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Forbidden Love


This is the back story to blood and ice to better understand the story I do suggest you read it first it this story ends where Blood and Ice starts.


I walked around father sword drawn. When we clashed, our sword battles were legendary. Though father never won, it didn't stop him from trying. This was how we were after nearly a thousand years. We developed a pattern, I would fly with grandfather in the morning, then sword practice and drinks in grandfather's room. If father was not knocked out he would join us. He lunged at me with a deathly blow, but I easily blocked it, grabbing his sword I wrenched it from his grip and slammed it into the wall just missing my uncle James.

"Sorry James, I didn't see you" I said, cringing

"Not to worry I am immortal after all" he said smiling

We couldn't help but laugh. That night father joined us for drinks. Everything was going fine until grandfather mentioned something that was a very sore subject with my father- his brother Gabriel.

"Father! I don't want to talk about him. He's dead and gone," Father stormed. With a deathly look in his eyes

"I don't see why not, he was your brother" Grandfather said.

I looked at James who just shrugged his shoulders I knew where this was going so I put my drink down and walked out

"Alexandria where are you going?" father asked

"I am not staying to listen to the two of you bickering like a married couple. Honestly you would think after a thousand years you could try and get along" I shouted as I stormed out of the room

I was so angry at the pair of them. Why cant they get along? I barged into the library. It's what I usually did when one of them annoyed me. I looked at the books and was skimming the titles when a flicker of light caught my eye I walked over. There was a crack at the edge of the bookcase I slid my hand in and pulled it open enough to allow me to slip inside. I was met by a narrow stair case lined with candles. I picked up my dress and walked down the stairs. It was obvious someone was here. The stairs opened up to a small room which was lined with rolled up documents. I slid the nearest one out of its shelf as I unrolled it. I felt a twinge in my stomach that I hadn't felt in over a thousand years- a vision

I was flying over fields of the greenest grass I had ever seen. I felt lighter than air. The castle loomed up ahead. It looked different, it didn't look as battered and old. It seemed new, as if it had just been built a small village surrounded the castle. I floated down to one of the houses, I could hear someone being shouted at.

"Alexander get up this instant!" a women yelled. I thought I was going to have to cover my ears out of fear she would burst my eardrums.

"I am up mother no need to yell at me," a young man said from behind me. He passed right through me. Tt was obvious that he didn't know I was there

"Eat up. If you're late again, they will beat you again and I am not looking after you this time!" his mother was yelling at him

"Mother I won't be late" he said in between shovelling food into his mouth. He wiped his hands and sped out of the door. I floated along side him. For what ever the reason I was to follow him. He ran towards the castle and bolted towards the kitchen. He tried to stop himself but the floor was wet and he skidded and ran into a women. He quickly disentangled himself mumbling an apology

"It's ok. Why are you in a hurry?" she asked her green eyes sparkling reminding me of my daughter.

"I'm late for my work" he said, helping the women to her feet.

"You'd best be on your way. I hear the kitchen master has a deadly temper." she said, smiling.

"You could say that." he mumbled.

She giggled at that. Alexander smiled, "I am sorry that I knocked you off your feet."

"It was worth it," she whispered.

Alexander smiled, "I had best go. It was nice to meet you," he said kissing her hand.

"And you too," she said.

Alexander sped into the kitchen.

"You're late!" a male voice bellowed.

"I'm sorry sir. I didn't mean to be," Alexander mumbled. Stumbling over his words

"If it wasn't for the fact I need you, I would have you beaten black and blue!" he screamed into Alexander's face.

I felt sorry for him. He was given a bucket of water and a wash cloth and told to go into the great hall. I watched as he slaved away, washing the floor in the throne room, the sweat was running down his back. He had almost finished, when three people walked in. One was the female from earlier. Out of the two others, one must have been her father the other was a young man about Alexander's age. The girl looked over and smiled as she walked over.

"Hi, did you get into trouble?" she asked.

