Forced Entry


Finally, Friday night was almost here, only 10 more minutes until work ended. I am always happy to see Friday. Finishing up the last touches on a recent project put me in perfect spirits to enter into the weekend with. I was going to be meeting my husband in two hours for a nicely planned rendezvous.

Arriving at home to get ready I found a note on the counter with a phone number to call. When I called the number my husband answered and informed me that our plans had fallen through temporarily since he had to work late and to go ahead and meet him at the restaurant at 9 pm instead of 8. So, not too bummed about a complete loss of plans I hung up and started to get ready. I had a quick snack to tie me over and then headed to the shower. The water was very hot and all I could think about was the feel of his touch upon me and couldn’t wait till I could have my husband all to myself. I had been thinking about it all day.

I carefully chose the outfit. I slowly rolled my stockings over my calf and up to my thigh. I had just bought a new garter belt that was black lace. It went well with the black stockings and thong. Of course a black lace bra to match topped it off. Next came the tighter than usual skirt. I had lost a few more pounds and this was my attempt to seduce my husband in a heartbeat. The skirt was White leather looking and zipped all the way up the back. It was a bit tighter than I liked but I had to admit, it looked hot! A black sheer shirt drove it over the edge. And of course what seductive outfit wouldn’t be complete without the white heels!? I was very happy with the overall look and couldn’t wait for him to see me. I still had an hour left to kill so decided to hit the mall for some quick gift shopping.

I wasn’t having much luck finding anything for anyone in particular so I hit Spencer’s Gifts. I love that store and there is ALWAYS something for some occasion you don’t really need.

I came to the adult section and found a larger than normal selection. What a great night to try out some of these things, my husband would never suspect it. I pulled a few items off the shelf and paid for them quickly. Looking at my watch it was time to head off to dinner, no time to wrap them.

At the restaurant my husband was on time and had actually been waiting a bit. We kissed as he asked me why I brought the bag? I explained I had done a little shopping and he would find out later what was in there. We talked about our day and what we were going to do for the weekend. We decided to go over to a friend’s house right after dinner since he invited us and of course my husband really didn’t know what I had planned. I figured we had all night, no big deal.

The table clothes were very elegant and floor-length. To give my husband a hint of what was to come I carefully moved my hand under the cloth and to his groin area. The look of surprise was funny and then came the disbelief look as I unzipped his pants quietly. We were in the corner so it was kind of secluded. No body could really see both of us at the same time so as I looked to see nobody was watching; I slipped under the table and wrapped my mouth around his penis. He started to gasp but quickly composed himself as we were in public! I heard the waitress come over and ask how the food was? Wonderful was his reply and then asked if we could have the rest wrapped up to go? No hurry he said, the Mrs. is in the bathroom anyways. I had to giggle quietly. It was a rare occasion where I would not allow my husband to cum but I only wanted to make sure he was more than ready to go when the time came so I did not bring him to orgasm. After about 10 minutes of slowly stroking his shaft with my tongue and mouthing him to death, I asked if anyone was around. Once I was confident, I quickly reproached my seat. He was in such shock he didn’t know what to say. This was nothing I had ever done before. His idea was to skip going to his friends house, but he had already said yes, the least we could do was to make an appearance.

I rubbed his crotch all the way to Brian’s house and he was a bit embarrassed by the effect it had. I was having fun J Brian was expecting us and if he noticed my husband’s erection, he certainly didn’t show it. We sat down and Brian offered us two sodas and we started talking. After a little bit I started to feel a bit dizzy. Well, dizzy wasn’t the actual word to use but the best way I can describe it. The feeling didn’t get any better over time so I asked my husband if we would be leaving soon. He needed to run to the bathroom and then we would go. Brian kept walking down the hall towards the bathroom and I couldn’t figure out why. I stood up and turned around to find out where my husband was when Brian attempted to kiss me. I automatically pushed him off and he grabbed me harder forcing the kiss. I thought he was absolutely crazy with my husband here and told him my husband was coming out!! His reply was no he wouldn’t be, he’s a bit occupied right now. He told me how he gave us both a date rape drug but my husband’s dose basically put him to sleep. He gave me a much smaller dose, as he wanted me to remember. I was in complete disbelief! This wasn’t happening.

Brian pushed me back down on the couch and told me that I would do whatever asked of me. Brian was 6’3” and a lot bigger than me. The drug I had been given didn’t really prohibit me from anything physically, I just felt like everything was in slow motion. He asked what was in my bag and opened it up. This was not the time for my Spencer shopping spree apparently. Brian pulled out a pair of handcuffs, a blindfold, some straps, and some candles. Well what do we have here? Asked Brian in complete bliss. I didn’t even have to bring anything, you did it all for me he giggled. I was pretty sure at this point he was dead serious and I was in trouble! He asked me to take off my blouse and skirt. I refused of course and Brian was not going to have anything to do with the word NO! So he turned me around and unzipped the skirt pulling it down slowly to reveal my garter and stockings.

