tagMind ControlForgetful Maid

Forgetful Maid


It was Helen's turn to drive to the party and she was telling him about several weeks of hypnotherapy that helped her stop smoking. It had been a complete cure and thought he would be pleased. It had been a mistake telling her husband though.

Nigel became angry seeing it as deceit. He thought it was a deceit but it certainly wasn't her opinion of the situation. It was just his pride that had been dented. He already resented her position as managing director of her late fathers company and this revelation was yet another slight to his pride.

She had grown up with a powerful father and still felt a man should make the decisions but that didn't happen between them. In his opinion he was a natural leader but he wasn't tough, or at least as ruthless as her father.

Helen wasn't looking forward to his company's gathering. It was a large international corporation with too many self important pompous people on its staff. Not only that, he had been spending all hours working at gaining a promotion until she felt neglected.

Why didn't they stay home and spend some time together? She knew the answer to that before it was asked. He needed to be there to mingle and be seen as a company man. He wanted promotion to prove something to her.

Perhaps that's why she revealed the little secret on the drive to the party, knowing it would annoy him. She was twenty-nine and attractive so why did she have to make so much effort to attract him? He was seven years older than her and was taking an attractive young wife for granted.

In an attempt to placate him she suggested he could trigger the hypnosis tonight after the party. All he had to do was say the phrase and she would be his to command. It was said partly to appease him but mostly to regain his interest.

Saying it with a saucy wink she thought to bring him out of the fractious mood. Taking his silence for approval of the idea she assumed he was thinking it through so gave him some encouragement.

She quietly mentioned it would be possible for her to leave off inhibitions and so do what ever he wanted. She told him the phrase mistakenly thinking he too had a naughty image of them together in the bedroom.

As the words left her lips she began to feel a flutter within at the idea of him using her in the bedroom for his own gratification. He could use her to fulfil his fantasies while she was under his complete control. The thought left her with a buzz of excitement.

Nigel had been thinking about her state of weakness but not in the same way she had. "You fool, are you a complete idiot? Why did you let some stranger hypnotise you?" He seethed, trying not to shout but the anger was plainly there. His fists were clenched tight and he was almost shaking with anger.

At the front door of the party he was in danger of being discovered ranting like a maniac. The door opened and he forced a smile at the maid.


She was in no mood to make small talk with his colleagues who were neither friends, nor shared anything in common to become friends. Despite having a wealthy father she hadn't gained the confidence to attend such functions. Rather the strategy was to hide away in a corner avoiding everyone.

Toward the end of the evening the boss decided everyone had to take a turn at providing the entertainment. One tiresome individual recited poetry while others warbled a song or danced or cracked corny jokes. Nigel's party piece however was well received.

He whispered into Helen's ear taking her by complete surprise, leaving her standing in a state of deep suggestion. At first everyone thought it a joke so he had to push a little further until they became impressed with his power over her.

They laughed when she waddled around like a penguin and barked like a dog on all fours. They cheered when she juggled oranges almost making it to four in the air at once. For the finale they whooped when she raised her dress to become a Parisian Can-Can dancer.

He thought it a laugh to see her performing silly pranks and asked someone in the small audience to suggest tricks for his victim to perform. At least this gentle humiliation had mollified him, putting him in a genial mood, as getting his own way always did.

'If my employees saw me like this I'd die of embarrassment.' She thought.


Returning a drink from the bar Helen noticed a woman she knew from the company's last Christmas party. She remembered the two of them had danced rather close and it was all so obvious, yet he was too stupid to notice, she was after him. She was laughing at his lame jokes, flashing her eyes every time he looked into them and the hussy was pointing her breasts at him.

She summed up the situation in the short time it took to squeeze through the crowd with his drink. Helen handed it to him and stood patiently waiting. When they arrived home Helen would make her husbands life hell. Listening to the braying laugh she thought perhaps he knew it too. It sounded hollow as though he weren't enjoying the party as much as he pretended.


"You two put on a good show! Where did you learn to dance like that?" The woman asked.