He stood and smiled, "Nothing I couldn't handle."

"I don't believe we were introduced. I am Aislinn" she said, extending her hand.

Alexander took it and kissed it "I am Alexander," he said.

"That's a nice name," Aislinn said

"Not as nice as-" he didn't get to finish his sentence as the young man who was with her father strode across and punched him in the jaw.

"How dare you touch the princess!" he yelled. His eyes flashing with malice

"Forgive me I didn't know." he said, picking himself off the floor casting his eyes downward.

The young man spat at Alexander "Filth!! You should be out of sight and not near royalty."

Alexander flinched when he was spat at but didn't do or say anything.

"Come your highness. Let's get you away from such filth," he said, pulling Aislinn's arm.

She wrenched her self from his grasp

"I don't think so. I want nothing more to do with you Jacob if that is how you treat people," she said.

"But he is filth," he said frowning puzzled.

"He is one of my subjects and without them we are nothing," she retorted.

"So what of our arrangement?" he asked.

"It's off," she said, plainly.

"Aislinn you cant do that," her father said.

"I just did," she said folding her arms. She said it in a way that reminded me of myself. I had to smile.

"Aislinn reconsider," her father said.

"No I will not if he treats his subjects like that what will he do to me?" she asked.

The young man looked flabbergasted. Alexander had to try and not laugh. When he saw that Alexander was stifling a laugh, he saw red. He walked over and grabbed him by the hair and dragged him outside to a post which had chains on it. Alexander's wrists were put in each shackle and his shirt ripped off his back. Jacob was handed a whip which he swung over his head Alexander looked up. Aislinn was in the crowd that had gathered. She looked like she was going to cry Alexander yelled in pain every time he was lashed with the whip. I counted twelve. On the thirteenth strike, Aislinn ran over to Alexander just as the strike fell. She protected Alexander from the lash and took it herself. Her scream echoed through the village. Jacob stopped and she clung to Alexander.

"I'm sorry this is my fault," she whispered, wincing from the pain.

"You have nothing to be sorry for your highness" Alexander whispered back panting.

Aislinn stood and faced Jacob defiantly. "This is how you treat people?" she said softly.

"He laughed at me," Jacob said.

"So if I laughed at you, would you do the same to me?" she asked.

His face fell the king stepped in "Aislinn are you alright?" he asked.

"Fine father," she said.

"Jacob you have overstayed your welcome I don't want to see you back here again," he said calmly.

"This isn't over," he said through his clenched teeth.

The king walked over and undid Alexander's chains he fell to the floor in a heap

"Tend to his wounds and get him home," the king said with a wave of his hand.

Aislinn rushed over and helped him up. His back was a mess. They took him to the castle and washed his back. I saw him grit his teeth as they did so. Two guards brought him home where he got an ear bashing from his mother while his his father sat at the fireside. He lowered himself into a chair beside his father.

"What was it this time?" his father asked evenly. Looking disappointed

"Some pompous jackass was getting grief from the princess and I laughed. It was funny how she floored him," he said smiling

"You've seen the princess?" his father asked, his eyes wide with shock.

"Yeah. She's beautiful father," he said smiling.

"Son, you know she must marry either the general or someone from the council," his father said gravely.

"Father don't worry. There is no way she's even remotely interested in me. I am a floor scrubber," Alexander said.

"I'm just reminding you son," he said smiling.

A small knock came at the door. Alexander's mother rushed over.

"Hello?" she said.

"Yes of course. Come in, your highness," she said. Alexander looked around and there stood Aislinn. Both Alexander and his father stood at rapt attention, though I did notice Alexander grinding his teeth a bit

"Do you mind if I talk to Alexander alone please?" Aislinn asked quietly.

Both Alexander's parents bowed and left. His father giving him a squeeze on the shoulder.

"How are you?" she asked, unsure of the response.

"A little sore, but none the worse for wear. It is not my first beating, your highness," he said with a smile.

