tagBDSMForgetting Everything

Forgetting Everything


"Let go." Mimi kissed Sven on the temple and ran her hands across his shoulders. She crossed in front of him and curled up on the couch. "You look tense." She said, rubbing his thigh, " You need to stop thinking about everything with the band. Tomorrow will be fine." She stroked his cheek and he remained mute, staring intently at the TV.

"Sorry?" he looked up and put his beer on the table. Mimi raised an eyebrow, the corner of her mouth curling up with it.

"I was just saying," she began, "That I think you need to relax. You're stressed out. Go and have a shower or something. I was going to go to the gym. Come with me if you like."

Sven turned off the evening news and looked pointedly at Mimi, "What if I need something else?" he whispered, his eyelashes drooping softly. He looked up at her and Mimi felt an uncontrollable smile cross her face.

"Cheeky bastard." She laughed, kissing him on the mouth, "You know just what you're doing."

"No, no. I promise." Sven's wide hands flew up between them, trying to reassure her. "I wasn't... I just...I would really like to...If it's on offer..." He tilted his head and curled his fingers into hers, blushing. "Please?"

Mimi nodded and slid onto his lap, her knees either side of his, she cupped his face and kissed him hard, her tongue splitting his lips apart, making him moan under her. Her gripped her bottom and ran his thumb over her thigh, edging over the thin fabric of clothes.

"Baby," Mimi whispered, "I want you to clear the coffee table and then I want you to take off your clothes."

"Oh," Sven nodded, his pupils inky. Mimi shifted backward and stood up.

"You'll do that, won't you?"

Sven nodded, "Yes."

"Good boy." She planted another kiss on his mouth, her tongue skating between his lips again, into his very soul it seemed. Sven mewled. He looked up and watched her disappear into the kitchen behind him, her bare feet padding over the carpet and creaking wooden boards.

"Turn around and do what I asked." She called. Cups clattered in the kitchen. "Come on," she sing-songed, "Get on with it."

Sven smiled to himself and leant forward, moving a pile of coffee table books to the top of the bookcase that the TV stood on and placing a green glass vase on a sideboard.

"Are you coming out here?" he asked, "What are you planning?"

"You'll see." Mimi called, "Get naked, pretty."

Sven smirked and began undressing, feeling a familiar tingle in his stomach as his socks, jeans and t-shirt were all taken off and folded into a neat pile on the sofa next to him.

"Boxers too." Mimi walked back into the sitting room and planted a glass of wine on the table by the sofa. "Don't touch the wine."

Sven watched her walk into the bedroom and reached over, taking a gulp of the cool, pale liquid. He shimmied out of his boxers and sat on the edge of the sofa. Waiting. The nausea rose in his chest and he tried to shake it off, knowing damn well he shouldn't get so nervous anymore, that after nearly two years he should know better. But still, he was thrilled by it all.

"Don't...touch yourself!" Mimi had changed into a thin vest and her underwear and was holding an armful of toys that she dumped on the floor by the table. She fished out a gag and sat next to Sven, kissing him lightly on the mouth before pushing the smooth, flat leather between his lips. Sven frowned and looked askance at Mimi.

"It's new," she explained, her face beaming, "I saw all this beautiful, wide leather and thought of you wearing it." She ran her hand up his thigh and Sven tilted his head, nodding. "That's what I love about gagging you, you see." her fingers were still lazily skating over Sven's thigh, making him grind against the sofa, restless. "I love how it makes your body come alive. Every curve, every muscle, every inch of skin."

She bent down, pushing him into the sofa with one hand and planting painfully delicate kisses across his chest with her lips. "I love how it makes you hum and crackle with expectation."

Sven groaned and bucked his hips upward. Mimi grabbed his erection and raised her eyebrows. "Now, now." She chided, "You know better than that." She palmed his length gently and looked up at him. "I think it's time," she began, "That we had a really nice session. Just forget everything. It's been too long since we played properly, hm?"

Sven grunted.

"Yes, I think so too." Mimi kept rubbing him, her eyes never moving from his as he rolled his shoulders and groaned behind the gag. "Take a little whipping for me, won't you?" she said.

Sven wasn't entirely sure if it was a question but he nodded and groaned again, his eyes wide with desire.

