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Westoby Jones left his mates at the café and walked down Sixville's High Street. He was happy. The sun felt good and he began to whistle in his contentment.

He didn't see the girl, at least, until it was too late. He knocked into her and sent her flying to the pavement.

"Oh, bugger...I'm so sorry. Let me help you up." He entreated, reaching out a hand.

She clasped his arm and righted herself. Her hand stayed where it was and began to squeeze hard.

Westoby looked at her. She was blonde, and dressed in gingham. He thought to himself that she looked like Doris Day.

Doris Day who had been shot repeatedly in the face with a nail gun.

After getting over the shock of her numerous facial piercings he noticed a strange distant look in her hazel eyes.

"Are you all right? Do you need a doctor?" He asked concerned.

"Cassandra?" The girl whispered.

"Erm...my name's Westoby..." He replied, beginning to worry that she was on something.

"She saw the future but wasn't believed..." The girl rambled. "God...sorry...I...I'm all right." She said, shaking her head.

"Are you sure? It's just I should be going..." Westoby asked, a little unsettled. He had no experience with freaks like this, especially not junkie ones.

"My name's Low." She introduced herself. "I'm fine, honestly, though you might not be."

Was she threatening him? Westoby looked around him at the busy small town street bathed in broad daylight.

"Er. I'm glad you're okay. Bye." He said, and walked off at pace.


Helena Jones poured Alice Deeds a cup of tea. Her best friend took it with a smile.

"Are you getting all English now? I thought it would happen eventually, being married to a Brit..." Alice teased.

"What! I just like tea. There's nothing wrong with getting into some of the things that your husband likes." Helena responded, defensively.

Alice laughed. She was used to Helena's insecurity.

"You'd think after five years living with you he'd be a caffeine addict, like the rest of us..."

They both looked out of the living room window at Westoby. He was mowing the back lawn, bare-chested. He was a thirty-year-old hunk, tall, with a hairy body and just the right amount of muscle.

Aretha Franklin's Respect was playing on his portable radio.

"You know what they say. You can't change a man. Luckily, there's nothing, nothing, I want to change about him." Helena giggled.

Alice's eyes narrowed, imperceptibly.

"Oh, you can change a man, though only negatively. You can make him worse..." Alice told her friend, a smile twisting her lips as she flicked her gaze back to Westoby.

"Why would anybody want to do that?" Helena asked, puzzled. She loved Alice, but didn't understand her sometimes. Her friend's love life, despite all the years they'd known each other, was pretty much a mystery.

"Not everyone is happy to settle down in conventional married bliss, you know." Alice said, surprising Helena with her vehemence.

"Alice! Why'd you say something like that?" She exclaimed.

"I'm bored of you and everything you stand for." Alice said, surprising herself this time. The statement was true, but she hadn't known she was harbouring such resentment.

"....." Helena failed to say.

"I'm going to get Westoby to fuck me." Alice informed her friend, running with the spite, now that it had been released.

"That's not funny." Helena moaned.

"I meant it seriously." Alice said, superciliously.

"Alice...take it back..." Helena pleaded.

"I won't. It's true. I'm going to seduce and fuck your husband." Alice said casually.

"I want you get out of this house, right now. Right now!" Helena shrieked at Alice.

"I'm going. Say hi to Westoby for me." Alice said, smirking as she left via the front door.

Helena sat there, astounded. Her tea got cold as her head filled with images of her man sweating and heaving in bed with Alice. She felt nauseous.

Westoby would never do that to her. He had left his homeland to be with her. He loved her; she knew that for certain.

She decided that what she was feeling was horror at how little she had really known Alice. She was upset at the loss of that friendship, not worried about her husband's fidelity.


Westoby walked in, wiping his sweat off with his T-shirt.

"I thought Alice was staying for dinner?" He asked, innocently, when he noticed that she wasn't there.

"I asked her to leave. We've...had a...we're no longer friends." She eventually found the right words.

Westoby was silenced by shock but went to hug his pale and ashen wife.

"Would you like a cup of tea?" He enquired.

Helena let out a little bitter laugh and kissed him. He could sense the need in her lips: the need for him to shut up.

He stroked her hair as their tongues collided and spun in each other's mouths.

She was desperate to dispel her sickening thoughts and to replace them with Westoby, her man who would never cheat. She undid the buttons of his jeans and pulled them from his hips.

