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Forced Fuck


It was the last week of school and everyone was hooking up for the last time their senior year. Everyone but Aubrey. Aubrey the only one in the entire senior class who haven't turned 18 yet was also the only one in the entire senior class that hasn't developed. All of her friends was 18 and had big bobs and curvy figures. Aubrey had pale white skin, long jet black hair, skinny with no curves, and an ass that looked like her back with a crack at the end. There was no distinction of where her back ended and her butt began. Not to mention, A-cup breast that were unnoticeable. She didn't really care that she was the youngest in her class though, because in two days she would be eighteen too. All of Aubrey friends were experienced in the sex department and Aubrey has never even kissed.

Aubrey's birthday was on a Friday and her best friend Heather stayed the night. Heather was gorgeous, long blond hair, super small tummy with killer abs, long sexy legs, perky c-cup breast that look like D's on her sexy slim body and a nice peach-shaped ass that sat up perfectly and looked great in any pair of pants. Heather develop way back in middle school. Later that night Aubrey and heather stayed up talking about their plans for college, boys they liked and sex. Aubrey looked sad.

"What's the matter Aubrey?"

"I'm ugly for one and for two I'm 18 and never been kissed, I'm not even sure if I know how to kiss. I've never even been felt up before.....not like I have anything to feel"

"You're not ugly and I love you're titts"

"Yeah right what titts, and you're only saying that because were best friends. No guy in their right mind would want to fuck me"

"No I'm serious. And I'm not a guy but I'll totally fuck you"


"Aubrey... come here"

As Aubrey scooted closer to Heather, Heather lifted up Aubrey's shirt and began kissing and sucking on her hard pink nipples. Immediately Aubrey came. This was the first time Aubrey had her nipples sucked and the first time she was giving an orgasm by someone other than herself. Heather told Aubrey to lie down as she provided Aubrey with her first kiss. Again Aubrey orgasm as she was kissed for the first time by her best friend who she sometimes secretly fantasized about.

"You're a great kisser Aubrey"

"You think so"

"Absolutely, well so far, but there's only one way to really know"

"How is that?"

Heather pushed Aubrey down, flat on her back and straddled her.

"Where's your parents"

"My mom left town this morning and my dad should be back around eleven........Why"

With that being said Heather set on Aubrey's face. Not really sure what to do, Aubrey took a second to inhale the drenching wet pussy that covered her mouth and nose. It smelled simply amazing. Aubrey had never smelled anything like it and fell in love immediately with the sweet aroma. She started kissing her best friends smooth wet pussy as Heather wiggled on her face. Aubrey decided to explore a little deeper and started licking around the inside of her best friend, sucking and nibbling on her hard clitoris. Heather was moaning louder and louder as she moved back and forth on her best friend tongue.

"Bite it bite my clitoris"Heather screamed "now bite it again" "fuck oh fuck bite it again"

Heather had an orgasm right in Aubrey's mouth. Even though Aubrey wasn't having anything done to her, she orgasm from the thought of having her best friend ride her face and cum in her mouth.

"Woooo, that's the reason I asked about your parents. I am extremely loud" Heather giggled. "But, yea you are an amazing kisser and you have my cum in your mouth to prove it"

"I had your cum Aubrey suggested. It was so good I couldn't resist. I licked you dry then licked my lips clean. Ummm I can still taste you"

"Aubrey I'm home"

It was her dad. Aubrey's dad was tall dark and handsome with a body to die for. Every woman in town wanted him and desired to fuck him, all except his wife.

"Oh gosh Aubrey your father is so fucking hott"

"I guess"

"You guess? If he was my dad I would have fucked him a long time ago"


"Gross? What do you mean......your dad is gorgeous I would love to fuck him. Actually I would love to have my way with the both of you all at once. For now though, I'll stick to you" Heather giggled, sliding her fingers into Aubrey's tight wet pussy. "Let me show you how good of a kisser I am"

Heather began licking Aubrey's pussy but in less than a minute Aubrey had her third orgasm for the night.

"You're a super great kisser Heather"

Both girls began to giggle at Aubrey's comment. Later that night while asleep, Aubrey dreamed about fucking her daddy and best friend in a threesome. No matter how many times Aubrey would wake herself up so that the dream would be over; she would eventually fall back asleep and dream about fucking them again. The next morning Aubrey couldn't help but notice all the enticing things about her father. At breaksast with her father and Heather, Aubrey began to day dream. She dreamed they wer at a restaurant having breakfast instead of at home.

"You two get naked"

"In here daddy. In front of all these people"

"Yes Aubrey. I want everyone to see how I fuck my baby girl and her best friend"

"Sure thing Mr. Connor, Aubrey hurry up, I've been waiting a long time to fuck your dad" Heather said.

"Get on the table and spread your legs girls"

With visions of her father fucking her and her best friend, Aubrey panties were soaked. Befor she knew it all she heard was fuck fuck Aubrey.