"I heard, and please Alexander, just call me Aislinn," she said with a warm smile.

Alexander smiled "Very well, Aislinn."

She produced a small pouch "Here take this. It should help with the pain. Just heat it in water and drink the broth."

"You are too kind Aislinn," he said taking the pouch

"I had better be getting back. I hope you recover soon," she said with a smile.

Alexander smiled and kissed the back of her hand, "I hope so too," he said.

Aislinn went to walk out of the door. Just before she reached it, she stopped and turned around. With a soft expression on her face. The next thing I knew, she had launched herself onto Alexander and was kissing the life out of him Alexander wrapped his arms around her and kissed her deeply in return.

She detached herself from his lips hurriedly.

"I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me," she said blushing, still in Alexander's arms.

"Don't be. I am not even though I know you will be with someone else," Alexander said with saddened eyes.

"But I don't want to be with anyone else," she whispered earnestly.

Alexander looked at her.

"What do you mean?" he asked, not daring to believe his ears.

"I want you and I don't care what you are. In the brief time I met you, I was far more impressed with you than any other man I know. I can't be with you but I want you," she said looking up at Alexander's eyes.

"What if we kept it a secret?" Alexander asked, his eyes full of hope.

"If my father finds out, he might kill you" Aislinn said fearfully.

"I don't care. You're worth the risk."


"I would give my life just to have you in my arms for a day. I cant explain it but I feel pulled to you."

"And I you, Alexander," she said and she kissed him.

"You had best go meet me tomorrow in the forest at midnight, there's a clearing not to far in meet me there" Alexander said.

"I will be there," she said giving him one last kiss.

As she went out the door, Alexander watched her go. A member of the council was waiting for her. She waved at Alexander. He waved back as I watched them, I realised what I was seeing our past. I wondered why I was seeing this. There must have been something that I was meant to see. I felt sad as I knew their fate. The vision changed. It was night time. Alexander was waiting at the edge of the forest. A figure appeared, cloaked. Alexander put his arm around her and guided her into the forest. I followed.

"Were you followed?" Alexander asked urgently.

"No. I used the servants entrance," Aislinn said.

He smiled and lowered her hood, kissing her deeply.

"Come. I was looking for a perfect spot and I think I found it," he said, pulling her along. They came to a large cave that was hidden underneath a tree.

"This is where we will meet," Alexander said.

It was obvious that he had been there earlier that day for there were candles lining the cave wall.

"It's lovely" Aislinn said, her eyes open in wonder.

"I hoped you would like it," Alexander said, smiling.

He pulled Aislinn into his arms and removed her cloak. Sliding his hands over her, he lowered her to the ground.

"Do you want me?" he asked.

"Yes," she replied breathlessly, her eyes shining with love.

I watched them as they striped each other and Alexander lay on top of Aislinn.

"This may hurt a little," Alexander said between kisses, a tender concern in his tone.

"It's ok," Aislinn said.

With one fluid movement he entered her she gripped him tightly with her flesh.

"I'm sorry Aislinn," he peppered her with kisses not moving. Allowing her to get used to him.

"It's ok now," she said.

Alexander smiled and started to move. I watched them as they made love they moved with such fluidity. I knew they were meant to be together. It was the same with me when I first made love to peter, I knew he was the one for me. It must be a raider thing knowing right away who the one for you is. Aislinn gripped Alexander I knew she was trying to be careful of his back which still looked raw. Alexander's movements became fast and jerky. They came in unison. No one moved for a long time. They just looked at each other. Alexander nuzzled Aislinn kissing her.

"I love you Aislinn," he whispered so softly that it I was barely able to hear it.

"I love you to Alexander," she whispered back.

I looked at them with sadness in my heart. I knew they had started down a path of which there would be no return. A path that I would one day pick up. I couldn't help but wonder what exactly happened, but I knew they would suffer. I shed a tear for the forbidden love they had started.

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