-view, it is kind of cute. I was just a little girl who looked up to her uncle. But from my point-of-view, he was the first guy I had ever thought was good-looking that wasn't on television.

He was African-American and married into a family full of a bunch of crazy white ladies. At first, I was attracted to the color of his skin. Most of the time I never really looked at him like he was my uncle, he was just a man that one day maybe I'd kiss like the adults do. I remember sitting on his lap a lot as a child and comparing his dark shade of mocha complexion against my fair-toned skin. He'd laugh it off stating we are both the same, bleed the same etc... nevertheless I was still intrigued.

"You are full of shit, just like the color of your eyes," he said mostly when I was in trouble and I'd try to back my way of the hole that I kept unintentionally digging for myself.

I'd playfully hit him making sure he heard that we had the same color of eyes and that if I was full of shit I had to have learned it from him. He had a simple mind and was very easy to read. He protected me as a child but as I grew up and developed early...my body was feeling things that didn't feel right like I had deeper feelings than just admiration. So I avoided visiting unless it was family reunions and then those even ended because my parents moved out of state. So everything that happened was just sweet innocent fun; though the idea of him and I together never really faded.

In an innate movement, I checked to make sure my phone was nearby. I was going to have to call my Aunt and Uncle just make sure everything was settled and ready to go for next week but before I could find her number, it starts to go off and it's an unrecognized number.

"Hello?" I asked realizing it was the Airport people. "Oh."

I opened up my Mac and turned on my email. Apparently I had received an email stating that my flight was overbooked and that they were looking for those who'd be willing to leave early. I told the ticket lady on the other line that I must have skimmed over that email but I'd be willing to leave a few days early if I had to.... She seemed pleased and hung up the phone. I was going to be arriving three days ahead of schedule.

Dialing my Aunt's number:

"Aunt Tina? Hey! Okay so bad news...my flight got over booked...yes...I know...but...good news I was able to move my flight up three days...so instead of leaving Tuesday night...I'm leaving Saturday morning. Is that going to work out for you guys? Good ok....that puts my heart at ease. I'm excited to see you. Ted's excited? That's crazy. (*heart pounds a little louder) So you'll pick me up at the airport Saturday afternoon? Ok...thanks....sure that's fine. Bye...love you too...buh-bye"

Ted's excited to see me. Oh jeeze-my heart flutters a little bit.

My phone buzzes on the table. It's a text from Ted.

Ted: So a few days early...that's awesome.

Me: Yeah, I suppose. It's going to cut into my packing and school work but I'm sure my professors will work with me.

Ted: They will. How've you been?

Me: Good, you?

I feel like a girl in high school who falls into a trashcan the moment her crush enters the hallway.

Ted: Very good, my new heart makes me feel like I'm 17 again.

Me: Haha...yeah I bet. You're what...a young-old black cowboy now?

My uncle had a severe heart-attack almost 4 years ago where he died on his living room floor and the paramedics had to restart his heart. It was a tragic time for my Aunt and Uncle. I remember seeing my Aunt in a bad place of distraught and my uncle just lying in the hospital bed like he was just an empty body. There was no joy in eyes for a long time. Not until he was able to get on the transplant list and after three long years, he got a heart: a 17 year old cowboy heart.

Ted: Funny Ella. I'm forever young, so any young boys breaking your heart?

Me: Ha, you wish and no...I wish. I haven't dated anyone since I was 18.

Ted: Why not? You're 21; it's party time.

Me: Some days and because boys are dumb. I like men, there more mature and well you know more experienced.

I looked over that text trying to decide if I should delete it or stay with it...I pushed send. I think this would be a great time to see if there was any awkwardness back then or now...or if it's just in my head.

I didn't receive a reply right away. What a way to tear at your nerves! I decided after twenty minutes of no reply that I should get my mind off of him and work out. So I put on my work out clothes and pulled out my punching bag from out of my closet. I couldn't help but think about whether he was grossed out, disapproved, or scared to text me back as I started my work out. But I think that fueled my workout because by then end of it...I was on the floor in a pool of sweat and sore muscles. With the energy I had left, I took a shower. Before getting into my pajama's I looked at my body.

I keep up a curvy athletic shape so I don't end up like the rest of the women in my family who are overweight. My C breasts lay in tear drop shapes with my light pink nipples peaking up at you through the strands of my ruby-red hair. Though my cocoa colored brown eyes contrast against my red locks, they match the patch of hair above my sex. I run my fingers through the small patch of hair near my sex and Ted instantly comes to mind. Slipping on my white-tee, I hear my phone buzz in my sheets.

Ted: What you up to?


Me: Just got out of the shower, you?