"Right!" Mimi smiled and stood, slapping her boyfriend on the thigh playfully, "Get up. Go to the bookshelf and place your hands flat out in front of you. Hold the shelves, just like you're used to. "

Sven nodded and walked over to the bookcase, doing as she had asked, his fingers curling around the dark wood of the bookcase. It was a vast piece of furniture that took up nearly the entire end wall of their apartment, easily eight feet high and crammed with books, DVD's, photographs and bric a brac from their travels together. Sven fixed his eyes on the battered spine of a much-thumbed book about vinyl records and exhaled. Mimi moved behind him and then was still. The lull before the pain. He thought. But of course, it was a pain like no other and as he stood naked, the corners of the bookshelves digging into his palms, he found that his skin was singing for the bite of a whip or the dull comfort of a flogger.

At last, whirling through the air, it came. Mimi was clearly not in a delicate mood; first, with the thick, flat gag that covered nearly half his face and then, now, the sharp, neat slap of what felt like a riding crop. He turned his head slightly, and saw her, her face transfixed on her task, her lips slightly parted as she rained blow after blow against the naked curve of his ass. His heart did a little flip and he had to grip the bookcase to stop himself scooping her up and pulling the gag off so that he could take her right there on the living room floor. He turned back to the shadowy comfort of the shelves and the smell of the books, focused only on the blows that shivered through his buttocks and, it seemed, straight into his aching cock. He moaned again in appreciation and for a fleeting moment wondered if it was actually possible to come from simply being whipped. He half wanted to find out.

Mimi stepped back and exhaled, admiring the reddening glow beginning to form across Sven's buttocks, sinking happily into the warm comfort of the scene, like sinking into a hot bath.

"Perfect." She mused, stepping forward and rubbing the reddening flesh with her hand. She kissed him on the shoulder and stepped back, taking Sven's collar and fastening it around his neck. A fine gold tag hung from the d-ring and Sven's fingers flew up to it as it clinked.

"Do you like it?" Mimi whispered, kissing his cheek as she undid the buckle on the gag. Sven took a breath and nodded.

"It's beautiful." He thumbed the disc, "Is it engraved?" he asked, his breathing a little heavier than usual, "Can I see it?"

Mimi nodded, "Of course."

Sven padded to the mirror and gasped, blushing. He swallowed heavily and pursed his lips, dumbstruck. "I never thought..." he trailed off and looked over at Mimi. She was leant against the arm of the sofa sipping her wine.

"I'm glad you like it." She said. "I made up quite a story about having a dog called Sam, you know."

Sven blushed and turned to look at her. "Well, you do, you know." He took another look at himself in the mirror and realised that he was still red. "It's perfect. I love the S.," he said, thumbing the engraved initial on the metal, "I'm so proud to be yours."

"Good." Mimi said, "And don't you forget it." She pulled him back by the collar and led him to the coffee table. "Lie out flat." She commanded, "Face up."

Sven did as he was told and waited, the smooth wood cold against his back. His legs hung awkwardly over the end of the table so that he could put his feel flat against the floor, his knees bent. He waited and watched as Mimi bound each of his ankles to the table legs, and crawled around the table, bending down to plant another kiss on his mouth. She knelt down and worked on his wrists so they were bound elaborately above his head, anchored to the table. Mimi rubbed his body and Sven gasped appreciatively, the hot glow from his buttocks travelling through him.

Mimi picked up her bag of clothes pegs, making Sven mewl, low and soft.

"Oh god." He gasped, "Oh god..."

Mimi smiled and clipped a clothespin onto Sven's chest, "My favourite." She smiled, "On your tits now." She said, pinning a clip over each vulnerable nipple.

"Stop your whining, sweetie." She said, soothing the man in front of her, rubbing his chest. "We've only just started."

Sven nodded, sinking, the warm fog of the scene lapping at his senses. He made a lower groan and flexed his fingers, twisting against the ropes that held his wrists in place. There was another nip, entirely unexpected, at the base of his cock and he jerked his head upwards, his heart fluttering like a caught bird against his ribcage.

"Ugh, fuck, what?" he said, looking down at Mimi's slender fingers working between his thighs, "Oh, not, my cock, please, please." He begged, "Ohhhh."

"Hah." Mimi shook the bag and the wooden clothes pins rattled inside. "I have five left." She explained, "One for every inch."

"Fuck." Sven bucked again.

"And, I'm going to gag you too." Mimi said.

"No, no. Please," Sven breathed, "Please don't gag me, I'll be good. I promise. I'll be quiet while you...you fuck me. I'll keep quiet."