Helen took offence at the imperious tone as though such an act was beneath the woman. She remembered her name now, Margo that was it.

Helen just stood there placidly ignoring her.

"Have I said something wrong?"Margo asked.

"She's still hypnotised." He said, breaking the stony silence.

"So you really did hypnotise her, how impressive Nigel. Can I order her to do something? Will she fetch me a drink?" She gushed.

"Of course she will." He beamed a silly grin.

The stupid man, she just wants me out of the way. At least I don't have to make inane small talk with this witch.

"Hang on a moment though I need to speak to William, I won't be long will you look after her till I get back? Helen you will obey Margo. So be a good girl and do as you're told." He commanded with authority, trying to impress the stuck-up witch.

Helen was astonished at his callous behaviour. Being handed over to this flirty woman's care like a feeble pet was demeaning and she felt humiliated at being abandoned. If they ever owned a pet dog she would never put it into kennels after this.

Margo turned to her flashing a bland smile unsure of what to do with her. They stood there in silence surrounded by the buzz of conversation. Helen just hoped the woman didn't take advantage of her vulnerable state. The last thing she wanted was this bitch making a fool of her.

"Hi Margo, it's unlike you not to be with someone." Roger smiled and winked at Helen.

Helen recognised him immediately he was her husbands rival for the position of Global Accounts director. He obviously missed the show as he didn't recognise her. Margo gave him an exaggerated look of boredom.

"You should swap sides and join my campaign for the job and dump that loser. I'll make you my personal assistant." He said. Gaining nothing he turned to Helen. "Who's this beauty then?" He asked, with another saucy wink.

"This is Nigel's wife." Margo said, with a smirk. It was probably the first sign of a genuine emotion all evening.

He stuttered an apology telling her he was joking.

"Don't worry Roger darling she is hypnotised and won't remember a thing. You can say what you like." Margo said.

Breathing deeply Helen calmed herself. Keen to carry on in this state she told herself to listen and obey. It was repeated as a mantra pushing her into a deeper trance. With any luck she might learn some interesting little secrets while they thought she would be unable to remember what they said.

"What do you mean? Oh I heard about that, Nigel put on a bit of a show." He said.

"In fact you can do me a favour. Take her for a dance and keep her out of the way for a bit. Will you? If you help me out here I might help you in return. I'm not interested in him winning a place on the board. I could comfort him when he loses. I don't mind being a consolation prize." She said, laughing at Rogers's shocked expression.

She turned to Helen and said. "Obey Roger. You will have a good time with him I'm sure. Go on, do as you're told."


Roger told her to dance close and she did just that. On the crowded dance floor he gripped her bottom without being noticed, not that any one would care when the drinks had flowed so freely all evening.

He watched her husband return to Margo and chuckled. It was immensely amusing to be holding the wife's bottom in both hands while Margo attempted to seduce poor Nigel.

He looked through the crowd at Nigel looking around for his wife so Roger guided their steps to the opposite edge of the dance floor. A fast number came on so he took her hand to wend their way through the gyrating bodies.

He took a key out of his jacket pocket. "Helen, take this and go to room one-eleven. I want you out of the way for a little while. You can surprise them at it if all goes well."

His smirk was bad enough for her to have some sympathy for her husband. Despite the possibility he was going to be getting into bed with that woman she thought it unfair he should be caught by his rival jeopardising that job he craved for. If she was used in the trap it would be diabolical.

Sitting on the edge of the bed she wondered what was going on; had her husband been seduced by Margo? It was so frustrating sitting there not knowing what was going on.

The door opened on the plush hotel room and in walked Roger. "Let's have a good look at you then. Pull down the top of that dress." He told her, while leering at the deep cleavage.

It was a surprise when her hands did exactly as ordered. It was a shock to see her large breasts spilled out into his hands. She had not realised how vulnerable she was, assuming there would have to be some resistance. Surely she wouldn't obey just anything he ordered.

