tagLoving WivesForfeits at the Restaurant

Forfeits at the Restaurant


I was a virgin when I met Paul and we've been married for seven years. A change in his job meant we moved to Kent. I got a job in the accounts office at a local firm and became friendly with a co-worker Carole.

Aged twenty-nine she was a couple of years older than me and we had a lot in common and became good friends. We may have been on the same wavelength, but in looks we were very different. Carole was five feet four, with shortish blonde hair and rather small breasts. I'm a couple of inches taller with quite long dark hair and a 36d bust. Paul insists that my breasts are one of my finest features -- full and firm without being big and gross. He's certainly had hours of fun with them and he's forever touching my bum and bust as I move round the house.

One night I went out for a drink with Carole and I made a light-hearted remark about Paul never leaving me alone. Carole said that Robert was just the same and, being a bit more extrovert then I am, she went on to say how active their sex life was.

We ended up exchanging bedroom secrets like a couple of giggling schoolgirls. I know some women routinely indulge in such talk, but I'm rather reserved and it was the first time I'd done it. I found it surprisingly arousing to be exchanging personal details with another woman. There were no objections from Paul though when I got back home and made it clear that I needed his prick inside me.

From then on my friendship with Carole was on a slightly different, more intimate, level than with even my two oldest friends who I've known since my schooldays.

Every now and again we went out for a meal as a foursome with our husbands. On one night out Carole and I went to the loo as soon as we got to the restaurant and for a laugh we took our knickers off and put them in our handbags. We had a bet as to which of our husbands would notice first; I was sure it would be Paul as he doesn't need much of an excuse to touch my bottom.

Well in the event neither of them noticed. As we were saying our goodbyes on the doorstep of our house, Carole and I burst out laughing and told the men they were seriously middle-aged, never having noticed that their wives were knickerless. They were annoyed at the opportunity they'd missed, but it certainly seemed to turn Paul on because he whisked me upstairs and gave me a good fucking.

We met them a month later and this time we went to an Indian restaurant. Early in the evening Paul asked if we'd be taking our knickers off again. I was about to say no, when Carole's husband Robert said he had a better idea.

"I dare you to take them off at the table without anyone else in the restaurant noticing. If you're successful there'll be a treat. If you fail then you have to perform a forfeit."

"You're joking!" I exclaimed.

"I'm deadly serious," said Robert in a mock offended tone. "We've got a corner table and those plants shield us. Pick the right moment and it will actually be pretty easy."

"What's the treat?" Carole asked, ever the more practical one.

"We'll go to that show you mentioned," Robert replied. I must admit that was quite tempting and I could see that Carole was impressed, but I'm more cautious than she is.

"What's the forfeit?" I asked warily.

"Oh we'd each have to make one up and then we'd mix them up and one would be picked at random."

Carole said OK and the men were full of almost childish enthusiasm so I went along with them. I had a pen in my handbag and we each wrote a forfeit down on a slip of paper. Once we'd done that they seemed to expect us to take our knickers off straightaway, but we told them to wait.

However I wasn't surprised when, as soon as the main course was finished, they were encouraging us to slip our knickers off. Carole's bolder than I am and she started wriggling in her seat and a minute later she coolly handed her knickers across the table to Robert.

Come on Kim said the others, but I told them they would have to wait until I was ready. After the desserts had been removed I looked around, then reached under my dress and pulled my knickers down. Everything was going smoothly until I got them caught round the heel of my shoe. Just at that moment the waiter came back.

"Would anyone like any coff..........." he said, and stopped amazed at the sight of the customer with her knickers round her ankles. To make matters worse they were lacy red ones, which sent out an unmistakeably sexy message.

Blushing deeply I pulled them back up, and told the others I wasn't hanging round for coffee.

"Alright we'll go," said Robert, "but first you've got to pick your forfeit."

He put the four slips of paper in a glass and told me to close my eyes and pick one. I prayed that I'd pick the one I'd written -- telling everyone about my most embarrassing sexual experience wouldn't be too bad.

I picked one out -- and I didn't like the look of it.

"What does it say?" said Carole. I passed it to her.

