tagIncest/TabooForbidden Passion

Forbidden Passion


Sleeping against a soft female form he nudged his hard cock towards her buttocks. It was an unconscious act, something most brothers and sisters know about when they come of age. For that very reason their mother had protested when they said that they were willing to share his bed as there were guests in the house and space was limited.

Mild surprise had registered in their eyes when she had made subtle indications for they had always slept together since they were children and that too naked.

There had never been sexual overtures between the two despite the close proximity as they belonged to a nudist family. They had often seen their parents nude around the house and thought nothing of it.

But now spooned against his form she felt his hard ridge poke her. It was as if someone was pushing a big hard rod into her butt crack. She knew he was asleep as his breathing was slow and even.

Her breathing became shallow as she felt his hand slowly move from her waist to her breast. The nipple rose to meet his fingers through the thin night shirt. Desire began to curl around her clit lips and she massaged her pussy very gently as she didn't want him to pull away.

With his hand resting on her breast he snuggled his head against her nape. His breathing fanned her hair and made her shiver. Blood was rushing through her body and she wanted to grab his hard cock and pull it into her mouth. Wriggling her butt against his dick she gave it access by lifting her night shirt and curling her leg slightly inwards into her chest. He moved closer and she felt his prick at the edge of her arsehole.

She closed her eyes at the sensations that invaded her body and clamored for satisfaction. Rubbing her clit she willed an orgasm but she knew that masturbation was not the answer. She wanted to feel her twin brother's prick pulse in her pussy hard and to drive her to the peak of passion again and again. But she also knew that if he woke up the spell would break and he would move away affronted.

The bond between them had always been strong. Each knew what the other was thinking and even when they were miles apart telepathy let them know if something was wrong. They were one soul driven apart in their mother's womb into two bodies but now the urge to be one with him drove her crazy. It seemed so natural to share carnal delights with her brother but he wouldn't take her due to social taboos.

As she masturbated she imagined them fucking so hard that their parents in the next room would hear the headboard bang. So hard would he nail her that his prick would drill right up to her womb's lips. She imagined them as husband and wife fucking on the kitchen counter, fucking on the living room carpet in front of a roaring fireplace. She imagined taking his eight inch cock deep in her mouth and pleasuring him so much that he would moan and groan against her mouth and shoot his salty wade into her waiting mouth.

As hot images chased through her mind she began to undulate against his cock gently. Slowly she rotated against his prick making it harder as it resided in the tunnel of her butt cheeks and but hadn't checked into the hole. Feeling the hard meat pushing against her hole she wished he would fuck her then and felt the tentacles of frustration curl through her body and soul.

Her cunt drenched with fluids began to quiver with unsuppressed desire and she drove her fingers in faster and faster chasing the elusive climax. Biting her lips she plunged them in hard and found her G-spot. Sparks of pleasure lighted her body and made her gasp. The bed creaked as her body shuddered and she closed her eyes hoping her brother didn't wake up. She loved that man like no other.

Closing her eyes she willed sleep to take her in its fold and forget the complexities of life.

He felt her give in to sleep and ground his teeth in frustration. He had woken up when she had given his dick access to her sweet ass. It had taken a hell lot of control not to take her then and there. And when she had masturbated he had gotten more and more turned on and had to stop himself from reaching over and stroke her pussy till she cried out in pleasure.

The smell of her arousal had heightened his senses and he had nearly groaned out loudly as she shuddered in satisfaction. It would have been so sweet to feel her pulse around him, to bite her lips and to loose himself in her.

But he knew he couldn't give in to the raging passions of the night. He was going to pledge his life to Patricia tomorrow. She was going to be his wife, she was going to be the mother of his unborn children and he didn't want to start something so wrong and yet so pleasurable.

He had wanted his sister from the time he had seen her boobs rise. They had discovered her bodily change together. Laughed at his cracking voice and looked at the growing pubic hair in horror together. They had done everything together except when it came to dating.

She had been sullen about his first crush for the longest time and when he told her about his first kiss, in retaliation she had let the next door boy touch her ample breasts. She had never been comfortable around his girlfriends and now that he was getting married he wondered how she would treat his bride.

Sighing he shifted a bit. His hard penis wanted to have its way with her. His body had always felt a mindless passion for her which he never was able to achieve with other women. Even with Patricia the sex was good but it had never given him a feeling of completion as it would have with his twin. He was sure of that.

Gently he disengaged himself from his sister and tiptoed towards the bathroom. There he began to masturbate and imagined fucking Patricia but the image was replaced with his twin's. Her luscious naked curves were sprawled out on the bed his for the taking. Stroking his cock hard he imagined biting her pink tits as he pounded into her musky hot pussy. He imagined her painted nails racking his back hard and as she came he imagined her screaming out in hot desire.

Harder and harder he stroked his cock and as he came he remembered how her body had trembled against him as climax overtook her.

Once the streaks of pleasure subsided he returned to the bedroom and snuggled against his sister for the last time. He let her scent wash over him and a deep pang resonated in his heart.

A tear slid down his cheek and he tried to sleep. Tomorrow he would put up a happy face and start his life with someone else and would never let his sister know about his forbidden passion for her.

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