Mimi laughed and twisted one of the clothes pegs against the tender flesh of Sven's cock. Making him wail loudly.

"Who said anything about fucking me, hm?" she asked, "Greedy boy." She clipped the third clip to the thin flesh and Sven shut his eyes, his jaw tensing as he tried to stay silent. "I'm not gagging you because you're loud," she explained, as the fourth clip pulled at him, edging him into that singular space between arousal and frustration. "But just because...you know..." she shrugged, "You look cute."

Mimi stood and walked over to the pile of toys. There was the flat, black gag from earlier and a narrow, shining bit gag that Sven had bought in Amsterdam.

"The bit, I think." Mimi teased it from the pile of toys and knelt over Sven, placing the metal into Sven's mouth and tilting his head so that she could fasten it. She kissed his cheek, grazing his stubble, her tongue darting out against the tender flesh of his ear, "Greedy, aren't you?"

Sven nodded his head tilting as Mimi walked back to the bag of clips and sank back between his legs. She attached the fifth clip and smiled, bending between his bent knees and lapping at the head of his cock. The man let out a loud moan, begging and pleading for at least a little release.

"Please," he gasped, "Just...oh...my cock, please..." he moved his head from side to side, his heavy lids fluttering under the tangled emotions racing around his body. "Poor baby," Mimi leaned nearer to him and gently flicked the tip with the edge of her tongue. She twisted one of the clothespins, though Sven could not see which and he jerked against the ropes. All he could think about was the ache between his thighs and Mimi and the liquid ooze of emotion that was running through him as everything else ran away, flowing into the dark of memory, leaving only him and her and this. Mimi flicked her tongue out again, her lips sinking over the very tip of his erection. She worked her tongue against the nub, running her tongue across his opening with tiny flicks that made him thrash harder.

"You like that?" She asked, her palm pressing flat against his chest, "You going to stay still so I can do it some more?" She looked up at him and sank her mouth over the tip again, teasing him. Sven nodded. "Good." She pulled off the first clothes pin and sank a little further onto him, her mouth warm and soothing against the pinched skin. Mimi moaned appreciatively, her thumb knocking the remaining pins as she mouthed the free space. Her other hand was still flat on his belly, her fingers stroking the tiny hairs. She did it not to soothe him, but to reassure herself, to calm the nerves ricocheting around her body at the vision of her boyfriend, who was easily twice her strength, spread out and begging in front of her. It seemed too good, too dreamlike. Mimi found herself nearly shaking with desire, both aching to fuck him then and there, gagged and pleading, tied beneath her, but knowing full well how much sweeter it would be if she waited. She wondered who was really being denied and dug her fingertips against his flesh.

"You see," she purred, "You can be good if you try."

Another clip fell away and Sven nodded behind the gag, his eyes pleading with her.

I'll be so good, he thought, I'll be yours. I'll be good. I'll be good.

Now, nothing else was important but pleasing the woman who knelt in front of him. He melted under her touch and wanted to shake the gag off and beg her for more, to whip him until she was bored or he was broken, until he cried out and the safe word fell from his lips. He wanted her writhing on him, telling him how he was hers, her flesh against his, her fingers curling under the edge of the collar and the word, "Mine" oozing against his ear, like warm honey. He looked up at her and let out a louder, frustrated grunt bucking against the ropes. She smirked and caught him between her teeth, biting down just a little, her eyes locked with his.

"Is that what you want?" she asked, spitting him out, "Your cock in my mouth?" She sank down again and pulled the third clip away, her tongue tracing the throbbing vein. Sven gasped as he felt two more clips come away. Was it two? He thought. He couldn't be sure and awkwardly, he managed to twist his head to see the pile of clothespins on the floor. He counted them. Five. Mimi pulled the last one off and her hand curled around the base of his cock, soothing the tiny welts with her fingers, her mouth working faster. Her moans helped nothing and Sven found himself positively aching and his eyes fell shut as he sank into the sensation. Mimi's tongue traced the flesh between his balls and he gripped the ropes harder, trying to steady himself. He mumbled something unintelligible from behind the gag and Mimi nodded.

"Hmm, I know." She said, her voice falling to a low whisper. She kissed the soft flesh, her hand still working around his cock. "I know you're close." She ran her thumb over his opening and he groaned again, "Maybe I should bring you back?"

She pulled the ropes that bound his feet and circled the table to free his arms, bending low so that the smell of her hair made him twist his head, stretching forward to inhale it. She smiled at him, her eyes full of warmth and ran her hand over his chest, flicking the clothespins still attached to his nipples.