"Aubrey Aubrey Aubrey."

"OHHH, I mean oh I'm sorry daddy were you saying something"

"Yeah, I called your name four times"

"I'm sorry daddy, my mind was somewhere else"

"Are you ok?"

"Yes daddy you're fine, I.....I mean I'm fine"

Heather and Aubrey's dad began to laugh at Aubreys lack of attention and weird faces she was making when she was day reaming. Aubrey felt awkward and hoped they didn't know she was day dreaming about a threesome with them.

"Well it's time for me to get home. Thanks for breakfast Mr. Connor"

"Any time Heather"

"Hey Aubrey come walk me to the door"

On the way to walking Heather out, Aubrey couldn't help but think of what she'd been dreaming about. What's gotten into me Aubrey thought? Once they reached the back door, the girls hugged and kissed each other feeling on each other's tits and pussy one last time before Heather left.

"So Aubrey did you cum"


"At the table, fantasizing about your dad? It's ok you know. I fuck my dad all the time. His cock is the biggest and best cock I've ever had"

"Wait....you fuck your dad"

"Yeah all the time! I'm on my way home to do it now"

"Was I obvious at breakfast?"

"Only to me! But hey. I'll see you Monday ok"


"It's really easy, just go up to him and say I want you to fuck me. I'm sure he's always fantasized about fucking his daughter. What dad haven't"

"I can't say that to my dad, it will be too weird"

"It will be fine trust me"

All that day Aubrey daydreamed about fucking her daddy. About every hour or so Aubrey would go in her room and masturbate at the thought of fucking her dad. Later on that night, right before falling asleep, Aubrey pictured her dad sticking his cock deep inside her slippery pussy. Pretending her fingers was her dads cock; she circled her clitoris with her index and pointer finger. Aubrey was so wet that when she put her fingers close to her pussy whole, they slid right in. Finger fucking her pussy profusely into an orgasm, she let out a seemingly loud moan and fell right to sleep.

That night, constantly dreaming about fucking her father, kept her tossing and turning not being able to get a proper sleep. Since she was only half way asleep the faint sound of a moan woke her all the way. After listening closely, she heard nothing and passed it off as a dream. Finding she was extremely wet and not able to sleep, Aubrey decided to go take a shower to clean herself, plus a nice hot shower always put her right to bed. As she walked towards the bathroom she heard the faint moan again. It was coming from her parent's room. As she peaked into their room, she saw her father stroking his cock up and down in an extremely fast motion, to a porno. Shocked but aroused, Aubrey busted into her parents room. Aubrey's dad immediately pulled the covers over his naked body.



"Honey go back to bed and we'll discuss this in the morning"

"No...but dad...I"

"Ok Aubrey let me get dressed and then we'll talk about it"

"But , daddy you don't understand, I......I like what you were doing and I want you to fuck me"

"You what? Aubrey what's the matter with you? I am your father"

"But dad........"

"No Aubrey, not another word. GET OUT"



Aubrey was furious. She turned and jolted down stairs. Now her hormones were raging, and so was her anger. She had to have it. She had to have her daddy's dick inside of her.

"How am I going to get my daddy to fuck me?"

Then it hit her. Aubrey remembered over hearing her mother and aunt talk about her mother being raped as a child. She remembered hearing her mother crying asking "How can a mother not believe her own child". With a devilish smile Aubrey ran upstairs and busted into her daddy's room. Startled and still angry from Aubrey's pleas to be fucked by him he yelled and cursed her, "Get the hell out of here!" In attempt to have her father hear her out, Aubrey put on her innocent look, the look she used to give her father when she didn't want to be punished as a child or when she wanted to have her way. The look no farther can resist.

"I just came to apologize for the things I said".

Now, feeling bad, her father apologized as well.

"Sorry I yelled at you honey. The thing is, I'm you father and no father wants to hear his daughter suggest those kind of things or hear them use that type of language. You can understand that right honey?"


Do you forgive your daddy?"

"Yes daddy. "See, it's just that"........ as she continued in her soft, sweet, innocent voice "If you don't fuck me, I'm goanna tell mommy that you raped me." "I begged him to stop mommy. I just kept screaming and screaming for you to help me but you never came" Making herself cry, followed by a laugh. "You can understand that right honey", mocking her father.

"You wouldn't!"

"Oh but I would", saying it while getting into the bed with her father, and pulling her tank top off over her head, showing him her A-cup titts.

She pulled off her pants displaying her small hairless pussy as she grabbed her father's cock ferociously. Although it felt good, he really didn't want to go through with it. His mind was racing a mile a second. Should I kick her out and risk being lied on? Will my wife really believe her? But I'm not getting sex form my wife. Is fucking my own daughter as bad as it sounds? What the hell am I thinking of course it is! Look at her though she's not even a little sexy although she is holding my cock rather nicely. With all these questions going through his head he didn't know what to do.