In a state of confusion she watched his hands hold both breasts up for a kiss to each nipple in turn. He was making a meal of them obviously enjoying this late supper, sucking and licking her breasts.

In anguish she realised she both wanted to pull them out of his grasp and wanted to thrust them in his face.

He whispered in her ear. "Now you can drop that dress."

Both legs trembled threatening to bring her to her knees when the dress dropped around her ankles. She trembled from fear and lust combining into one feeling of overwhelming emotion. It was useless to resist yet it seemed wrong to be enjoying it so much.

She was in her panties letting a near stranger suck on her breasts and it was turning her on. Her body was sending orders to her head to give in and take it. She was trembling with excitement, feeling wonderful intense sensations, more than she had for such a long time; but that was no excuse.

His hand let go of a breast to be supported by a consuming suction from his mouth. The hand abandoned her breast for a more sensitive spot between her legs. He knew how to effectively fondle this too. He smoothly manipulated her while she obediently waited for the next instruction.

When a thought managed to crawl through the white haze of emotion that fogged her brain, she knew she was helpless regardless of hypnosis. She was helpless from the very start of that intense onslaught upon her senses.

As her legs gave way he guided her down. Had it been a whispered instruction or had her legs finally collapsed under her.

He fed her hunger with his penis in her mouth. She had never attempted such a task before, although there had been some frantic discussions once in awhile with her husband.

Told to lick and suck with gusto she did just that. The damn man was even skilful with instructions. With enthusiasm she sucked and nibbled upon his stout member, even licking his balls, which she thought must prove something as he hadn't ordered this delicacy.

She felt him about to cum. The sack in her hand stiffened and his cock grew a little more in her mouth. Her mind rebelled yet her movements became more frantic with lust. She gripped tight his penis with her lips and tongue then sucked him dry.

He lifted her onto the edge of the bed where she sat trembling. A little bit, just a small happening, was all she felt but it was an orgasm. She felt guilty and dirty. She knew his name but he was a stranger and she had committed this dreadful act betraying her husband.

She wanted to cry and shout and hit him but just sat there. Calming herself she grasped at straws telling her self, 'At least he didn't take her down there.' He was telling her something but didn't want to know blanking the words, the room and especially him.

It was all over so quickly it seemed like a dream, that it never happened. Perhaps that was a solution, to forget it, to push it out of mind. What had he told her? She couldn't remember and that suited her fine. She pulled the dress on and tidied herself up, straightened her hair then applied some make-up.

'What's that on my face? Damn! His cum dribbled onto my chin.' Disgusted at the thought of it she meant to wipe it away but couldn't. 'Damn the bastard! That must have been what he was ordering me to do. I can't wipe it away.' She wailed silently.

A wave of disgust threatened to overwhelm her as they left the room. He led her discreetly down the stairs back into the heaving mass of bodies on the dance floor. She lowered her face knowing that disgusting mess was sticking to her chin.

Heading toward her husband she cried inwardly at the shame of what was about to unfold. He stopped and turned to her and said. "Wipe the sperm off your face with a finger, onto your tongue but don't swallow it until I tell you."

Helen continued the walk of shame to stand beside her husband. Margo was talking business with him managing to turn it into a flirting session. They studiously ignored everything about them including Helen and Roger.

Obviously they had not made it to the bedroom though Margo looked as though this was still her intention. Helen wanted to drag him away from the witch and give him such a hard time he wouldn't dare speak to the witch but could only stand in silence.

That she was unable to react and Margo knew it was a distinct disadvantage. Margo kept giving her little sly glances as though to say, 'Just watch, learn and weep, sweety'.

Unknown to Margo her thoughts were far from chastising an errant husband, for all she could think about was her own betrayal. She stood there in that crowded room with another mans sperm in her mouth. She wanted to spit and scream. Waiting for permission to swallow it was adding insult to injury.

The taste was salty and unfamiliar. She had the smell of his manhood in her nostrils and wanted to heave at the memory of sucking it into her mouth. At least he didn't deep throat her. An ironic laugh that threatened to spill into hysteria had to be caught and dealt with.