"Do you want to go to bed?" He sighed, his lips tingling.


Westoby understood. He wanted his wife to feel better and unzipped her floral summer dress, letting it slip to the floor.

"Let me take care of you." He requested and Helena nodded. He nibbled her earlobes in a way that he knew that she liked whilst his hands worked at the clasp of her bra.

Her breasts were freed and Westoby took time to pay attention to each pert nipple.

"Mmmmm..." Helena groaned and Westoby smiled. He loved Helena's athletic body and the way that it responded to his touch.

He was tender and intimate as he removed her panties.

"I love you, Helena. I love your naked body." He smiled as she lay down on the carpet.

He reached into the pocket of his discarded jeans and pulled out his wallet. He removed a condom and glanced at Helena.

She watched him, breathing hard, as he rolled the rubber over his hard cock and spread her legs.

He slid on top of her and she sighed at the comforting weight of him.

Westoby reached down and guided his penis into her comfortable pussy. She wrapped her legs around him possessively.

He looked down at her. This was all about her, the woman he adored needed him right now.

Each gentle thrust elicited soft whimpers of pleasure. His pace was slow and steady, each penetrating deeper than the last.

A sad look crossed her eyes but Westoby noticed and kissed her. When he opened his eyes hers were shut with ecstasy.

He panted against her neck and rubbed one palm over a sensitive nipple.

"Hmmmm...I'm nearly there, baby..." She yelled out.

He sped up at her words.

Her orgasm rocked them both. It had started deep within her before rippling out in great waves of sensation.

He shut his eyes and juddered on top of her as his balls pulsed and he squirted his cum. He stayed holding her for a long time.

Helena was relieved, in more ways than one. All her doubts had been dispersed. Hers was a perfect life and the jealousy of others was not her problem.


"Hello Alice. Mind if I come in?" Westoby asked when she opened the door to her house.

"Not at all." Alice replied. "What brings you here?"

"Well," He said, a little timidly, "I know that you and Helena have had a falling out but she won't tell me why. She is missing you."

"Would you like a drink?" Alice inquired, smiling.

"Sure." He said, smiling back. He had always gotten on with Alice and considered her a friend too.

He watched as she moved her plumpish frame away from him.

"Did you watch the game, last night?" She called back to him over her shoulder.

"No, as much as Helena tries to explain it to me I can't get my head around American football." He chuckled. "I keep seeing it as a weird version of rugby?"

"What's rugby?" Alice asked as she handed him his drink.

They both laughed.

"Want a sandwich?" Alice asked.


"So, you and Helena?" He asked, remembering his purpose.

"West, I told her that I was attracted to this man. Thing is, he's married. Helena went all judgemental and crazy."

That didn't sound like the woman he knew and he said so.

"I know! I was hoping that I could have someone to listen to me, instead she tells me that she doesn't want to be my friend any more...." Alice voiced.

"Well, I'm sure that you'll patch things up." He consoled her.

"No, she's clearly made her mind up. I didn't know that she was so insecure...."

"Insecure?" He answered, not seeing how the word applied to his wife.

"Sure, that must be the reason, mustn't it? Now I'm all alone."

"Listen, till you sort things out, you can always talk to me. However Helena feels, I won't forget how welcome you made me feel here."

"You'd better not tell Helena that you're still friends with the enemy."

Westoby's conscience flipped a little but he had faith that this friendship would be restored eventually.

"Okay. So....this married man...do you know what you're doing? People could be hurt if you're not careful."

"It's all still hypothetical at this stage, but thanks for being concerned about me." She said, kissing him on the cheek, subtly longer than was strictly platonic.

"I'd better go or Helena will be wondering where I am."

After she had seen Westoby out she muttered to herself,

"I hope so."


"How was Riley?" Helena asked as Westoby came in.

"Oh, you know, still trying to sell me life insurance...." He responded, lying to his wife easily.


Westoby was at his desk at the local newspaper, where he had recently become editor. He had just delegated a shocking little story to one of his best reporters. It was about Greg and Zoë Smith.

They had achieved a certain notoriety awhile back after participating in Kristianne William's infamous sex tape. Now they owned the only sex shop in town and ran swinging parties.

For some reason his reporter had been reluctant to cover the story. He had told Westoby that Mason, the previous editor, had disliked running the lurid details of people's personal lives.