"My, my Kim" she said, raising her eyebrows and reading aloud "Have your bottom smacked by the other persons partner." You wrote that didn't you Robert? I bet you were praying for that waiter to come back."

"You're absolutely right dear," said Robert with a satisfied smile.

We paid up and left and I hurried out, keeping my head down and avoiding eye contact with any of the waiters. We chatted fairly normally on the car journey back, but it seemed to me that there was a certain tension in the air. Or perhaps I was imagining things because I know I was on edge wondering what was going to happen about the forfeit I was supposed to fulfil.

It was our turn to go back to Robert and Carole's for a nightcap, so Carole and I went into the kitchen to sort out glasses and a tray. Straightaway I asked her.

"I'm not expected to do this am I?"

Carole smiled.

"Well, Robert is a bottom man, and I'm sure he'll be very keen to do it."

"But won't it hurt?" I asked, at the same time as it dawned on me that Robert must have spanked Carole. "Has Robert spanked you?"

"Yes," said Carole. "But don't worry, it's not as though he beats me. It's really just a play spanking and I don't mind because we only do it occasionally."

We picked up the drinks and went through into the lounge. My heart gave a lurch -- a chair was stood prominently in the middle of the floor. Robert looked at me.

"Your choice Kim, you can either go over my knee or you can bend over and put your palms flat on the chair."

"I can't. Paul wouldn't allow it."

"I've checked with Paul and it's fine with him."

I looked at my husband and he simply nodded. I stood dumbfounded.

"Relax," said Robert. "I won't do it hard -- ask Carole. In fact, Carole, let's not leave Paul out. Would you do me a big favour and get another chair and let Paul have the benefit of your rump."

Carole went to get another chair. I was outmanoeveured. If Carole was willing then I could hardly chicken out. With two chairs in place Robert turned to me.

"So Kim, what's it to be - over my knee or bent over with your palms on the chair?"

"Over your knee," I muttered, and he gestured me across to him. I draped myself across his lap and with a beating heart resigned myself to my fate.

One thing I did notice as I lay there was that Robert had a very obvious erection, so this was definitely turning him on.

Robert pulled the hem of my dress up so that my knickers were exposed and I saw that Paul was copying Robert's lead. In turn he pulled up Carole's skirt so that it was rucked up round her waist. Then Robert surprised me by hooking his thumbs into the waistband of my knickers and slipping them off.

"Hey!" I protested. "No-one said anything about taking my knickers off!"

"Sorry Kim," he replied calmly. "Spankings are always on a bare botty."

I tensed as I felt him raise him his right hand, he held it poised for a second, and then it clattered down.

For the next couple of minutes the only noises in the room were the sound of the men's hands smacking down on our bare bottoms, and our yelps as we received a good spanking.

I cracked first.

"No more," I called out. "I can't take any more."

Robert stopped, and although Carole hadn't said anything Paul also stopped. Robert didn't release me though. He gently ran one hand across my bottom.

"How does it feel?" he asked.

"Burning," I replied.

Then to my surprise he let one finger trail between my legs and along my pussy.

"That's enough Robert," I said.

But slowly and deliberately, as if challenging me, he ran his finger back along my pussy. Then I gasped as he probed into me. Suddenly I became aware of just how wet I was down there. I glanced at Paul and Carole -- they were transfixed watching us.

"Robert, stop. Please stop." I said, but he carried on and despite myself I could feel my body responding. It was as if the spanking and the voyeuristic aspect of being watched by Paul and Carole had released some sort of erotic electricity in me and I felt really hyped up.

Robert seemed to understand this and must have felt it himself.

"Kneel in front of the settee," he told me.

I slid off his lap and knelt down with my elbows on the settee. Robert came up behind me and threw the hem of my dress up and around my waist. Then I squealed as the full length of his cock pushed into me. Within seconds Carole was in position next to me and Paul was shafting her from behind.

Now the room was full of urgent gasps and groans, but not surprisingly the excitement was too much for the men and they both groaned and I felt Robert's prick jerk and jerk as he fired his load into me.

We all collapsed in a pile on the floor. Before tonight Paul was the only person who had fucked me, now I'd received a pussy full of sperm from his friend, while Paul has just had his wife!