Ted: Thinking of you

Me: Me? Why?

Ted: You know why.


Me: No? I don't.

Ted: You don't think I didn't noticed things as you grew up, especially on your 18th birthday

Me: You noticed me on my 18th Birthday?

Ted: Yes, always. You danced in those red shorts at the club...

He followed me on my 18th birthday. How the hell...why the hell?

Me: You remember?

Ted: I remember a lot of things. I remember that silly crush you had on me.

Me: It was silly yes.

Ted: And now?

Me: Now I'm 21.

Ted: No crush?

What? Is he suggesting that I still have a crush on him? No! Well, yes I guess I do.

Me: Possibly...why?

No answer. After waiting awake in my bed with no answer for over an hour, I plugged my phone in so it could charge and reluctantly I fell asleep. My mind was trying to figure out why he didn't respond...why he wanted to know in the first place? But with no answer...I wasn't going to get any closure or understanding. So I wasted away into a fantasy:

"Ella, you tired?" Ted whispered low enough so his wife wouldn't hear him in the next room.

I was in my pajamas; ones that I could wear in front of company and lying in a complex bundle of blankets on the couch. My uncle, who had just gotten a drink, must have noticed my eyes drooping.

"No, wide awake," I lied. I wanted to stay up with him

"It's okay to fall asleep on me. Come here," he motioned as he sat down on the other side of the couch, directly in front of the TV screen. This was his spot.

I got up and realized my pajama shorts were giving me a sweet wedge up my ass. I pretended to not notice and leaned onto his massive chest. He wrapped his arm around my shoulders and smiled kissing the top of my head. He was warm and smelt sweet; this was nice. After an hour, I found myself sliding down his body, enough to where my head was directly on his lap and I was lying sideways, facing the TV set. I was falling in and out of a deep sleep till I felt something nudge my head. Coming back in, I realized it was his dick. Looking up at the television screen, I noticed he had porn playing. My stomach clenched and I could already anticipate the heat that would begin to radiate between my thighs.

Porn has always been such a big turn on for me; watching and listening to two-six people fuck each other excited each sensory my body had. So the fact that there was porn on started to get my body fueling up and now here I was lying on my Uncle Ted's lap with his hard-on pressing itself against the side of my head, it was like a TABOO SEXUAL OVERRIDE.

His hand slid down my body, tickling my skin lightly, as he cupped my ass. I heard him growl or moan as his fingers delved between my thighs. I pretended to be asleep and shift my legs in a position where he could touch my pussy. He hand shot back against the couch as if he'd been caught in the cookie jar but I didn't move. I was enjoying this, my nipples started to harden as his hand found its way back between my thighs. His fingers grazed over my slit, teasing me grazing back and forth, as if he was trying to make the choice to grab the cookie or not, literally drove me crazy. I could feel my pussy moistening. He made the right choice and parted my swollen lips.

My juices dripped down my thigh and lubricated his fingers. He began to circle around my clit teasing it, waking it.

Doing the best that I could, I tried to stay quiet. I could feel my clit getting rock hard as each stroke his finger made became more sensitive and strong. Then with the room he had, he slid a finger inside me. Involuntarily, I let out a moan. This was feeling oh too damn good. He paused seeing if my moan meant that I was awake or that it felt like a fucking good dream. Still not moving, he slid two fingers inside me and I moaned more quietly. He was deep inside my cookie jar tantalizing my g-spot; stroking and circling over it. With his thumb, he copied the same movement inside me, on top of my clit. My body convulsed till I climaxed all over his hand. Slowly he pulled his hand out of my pussy and I grabbed it.

"You're awake?" He said as if he expected me to still be asleep.

"How could I be sleeping with you doing that?" I sucked on his fingers tasting myself.

"Oh Ella," He groaned.

He knew now that I was okay with this and that this could go somewhere. I slipped off the couch, down between his legs, and rubbed my hands on his thighs. I was going to return the favor. I ran my hand up his cock, over his sweats and smiled. I could feel that he was bigger than any guy I've ever been with up to this point. He moaned as I ran my hand over him again before pulling down his pants. I could see him pressing against the fabric of his boxers saying "Hello, suck me please." I kissed his cock over the top of his boxers, before---

The sound of my alarm clock was blaring. "Fuck," I moaned rolling over in my sheets. I was in a fantasy that was just beginning to get good. "Fuck!"

I unplugged my phone and saw that I had a new text message. It was Ted.

Ted: Sweet dreams Ella. I can't wait to see you.

"Fuck." The screen moistened from my pussy juice that was left on my fingers. I guess I indulged in myself during my dream.

Me: I can't wait to see you either.

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