The bastard had led her through the crowd back to her husband with a gob of his cum on her face. Making her wipe it onto her tongue was a revolting trick. The acrid salty taste was impossible to ignore. What the hell would Margo make of it if she found out?

'For pity's sake let me swallow your damn cum.' She whimpered. The very idea of begging a stranger to let her swallow his cum left her perilously close to breaking down. What could she do standing next to her husband? If she broke out of the hypnotic state she would surely react emotionally to this disgrace.

Trying to remain calm she repeated over and over that she must wait on Rogers command. 'Be calm and obey Roger.' She repeated to herself.

Her husband ignored Roger, asking. "Where have you been?" She couldn't speak properly with a string of sperm on her tongue and wondered what they would make of the lisp. Then it dawned on her she would have to tell them the truth.

At least he didn't ask what have you been up to, but she was about to tell them she had been to Roger's room and that would raise their eyebrows. It would certainly distract him from wondering why she was lisping.

Roger quickly interrupted. "I've been boring your wife with tales from my hobby Nigel, ornithology. The weather is so mild for this time of year, I think I saw summers first swallow." This last word he pronounced very clearly.

They both looked at him as though he were mad. Helen was so desperately grateful to at last swallow his despicable fluid she forgot to answer. Her husband forgot about asking again for the explanation was so unexpected.

"Good grief, a twitcher!" Nigel said.


Roger steered the witch away with a firm grip on her elbow and the husband and wife stood, not unusually, quiet amongst the hubbub of voices. Both lost in their own thoughts she guessed his were about work and the strategy for winning the prized position of accounts director.

Helen wondered if she would ever be the same again. It was certainly an experience. Each time someone joined them she couldn't help being afraid her husband might leave her with them.

She spent the rest of the evening waiting for someone else to take advantage of this dreadful helpless state. What was most surprising was that it gave her a little thrill. To her relief Nigel led her over to their hosts and made his excuses.

While he fetched their coats she had a terrible feeling. For an awful moment she thought he had left her there. She started to imagine men taking her one by one to room one-eleven to perform some sordid act.

She wasn't very experienced or worldly wise but her imagination made up for it. Fortunately when he led her out to the car the chill night air covered the emotional shivering that overtook her. She had looked at complete strangers and felt them touching her and abusing her and had become excited.

Perhaps that appalling experience had changed her and she would never be able to forget it. A small naughty part of her didn't want to.

Once in the car he thought out how to bring her round. He didn't want to, knowing the trouble he was in, but had too much to drink to drive. He simply asked her what the procedure was. Although back to her normal self, as much as she ever would be, nothing was said on the drive home.

Helen was relieved he too had nothing to say. Pretending to remember nothing of the evening she was grateful he was not in the mood to try her out that evening. One more visit to the therapist was needed to have that damned password changed.


Next morning Helen arose late from her bed but even after a long deep sleep she felt unable to think straight. In the kitchen she found a quickly scribbled note. 'I've been called into the office.'

"Another damn Saturday morning meeting!" She exclaimed. A feeling of loneliness swept over her.

She shuddered at the memory of prancing around hypnotised before his colleagues and determined to forget about it. She would take on a well practised therapy, shopping.

There didn't seem anything in the usual stores that took her fancy. Stopping for a coffee she was ready to give up. Thinking about last night a feeling of guilt overwhelmed her. Her husband had neglected her for months and when they finally went out together it had been to a damned business occasion.

He had humiliated her before them all then spent the rest of the evening flirting with Margo. Even though it was the other way round it had been unpleasant to watch. She vaguely remembered dancing with someone and that's when the guilt kicked in.

It hardly seemed fair but merely shrugged her shoulders, after all this was an excuse to shop. Helen decided to give him a treat after all. With a purpose resolved she strode out through the mall, a professional consumer.

A makeover would be just perfect, she deserved some pampering. Sitting with a lemon tea she discussed styles with the beautician. A wave of vagueness came over her once more but the young woman seemed to know what was required.

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