My thoughts were interrupted by Paul kneeling between my legs; he was gently playing with his cock and it was rising to attention!

"I'm sorry," he said. "I've got to have you."

He mounted me and started to fuck me. I was really surprised at this -- it's a few years since he's managed two orgasms, so he must have been very aroused.

I expected him to have a fair bit of staying power, but it isn't long before he thrust deep into me and added his load to the store already in my pussy. Whatever is in the air was highly contagious because Robert was now shafting Carole and soon shot his load into her.

"Bloody hell" said Carole. "What is it with you guys? How come you were ready again so quickly?"

"Well to be perfectly honest," said Paul. "I don't think I've ever come across a more erotic situation than watching my wife being spanked, then seeing her bend over and get fucked from behind."

"Did you really enjoy watching me being fucked?" I asked Paul. He nods.

"What about you?" Carole asked Robert. "Major turn on," he said simply.

I notice this conversation is having an effect on both of them -- they're becoming hard again! I catch Robert's eye, roll onto my back and spread my legs.

"Come on Robert, make Paul's day-- fuck me again."

Robert mounted me and to my intense delight Paul was able to watch as Robert's prick slid between my cunt lips and he fucked me. This time he had more staying power and he fucked me until I came, then he came himself.

Next it was our turn to watch as Paul got between Carole's legs and screwed the arse off her. It was a strange, but exciting, experience watching her cry out as my husband pumped his sperm into her.

It was after midnight before we finally finished. Not unusually late as we normally sit talking for a while, but tonight there hadn't been too much conversation!

Stood at the doorway I gave Robert a quick peck goodbye on the cheek and a look was exchanged between us. It was mutual recognition of the obvious boundary that has been crossed. For the first time ever I'd spread my legs and allowed someone other than my husband to have intimate access to my body. I stood there knickerless with a mixture of Robert's and Paul's cum trickling down my thighs. Carole hugged me goodbye.

"I'll speak to you soon," she says and I know we'll have a long girlie conversation when our husbands are out of earshot.

Paul and I then drove home and went straight to bed. We were both pretty shattered, or at least I was, and I fell straight asleep.

It was relatively late when I woke, but being Sunday morning there was no rush to get up. Paul cuddled up to me and as usual his hands moved to my breasts as if attracted by some form of magnetism.

He does like a bit of sexy talk, so I wasn't surprised when he asked me if I had enjoyed last night.

"Yes I did," I said, aware that I would have to be careful with what I said.

"So you're an experienced woman now. Was it nice having Robert's prick inside you?"

That was a bit more direct than I'd expected and I felt an odd tremor between my legs.

"Yes it was nice."

He pulled himself tight against me and I felt the rigid heat of his prick pressing into me.

"Does he have a nice big cock?"


"Is he bigger than me?"

"No, about the same as you."

Paul's hand slid downwards and I parted my legs to allow him easy access to my moistening cunt.

"Did you enjoy watching Robert fucking me?" I asked.

"Very much. You looked incredibly sexy."

"And what was it like fucking Carole?"

"It was nice. She's got a lovely tight cunt, though her tits aren't as good as yours."

All this talk was getting to me and I rolled onto my back. Paul took the hint and his cock slid between my cunt lips.

"That feels so nice. I bet Robert thought he was in heaven. He must have loved your big tits and hairy slit."

So Paul fucked me as I described the pleasure of being fucked by Robert and the warm wet feeling as he flooded me with his sperm. We spurred each other on and collided with a glorious and very noisy mutual orgasm.

* * * * *

It was three o'clock in the afternoon when Carole rang. I took the phone into the bedroom and shut the door. It was a long conversation. I'm naturally more reserved than Carole, but I felt surprisingly comfortable discussing intimate details with her. Even so it did seem slightly odd having her tell me how much Robert had enjoyed my body. We agreed that swapping had been fun and it seemed highly likely that the men would be up for it again.

Well that was alright with us, but we weren't going to let it become a regular thing. Carole suggested it was best to keep them waiting a bit and we agreed that it should be saved as an occasional treat.

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Your story is a dream come true. I showed it to my wife. She laughed. A couple of weeks later we went to dinner and next thing I see is her taking her panties off under the table. She puts them on themore...

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