Westoby had told him that he was editor now.

Westoby knew that the people of Sixville would be interested and buy the edition but he couldn't understand how two married people could behave that way. Infidelity was alien to him.

As such he was deep in thought when the phone rang.

" Hello Sixville Press, Westoby Jones speaking." He answered.

"Hey West, it's Alice." The caller identified.

"What's up?" He said smiling.

"I wanted to thank you for Thursday. You're such a good listener." She said. "How about I take you to see the High School soccer game tonight and you can explain that to me?"

"I'd like that, Alice. It'll be a little taste of home." Westoby responded, touched.

"Can you think of something to tell Helena?" Alice asked.

"Yeah," He groaned. He was reluctant to lie to his wife again, but thought to himself that this was just an innocent football match after all. "I think it's stupid that you're still angry at each other."

"Pick me tomorrow, then?" Alice said, ignoring his last statement.


"Thanks for that Alice. I never thought I'd miss seeing a bunch of guys kicking a ball around as I do."

"I enjoyed it too, West. I liked watching you... getting excited." She answered, taking hold of his hand before the waiter came over to take their order.

"So, you really are trying to get your filthy claws in him, you whore!" Screamed Helena, coming out of nowhere.

"Helena!" Westoby cried, leaping up.

"You." His wife shouted at him. "Have you fucked her yet?"

"What?! This is just dinner. I know I should have told you but...." West tried to reason with her. He was aware that they were creating a scene and it was grating on his English reserve.

"Ha. Just dinner?! Don't you know that that's what she wants? She's trying to take you away from me!" Helena shrieked.

"Bloody Hell! That's not true, is it, Alice?" His voice had gone very low. He suspected that his wife was telling the truth. He was the married man that Alice had spoken of.

"It's true. I want you and I'm going to have you." Alice said flatly.

"Want someone else!" Westoby spat, grabbed his wife's hand and walked out.


The ride home in the car was silent. The atmosphere was tense.

Once they entered their home West turned to his wife.

"Why didn't you tell me?" He asked.

"So this is my fault?" Helena yelled. "You lied to me. Out with Riley again, my ass. He called tonight and had no idea where you were!"

"I'm sorry. I really am. I wasn't doing anything but seeing a person I thought was my friend...!" West said, wanting this to be over. His stomach was knotted and he just wanted Helena to forgive him.

"She's a bitch. A fucking bitch!" Helena was still raging but her body language suggested that she was calming down.

"I love you and I've never even thought about cheating on you." Westoby said and it was 100 percent the truth.

"Really?" She said sorrowfully, tears welling up.

He hugged her hard. Alice had sounded so certain that he would have sex with her. He didn't believe that it would ever happen.

"I'm never going to sleep with Alice, darling." He said, but a tiny voice had awoken with the possibility.

By the time they went to bed that night both firmly believed that Alice was out of their lives for good. No one could come between them.


Low was sitting in her convertible car. She looked over at the nervous guy in the passenger seat.

"So what's your name?" She asked the nineteen-year-old man.

"Jenson." He stammered.

"And you came to the club because deep down you want to inflict pain...?" She asked, softly.

"Does that make me a sick and wicked person?" He groaned.

"Jenson, tell me why you want to indulge these fantasies." Low instructed.

"I ...don't know." He replied, a little sullenly.

"The others at the club...they aren't what dominance and submission should be about. When I submit to a man I want to feel... possessed, desired but most of all, that I'm giving my trust to him. I want him to honour me in return. I think that's what you want."

"It is!" He delighted at her revelation.

Low smiled. Here was this big wholesome jock, with his untactful cock protruding proudly and the situation was making her whole body tremble.

She slowly unbuttoned her blouse.

He watched every second with desperate anticipation in his eyes.

"Is that a rosary?" He sputtered, noticing the beads that were strung between rings in each nipple and dangled down her smooth white belly.

"Yep." She confirmed and tugged on the holy chain a little.

"That's got to be a sin, Low..." He warned, horrified.

"Would you believe me if I said it wasn't?" Low enquired.

Jenson gulped as she slid off her leather skirt and he saw the tiny crucifix nestled in her neat pubic hair.

