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Forbidden Passions


The dark form slipped silently from one shadow to the next, nearing his goal in perfect stealth. Junpei was a ninja, a master assassin. He was schooled in more arts of deception and death than he could count on all of his digits combined. And on this moonless night, Princess Narusegawa was his. He could taste the sweetness of victory already. Climbing a tree quick as a cat, he walked along one of its branches and leapt up to a rooftop. Padding along carefully, he bounded from the first-story rooftop to the second story, then the third. Walking as silently as a ghost, unseen by the sleeping denizens of the palace, he inched his way to the window he wanted. With excruciating slowness, he slid the window open, not wanting the rasp of wood to awaken his prize.

Princess Take Narusegawa lay in her bed, but she did not sleep. Her gaze was glued to the window, and the soft glow of lamplight that showed through the paper screen. She shook her head, thinking her eyes were playing tricks on her. Had the screen begun to move, or was it a trick of the light? As she watched, the sliver of night on the other side of her window widened, and her breath caught in her throat. At last, he had come. And at last, he would claim what he wanted.

As Junpei slipped in the window, sliding it smoothly shut behind him, he saw the glow of an oil lamp being uncovered. In its' light, he saw Princess Narusegawa. She had a knowing half-smile on her face that he returned, unseen beneath his Tengu mask. She approached him boldly, dressed only in a light blue silk kimono which hung loosely around her lithe body, unbelted. Her eyes were glowing a warm brown in the light of the lamp she carried.

"Ne, Jun-chan, what kept you? I thought you would be here sooner." she whispered to him, nearing him and reaching for his wooden mask. His first reflex was to bat her hand away, but he mentally reminded himself that this was her, not an assailant. She was many things to his clan, none of them good or helpful, but she was not his personal enemy. Just the contrary, to be precise.

"Gomen, Take-chan. I wanted to ensure that noone else would be awake to overhear us." he replied after she had slipped his mask off. Her warm hands were soft as silk on his face, and he closed his eyes, relishing her touch.

"Liar." she hissed, smiling playfully as she slipped his jacket open. "You just wanted to keep me in suspense, so I'd be happier to see you when you finally showed yourself."

"That may be true as well." he replied stonily, before letting a bemused chuckle slip out from behind his stoic facade. He drew her close, and tasted the soft warmth of her lips. Their tongues writhed wetly in the kiss, and her hands worked at his black jacket and the drawstring of his pants. His own hands ran up and down her back, teasing her lightly with his nails, then rubbing with his fingertips in alternating strokes. She moaned into his mouth in pleasure, goosebumps rising over her back and down the backs of her thighs.

Pulling out of the kiss, she drew him to her bed, and lay down on her back. As she beckoned him closer, he knelt before her and smoothed her kimono away from her body, so it was spread out around her like blue angel's wings. He kissed his way down her neck, lapped at her stiffening nipples, and tongued his way down her belly. Finally, he reached the perfection he sought. Her pink, hairless pussy was already glistening with her juices in the soft lamplight, and he licked his lips before kissing her sweet, bare flesh. Her legs wrapped around him, her thighs a soft vise that clamped around his head. She gasped in pleasure as his tongue and lips serviced her, and her hands kneaded and squeezed her soft breasts. Then, feeling her ecstacy building, she unclamped her thighs and reached down, taking hold of Junpei's hair. She drew him up, so that he was face to face with her. She tasted her own essence on his lips as they kissed with flaming passion, and her arousal multiplied yet again.

"Take me, night-walker. You who steal into the beds of innocent women, to rob them of their virtue..." she teased, her sentence trailing off as his hand cupped her dripping sex.

"Ha. I already know that innocence is one virtue that does not burden you, Take-chan. We have done this too many times already for you to fool me." Junpei said, smirking down at her as he shed his pants, his stiff cock coming into view.

He knelt again, rubbing his hot member against her sweet cleft. Her legs wrapped around him again, heels digging into his lower back and trying to drive him into her. At first, he resisted, but then relented, letting her fill herself with him. They both moaned at the sudden rush of sensation. They rocked slowly at first, and a sheen of sweat gleamed on their bodies in the lamplight. A drop fell from the tip of his nose, landing on her upper lip. She licked it off with a throaty chuckle. He raised her legs up high, and quickened his pace, his hips a fleshy blur as his powerful pole filled her royal chamber time and time again. Her moans and gasps became more fervent, and he felt the rippling of her inner muscles. He knew what was to come now. He slammed into her as hard as he could, feeling the nudge of his cockhead against her cervix. Their cries of orgasm sounded in a two-part harmony as he filled her with his hot seed. Spent, the two lovers lay together, his cock slowly going limp and slipping free of her body. She stroked his hair, his head pillowed on one of her breasts. He sighed happily, snuggling into the warm bed of womanflesh beneath him.

"You must go now." she said, hating to have to utter those hated words. They were not a statement of distaste, or any personal rebuke. They were simply the bitter truth. Their love could never be discovered, or chaos would engulf both his clan, and the royal family. Most likely, both of them would be put to slow, gruesome death. Neither one of them had this as part of their plan for a long, happy life, and so they were covert, and almost content to be so.

"I know. But one day, I will have enough for us both to leave here, and to live together, far from all the intrigues and conflicts of this city. You know I will not fail you." Junpei replied.

"I know it, my lover. I trust you completely. Trust in me to keep my family's attention away from your clan." she replied, watching him rise and dress again. She rose to her feet, and kissed him once more before he slipped his wooden Tengu mask into place. He bowed his head to her once, and slipped out into the cloaking night.

Princess Narusegawa slipped her kimono back on, tying the sash around her waist, and climbed back into bed. She smiled to herself as sleep slowly washed over her like a dark tide. One day soon, all they would have or need would be each other. One day soon.

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