I see you dressed for the occasion he ribbed. He turned me around to face him and tore my blouse right off! I flinched as I was surprised by his sudden change in demeanor. He looked like a boy in a candy bag. I was scared to see the lust in his eyes and certainly worried about my husband’s state in the bathroom. Brian came very close and grabbed me closer to him. “I have wanted this for a very long time” he said. “And now I am going to take what I want!” I mumbled some obscenities to him and that didn’t help my cause any. He threw me down on the couch and pulled my legs apart to accommodate his longing body. He kissed my neck and I tried to push him off. He promptly got up without saying a word and grabbed the straps and cuffs from the table. He cuffed my hands together and pulled them over my head and tied me onto floor using the coffee table. He took the other straps and tied my legs open to two other chairs in the room. He placed the blindfold on me and then went silent. I heard him leave the room and then nothing. I desperately tried to hear anything, something. Suddenly, I felt a cold object next to my skin on my chest. It was a pair of steel scissors. He cut off my bra in the front and exposed my breasts openly. He took one in his mouth and then other in his hand. I was still in disbelief of what was happening and this drug was making my whole body tingle. Every touch or sensation seemed heightened and I was having a hard time focusing.

He fondled my breasts roughly as he sucked from one to another. I tried to free myself from the restraints, but he laughed telling me to give up, it will never work; I was his for the night. The more I fought, the rougher he became and I decided to just wait it out rather than having my breasts bit up. He started to move downwards kissing and licking my stomach and around my garter. He took the steel scissors and snipped slowly and what seemed loudly until they snapped apart. Almost like a ritual he repeated his action with my thongs but cut all the way from the top of them to the very very back so I would feel the steel next to my pussy. The coldness was unbelievably erotic and I tried to remember the situation I was in but mind and body where all mixed up at this point in time. I was having a hard time focusing on both; it was either one or the other.

He slipped one stocking down to my ankle and then the other. I was fully exposed now and this process seemed to take forever and a day. I just wanted this over with! He kissed up one thigh, over my private area and then down the other thigh. He asked if I liked that and I replied NO! He became almost angry and grabbed both of my thighs yelling how he was going to make me cum and I would see! He buried his mouth over my clit and wrapped his tongue around it over and over sucking hard and pulling me closer with every rotation. There was not so much as a centimeter between us and he continued to suck on my clit. I tried hard to just lay there but my body was starting to respond to this physical attack the only way it knew how and my hips began to move. With each small movement he matched it with more anxious retaliation of his tongue and sucked harder now. His hands started to roam over my upper body and he grabbed my breasts again fondling as he penetrated my pussy with his tongue. I still couldn’t move because of the restraints and he had full access to my body with no restrictions. He was fine-tuning my body like a instrument and my mind and logic was not listening any longer. I tried to keep in my mind the assault that was taking place but his tongue was sooooo hot and his hands so domineering. My nipples were rock hard and loved the abuse. My hips started to sway up and down and then the orgasm couldn’t hold out any longer. As a gasp left my lips and my body sent waves of pulses through my body Brian continued to bleed my solicited energy dry!

He surfaced with a devilish smile and asked me if I was satisfied now? I told him he was a sleaze and he could NEVER satisfy me! With that comment he pulled down his pants and said that was just the beginning. As I could see him approaching I realized his cock must have been 10-12 inches long and about 3 inches thick! I thought for sure the drug was playing tricks on my eyes when he grabbed my ass and raised it off the floor to meet his cock. I closed my eyes to help drown out what was happening to me. As he pressed himself into my tight pussy I knew the drugs where not playing tricks! It hurt! I cried out in pain and he seemed to get off on it thrusting deeper and at a quicker pace. I couldn’t help but gasp over and over as the pain started to subside. I was stretched to the limit. He began stroking in and out of me as he pulled my ankles onto his shoulders. This put me in a vulnerable position but he had full access to my full depth. He moaned as he pulled out slowly and then slammed back into me. He repeated this several times and then started to quicken the pace. By now my pussy was soak and wet and he was sliding in and out like second nature. The drug now had taken full effect and although I couldn’t really move or talk, I still was aware of everything going on. He continued moaning as he pumped my pussy so hard I felt my body wave through another orgasm. He pulled out and shot all over my belly and up onto my chest. As he was shooting all over me my husband rounded the corner.

He couldn’t believe his eyes! Brian welcomed him back as it had been over 5 hours! 5 Hours I thought!? I must not have remembered this whole event. My husband didn’t know what to say and I desperately tried to talk.

Brian had explained what he did and that I couldn’t really move. I was basically a sex slave and he had been having his way for almost 3 hours now. A tear trickled down my face, as I was captive in my own body.

To my surprise my husband seemed to get turned on by this whole fact. I listened in disbelief as my husband replied that he couldn’t believe the drug took that long to wear off and how much he had already missed. He kissed me gently on the forehead and apologized for not telling me but he and Brian had planned this to see if they could pull it off.

My husband then took his clothes off and placed his cock into my mouth. I could barely move my tongue just enough to help while he pumped and fucked my mouth. He continued slowly pumping in and out of my mouth as he untied my cuffs and Brian untied my legs. God that finally felt good! Brian suggested we moved to the couch. My husband sat down on the couch and Brian positioned me sitting over my husband. He took his cock and slid it into my pussy. He stopped pumping just long enough to allow Brian to enter me from behind. Once Brian was in, both him and my husband continued pumping together until both came! I must have had 3 “involuntary” orgasms and confused as to whether or not to thank my Husband or Divorce him!

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