"This is so efficient, no? I sin and pray for forgiveness...or ... give thanks...depending on how it's going...at the same time. We are all God's slaves. Our Father who art in Heaven is the biggest dom of them all!" Low explained, passionately.

"Lord, forgive me...that's blasphemy..." He cried.

"Why don't you demonstrate some of that fabled Christian mercy and spank my ass...?" Low said, seductively.

Jenson licked his lips.

Low climbed on to her knees and rested half her body outside the car. Only her shapely behind was visible to him.

He reached a hand out and gave a cheek a squeeze. He rose up and faced her.

She looked back and saw him removing his belt.

She shut her eyes and quivered as Jenson's first swipe resonated through her bones.

"Give us this day our daily bread..." Jenson whispered as he whacked the cute blonde harder and harder. "It's so very tasty..." He smirked.

Soon her buttocks were red and inflamed so she gasped as she felt his wet tongue glide over them.

His hand passed between her legs and found the unholy rosary. He gave it a gentle jerk.

"Jesus..." Low groaned as her nipples flowered with heat.

Jenson bit her roughly on the back of her thigh, enough to draw a little blood. He licked it clean.

"Jenson, please..." She howled with need, wriggling her ass and crotch.

"But I'm a good Catholic boy...I must stay pure until my wedding day..."

"Three...no...four fingers. It isn't a sin..." Low keened.

Jenson laughed and complied. His other hand was still calculating the strength in the rosary. Low responded to the frigging and the sensation rippling through her tits with uninhibited vulpine barks.

"I'm cumming...off...ahhh....more..." She informed him.

He stopped twisting his fingers and extracted them. Cupping his hand he clapped it to her swollen pussy lips and Low shook like current was passing through her.

Low lowered her head outside, and then raised it up, enjoying the wind blowing through her hair as her body sunk into the bliss.

Minutes later she pivoted on her knees to face Jenson.

"That was very good, baby." She said proudly. "Time to return the favou....mmargh." She spat as she wobbled. Jenson let out a little snort of amusement and shock as she fell face forward into his throbbing lap. He yelped in pain as her cheek struck his tented crotch.

"Low?! Low!" Cried as he lifted her, concerned.

"I'm all right..." She said, dozily. "I think tonight is over though. Sorry. I promise we'll role-play again some other time."

"Hey, I just want to know what happened?" Jenson asked his girlfriend.

"Vision...Cassandra and those supposedly unassailable walls again. The benevolent universe really wants me to help that guy..." Low complained, shaking violently.

"What do you know about him?"

"I don't know.... had a strange name?" Low mused to herself. "I wish the cosmos could be a little more fucking specific ..."


Westoby sat in his office, typing when he was notified that he had mail.

He clicked the mouse and he found himself looking at Alice's bedroom through a web cam.

A dark blur crossed over the screen then retreated away from the camera until Westoby could see that it was a man's bare back. The figure turned and Westoby's eyes nearly popped out when he realised that it was his friend Riley.

Riley's image sat on the bed and shuffled up so that Westoby could see that he was only wearing boxers. His mate was glancing over at someone just on the edge of the frame.

Westoby figured that it was Alice. This didn't make any sense to him. Riley had only met Alice once or twice and they had barely spoken to each other. Now, here he was, semi-naked in her bedroom.

His friend seemed unaware that he was being filmed...a quick look at the date and time showed that the feed was live.

Westoby decided that he was going to call Alice's house to implore either of them to stop what they were obviously about to do.

He picked up the phone and was about to dial when Alice entered the frame.

Westoby froze.

Alice had always seemed so dumpy and reliably asexual. She had made-herself up. Now he could see that underneath her drab clothes and demeanour was a sexy voluptuous woman.

Yes she was a bit overweight but there was something in the way she held herself that made her an enchanting sight. Her tits were huge, like giant pillows of sensuous flesh.

Riley was clearly enjoying the sight too. He beckoned with one hand and slid his boxers over his boner.

Westoby blinked and looked away. He didn't want to watch that scheming harridan have sex with his best friend.

"Westoby....fuck me hard." Alice groaned on screen.

Westoby couldn't help looking at the sound of his name. The woman on the monitor was giving no indication that she was actually addressing him. She couldn't really be calling Riley Westoby, could she?

"Yeah...I'm fucking you with my English dick. I'm going to forget about that stuck-up bitch Helena while I'm shafting your twat..." Riley retorted.

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