"Sit up slowly." She said, "You've been down there a while and your backside is still painful, I'm sure." She kissed his cheek and squatted down next to him. Running her hands down his arm, her fingers curling into his. "Stand when you're ready, pet."

Sven nodded and Mimi and stood, teetering a little, aching from the marks on his bottom and legs and from the throbbing distraction between them. Mimi reached up and removed the gag, the tiny metal buckle clinking softly.

"There." She smiled, "All do-"

Sven scooped her up and kissed her hard, before she could finish, his body pressed against hers, need crackling between them. She ran her hand down his back and let her fingers skitter over the tender, warm flesh of his buttocks.

"Please," he whispered, "Need you. Need you now, so badly."

"You see," she breathed, her hand circling his erection, pulling slightly, "Just how hungry you were for this." She stroked his face, "And you didn't even realise, did you?" Sven shook his head, his forehead coming to rest on Mimi's shoulder as she rubbed him gently. "And are you going to come with me to the bedroom?" she whispered, her other hand rubbing his back tenderly.

Sven nodded, "Yes."

"Good. Come then." Mimi pulled tugged him forward, her hand tightening on his member and Sven moaned again, his limbs softened and his head full of delicious, inescapable fog. Mimi laid him out on the cool sheets and kissed him on the mouth gently, her tongue pushing onto his. Sven mewled and pulled her onto him, running his hands down her back and over the curve of her bottom. She sat up, straddling him and placed her palms flat against his chest.

"I want to push you deeper," she breathed, licking at his earlobe, "I want to watch the welts rise over you belly and I want to watch you thrash and moan under them." She said. "I want to push you down..." she ran her fingers over his belly again and slid to the floor her face level with his. "And I do all this so that I may bring you back. And get off on it, of course." She smirked and stood up.

"You'll do that for me, won't you baby?"

Sven nodded, desire tangling in his throat, "Fuck yes," he breathed, "Please, please. Anything you want..."

"Good." She kissed his mouth and opened the wardrobe, pulling out a thin, flat cane. Sven gasped, shivering and mewled again. "Are you ready?"

Sven nodded, not quite sure how much he could take and yet, he found himself desperate for it, desperate to push himself. To see how far he could go and, as always, to please Mimi. To make her curl around him and whisper sweet nothings as they both floated in the dark together. He'd go through anything for that, to forget everything except the feel of their bodies pressed together and that singular blend of her cruelty and kindness.

" Please" he whispered, "Do it."

Mimi landed the first blow neatly across his thighs, leaving a feint mark behind. Sven exhaled heavily and she landed three more in quick succession, leaving his pale thighs striped red. She stepped forwards and rubbed his thighs with her hands, planting a kiss on his shoulder blade. "Good." She whispered, "Now let's try that again." Sven groaned and Mimi thwacked out another four neat blows, a little lower down. " Good." She said, marking his thighs once more, "You look so beautiful when you groan and buck like that." She mused. Sven was still sighing heavily and Mimi administered three more swift strikes. "Who'd have thought a smart, strong man like you could be so easily toppled?" she landed more strokes, speeding up and making Sven writhe beneath them, grunting, his face twisted with emotion.

He was empty and sinking under fast, not sure if he felt desire or embarrassment more. And it was so typical of her, he though, bringing that up. Knowing right where to hit me. Right in the conscience.

More lashes skittered over his thighs, quicker now, Mimi's eyes flooded with desire and need, locked on his writhing, begging body. She stopped, the cane trailing over the thin ridges between the floorboards, limp in her hand. Exhaling, she crouched down again, her eyes level with his. "Imagine," she said, leaning up to kiss his cheek, "If everybody knew."

He let out a moan and, from the depths of his desire, he shrank at the thought.

Embarrassed and yet, ashamed he felt that way. What he and Mimi did together made him feel vital and alive and strong, as if he could fight anything in his day-to-day life. As if, with her, and this, behind him he was more of himself, better. But of course, deep down there was that fetid sliver of guilt, a whispering voice that said he shouldn't want this, he shouldn't be so easily led, he should be more of a man. He gritted his teeth and grunted, trying to will the ghosts and the lies that weighted his soul away. Mimi had told him, hadn't she? That this made him strong and brave and hers. And then his heart oozed in his chest, pure heat, as he began to sink again. He was hers and nothing else mattered and she would see him safe.

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