"So are we gone fuck or not?"

"Shut up" he replied as he pushed her down on the bed by her small round face that fit in his palm almost perfectly. Surprisingly, by him being so demanding and the sight of her little smooth pussy that he knew was so tight because she'd never been fucked, instantly made his 9 in long 3 in wide cock stand straight up. When she walked in on her father masturbating, because a he instantly covered himself, she wasn't able to see his cock in its entirety. Now scared by the size of his monster like cock, Aubrey is questioning if she wanted to go through with it. It was too late. Aubrey's father had already grabbed the lotion that was sitting on the nightstand from his masturbation extravaganza, that Aubrey cut short, and lotion his huge cock.

Not caring if he hurt her or not he rammed his fat cock into her tiny untouched pussy. Aubrey yelled to the top of her lungs from the hurting yet sensual pain. With his first thrust, Aubrey's dad put all 9 inches into her filling her small wet pussy, popping her cherry and taking her virginity. Aubrey felt like she was going to rip in half. Looking past the pain of her father slamming his cock into all her pussy walls, Aubrey was happy she was being fucked, not just fucked, but fucked by her strikingly good-looking father.

"Oh yes, yes, daddy fuck me, oh fuck, daddy, daddy, oh daddy"

Not really wanting his daughter to get pleasure out of him fucking her he grabbed her by the throat with his right hand as he began to fuck her even harder. Unexpectedly the roughness he was displaying aroused him even more, pushing him closer to his well needed orgasm. Her father began to squeeze her throat tighter. Not able to speak anymore Aubrey began to moan extremely loud. Trying to put off cumming became impossible due to Aubrey's trembling and the hot juices she squirted out all over her thighs and her father's cock and stomach when she orgasmed. As soon as she finished her father reached his going point.

"Oh fuck............. oh fuck"

"Daddy please don't cum in me"

"Fuck.....sssss...... fuck"

"Daddy no, stop please"

"Shut up, shut the fuck up, shut the fuck .....ahhhhhhhh"

At that very moment Aubrey's father came in her tiny pussy. Her father let out so much cum that it started to leak out while he was still letting go inside her. He started pulling his huge cock out of her, filled with cum pussy, letting it shoot on her flat belly, her inner thigh and her entire crotch area. There was so much cum inside of her that when she stood up she made a puddle on the floor.

"Where do you think you're going"

"Umm.... to clean myself up.....duhhh"

"Umm..... were not finished...duhhh" mocking his daughter.


"You heard me" Aubrey's father protested grabbing her by the arm and throwing her down on the bed

."You wanted me to fuck you so now.... I'm goanna fuck you"

Still in pain Aubrey had no desire to have sex again so quick. Although the orgasm was great and the thought of fucking her sexy, perfect hair and perfect body, beyond well endowed father made her wet, she wanted to wait for later that night for round two, being that her mom is out of town.

"But I'm hurting"

"And it hurt me to fuck my own baby girl but you know what? We'll live through it"

With that said, her father climb up over her chest, sitting on his knees, he shoved his entire semi hard dick into her mouth. The warmth and the wetness of his mouth instantly gave him a full erection. As his large cock began to stiffen, it made its way down her throat. Her father than began to fuck her mouth like he was mad at her causing Aubrey to deep throat rather she wanted to or not. In and out in and out, hitting the back of her throat, causing Aubrey to gag.

Picking up Aubrey like a rag doll, her father laid on his back and pulled her on top of him. His cock standing at full attention and Aubrey still being wet from her and her father's cum, he lifted her up and slammed her down as hard as he possibly could on his dick while raising his waist at the same time to make sure it hurt. After holding on to Aubrey's waist directing her up and down front and back, Aubrey got the hang of it and started enjoying riding her father's large cock. She began bouncing really hard, up and down really slow. Every time she came down her tight little pussy would get a little wetter and clinch her father's shaft really tight. With both hands, her father grabbed both her nipples that were protruding from her, almost nonexistent, A-cup tits and began to pinch and twist. Sitting up, he wrapped his mouth and tongue around her right nipple biting and sucking it. She wrapped her arms around his neck and began to ride his cock harder in a front to back motion. Hot, smelly and sticky they both grabbed each other tighter as they approached their climax.

"Oh shit I'm about to cum shit shit"

"Daddy, daddy, oh fuck daddy I'm cumming"

Aubrey's father grabbed her long jet black hair, wrapped it around his fist and pulled her head all the way back almost touching the bed. At that very moment when her daddy pulled her hair, Aubrey gave one last front to back motion causing them to cum simultaneously. This time it was wetter than before. Aubrey father let out what seemed like a pint of cum and Aubrey squirted for what seemed like two whole minutes. They both sat there shaking with their toes curled, moaning with smiles on their faces as they continued to cum. Out of breath, Aubreys father was able to shudder something out.

"And were still not done, you have one more hole that has yet to feel my raft."

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